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Best Dyson podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Dyson podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Matt Forde and Matt Dyson bring you all the action from Saturday afternoon's football. If by action you mean mucking about, making fun of footballers and generally not knowing what's going on, then this is the show for you.
Big gigs, great guests and loads more - The Dave Berry Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio, weekdays from 6am.
Alex Dyson and Kyran Wheatley try to create a comedy podcast devoid of faff and untainted by triviality, and miss by a long shot. Like, not even close. But they do have interviews with cool people. Contact us on our burner phone: +61 402 011 332
Welcome to the Joseph B Dyson III podcast, where amazing things happen. Random Talk Of life and the world.
Welcome to Wye Bible Church with Pastor Larry Dyson &Family Pastor Jim Rayner
Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.
Founders helps you learn from entrepreneurs that came before you. For every episode, I read a biography of an entrepreneur and pull out ideas you can use in your work. You won't find any ads, intro music, or interviews. Just a stream of ideas from history’s smartest entrepreneurs. Founders has been called "a treasure trove for entrepreneurs", "a kale smoothie for your brain", and "pound for pound the most insightful media out there."
Can one story change the course of your life? Will Schwalbe, bestselling author of The End of Your Life Book Club and Books for Living, invites notable guests to tell stories of the books — and the moments — that changed them.
Tech News Weekly hosted by Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent brings you interviews from tech journalists who make or break the top stories of the week. Jason and Mikah give you more context and perspective, with an in-depth look at the fast-paced world of technology and how it is changing our lives.Records every Thursday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 19:00 UTC.
The podcast where film-fans Calvin Dyson, Allen Turing and Sol Harris take a weekly journey to Development Hell to discuss a film, then pitch their ideas for the sequel.
Podcasts from Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ)
The only technology podcast you will ever need!Seb Payne and Matt Dyson walk you through the latest in technology, including the newest and best gadgets, software and applications.
To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.
Sermons from the worship services across Seeds Uniting Church
Business stories you can tell at work
Discussion of Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson
Interviews with Scholars of Media and Communications about their New Books
Gameweek: The (unofficial) Fantasy Premier League Podcast with Matt Dyson and Dan Prior.
All about our globetrotting Marathon tales along with nonsense chat, comedy sketches and songs. Come join us!
The World's Most Dangerous Morning Show, The Breakfast Club, With DJ Envy, Angela Yee And Charlamagne Tha God!
Every author has a story beyond the one that they put down on paper. The Barnes & Noble Podcast goes between the lines with today's most interesting writers, exploring what inspires them, what confounds them, and what they were thinking when they wrote the books we’re talking about. Subscribe to discover intriguing new conversations every week.
A long-term thinking lecture series from The Long Now Foundation: these hour long talks are recorded live at The Interval, our bar / cafe / museum in San Francisco. Since 02014 this series has presented artists, authors, entrepreneurs, scientists (and more) taking a long-term perspective on subjects like art, design, history, nature, technology, and time. You can learn more about The Interval and this series at theinterval.org, where we have full videos of the talks on this podcast.
A weekly graphically enhanced podcast that includes the latest book news and insightful one-on-one interviews with your favorite literary personalities. Please visit www.authorinyourpocket.com to get more information on the authors featured on our show. TriCom Podcast is dedicated to putting Authors In Your Pocket!(tm)
The Hardly Academic Podcast is two men having emotionally and intellectually honest discussions about life, work, relationships, comedy and experiences living in Washington, DC. We'll navigate -isms, -ologies and sometimes y.Episodes feature special guests, music, listener interactions and news about goings on in the area and online.The podcast is co-hosted by DC native Eric Dyson and Georgia-born DC transplant Nick King.Contact us at hardlyacademicdc@gmail.com.
The Heir of Redclyffe (1853) was the first of Charlotte M. Yonge's bestselling romantic novels. Its religious tone derives from the High Church background of her family and from her friendship with a leading figure in the Oxford Movement, John Keble, who closely supervised the writing of the book. The germ of its plot was suggested by her friend Marianne Dyson. (Summary from Wikipedia)
New Visions, New Voices brings to public radio some of the nation’s most important diverse and emerging voices, offering the rich and varied perspectives needed to reach an increasingly diverse audience. New Visions, New Voices will use multimedia formats and engage established and emerging talents to produce short-form segments including commentaries, vignettes, and features for public radio. Long-form productions will offer in-depth exploration of topics in education, technology, politics ...
A-list guests like ...Paul McCartney, Stephen Colbert, Bryan Cranston, Judd Apatow, Bill Burr, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kristen Chenoweth, Sugar Ray Leonard, Chris Matthews, Rob Corddry, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Prosecutor Marcia Clark, Bob Costas and more, join Emmy & Peabody award-winning comedian Paul Mecurio who interviews the biggest names in entertainment/music, media, sports, politics and science. Paul uncovers hilarious anecdotes and never-before-heard insights about his guests and how t ...
