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Actual play D&D podcast presented by a #BlindDM and a cast of everyday heroes making each other laugh. New episodes each Friday. #DnD4All #UKDnD
Sneak Attack! is an original Dungeons and Dragons adventure set in the world of Brannis. The game is Fifth Edition, and releases episodes every Friday.
We're seven friends who shoved microphones in front our faces while playing dungeons and dragons. Listen along while we drink, tell jokes, and make the DM hate us! Updates come every other Friday.
The Indoorsmen
A custom 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast featuring professionally edited music and sound effects!
Ghostpuncher Corps
Join Host/DM Eve Parker in a tabletop role playing game based in the comic universe of Ghostpuncher and fueled by Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Funny, dark and weird, follow the adventures of Petua (Amanda Killian), Elektra (Syd Bat), and Mikey (Cassidy Kruk) as they embark on their quest to keep order among the living and the dead.
Nerd Poker
Each week, under dark of night, in a dining room in Encino, a group of warriors led by Brian Posehn plays Dungeons & Dragons and you’re invited to attend!
Aaron and Jeff take your brilliant character prompts and create a beautiful tabletop game child. Tweet us a character prompt: @AMFC_Podcast Email us a character prompt:
Hosted by Wayne Brekke, owner of Dungeon Crate, the DnD5e Podcast is all about gaming with the new rules to this classic game. As a 30 year veteran of Dungeons and Dragons, Wayne Brekke mans the helm, inviting other gamers on the show as panel guests to talk about every aspect of roleplaying in the 5th edition world.
MJ, Fallon, Roy, Bec and Audrey have three things in common: they're lesbians, they frequently get intensely emotional about stupid fictional characters, and they just damn love tabletop RPGs. Join us as they battle the twin demons of a fictional fantasy universe, and the mere notion of recording a podcast for the first time in any of their lives, wow, they'll just let anyone do this, huh?
A podcast and video series following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons while under the influence.
A D&D5e Fantasy Actual Play Adventure from EncounterRoleplay set in the homebrew world of Khera. Please leave a Review on iTunes for us and get in touch at
Professional Dungeon Master, Boardgame Enthusiast and Useless Wargamer, Mark Hulmes, sits down to talk about latest tabletop goings-on as well as chat with various friends from across numerous industries about their experiences with Tabletop games.
Friday Night Quests is a weekly role-playing podcast where a group of players will run through a never-before-seen adventure in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition RPG. For each D&D adventure, our players will be joined by a special celebrity guest - some of our guests will have years of experience with the game, while others may be playing it for the very first time!
Monster Man
A show about monsters, because monsters are great.
​Our weekly Dungeons and Dragons podcast was created to deliver guidance to you our heroes. We hope to provide you with new and reusable material for both players and DMs. We hope to inspire you with creative content that you can bring with you on your next adventure
Hero Club
Hero Club is a unique serialized podcast that takes the creators' Dungeons & Dragons sessions and edits them down into fast-paced and entertaining Radio-Plays complete with sound effects and music.
In this podcast we hope to provide examples and reusable material for you, the DM, to use in your stories and campaigns. We hope inspire you with functional content that you bring to your own table to the delight or potential misery of your players. This is a podcast inspired by years of playing Dungeons and Dragons from both sides of the screen and also by our friends at the table who have helped us get to the point where we are confident enough in our geekery to do a podcast about it. This ...
Join our Dungeon Master Dimitri and his four friends and adventurers, Andrew, David, Shawn and Sam as they are introduced to the wonderful world of tabletop pen and paper adventuring! There's danger, there's goofy voices and there's magic. Follow us! Instagram: @trueadventurers Twitter: Facebook:
Welcome to Radio Free Borderlands! Here we will discuss topics of D&D from the viewpoint of those who have played the game for many years. Discussions will include not only topics of optimal play, but also delve into previous editions and history as well.
