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Under the Golden Dome is Iowa Public Radio's coverage of the Iowa legislature. Each episode is a compilation of the week's news coverage, including stories, interviews and more. The 2017 session finds Republicans controlling both legislative chambers, as well as the Governor's office, for the first time in 20 years. Out of the gate lawmakers are addressing a $100 million shortfall in the current budget. Join us as we navigate issues like education funding, and improving Iowa's water quality. ...
A podcast dedicated to analyzing Notre Dame Fighting Irish athletics, brought to you by Formerly known as The Irish Coffee Podcast.
Sci Fi Saturday Night, the Podcast is the web version of the popular New Hampshire based radio show. Our hosts, The Dome, Kriana, and Zombrarian discuss science fiction, science fact, fantasy and whatever else we think is cool, in between celebrity interviews.
Culture, sports, politics and music , life choices
O.t.D is a Miami based entertainment podcast that brings a unique blend of insight, comedy, and analysis to a variety of different topics. Join the guys every week for new discussions and debates. Whether it's about sports, pop culture, music or just them clowning around, it's all coming off the dome. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Off The Dome Radio
Mad luv all bars off the dome radio
A Hard Talk egy budapesti társadalomkritikai-politikai rendezvénysorozat, Puzsér Róbert szervezésében. Célja az ezredvég nagy erkölcsi-etikai dilemmáinak kitárgyalása egy-egy meghívott vendég segítségével.
StarTalk Radio
Science, pop culture and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities and scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up! New episodes premiere Friday nights at 7pm ET.
CDM WCCI (2015-08-19 19:18:22 +0000 UTC)
Animal House
Dive into all of the political scandals under the golden dome of past and present with The Boston Herald's chief political reporter Hillary Chabot.
Welcome to Crimetown, a series produced by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier in partnership with Gimlet Media. Each season, we investigate the culture of crime in a different city. In Season 2, Crimetown heads to the heart of the Rust Belt: Detroit, Michigan. From its heyday as Motor City to its rebirth as the Brooklyn of the Midwest, Detroit’s history reflects a series of issues that strike at the heart of American identity: race, poverty, policing, loss of industry, the war on drugs, an ...
Gilmore Guys
Do you awaken in a cold sweat every night, fearing that two men will never start a podcast about Gilmore Girls? Well then kiss your night terrors GOODBYE. Veteran fan Kevin T. Porter and new-to-the-show Demi Adejuyigbe go deep into Gilmore Girls episode by episode with special guests to analyze, praise, mock, and gab about all things Stars Hollow and beyond. Seriously. These dudes are SUPER into Gilmore Girls.
Days of Future Cast
Jeremy Greer and Gary Butterfield lovingly take down the absurd '90s X-Men Animated series, and related X-Men media.
The Morning After
The Ryan Kelley Morning After is the most listened to local sports talk show in the prominent position of morning drive. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn and Fox Sports Midwest’s Jimmy “The Cat” have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. The combination of humor and regular high-profile St. Louis athletes and personalities that join the show have made it a fixture on the St. Louis radio landscape.
Each week WFMT goes live to the Chicago Cultural Center for concerts with emerging artists from around the world, produced by the International Music Foundation. Some shows offer solo recitals while others feature ensembles. The concerts take place beneath the world’s largest Tiffany-domed ceiling, part of a landmark building that originally housed the Chicago Public Library. The Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts are named for British pianist Myra Hess who organized some 1,700 free lunchtime ...
Gospel music, news, shows, events happing all around the Christian dome
Any and everything on the dome!
Top of the Dome
Music. Movies. Video Games. Business. Etc. Listen to me talk about whatever is on my mind.
Joe Kenmore heard the airlock close with a sickening wheeze and then a clank. In desperation he turned toward Haney. “My God, we’ve been locked out!” Through the transparent domes of their space helmets, Joe could see a look of horror and disbelief pass across Haney’s face. But it was true! Joe and his crew were locked out of the Space Platform. Four thousand miles below circled the Earth. Under Joe’s feet rested the solid steel hull of his home in outer space. But without tools there was no ...
Experience Trance Podcast
East Side Soccer Dome is Ground Zero for the inaugural broadcast season of Midwest Professional Indoor Football. Featured teams this year are the league champion Midwest Marauders and the expansion Westchester Apaches.
Streaming Dome
Where streaming services are talked about. We will cover movies, tv shows, streaming services from Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and others.
Philosophy, life rants, inspiration, & beats x vibes, for the everlasting soul.✌🏼💕🎧
What We Dig Today
This is What We Dig, Toronto's source for some of the best food the city has to offer. Whether you are from here or visiting Toronto, we are a source of the best food, the stories behind the locations and how it's made. Bon Appetit. We may occasionally discuss other topics of what we love as well.