Expert perspectives on global issues.Sound Discussion podcast offers analysis and commentary by leaders, policymakers and scholars to help inform audiences and shape policy considerations to address pressing political, economic, cyberspace and security issues in regions such as Russia, Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans.EWI is a global network of influential stakeholders committed to and engaged in building trust and preventing conflict around the world.
In The Universe Speaks in Numbers award-winning science writer Graham Farmelo is in conversation with some of the great names in modern physics and mathematics. Among the interviewees are Michael Atiyah, Ruth Britto, Lance Dixon, Simon Donaldson, Freeman Dyson, Juan Maldacena, Michela Massimi, Roger Penrose, Martin Rees, Simon Schaffer and Edward Witten. To read more see Graham's book The Universe Speaks in Numbers: How Modern Maths Reveals Nature's Deepest Secrets.
Wil Anderson asks smart people stupid questions and tries to find out the meaning of life. Or something...
Part three of a four part adventure that will stretch across the vastness of space and time. An exciting follow-up to The Water Planet, and Dyson Sphere, The Final Days of Peace continues the war between the Earth Alliance and the Handlers, a race of aliens that outnumber humans a billion to one. The Earth prepares itself for the inevitable arrival of the Handler's. When they do attack, it's more devastating than anything they could ever imagine.
The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's largest public affairs forum. The nonpartisan and nonprofit Club produces and distributes programs featuring diverse viewpoints from thought leaders on important topics. The Club's weekly radio broadcast — the oldest in the U.S., since 1924 — is carried on hundreds of stations. Our website features audio and video of our programs. This podcast feed is usually updated multiple times each week.
Taking Donors Seriously® is a time-tested, sustainable framework for relational fundraising. Hundreds of nonprofits and schools have used TDS over 30+ years to successfully raise the funds that are critical to their missions. Brad Layland, CEO of The FOCUS Group shares insight, stories, and tips on this podcast.
Join me, Fiona Jensen, Director at Market Recruitment as I interview inspirational and charismatic B2B marketing leaders, and ask the career questions you can’t get the answers to elsewhere. Whether you’re searching for your first gig after University, looking to move from Exec to Manager level, getting your first people management position, trying to up-skill yourself or stepping into a senior leadership role, let our Mentors give you the advice to make a success of it.
Legendary sports columnist William C. Rhoden and sports writer & attorney Jamal Murphy talk sports on and off the court, including the intersection of sports, racism and politics.
Jazzed About Work features lively, informal conversations about everything it takes to create a resilient and rewarding career. In each segment, host Beverly Jones interviews professionals who can share their expertise related to the workplace. Her guests go beyond the research and get personal, as they talk about their interesting and often surprising professionals paths. Jones is an executive coach who wrote the handbook on building career resilience, “Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like ...
The Arwen, Season 5: Dyson Sphere is part two of a four part adventure that will stretch across the vastness of space and time. An exciting follow up to The Water Planet, Dyson Sphere introduces a new threat to Earth and all her allies. While traveling through the newly discovered Wormhole Beta space the Arwen receives a message from an astronaut thought dead for 450 years. It's a mystery too curious for Professor Ricter, Captain Cook and her crew to ignore. The stakes get even higher when i ...
​Kate Dalley is a nationally recognized radio host! She is currently on Fox News Affiliate KZNU and listeners from around the globe listen and stream her daily 3-hour political talk show! She has interviewed Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Mark Steyn (popular fill in host for Rush Limbaugh) Sibel Edmonds, G. Edward Griffin, Syrian Girl, Fox Legal Consultant Victoria Toensing, Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade, Lew Rockwell, JASON Scientist Freeman Dyson, New York Times Best S ...
THE PAUL WHARTON SHOW is a weekly lifestyle, entertainment and pop culture radio show hosted by Paul Wharton featuring celebrity guests and Influencers in discussion on the world’s latest hot topics. The show, which broadcasts an original episode every Friday during the popular “drive time” at 6pm on SiriusXM Channel 141, and two additional encore broadcasts throughout the week, is the perfect way to end your work week and get ready for the weekend with entertaining and insightful conversati ...
Interviews with Scholars of Film about their New Books
Interviews with Political Scientists about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Popular Culture about their New Books
Toure talks to successful people to find out how they became successful and to see what they know that can help you on your journey.
An audio version of the PEPRN blog
The Left Bench's Sam Dyson & Jake Brodsky team up with Guillaume Pierre-Louis and a rotating set of guests to get super serious on the latest in the worlds of sports and pop culture.