Follow along in the adventure with a Dungeon Master of 20 years and a group of life long friends who have traveled in the world of Trimbel. Join in, as the DM's eldest son starts playing D&D for the first time. Our world is 20 years in the making. It is a Home-brew of 2nd Edition Core Builds/THAC0/Saving Throws, with 3rd Edition-Pathfinder Feats/Skills/Class Ideas (Prestige Classes). It is a new and experimental system, listen in as the chaos unfolds. If you have questions or comments feel f ...
Knights of the Arcade is an award winning live Dungeons & Dragons show and podcast played on stage by comedians, improvisers, and tried-and-true geeks. Every month, the Knights embark on an epic quest built entirely from audience suggestions. With special guests, video-projected dice, and a lively audience cheering along with every Critical Hit. “Best Nerd Fantasy Come to Life” Pittsburgh Magazine. “…a neo-geek wet dream…” Pittsburgh City Paper.
Join five friends on a hijinks and laughter filled adventure as they play Dungeons and Dragons. New episodes every Friday!
Welcome to Dice Paper Role, a weekly Dungeons & Dragons podcast. **WARNING** This podcast contains the following: - Random, warped, and dark senses of humour - An apundance of lame jokes - Hijinks and antics - Adult themes and loads of swearing - High level of nerd factor - Original home-brewed narrative - Frequent references to pop culture - Epic combat descriptions - Aussie accents - A fresh new DM every 10 or so episodes, so you never get bored! Join us on this journey of high production ...
Chaotic Adequate
The comedic fantasy roleplay podcast that feels like Tolkien watched Community. Enter a world of orcs, elves, magic and relentless accidental NPC killing with Gregory Akerman, Steve Cross, Amanda DiGioia and Angus Dunican.
Tavern of Heroes
Tavern of Heroes is a home-brew actual-play podcast turned into a radio adventure drama. Each week creators and co-hosts Michael and Stephen Stagliano sit down with members of their cast and play through an adventure story. Tavern of Heroes is a Stesso Games production. Stesso Games was founded by Michael and Stephen in 2013. Tavern of Heroes is their fourth title. This is their first podcast.
Hilarious buddies, costume designer, Avery Faeth (multiple Blizzcon award-winning cosplayer), stand up comic Mike Black, (The Night Time Show, Comedy Store Regular, AFT, Action Figure Podcat) and comedian/drawer of elf butts, Andrew DeWitt (NYTV Festival, Sundance, TV Land, Jimmy Kimmel, AFT and Boner City USA) join forces to dismantle the typical "geek/nerd culture" show and turn it upside down. Get ready for a raunchy ride down the gutter where everything from Warhammer, Dungeons and Drago ...
Welcome to Side Quests, the second podcast feed by Cthulhu & Friends! We’ll be playing a range of tabletop roleplaying games JUST FOR YOU!
Wastelands and Wyverns is a 5th edition real play dungeons and dragons podcast that takes place in a world destroyed by a magical cataclysm centuries ago. We have a rogue that turns into santa, an albino ranger, a bald elf bard, a hormonal sorcerer, and a barbarian who is pretty sure they're all idiots. Listen as they try to survive in a ravaged world. Spoiler : It does not go well
The Quest Company
The Quest Company is a group of storytellers playing through our own homebrewed adventures on this live-play RPG podcast! We started out with the “Main Quest,” our ongoing Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition campaign. We now have a flourishing menagerie of “Side Quests” where we bring in guest artists from the Nashville theatre community, try out other exciting game systems, and get to make more fun and unique stories together. Join The Quest Company today!
Welcome to Detentions and Dragons, a podcast dedicated to introducing Dungeons and Dragons into the classroom experience! Updated every Monday. The hosts, Josh and Matt, are highly educated, experienced, and enthusiastic American public school teachers who aim to provide tips and techniques to effectively run Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with students. They are also confidant that new players, new Dungeon Masters, and fans of Dungeons and Dragons will find this enjoyable and informative ...
