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Living as a foreigner in Denmark, one of the world's most homogenous countries, isn't always easy. In this podcast Kay Xander Mellish, an American who has lived in Denmark for more than a decade, relates her thoughts about Danish current events, as well as offering tips on how to find someone to talk to and how to find something to eat.
Hvordan indretter vi fremtiden? Techtopia er en ugentlig podcast om teknologi, startups og forskning. Om digitalisering, kunstig intelligens, nano, bio og den 4. industrielle revolution. Vært er Henrik Føhns.
Feud Fight
Zach D, Zack B, and Payton G, sit down to solve the most important controversies of our time in an all out battle of hot takes!
Hvordan indretter vi fremtiden? Techtopia er en ugentlig podcast om teknologi, startups og forskning. Om digitalisering, kunstig intelligens, nano, bio og den 4. industrielle revolution. Vært er Henrik Føhns.
I Plantetinget diskuterer vi primært mad, samfund, sundhed og kultur. Med godt humør, fængende historier, gode interviews og en lille smule selvironi, vil Plantetinget inspirere dig til at leve mere grønt og bevidst. Husk at trykke ABONNER for en fast dosis plantebaseret niceness!
Folk Live
The program Folk Live features a number of live recordings, amongst them some great recordings from the Danish Tønder Festival. Sometimes you’ll find interviews as well.Presented by Radio Folk (
En månedlig podcast om politik og samfundsforhold i Rusland og de øvrige tidligere sovjetstater.
Reality Tjek
Danmarks første podcast om reality tv
Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”
Spændende dansk podcast om film, film-serier og instruktører. Værterne er Nikolaj, Morsingboen og Kristian.
Social Media and Politics is a podcast bringing you innovative, first-hand insights into how social media is changing the political game. Subscribe for interviews and analysis with politicians, academics, and leading digital strategists to get their take on how social media influences the ways we engage with politics and democracy. Social Media and Politics is hosted by Michael Bossetta, political scientist at Lund University. Check out the podcast's official website: https://socialmediaandp ...
The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. Set in the Kingdom of Denmark, the play dramatizes the revenge Prince Hamlet exacts on his uncle Claudius for murdering King Hamlet, Claudius's brother and Prince Hamlet's father, and then succeeding to the throne and taking as his wife Gertrude, the old king's widow and Prince Hamlet's mother. The play vividly portrays both true and feigned madness – from overwhelming grief to seething rage – and explores themes o ...
Radio Jazz Copenhagen
The official Radio Jazz Copenhagen. Bringing you the best in jazz music for the last 30 years. Available in Copenhagen, Denmark through 102,9 FM and online @
From the number one Reggae Radio Station in Denmark to the world. We present our beloved music in all its varieties, from ska to the current dancehall, with a special dedication to the Roots Rock. Welcome to an hour of the world’s best music – Reggae.Contact: reggaemoods@get2net.dkFacebook: reggaemoodsdk
Brain Junk
Brain Junk is where Amy Barton and Trace Kerr shake up science, history & culture in the hunt for off the wall, totally unbelievable but true, answers to questions you never knew you wanted to know. What are Supernumerary teeth? Do ants pass the Mirror Test? Why do kids in Denmark get to murder their birthday cakes? We will be cannon balling off the question high dive every Tuesday to bring you the answers -- those of you in the front seats, bring your ponchos -- we're out to flood your brain.
Tips, tricks, and cultural observations about the Danes and life in Denmark. From Copenhagen on the island of Sjaelland to Aarhus, Alborg and the far reaches of Jutland. I aspire to explore Denmark and to report back on Denmark's wonderful people, rich traditions and subtle quirks.
LGBTQ Life by LilaBelleHi Guys,I am Lily, Im 31 years old and live in Denmark. I am a gay female living with my transgender male partner and our cat. I co-own a company that I manage during the week and I help out bartending periodically. So this is a personal point of view podcast of everything going on in my life.Follow me:Instagram: @Lez.LilaBelleFacebook: topics and podcasts will be posted on my i ...