Bluetopsy explores Georgia, Southeast, and national Democratic and progressive politics with an array of perspectives from statewide to nationwide officials to grassroots organizations. We deconstruct the past and look to the future while covering it with a mix of intrigue, humor, and discussion.
Pensamiento del día
Teach people how to walk on a highter level of conciousness and walk on a higher level of being. I teach how to be the best Version of Themselves. And live the life of their Dreams.
Ladies and gents, some absolute meaninglessness is about to happen. The host, Eduardo Galaviz, gathers up various people to partake in one of the most inane and calamitous podcasts ever. The game: Roll a 10 sided dice to determine from a plethora of topics a point of discussion, from which the subject matter could vary from being really tame to being absolutely insane. The guests must then strap in for the madness conducted by the host and endure his cavalcade of chaos. Listeners come in, se ...
Join intrepid reporter Angus Beef, and his junior assistant semi-producer intern Beany Tuthail, as they show you a side of Dublin you’ve never seen before. ‘Been There, Seen There’ is a new six part series of guided tours of historic Dublin locations. The show takes you on a whirlwind tour of parks, monuments and museums, with a twist. Each episode is completely fictional. Listeners will be intrigued by false facts about Casino Marino (the infamous 18th century pleasure dome), thrilled to le ...
The Red Light Sports Network (RLSN) is dedicated to bringing accurate and reliable information to the listeners. With the ever expanding world of technology; RLSN will interact with listeners with the most efficient means of social media. RLSN will produce the highest quality product, while establishing long lasting relationships with other media sources and professional organizations. All sports; regardless of level, will receive the same professionalism and opportunity to receive coverage ...
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The rolls are wet! Oh no, get the towels. Ed and his brand new guest, Jonah, spill the pee on this episode of the dumbest podcast on Earth. More fan mail is looked at, stories of childhood peeing, young love, cringey videos Ed made when he was a child, and plenty other nonsense packed in this laid back edition of "lets say embarrassing stuff ab ...…
Can you have a conversation with a ghost? Plowsy shot a lot of corner threes in his Livingston days. Iggy is an astronomy buff. Aliens are discussed. The text line comes for Iggy. More alien discussion. EMOTD.
Clear the lines! Cardinals trivia. Somebody may have broke into Tim's home and dropped a deuce. Joe Rod is at the top of The Cat's suspect list. Likely, it was an inside job. A full investigation is underway. Do you have to disclose to potential buyers if someone died in your house?
Doug's pant and jean are discussed. The guys talk Goldschmidt extension. Fan Pin Championship bracket released. Clear the lines! Mozeliak is on the new episode of The Tim McKernan Show. The Billikens never got out of first gear on Friday night. UCF choked v. Duke. NCAA Tournament discussion.
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Tracklist Bad Habits Ep.15 - Billy Gillies Guestmix 1) Key4050 - Equinix 2) T78 & ROBPM - Acid Lick 3) Systembreaker - Infinite Loop 4) Everlight & Project 8 - Knife Fight 5) Ashley Bradbury - Ayahuasca 6) David Rust & Shugz - State of Emergency 7) Sneijder - Back Home 8) Junk Project - Braintool (Lost in Noise Remix) 9) Paul Denton - Wasp 10) ...…
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Dalphon - Chosen (Original Mix)INVIRON - Memories (Extended Mix)Sied van Riel - Techzilla (Original Mix)Key4050 - Equinox (Extended Mix)Impact - Sands of Persia (Smith & Brown Extended Remix)Iain M - Serotonin (Original Mix)Jackob Rocksonn - We Don't Care (Original Mix)Will Rees - Need You (Original Mix)The Prodigy - Poison (Rated R Rework)RODA ...…
Hey folks! This week's episode covers Incredible Hulk S02E05 (Fashion Warriors) and S02E06 (Hollywood Rocks) and are absolutely bonkers. Have you ever wanted to hear Mark Hamil smack his lips because he's so horny for She Hulk? Yeah, me neither. Enjoy? Gary is on Twitter, and Jeremy is too. Duckfeed is on Patreon, which is a great place to supp ...…