An informed, humorous and irreverent look at motoring and transport from Australia and overseas. Featuring motoring & transport news, road tests, feature interviews & quirky stories. Overdrive is not just for 'rev heads' but covers subjects in a manner that reflects on our everyday transport experiences as well as our dreams and aspirations for more exotic transport. Presented by motoring broadcaster David Brown with regular contributors Errol Smith, David Campbell, Brian Smith and Paul Murr ...
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It's that time again: it's the 6th Diminishing Returns outtakes episode, featuring previously unheard clips and material from as far back as 2018 when we were talking about the likes of Jumanji, Captain America, Labyrinth and drinking enough water.By Diminishing Returns
This week the Matt’s are asking for the strangest compliments you’ve received and what last minute life changing decisions you’ve made. As well as this there’s all the action from the Premier league, My Sports News, and a slightly uninspiring Supporters Club!
Stephen Dyson has provided a fascinating and engaging analysis of political science, the discipline, and political television in his new book, Imagining Politics: Interpretations in Political Science and Political Television (University of Michigan Press, 2019). By examining particular popular culture narratives, in this case, nine popular and enga…
Long Now board member Esther Dyson shares her ongoing work to move communities away from short-term thinking and into health. In conversation with previous Interval speaker Kara Platoni, she discusses how short-term desire is addiction, affecting not just individuals but institutions and culture. Dyson’s founded the 10-year Wellville project, now u…
Dr. Michael talks about his fascinating new book, “Jay-Z Made in America," that chronicles Jay-Z's life going from Brooklyn drug dealer to major artist, cultural and political influencer and billionaire. It is an excellent study as a blueprint of Jay-Z’s artistry and legacy.By Paul Mecurio
Writer André Aciman on Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, bygone eras and luxurious summer days spent reading. To learn more about the books we discussed in this episode, check out Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five series and The Hardy Boys books. Stay in the know about the latest Macmillan news by reading our free newsletter here. Learn more about your…
Bill, Jamal and Eryn discuss the upcoming Super Bowl matchup and Patrick Mahomes carrying the mantle in the year of the black quarterback. Then, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum president, Bob Kendrick joins the podcast to discuss the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues and the NLBM's upcoming exhibit at the Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair, New Jers…
First, we talk with Joseph Menn over at Reuters about his exclusive report. Apple reportedly dropped plans for encrypting iCloud backups after the FBI complained. Then, we chat with Joseph Cox of Vice about the alleged hacking of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's iPhone by the Saudi crown prince. Afterward, we have a chat with Tanya Basu of MIT Technology Re…
SPEAKERS Rick Wilson Republican Political Strategist; Columnist, The Daily Beast; Author, Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump—and Democrats from Themselves; Twitter @TheRickWilson In Conversation with Melissa Caen Journalist and Lawyer This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club of Califor…
0122 Susan Rabbit Hole - Iran Gov Biden Party Of 5 & Familial Ties In Gov by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0122 SHORT 13 MIN Melissa On Planned Parenthood Roe Anniversary by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0122 SHORT 13 MIN The Skinny On CoronaVirus Fear Or No Fear by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0122 Melissa - CoronaVirus Whats Really To Fear; Roe Wade Anniversary And Athiesm by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0122 UT Ben McClintock On Connected Bills To Tax Bill And What A Leader Is Not by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
Today on the show we had Fabolous stop by where he spoke about childhood upbringing, Beyonce pressing him and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a professor who spent 185k of grant funds at a strip club and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-adverti…
This morning Dave pays tribute to the late, great Terry Jones. Matt Dyson takes us to the Bingo and Glenn reveals he's a good person to live inside of. Enjoy.
On this episode of the TDS Podcast Brad and Max praise the Waffle House's perfect efficiency and explore how these same practices can be used in our fundraising projects. But mainly we talk about how good the Waffle House is.
Today on the show after Dj Envy brought up an interesting story about woman stabbing her husband for cheating so we wanted to know what is the craziest thing our listeners have done to their significant other. Also, Charlamagne gave a life lesson during "Donkey of the Day" when he gave a white rapper the hee haw for saying the n word and Angela hel…
On this episode of The Paul Wharton Show, Paul and Darnell talk about what it truly means to be a friend. Are Paul's expectations for others too unrealistic? How do you find your tribe? Paul and Darnell also talk about their best woof-y friends and debate about Tyler Perry. Powered and distributed by Simplecast…
SPEAKERS Daniel J. Levitin Founding Dean of Arts and Humanities, the Minerva School; Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Neuroscience, McGill University; Author, Successful Aging: A Neuroscientist Explores the Power and Potential of Our Lives In Conversation with Alison Gopnik Professor of Psychology and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy, UC Berke…
This morning the dream of having a fragrance grows one step closer. There's more shredder chat. PLUS we find out where 'musk' originally came from. Enjoy!