IT Talks
IT Talks (produced by Redpill Linpro) lets you in on how it is to work with us, how customers have solved IT challenges, new industry trends by our partners and much more. We have offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and we have recorded talks at all of our locations and the chats are held in local language.
Conviction Podcast
Et dansk podcast om frikirketeologi
KOINONIA International Christian Fellowship Aalborg – Denmark exists to be an international community of Christians in Aalborg who faithfully proclaim God’s Word in worship, discipleship, and evangelism, and visibly display God’s love in fellowship and service. Our 'official' language is English. Acts 2:42, “And they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles teaching, and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”
An amateur history podcast about the oldest Kingdom in Europe. It follows the Danish monarchs from Gorm the Old to Margaret II across 1000 years.
State of Mind
State of Mind is a singer-songwriter-electro-drone-noisepop act based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its mastermind is the Danish art rock veteran, singer, synthesizer player and multi-instrumentalist Kim Bülow Bonfils. State of Mind's songwriting draws its inspiration from talented outsiders like Daniel Johnston and Serge Gainsbourg. The sound mixes repetitive synthesizer trakcs with krautrock elements and layers of noise and feedback drones.The lyrics explore the complex workings of the human psy ...
FIBC Sermons
Sermons from the First International Baptist Church of Copenhagen.
These audio tracks are the property of Dr. Adryon Burton Denmark, developer of the Self-Compassionate Parenting series.
Radio Jazz Copenhagen is live broadcasting more than 50 hours a week and has been doing so since 1987. It is run by 100+ dedicated volunteers, giving the broadest view on jazz possible.
Inside #bcpoli
Current freelance journalist in Denmark. Former News Director at CHNL Radio in Kamloops and host of Inside #bcpoli. Former journo at CKNW and CBC Vancouver.
World Travellers
This is the story of my solo bicycle journey around the world. On April 10, 2006 I left Denmark, and I've pedalled the world ever since, now on year 4.0. You can follow the expedition on a day-to-day basis in words & photos.We all have our dreams. This is mine... - A Danish Solo Bicycle Expedition Around the World 2006-2010
Midweek Waves
Denmark Beashy
My opinions and experiences
People form architecture. Architecture form cities. And cities shape how most of us live. This podcast series explores contemporary architecture and livable, sustainable cities. The series is hosted by the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) - the meeting place for architecture, design and urban culture in Denmark.
Concerto Copenhagen is to the World of Classical Music what a box of world class champagne is to an already fine party: while based on traditions, it brings the whole thing to a sparkingly different level. As a young member of the World's most interesting and innovative Baroque orchestras, Concerto Copenhagen distinguishes itself by its original interpretations and a marked talent for communicating with the audience by recreating the vitality and presence of ancient music. Concerto Copenhage ...
Integral Dialog
Dialoger der udforsker, hvordan man mestrer livet. Inden for en integral ramme vender vi forskellige aspekter af livet. Med udgangspunkt i vores studier og erfaringer med psykoterapi og coaching vender vi forskellige måder at tackle livet i al dets mangfoldighed.
“Nordic in the Tropics" is podcast that explores the contrasts that Nordic Citizens living in tropical countries experience. About the cultural exchanges, the similarities & differences, how the citizens interviewed, adapt to the local culture and what do they give or take from their own. In each episode, we'll meet a Nordic citizen calling a tropical country home.
Audio Pictures
Short climbs of a picture, descriped with words and sound design Små øjeblikke der beskiver et billede med ord og lyd-designPodcast powered by Spreaker. Go to
Denmark 2018 Coverage
Covering the Danish National Team!
The general purpose of the course is to qualify the student to understand the relation between technology, economics, management and organisation, and to determine the specific role of the engineer in a given organisation from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective, and in relation to innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.