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The Cedar Rapids band In The Attic performed a live set in IPR's Cedar Falls studios on March 21. The group talked about the various projects they are involved in, and played songs from their forthcoming new album. With their two guitars, bass, drums plus electric violin lineup, In The Attic provided a great rock set for the Studio One Tracks a ...…
There are around 650,000 people enrolled for Medicaid in Iowa. Around 170,000 are through the Iowa Health and Wellness plan. Under a bill in the Senate, 40 percent of those on the Iowa Health and Wellness plan will need have part time work or volunteer to say on the program. The work requirement has 11 exemptions. They include those who are pre ...…
There are around 650,000 people enrolled for Medicaid in Iowa. Around 170,000 are through the Iowa Health and Wellness plan. Under a bill in the Senate, 40 percent of those on the Iowa Health and Wellness plan will need have part time work or volunteer to say on the program. The work requirement has 11 exemptions. They include those who are pre ...…
Spring is officially here, but this winter’s bitter cold and heavy snow may have caused damage to trees and shrubs. Desperate for food, deer, rabbits, and voles may have eaten plants they usually leave alone. In this "horticulture day" edition of Talk of Iowa, guest host Amy Mayer talks with horticulture experts about types of damage from anima ...…
Psychedelic drugs, dreams, mental health awareness, understanding our reality, and more – Neil deGrasse Tyson, neuroscientist Heather Berlin, PhD, and first-time comic co-host Jackie Hoffman answer fan-submitted questions about neuroscience. NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: h ...…
01 - Greg Downey & Bo Bruce - These Hands I Hold (Richard Durrand Remix) [Perfecto]02 - Talla 2XLC & Allen Watts - Equinox [WAO138?!]03 - NG Rezonance & PHD - Divergence (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) [Metamorph]04 - Ben Gold & Sivan - Stay (Sneijder Remix) [WAO138?!] Track Of The Month05 - Zack Mia - Nebula (Heatbeat Remix) [Serendipity Muzik]06 - ...…
Our founding fathers gathered in taverns to enjoy lively political conversation over a local brew, and so do we. This episode of River to River, Pints & Politics” presented by The Gazette and Iowa Public Radio, was recorded live on Thursday, March 21 at Theatre Cedar Rapids. The conversation was co-hosted by River to River host Ben Kieffer and ...…
DJ Plow plays Cardinals songs. Handicap talk. Doug slanders youth basketball officials. Iggy doesn't want to be naked all the time. 2019 Fan Pin Membership Drive continues. Fan Pin discussion. Cuts, Drops. Doug turns down an opportunity to be a Fan Pin moderator. EMOTD.
Clark Kellogg joins the show to talk Billikens and Tournament hoops. Derrick Goold calls in to talk Goldy and Cardinals.
Doug is tired from the Wofford game. Clark Kellog and Derrick Goold on the program today. Goldy signs with Birds long-term. The guys breakdown the Goldy deal. Plowhawk loves the deal. Do you extend Carpenter? Goldy deal seems like a great value.
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Dark Realms 007 1. Darren Porter - Ghosts [Outburst] 2. HP Source - Keep Moving [Grotesque Fusion] 3. Tasso - If You Want [FSOE Clandestine] 4. Key4050 - Equinox 5. Shugz - AI [Reloaded] 6. Richard Tanselli _ Everybody [Grotesque Fusion] 7. Brian Flynn - Every Mile a Mountain [UNRSTRCTD] 8. Latex Zebra - Not Just A 303 [Cohesion] 9. Paul Denton ...…
Gov. Kim Reynolds has issued a total of 43 countywide disaster proclamations in response to flooding that began on March 13. The impact has been widespread, but communities in southwestern Iowa continue to experience the heaviest impact, with many community members finding themselves displaced and assessing the damages of homes, properties, and ...…
On this episode of River to River, host Ben Kieffer and guest Todd Pettys of the University of Iowa College of Law explore some of the biggest recent cases discussed in the U.S. Supreme Court term, and look ahead to some of the most anticipated cases slated for argument. Cases discussed include: Timbs v. Indiana The American Legion v. American ...…
Adam Long and PGA talk. Mark Hannah of Evergreen Wealth Strategies joins the program. NCAA Tournament talk. EMOTD.