Dear Dungeon
Two friends, Audrey and Brandon, sit down and answer user-submitted questions about Role-Playing Games. Part tabletop advice, part goofs, and all fun. We’ll also feature fun character, dungeon, monster, and treasure concepts, roleplay improvisation, and much much more!
North by North Quest is a story play adventure podcast following the characters Val, Pascal, and Sylo as they travel through different dimensions as Patrons of The Library. They dedicate all to fighting evil and bring balance to the worlds that need it most. We're just some friends from Atlanta, GA who love all things D&D, fantasy, and nerd-culture. This podcast is our way of sharing our love of storytelling and table top gaming with you. We use Dungeons and Dragons 5E coupled with original ...
The Dungeons and Dragons podcast where our Heroes survive the adventures written by you, the listener! Do our Heroes have what it takes to survive your adventure?!
CritQuest is a podcast where a bunch of dorks with little to no experience with D&D (Ainsley, Emma, Javier, and Tommy) play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition run by someone with no experience running a campaign (Chris) and everyone hopes for the best. Trust us, it's going to be interesting. And maybe infuriating.
Welcome to the Cosmodrome! Listen as your favorite Cosmonauts from the Cosmonaut Variety Hour play a rousing Dungeons and Dragons campaign, run by Marcus! Tune in for elves, magic, and horrible unforgivable crimes!
A bunch of high school students and their nerdy teacher adventure through Dungeons and Dragons and various campaigns.
The Daily Tavern
Join Arthur as he reports the news in fictional Shatterpoint City. Set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, this comedic broadcast will introduce you to news reports like a druidic weatherman who can control the weather and city wide celebrations. Don't worry, listening to it won't hurt your brain, or at least, that's what the wizards have assured us.
Bonus Experience
A deeper look at the play experience and the finer details of running and writing tabletop games.
Dragon Questicles
We are a real play, role play podcast of a couple of friends recording their Dungeons and Dragons sessions and releasing them to the internet.
Penance RPG is a Homebrew fantasy style RPG podcast that follows the misadventures of a group of adventurers. They travel through the tainted land with free reign to make their own decisions on who they help and how, as long as they understand that consequences will always happen as a result... Described as Crazy, unpredictable and unapologetically blunt by fans, We attempt to bring something different to the normal dungeon crawl podcast. Today's number is 956877
Vicious Mockery
"You'll D&D your pants." Vicious Mockery is: Max Saunders, Andrew Colella, Biggles Bagels, and Adam Metropolis. Vicious Mockery is a gang, a clique, a posse, a syndicate. Also check out the 'Adam's Mind' podcast: Credits: Dungeon Mastery & NPCs by Max Saunders. All music from episodes 1-31 composed and recorded by Adam Metropolis. Players: Andrew Colella (Rolen, Tordek, Theren), Adam Metropolis (Calvinis, Enile, Nirozi), Biggles Bagels (Jeff, Nix, Thorin). Editi ...
We're an actual-play D&D podcast, based on a homebrew campaign setting. Join us to follow the adventures of Tara, Finn, Paxton, and Aethelflaed in a strange world sealed inside glass. You can find more details at world, or at
A DnD 5e campaign taking place in the rich and bustling town of Redhaven. Join DM Scott and his 5 adventurers as they face what this perilous world has to offer.Video
Unnatural 20's
Hail and well met! Welcome to Unnatural 20’s, a comedy podcast where we leave the fate of each episode up to the rolls of a d20. Join us level 1 adventurers who are just as clueless on these quests as we are in real life. We’re just four nerd-a** friends that get together weekly to laugh and joke our way through this stage of life. Join in on the adventure with us by writing in “quests” you would like to hear us talk about by emailing us at Roll with us!
High Level Games Podcast, the Industry's First Choice in Taking Your Games to the Next Level! Our podcast discussed gaming products from the perspective of gamers for gamers to enhance the experience of your own games.