Seconds of Serenity - an anti-anxiety/anti-stress podcast
The course aims at creating an understanding of the activities of innovation and technical innovations. At the same time, it pursues the creation of an understanding for establishing business and to compete, based upon innovation. It provides the students with knowledge about the most important factors that influence the goals of: costs, quality, environment and lead-time. Finally, it helps the students to comprehend some innovation techniques and be able to create innovative technical solut ...
Course goals:To give the participants an introduction to statistical thinking and methods and to provide them with an understanding of random variation and of the use of statistical models. Important statistical principles for collection and analysis of data are introduced, and methods for model choice, estimation, testing and model verification are presented. The participants learn to handle a number of elementary problems which occur frequently in engineering practice and are thus enabled ...
Tom + Mat Attack
A Blast Process podcast featuring Tom and Mat. Reviewing and discussing the latest in games and gaming news from Denmark. Talking to expat gamers, reviewing new and retro titles, on both portable and home consoles. and all in al generally having a bit of banter
Bach & Petersen Vin
En uhøjtidelig vinpodcast med kloge gæster og vin, der er til at finde og betale sig fra.
De seneste prdikener fra Luthersk Mission i Videbk
Eye See Copenhagen
Hi, welcome to Copenhagen! My name is Jim Lind.I moved from Scotland to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012.In 2015 I started using a live streaming app called Periscope to let people from all over the world see Copenhagen and talk about the history, the architecture, the culture and what it's like living here as an expat.This little intro explains why I've finally decided to start doing Podcasts and the sort of things you can expect to hear about, it isn't ALL about Copenhagen!Bye for now,JimWeb - ...
Every week our host Ando has a conversation with an artist, musician, writer, curator or anybody we might find interesting. They talk about making a living off their creativity, about process, and about any other topic which might spring up. The show is based in Copenhagen, the discussion is world wide.
A series of podcast episodes created at Edinburgh Napier University for the Sound Theory/Production classes.
Keep up to date with independent, authoritative and trustworthy discussion of the tech news of the day. Tom Merritt and co-host's home for daily tech news.
Why UX? Podcast
WHY UX? is a podcast about the everyday heroes of UX design. We'll be talking to the women and men doing the work. We'll be covering their past, how did they find their path to UX design? Their present, what do they do on a daily basis? Their future, what are they expecting UX to look like in the future and what will it mean to them? The podcast interviewees will nominate who we'll be interviewing next, so we expect it to be some interesting people with vastly different backgrounds. One of t ...
Stay up to date with all the fun things that are happening at IT University of Copenhagen. This podcast will serve you various videos with accounts from actual students at the IT University and give you a glimpse into their lives.
CAST IT (audio)
Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
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“Is there politeness in Denmark?” That was the question I was recently invited on a national TV show to discuss. The implication was that I was supposed to say that Danes were not at all polite, because effusive praise and cheerful agreement make for a rather dull TV show. But Danes are not impolite. They have their own version of courteous beh ...…
So - what exactly is a vocoder - and how does it work?In this episode of "Stories from the Studio", Kim Bülow Bonfils offers an introduction to a classic piece of music technology.By State of Mind.
Kathrine Windfeld og bigbandmusikkenKathrine Windfeld fortæller til Radio Jazz studievært Claus Westh om sine ideer med sit bigband, og vores optager er med i øvelokalet, hvor hun udfører dem i praksis. Vi får et indtryk af arbejdet med det album, der er på vej.Sendt i Radio Jazz i 2019Der er mere jazz på…
Reggae Moods presents an hour of the latest Roots Rock Reggae. Chezidek, King Mas, Tony Prophit and so and so.