What standard should be used to assess presidential misconduct during the Trump presidency? How should the public, press, Congress, and bureaucracy resist and punish executive misconduct? Presidential Misconduct: From George Washington to Today (The New Press, 2019) insists we must look back to look forward. The book provides a comprehensive study …
Franklin Leonard is one of people who are aiding the Black film revolution from behind the scenes. He’s a veteran film exec who knows the game inside and out. He created The Black List, an annual survey of un-produced screenplays that spotlights the best of them, creating opportunities for young screenwriters. 37 films have leapt from The Black Lis…
Getting Wilosophical with Claire HooperBy Wil Anderson
0121 SHRT 13 MIN You Will Not Believe What Gucci For MEN Just Came Out With by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0121 Comedian Jeff Allen The America I Grew Up Again by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0121 SHORT 13 MIN The New UN Global Refugee Wait Until You Hear This by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0121 SHORT 29 MIN Impeachment & Message To 2nd Amen Advocates Playing The Feds Games At Events by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0121 UT Signatures Gathered And A Great History Lesson From The Speech In SLC GivenTo Candidates by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about Gervonta Davis gifting his baby mom gifts for her birthday while in a relationship. Also we opened up the phone lines a second time after Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a dad who attacked his son's opponent during a wrestling match, and we wanted to see …
If you're enjoying But That's Another Story, there's another storytelling podcast we think you'll really like. The following is an episode of Storybound, a new podcast from Lit Hub and The Podglomerate. In it, Mitch Albom reads an excerpt from his new book Finding Chika. Musical compositions by Maiah Wynne & Aliephant. To hear more episodes of Stor…
This morning you tell us how we smell. Matt Dyson tells us how to break into his car using a crisp packet and Glenn reveals why he was a stand in dinner lady. Enjoy!
0120 Truth About Virginia Rally Set Up Hype Drills and Media Narrative by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0120 SHORT 13 Min Dr Meg Meeker Raising Daughters Toxic Culture Toxic Feminism by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0120 Dr Duke Pesta On Turning The Right Into White Supremcists Using Events Virginia by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
0120 UT Bob Harmon Harmons Joins Kate To Talk Tax Ref & New Ploy From Commissioners by Kate DalleyBy Kate Dalley
You can’t find out what is really happening in your business from behind your desk. In this episode, Andy Billings shares one leader’s technique for getting out within his company. Happy New Year! Anecdotally Speaking is back for 2020. To kick off the year, Andy Billings joins Shawn and Mark on the podcast. Andy, Vice President of Profitable Creati…
A riveting conversation with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood who's starred in many iconic films. Tim talks about his new, ground-breaking play centering on the life stories of 12 immigrants and it's importance in pointing out that we are all immigrants of sorts in today's divisive environment. Tim also talks about making films in Hollywood, h…
The Fantasy Premier League podcast for people who enjoy the game but don't want to get too bogged down in stat chat! A trip to Double Avenue awaits! Plus, bad penalties, Megxit, a WhatsApp business opportunity and ice cream high-jinks, It's more #FPL tips and chat from two of the worst players in the 19/20 season IT'S GAMEWEEK Find us Twitter & Fac…
Today Dave asks if you'd like to smell us. Matthew Dyson insults his mother-in-law and it's Glenn's birthday, what's not to enjoy?!
Jennifer Cazenave’s An Archive of the Catastrophe: The Unused Footage of Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah (SUNY Press, 2019) is a fascinating analysis of the 220 hours of outtakes edited out of the final nine and a half-hour 1985 film with which listeners and readers might be familiar. Well known around the world as one of the greatest documentary films eve…
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas has written a beautiful, captivating, and thoughtful book about the idea of our imaginations, especially our cultural imaginations, and the images and concepts that we all consume, especially as young readers and audience members. The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games (NYU Press, 2…
How should we understand inequality? In A Sense of Inequality (Roman and Littlefield, 2020), Wendy Bottero, a Reader in Sociology at the University of Manchester offers a detailed and challenging new approach to how we conceive of, how we study, and how we might challenge, social inequality. The book contends we need a new approach to the everyday …
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas has written a beautiful, captivating, and thoughtful book about the idea of our imaginations, especially our cultural imaginations, and the images and concepts that we all consume, especially as young readers and audience members. The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games (NYU Press, 2…
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas has written a beautiful, captivating, and thoughtful book about the idea of our imaginations, especially our cultural imaginations, and the images and concepts that we all consume, especially as young readers and audience members. The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games (NYU Press, 2…
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