This conversation originally aired on July 13, 2017. The Civil War is the deadliest war in American history, with hundreds of thousands of casualties suffered by both the Union and Confederate sides. In Some of Our Yesterdays , a memoir posthumously unearthed by the family of Charles Seton Lindsay, the Civil War experience is vividly told by Li ...…
Iggy interviews Lena Paul. Scissoring is a myth according to Ms. Paul. The cigarette dispenser is on fire outside the studio. Cam calls in to talk Blues. Iggy put the fire out. Iggy still plays sand volleyball. The membership drive is still going strong. Fan pin blow back. Two party system is flawed.…
Episode 018 of the Bluetopsy Podcast with Daniel Blackman and Eric Cohen. In this edition of Bluetopsy, we are joined by Dr. Michael Owens, outgoing Chair of the Cobb County Democratic Party. Michael discusses with us changes that have led to tremendous growth in Cobb County Democratic politics and the framework of elements that can help make l ...…
Tim interviewed PGA golfer Adam Long for The Tim McKernan Show. Iggy can't refrain from commenting on other men's wives on FB. Florida golf swing. Fan Pin Membership Drive. Lena Paul is Iggy's porn guest. Shrewsbury Seminary Student wants to date Lucas. Women are joining the Pin at an unprecedented pace. Mayor of Lower Arnold calls in. The Dote ...…
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Spotify "HARD TALK": "HARD TALK": "HARD TALK": Puzsér Róbert vitapartnere: Farka ...…
Davenport’s Figge Art Museum recently opened a new exhibit: Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Museum. The show is a “lavish overview of Tiffany’s mastery of color and form in a wide range of materials and decorative styles.” The Figge’s exhibit showcases 62 exemplary works of Tiffany’s, including small blown glass vases to stai ...…
Former Texas Congressman and latest 2020 presidential contender Beto O'Rourke spent his first days on the campaign trail driving himself in a rented minivan across 13 Iowa counties. In this “politics day” edition of River to River, Ben Kieffer talks with political analysts, Rachel Caufield of Drake University and Wayne Moyer of Grinnell College ...…
01 Jorn Van Deyhoven - Freaks ( Intro Mix ) 02 Remarq, Swen Van Der Endt - Aeonian 03 Mike Vit - Stuff Of Life 04 Neev Kennedy - Sail The Stormy Waters 05 Paul Van Dyk, James Cottle - VORTEX ( Jardin Remix ) 06 The Prodigy - Poison ( Rated R Remix ) 07 Motorcycle Vs Ciaran McAuley - As Isla Rush Comes ( Ashley Bradbury Goosebump Mash Up ) 08 Mi ...…
This interview originally aired on July 5, 2017. Olympic gold medalist Dan Gable has been a household name in Iowa for decades. After bringing home three state wrestling championships in high school, he went on to the 1972 Munich Olympics, where he successfully wrestled without losing a single point. He famously coached the University of Iowa t ...…
Babysitting discussion. TSA talk. Adam Long will be a guest on The Tim McKernan Show. EMOTD.
Mike Lee calls in to talk about all his girls. Charlie ate a stink bug. Fantasy baseball discussion. Charlie hates his team. The fan pin thinks Iggy is a hoosier, according to poll results. What makes a hoosier? The dais debates. Kegler's corner used to turn into Hedo talk.
The term "groutfit" is explained to Doug. The Blues whipped the Oilers last night. The Blues play good teams well. Dakota Hudson has won fifth starting spot in Birds rotation. Ozuna discussion. Iggy wants nudes to prove that the Swinghaven Board Member's wife is real. Iggy hid in a bush and got peed on. Steak 'N Shake is struggling. Freddy's is ...…
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As the country prepares to celebrate the c entennial of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which set the stage for women gaining the right to vote, s cholar Sally Roesch Wagner is marking the anniversary by editing "The Women's Suffragette Movement." The anthology highlights the work of women who led the national campaign for voting r ...…
Tracklist:1. Panama - Giuseppe Ottaviani2. Vulcan - A & Z3. Storm - Sean Tyas vs Metta & Glyde4. Alpha - Factor B5. Elated - Starpicker6. Lights Around the World feat. Megan McDuffee - Craig Connelly7. Strandloper (Club Mix) - Factor B vs Lostly8. Stay (Sneijder Remix) - Ben Gold ft. Sivan9. Meridian Bay - John O'Callaghan10. Imagination (Will ...…
Trout reportedly just got PAID. Baseball contracts are discussed. What does this mean for Goldy? Inside baseball. EMOTD.
A little Finding Neverland talk. Mike Shildt is the guest on the new episode of The Tim McKernan Show. Tim and Brebbia talked Finding Neverland at the ball park. Abducted in Plain Sight is no picnic either. Cam Janssen previews the Blues game tonight. Babysitter dilemma in Florida. Iggy makes babies cry. Is smoking hoosier? Fantasy baseball talk.…
Do you sit next to a pal if there is an open seat? What about in the bathroom? Ronnie's has great seats. Plowsy brings a blanket to the theater. Doug is not a fan of the blanket move. Plowsie played golf yesterday. Fanpage Club Championship discussion. Golf talk becomes make out talk. Charlie is excited for the NCAA Tournament. Iggy got beat up ...…
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This program originally aired on August 15, 2017. There's been some new and alarming research about the increasing number of suicides and cases of depression among teens. Are cell phones and social media contributing to the problem? During this hour of Talk of Iowa , host Charity Nebbe talks with Jean Twenge, who is author of the forthcoming bo ...…
Animal House With Hillary Chabot Episode 50
Mary Neubauer and her husband tried to find their way through Iowa's mental health system for years, seeking help and support for their son Sergei, who died by suicide at the age of 18 in 2017. "Truly a labyrinth." That's how Neubauer, now an advocate, describes mental health services in Iowa. Now, bills aimed at expanding services for children ...…
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