We examine the phenomenon that prevents people from picking up new habits and ways of doing things preferring established methods instead even if new behavior would simplify tasks. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Blair Bazdarich, Len Peralta, Roger Chang. For information regarding your data privacy, visit…
Java is owned by Oracle. Oracle has assigned Eclipse Foundation to handle Java Enterprise Edition, but they are not allowed to use the name Java (owned by Oracle). So JEE has been renamed to Jakarta Enterprise Edition. But this in not just about a name change, it can cause a whole range of challenges. Listen to Pontus Ullgren, Johan Carlsson an ...…
Monopoly-manden og Tia Hóka spiller Monopoly Jazz, og lytterne inviteres til at spille med. Ikke om penge, men om swingende jazzmusik.Your trusty Radio Jazz hosts, Niels Wamberg and Tia Hóka, invite you to a special board game broadcast, Monopoly Jazz.Play an exciting game with us, only this time with swinging music instead of money. Jazz music ...…
Netflix earnings for the quarter are in and things look good. Earnings are up but subscriber base in the US missed targets. CEO Reed Hastings said that new streaming services from Apple and Disney would provide "modest headwinds" and that the bigger threat is linear TV. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Justin Robert Young. For inf ...…
'Ex on the beach' (Kanal 4, DPlay) sæson 3 lakker mod enden. En af vores favoritter har klart været René, og han kigger forbi podcasten til en snak om, hvorfor han græd så meget over Tessie, og om der er damer i at være en følsom fyr. Vi taler selvfølgelig også om den seneste udvikling i villaen. Nonneklosteret er lukket og programmet ligner ef ...…
Radio Jazz studievært Brian Petro i samtale med Niels Christensen om hans nye moppedreng af en selvbiografi med titlen »Er du klar over hvem jeg var?« Niels er en vores store jazzformidlere og er noget af en altmuligmand. Ikke mindst er han kendt som musikchef og booker i Montmartre i Nørregade i over tolv år. Her fortæller han om sit lange liv ...…
It's not often you get to try two collaboration beers from two breweries at the same time. British superstars Northern Monk journeyed over to Denmark and made an IPA with up-and-comers Gamma Brewery. That beer is called Adaptation. It's a fun NEIPA that uses Citra, Mosiac and Galaxy hops. Then Gamma ventures over to Leeds and they create a NEIP ...…
Twitter published a post titled "World Leaders on Twitter: principles & approach" explaining that in "cases involving a world leader, we will err on the side of leaving the content up if there is a clear public interest in doing so." In it the company laid out its policy towards world leaders using the platform. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane ...…
Fra »Trommernes Rejse« præsenterer Radio Jazz studievært Ole Matthiessen »Den dominikanske Republik 2: Merengue efter Truillo«Der vil være musik fra, om og med Cuco Valoy, Magos del Ritmo, Johnny Ventura, Wilfrido Vargas, fusilamento, Raulin Rodriguez, Roy Tavare, Tacito Henriguez, merengue tipico, merengue de orchestras, Los Hermanos Rosario, ...…
Google announces new products and services including Ambient Computing and Pixelbook Go. Plus the company shares updates to the Google Home, Stadia and Pixel 4. Starring Tom Merritt, Patrick Beja, Roger Chang. For information regarding your data privacy, visit Tom Merritt.
Pladesamlingen er et tidsmæssigt nedslag i, hvad der kunne købes af skandinavisk og amerikansk jazz på plade i Sverige i årene omkring 1950. I denne udsendelse spiller Radio Jazz studievært Mogens Thorborg musik med trompetisten Roy Eldridge, sangkvartetten Delta Rhythm Boys, den danske pianist Kjeld Bonfils og Woody Herman’s Big Band i 1945.Se ...…
Would you pay eight-thousand dollars to impress your friends? No? Well, the Victorians did.By Trace and Amy.
This week we do a “would you rather” about wasps and Pandora’s Box before discussing Speed 3. After the break we talk about how to outsmart horror movie killers before discussing Tom Holland’s return to the MCU. Finally we close out the show discussing a disturbing Frankie Muniz development. Join the “Tiny Big World” discord here if you wanna h ...…
Five new companies leave the Libra Association, Apple now lists Tencent Safe Browsing as part of the Fraudulent Website Warning in Safari, and San Francisco proposes an Office of Emerging Technology. For information regarding your data privacy, visit Tom Merritt.