Not Enough Dragons
A D&D podcast where we have no idea how to play D&D and our characters sound like terrible 7th grade OCs with cool hair. Also our DM is hilarious and beautiful and she totally didn't write this paragraph.
Welcome to Story Craft RPG! A podcast dedicated to providing story ideas for tabletop role playing games. Plots, encounters, PC/NPC backgrounds, advice, tips and more! Each episode is only about 30min. Think of it as audiobook clips full of ideas to use in your games.New episodes are released weekly, usually on Thursdays. Need a side quest, an encounter, PC or NPC concept, or an adventure plot? We’re here for you.There are many great Actual Play and Advice shows; instead we discuss the story ...
They See Me Rollin
A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Like Grandma Used to Make.
Calvin's Epic
After a failed suicide attempt, Calvin, a hilariously eccentric, mentally unstable, and incredibly violent quantum physicist awakens to find himself in a fantasy world complete with trolls, elves, dwarves, and other stupid fantasy creatures. Unwittingly, our hero (if you can dare call him that) is thrown in the middle of an international conspiracy involving a tyrannical elf queen and a ploy to turn the global gold standard to her favor. However, Calvin's ever swinging mood and severe manic ...
Aticus Cast
An actual play 5e Dungeons & Dragons podcast set in the homebrew world of Aticus. Join a bunch of rowdy friends on their adventures!
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The Nightbirds are off to find the God Gilbert, but they end up caught in a trap! Will they escape with their sanity in tact? Will they ever be able to chill? Will they make unending references to Train songs? All this and Jelly gets real, Skumk finds his instrument, and Coen gets a new outfit. Special thanks to our good friend Louie for joinin ...…
Chagrin's Back! But Morag has been thrown into a deep, dark dungeon! Can any new friends help our dwarven dunderhead to rescue her? This episode has a Han Solo quote, relentless Princess Bride-style nonsense and references a sport (sorry about that). Chaotic Adequate is a comedy fantasy roleplay podcast from the people behind Science Showoff, J ...…
Gwendoline looked intensely at Pietor. They both knew what this meant. Pietor steadied himself, suddenly aware of each second that ticked on the timepiece on Gwendoline’s wrist. Oh Gwendoline’s wrists. He could write odes to her wrists, ballads to her fingers, and limericks to her knuckles. But this sudden flight of longing cost Pietor dearly, ...…
In which our heroes pursue the escaping murder suspect, and things don't go well.
A Source of Magic, Deep under the Earth A Treacherous Elf seeks his Noble Rebirth This Week the Party Investigate a Strange Magical Power Source... How Will Tensho Cope in his new Heavyweight Body? Will Mr. Bobbins Find something Useful in the Long Grass? We Ask again, Is it a Tiger, or not a Tiger? How Will Ora Cope being submerged in Goo? Can ...…
Conspiracies abound!