Data privacy. There's a lot of misinformation and overreaction when it comes to data privacy but that's in large part to the fact that there's a lot of lack of data privacy. People are rightly concerned. In this episode Tom describes very simply and generally what differential privacy is, and what you need to know about how it's used. On DTNS w ...…
Radio Jazz studievært Kay Seitzmayer præsenterer en udsendelse, hvor temaet er 'penge'. Det er der mange, der har skrevet om i tidernes løb. Penge-sangene er med navne som Fleetwood Mac, John Lee Hooker, Bessie Smith, Bog Joe Williams, Paul Geremia, John Hammond, Ray Charles, The Drifters, The Kingston Trio og Burnin' Red Ivamhoe.Sendt i Radio ...…
Mennesker er dovne, dyre og dårlige til at lære nye opgaver. Det mener estiske robotmagere, der vil erstatte bartendere og gadefejere med robotter. Ofte hører vi, at robotter ikke tager vores jobs, men istedet støtter os i arbejdsrutinen og overtager de kedelige opgaver. Derfor var det lidt overraskende at møde to estiske robotfirmaer på konfer ...…
Mennesker er dovne, dyre og dårlige til at lære nye opgaver. Det mener estiske robotmagere, der vil erstatte bartendere og gadefejere med robotter. Ofte hører vi, at robotter ikke tager vores jobs, men istedet støtter os i arbejdsrutinen og overtager de kedelige opgaver. Derfor var det lidt overraskende at møde to estiske robotfirmaer på konfer ...…
New Orleans & omegn præsenteres af Radio Jazz studievært John L. Larsen.Sendt i Radio Jazz i 2016Der er mere jazz på www.radiojazz.dkBy Radio Jazz Copenhagen.
»Jazzen i Sevilla« præsenteres af Radio Jazz studievært Claus Westh-.Jazzstedet Naima er centrum for en mængde dygtige musikere.Saxofonisten Sergio Albacete er en af dem. På hans album Ahora har han Voro García, Jose Carra, Bori Albero og Alfredo Sano med.Denne udsendelse er en af mange under den fælles overskrift »Bebop, flamenco, copla, bolero«.…
Be ready for a journey into the modern roots reggae. New songs from artists like Kenny Smyth, Morgan Heritage, Jesse Royal and brand new album from the Australian band Zennith.
Earbuds have become the latest front in the ongoing ecosystem war between large tech giants with Microsoft, Amazon and Google hoping to cut into Apple's AirPods marketshare. What should consumers expect in the coming years? Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Annie Gaus, Len Peralta, Roger Chang. For information regarding your data privacy, visit ...…
BigBand timen #8 præsenteres af Radio Jazz studievært, trompetisten Benny Rosenfeld. Der vil være musik med Big Band Süd og Art Farmer , Kewvin Mahogany Big Band, Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra, Jay Mcshann BigBand, Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, BohuslänBig Band, Woody Herman Big Band og Big Phat Band.Sendt i Radio Jazz i 2019Der er mere jazz på www.r ...…
Apple pulls app used to track Hong Kong police, pulls Quartz news app from the store and Hong Kong protester role-playing game suspended from Google Play Store. Has big tech bowed to big pressure from China? Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Justin Robert Young. For information regarding your data privacy, visit…
Den allerførste jazzradio var sandsynligvis radiostationen WNEW i New York. På WNEW var der en programvært, som hed Martin Block. Han begyndte i 1935 på at spille plader i sine udsendelser, og så skabte han en illusion om, at han sendte fra et fiktivt dansested ude i byen, hvor plademusikken kom fra et orkester på tribunen. Deraf kom navnet på ...…
Martin and Stefan take an imaginary road trip to Belgium with two beers from that region. They didn't get a dubble, triple or trappist ale. No, they went for the champagne of beers, gueuze. Martin brought over a 3Fonteinen Cuvee Armand & Gaston with honey. It's the first 3Fonteinen beer we've done. It won't be the last. Next Stefan brought some ...…