Previously: The gang was taken to the Temple of the First Forge so that our wounded friends could finish recovering. Important information about nipples was revealed. Zara and Tabitha tucked a priest. Roarke, Corin, and Frank met up with Krieg to gather some more information. In this episode: The guys are heading to the Red Rock pub for a chat ...…
DING! That sound means it's time to buckle in and get ready for another round of the most riveting audio possible, leveling up D&D characters in real time! Tune in and hear about all the new tricks and abilities that the party will be using to make DM Tom's life a misery. Find links to all episodes, social media and fun stuff at plusonetohijink ...…
Join us on a special side-campaign in the Savage Worlds RPG system! We will sometimes record and release other game systems outside of our normal DnD release schedule. There's no set schedule for these episodes, they'll come when they come. Feel free to skip these if you're not interested! The party continues to deal with a nice lady. Thanks fo ...…
Stuck behind enemy lines, the Velvet League must navigate the winding passages and lost souls of the mind flayer lair... The Players: Jeremy Fox as Prince Horace Kemp, human noble fighter. Kelly Egan as Ysabel "Izzy" Buchanan, half-elf druid hermit. Mike Christensen as Sweeney, half-elf charlatan wizard. Dungeon Master: Jay Jones Producers: And ...…
Episode 10 Story Topics(2:19) A dense fog engulfs the party, where did it come from and what are the effects?(11:23) Why is every item a blacksmith forges unintentionally cursed?(22:05) Character Background: Draconic Sorcerer of LevistusHosts: Mark, Will and RichardFollow us on Twitter @storycraftrpg1Submit your story topics to StoryCraftRPG@gm ...…
Three more classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters in this episode, two of them from the hand of UK gaming legend Ian Livingstone! I think we can see some trends emerging. If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities!…
What was the voice they heard in the Lazuli Cage's final chamber? What will the fate of Watershearth be? How will they eliminate the Tosculi threat? Just how many ways can they fluster their DM with unexpected actions? The answers to these questions and more are in today's episode of CritQuest!
Political Intrigue Sometimes dungeon crawls aren’t your bag, or you need a change of pace. Cloak-and-dagger style play is a great way to change it up. This covers political intrigue, stealth missions, and lots of wheel n dealin to get even the slightest advantage over an opponent, aside from just tearing them from life or limb. Make sure to sub ...…
In this episode Joe and Wayne discuss the Charisma Stat. What exactly is charisma? How can you best use it in game? Charisma is more than just looks, it can dictate how you are perceived by NPCs, other characters, and how you influence people. What do you do with characters that have either very low, or very high charisma? Charisma is an integr ...…
Chris finishes up his one shot with Charity, Rodalam, and Claudia making their way into the city, but instead of "claiming their prize" they decide to mess things up. Hopefully, Grammy Award winner, Seal can stop them.
The gang leaves Boomtown, raring to go kill the High Sheriff! And then it dawns upon them they didn’t finish the plan with Mimi, so revel in how laser-focused is the final planning. They push through the dead forest, sneak around Dend, and finally hunt down the High Sheriff. Come connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @nxnquest. ...…
As the underground trials continue and a Twee of increasingly ambiguous morals lights a cigarette, our crew meets the three trials of the cloak head on. Clearly this artifact was never meant to me uncovered by the foolhardy, or people who hate riddles. Hopefully everyone will make a patience saving throw against that goddamned riddle from last ...…
...The 13th Hour... Unlucky for Some & The End of Act 2... This Week the Party are Journeying Back Through the Swamps of Berez... The Cast: AJ As "Ozmand" Lexa As "Rosie" Belry As "Karen Lebowski" Amy As "Meghren" Matt As "Tubbs Groundswell" And Nikoli as your Storyteller. Where Can i Find more from the Cast? You Can Hear More From AJ at "Prete ...…
Michael Stagliano (Story Master) takes Lauren Kelly (Vi) and Belle Adams (Miriam) through the second of half an adventure, where the heroes attempt to save a little girl from her kidnappers. Q&A: Email: IG: mnightbringer Twitter: mnightbringer Facebook: tavernofheroes Website: www.tavernofheroes.c ...…
In this episode, Audrey and Brandon discuss characters going to lengths for immortality, phrasing rules terms in character, running a horror game, and the wish spell! They also find their way home! Featuring: Humans, Facts and Fiction, a Docudrama Email us questions at Follow us at Thanks to J ...…
Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, with a prompt from @Nitai_Dasa, Jeff and Aaron dive into what makes a great toy and what the cool teens are talking about in Fantasy! Meet Digi O'Neil, a toy maker searching for her first hit product on the market! Bet you didn't know what KB Toys stood for, did you?…
In this episode, we cover some Dungeons and Dragons monsters from the B section of the Fiend Folio and go in-depth on the Berbalang, a creature from Filipino folklore. If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities!…
The dust settles. Tries to, anyhow. Won't stay down long. Storm coming. IN THIS EPISODE: Preacher. Demon. Posse. GM: Joseph Leitess / Dr. William Stoisburger Fajitski: Joe Cash / Abraham Claiborne: Jonah M. Jackson / J.E.5.5.1.E: Sarah Katherine Zanotti / Margaret Lee: Brooke Muriel Ferguson / Bullwark: Andrew Johnson Music: Joe Cash - "So Long ...…
Andrew DeWitt (Sundance, Jimmy Kimmel, Boner City USA, award-winning writer (NYTVF)), Avery Faeth (multi-award winning cosplayer), and Mike Black (The Night Time Show, Comedy Store Regular, and professional comedian) tackle fan questions about some of the deepest geek secrets they have. They talk favorite/most inspiring songs, dream game sequel ...…
See if you can tell which host has been replaced by their evil doppelganger in this episode. It should be pretty dang obvious because one of us is dead set on murdering the other. Join us on this journey of darkness as we dig into the prospects of becoming farmers, celebrate the twisted end of the Teletubbies au, receive the secret hidden Manch ...…
A special treat due to a sick player with a full recording of the live show we did for the Vault Festival in London in February 2018. Our next live show is the 21st June - see the website for details. Chaotic Adequate is a comedy fantasy roleplay podcast from the people behind Science Showoff, Jack Left Town, Bright Club, Masterpiece Bookshelf ...…
There is a place that you can go, when life is tough and you’re feeling low. A place where troubles disappear, a place for friends; a place for beer. If you’re having a day where you question it all... then come on down to the hidey hole. Thursday is adults only chicken dipper night (now in two flavours!), kids eat free. Artwork and Credits: ht ...…
The Bard Returns, Revenge is Sought, Against the Demonic Fox, Vengeance is Brought This week the Party Begin their Travels Aboard the Weatherwax, Northbound at High Speed! What Is Causing the Parrot to Make Noises Below decks? Can they Retrieve Tensho from the Clutches of the Mighty Sea Cow? And if so, Will he ever be the same again? Will Ora F ...…
In which our heroes continue their murder investigation, interview a bunch of wizards, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.
The party returns...triumphantly to Waterdeep with the true name of the Beautiful Corruption in their possession and with it, Ion's redemption. But will the Order of the Gallant Shield accept him back into the fold? Listen in to find out! Also on this week's episode: Frulgrim has a lovely axe for you; Alton just wants to take a breather; A brok ...…
You'll be enthralled as our heroes take on a group of adversaries who are far more skilled and coordinated than they are. This should go fine. The Players: Jeremy Fox as Prince Horace Kemp, human noble fighter. Kelly Egan as Ysabel "Izzy" Buchanan, half-elf druid hermit. Mike Christensen as Sweeney, half-elf charlatan wizard. Dungeon Master: Ja ...…
Previously: The gang fought off a blood wyvern at the entrance to the city of Emberstone. Frank flung some flames. Tabitha kept her distance. Zara tried to save a dad. Corin reached out for more light. And Roarke hung on by a thread. In this episode: Our fatigued fighters have been brought into Emberstone, some more alive than others. After som ...…
Episode 9 Story Topics(1:55) A mirror stands before a doorway, what’s its purpose?(14:13) An arrogant aristocrat seeks to recover an artifact. What are his motives and what is the item?(28:48) Character Background: Reluctant RogueHosts: Mark, Will and CraigFollow us on Twitter @storycraftrpg1Submit your story topics to…
Three more classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters in today's episode, from the spooky Apparition to the mysterious Astral Searcher! If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities!
It's Chris' turn in the GM seat and he guides a party of Magical Girls in his adventure! Charity, Claudia, and Rodalam wake up in a mysterious underground room only to be thrown into a fight to the death. "Blast and ask" or "Smash and dash"?
The gang fights tooth and nail to protect their brand ambassador/flunky as the investigation into the mysterious disappearances around Mapleville, Montana continues. Songs used in this episode: Blossoms Will Sprout from the Carcass - Skagos (Intro/Outro) North - Firmam3nt SFX used in this episode: Small Knife Slide - 1histori Whoosh02 - kingsro ...…
In this episode adventure writer Kevin Coffey joins in the conversation to talk about character sheets. Fresh in the middle of his own Kickstarter which features a character booklet, Kevin is creating a fun way to keep track of your adventurers. We also talk about the evolution of the character sheet, pros, cons, and paper vs digital.…
They may be boring but lessons in history can teach us so much. Arthur tackles the history or Shatterpoint City and it's empire as well as a war or two. Do be careful though, there's rumours of an Oni on the loose and a powerful spell book as gone missing!
Summary: Campaign Themes Just as settings have personality that shape adventures that take place there, the theme of a campaign gives a distinct flavor to its stories. A collection of adventures where the adventurers go from dungeon to dungeon with no connection, feels very different from a year long struggle against Cult of the Dragon that cul ...…
Sorry everyone, Kachunk's dirty dealings delayed the episode, but rest assured, we're alive and okay now! In this episode, Brandon and K-Ben. Definitely Ben... discuss why we love Shadowrun, keeping a recurring antagonist without too much plot armor, weapon flaws and should thy define your character, and handling inspiration in 5e. Dungeons, Dr ...…
Our Guardians go in search of a healer because Varak doesn't look too good. What they find is quite surprising! Kaji assists the Guardians in their investigation into the bizarre sickness that just happened. Also, everyone takes a trip! Will they find out what the heck is going on?! (We apologize for the audio quality in this one, we had to mak ...…
Two tales of how a simple act of kindness can shape the future, whether that of just a lone dwarf or an entire land. Come connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @nxnquest. If you use the hashtag #NxNQ on social media your name might even get picked for an NPC in a later episode. Also we have a North by North Quest Facebook Group ...…
After some experimentation from our heroes, the room is filling up with nasty faerie spiders, and it may be time to figure out what the real function of the Chamber of Forgiveness is. Lucky for them, someone in the party did something impulsive and morally questionable in the campaign, and Dan is ready to leverage it.…
Michael Stagliano (Story Master) takes Lauren Kelly (Vi) and Belle Adams (Miriam) through a night mission in the city of Arronhall, where a little girl's life is at stake. Email: IG: mnightbringer Twitter: mnightbringer Facebook: tavernofheroes Website: Creative Attribution: -“Choose Your Path” by ...…
A Twelfth Strike, Now the Remaining Hours get Shorter... This Week The Party Investigate the Black Pyramid They Discovered at the end of Last Week's Episode... The Cast: AJ As "Ozmand" Lexa As "Rosie" Belry As "Karen Lebowski" Amy As "Meghren" Matt As "Tubbs Groundswell" And Nikoli as your Storyteller. Where Can i Find more from the Cast? You C ...…
Our heroes battle with an old friend. instagram: viciousmockerypodcast twitter: vicious_mockery
Three more classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters in today's episode. We've got a grudge monster, a goo guy, and Alexander the Great's pet unibunny. Join us for more Fiend Folio fun! If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities!…
Fresh off the RAILS, pard? I can tell. Makes my head spin too. Why not grab a drink at the Stars and Stripes. Getcher bearings. Take a breather. Town’ll still be here when yer done. IN THIS EPISODE: Yodeling. Terminations. Standoff. GM: Joseph Leitess / Dr. William Stoisburger Fajitski: Joe Cash / Abraham Claiborne: Jonah M. Jackson / J.E.5.5.1 ...…
GUEST HOST: Al. SYNOPSIS: Dan & Al talk about the benefits and difficulties of rotisserie gaming, where each week there is a different DM and potentially different PCs.
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