Co-founder and CEO of Legal IO, Pieter Gunst tweeted his experience with a rather sophisticated phishing scam, that ALMOST fooled him. We examine how sophisticated phishing schemes have become. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Scott Johnson For information regarding your data privacy, visit…
Vi spiller vore favorit jazz melodier og håber, at det også er dine. Tia Hóka og Niels Wamberg fortæller hvorfor og hvorledes.We'll be playing our favorite jazz tunes - hoping they're your favorites, too. Want to find out? Then listen in! Tia Hóka and Niels Wamberg will tell you just why and how.Sendt i Radio Jazz i 2019Der er mere jazz på www. ...…
This week we discuss what two events it would absolutely suck to have on the same day, before getting into a talk about whether we’d rather have our food always be too salty or never salty enough. After the info we get into what Halloween costumes we would throw together at the last minute before talking about how we get onto Jared Leto’s islan ...…
In a blog post the president of Sony’s interactive entertainment Jim Ryan announced next PlayStation console will be called the PlayStation 5. What should we expect from the new machine and what's Sony's strategy? Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Patrick Beja For information regarding your data privacy, visit…
Radio Jazz studievært Kay Seitzmayer mindes Dr. John The Night Tripper. Du vil høre navne som Big Boy Myles, Professor Longhair og naturligvis en masse numre med Dr. John selv.Sendt i Radio Jazz i 2019Der er mere jazz på www.radiojazz.dkBy Radio Jazz Copenhagen.
What do those rain percentages they give you on the news really mean? Why does the snow in Europe sometimes turn orange? Have you ever heard of a firenado? So many things you never knew you wanted to know about weather. Watch out for falling fish.By Trace and Amy.
Ariel Waldman shares her first hand experience with setting up and streaming live video from the bottom of the world in Antartica. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Ariel Waldman, Roger Chang For information regarding your data privacy, visit Tom Merritt.
New Orleans & omegn præsenteres af Radio Jazz studievært John L. Larsen.Sendt i Radio Jazz i 2016Der er mere jazz på www.radiojazz.dkBy Radio Jazz Copenhagen.
Tusindvis af svenskere har fået en chip i hånden, som erstatter deres togbillet, og flere danskere følger trop. Men er dataetikken i orden, når du bliver chippet? Smelt sammen med teknologien og lev sundt måske for evigt. Er den teknologiske sejr over døden evig lykke eller et evigt overvågningsfængsel med uetisk brug af dine personlige data? D ...…
Tusindvis af svenskere har fået en chip i hånden, som erstatter deres togbillet, og flere danskere følger trop. Men er dataetikken i orden, når du bliver chippet? Smelt sammen med teknologien og lev sundt måske for evigt. Er den teknologiske sejr over døden evig lykke eller et evigt overvågningsfængsel med uetisk brug af dine personlige data? D ...…
Peter Banning må lære at begå sig mellem overspillende pirater, støjende unger og kærlighedssyge feer, mens han både skal igennem Rocky-agtige træningsmontager, Rambo-agtige armeringsmontager, madkamp, basketkamp, sværdkamp og utallige andre kampe, inden han endelig kan stå ansigt til ansigt med sin ærkefjende i den endelige og altafgørende kam ...…
Det virkede som den mest oplagte ide i filmhistorien, da Steven Spielberg, filmskaberen der aldrig var blevet voksen, skulle give sit bud på en Peter Pan film. I stedet for en direkte genindspilning besluttede Onkel Steven og vennerne sig for at lave en pseudo-fortsættelse til Disneys animerede klassiker og JM Barries ikoniske fortælling. De le ...…
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