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The History of Egypt, as the ancients described it. A tale of pyramids, pharaohs, gods and mysteries, told through the eyes of the ancients themselves. A member of the Agora Podcast Network
As hot as the Sahara and standing every bit as tall as the pyramids, Aly & Fila are one of the worlds most in demand Trance & Progressive artists. Tune into Future Sound of Egypt Radio - Every Wednesday, direct from Cairo.
As a girl, Lady Duff-Gordon was noted both for her beauty and intelligence. As an author, she is most famous for this collection of letters from Egypt. Lady Duff-Gordon had tuberculosis, and went to Egypt for her health. This collection of her personal letters to her mother and her husband. By all accounts everyone loved her, and the letters are very personal in style and content. The letters are as much an introduction to her person as a record of her life on the Upper Nile.
مؤتمرات للاب دانيال داخل وخارج مصر
The author, a British journalist and novelist, is interested in the feel of the places he visits. He describes at length a visit he has made to Egypt, with emphasis on the emotional response the places generate.
Ida Pfeiffer travelled alone in an era when women didn’t travel. She went first on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, then went on to Egypt and Italy. Understanding the difficulties a woman would face travelling alone and on a budget, she made a will before she left. Go she did, however; and upon her return she wrote this book. She used the proceeds to finance her next trip – six months in Iceland.
We believe the Church has a mission to evangelize all who are lost in sin. We believe “the Church” is the Body of Christ and consists of the people who, throughout time, have accepted God’s offer of redemption (regardless of religious denomination) through the sacrificial death of His son, Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 1:22-23; Ephesians 2:22; Hebrews 12:23)
ODWIRA [oh-jee’-rah] is a term from ancient Khanit and Kamit (Nubia and Egypt) meaning ‘purification’. This term is found in Akan culture with the same meaning, as the Akan are directly descendent of the ancient Khanitu (Nubians). ODWIRA, purification, operationalizes Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion. NANASOM, Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion, in its varied expressions (Akan, Yoruba, Ewe, Lozi, Hoodoo, Juju, Voodoo, etc.) animates Afurakani/Afuraitka ...
The Arab Spring: A History is a podcast seeking to explore just how the Arab Spring happened. If you've ever wondered just what has been happening in the Middle East for the last few years, this is the podcast for you. So, how are we going to do this? We're going to tell the story of the Middle East since 1900, and take it up to the present day. We'll look at a mixture of revolutions, social reform, political developments, global diplomacy and economic boom and bust across the region that at ...
Worldwide Bookings:chris@omega-artists.comArctic Moon is an electronic music project created by Tomasz Popielarski in 2007.Having spent the last few years touring the globe, playing on every continent cementing his international profile he is not only a highly talented, respected and loved producer but an entertaining and exciting DJ set to take the next decade by storm.Hailing from Poland his musical journey began during his childhood when he became fascinated by electronic dance music at a ...
My name is Ezzat Moghazy and I’d like to share a little about me. I was born in Dubai; my parents are from Egypt. I am married to the love of my life, my soul mate, Michelle. Together we enjoy our baby, Daisy, a rescued Pug. We also like seeking and finding antiques and collectibles by going to estate sales and thrift shops around the U.S. We’ve discovered many interesting items that we have restored and use to decorate our home. We love adventure and travels and have taken hundreds of road ...
An End Times site declaring Israel is the rightful heir to an undivided Holy Land, and that the United States and Israel need to maintain historical bonds. JBC is the site of important radio show, videos, and an unsurpassed Internet News presence, with up-to-the-minute news from around the world reported in real time, often before it appears in your national news media, and sometimes news that your own outlets won't report at all. JBC also has hyperlinks to important international newspapers ...
Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the earliest Coptic Churches established in the United States of America in 1970. The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt dates back to St. Mark the Apostle.
Tutored by Aristotle, compelled to ascend the throne at the age of 20 when his illustrious father was assassinated, driven by a passion for expanding the borders of his tiny kingdom, Alexander of Macedon was one of the most towering figures of ancient history. He is brought to vivid life in this gripping volume by the American children's writer Jacob Abbott. In his short but eventful life, the young Macedonian king went on to rule over one of the most powerful and largest empires in the anci ...
The latest news from the team behind BBC History Magazine - a popular History magazine. To find out more, visit
Booking Contact: joe@bpaagency.comteddy@d-formation.netSend Your demos to:demos@beatfreakgroup.comD-FORMATION is Dimas Carbajo, the owner and main exponent of BEATFREAK GROUP, a business alliance which is proud to include, among many others, the first Spanish record label of underground electronic music , BEATFREAK RECORDINGS, which has been conveying this national music style to the entire planet since 1997.With over 25 years in his career path, both in worldwide booths and music studios in ...
In this podcast we reference the time in which God delivers his people, Israel, from bondage in Egypt. During the last great plague that fell upon Egypt, God’s people kept the Feast of the Passover. The events and people during this time, are not mere moments in history, but hold great spiritual significance to us today and in the future. For this podcast, we introduce key symbols of Passover, depicting each symbol’s meaning and why it is relevant to our lives.
FT World Weekly
Each week, we focus on one of the major international stories making headlines, drawing upon the Financial Times's team of foreign correspondents and analysts to make sense of world events. Presented by Gideon Rachman and produced by Hannah Murphy.
Inside Story
Al Jazeera journalists and guests dissect and discuss the day’s top story.
“An Adventurer – He that goes out to meet whatever may come!” This is the credo of Allan Quatermain, the quintessential, swashbuckling protagonist of Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard. Quatermain first makes his appearance as a character in Haggard's most famous bestselling adventure tale, King Solomon's Mines. Published in 1885, this Victorian action novel depicts a group led by Allan Quatermain who travel to a remote region in Africa in search of the missing brother of one of them. It i ...
An inspiring documentary series that brings world issues into focus through compelling human stories.
Jeff Fisher (aka "Jeffy") from The Glenn Beck Program, Pat & Stu and Pat Gray Unleashed. In each episode of Chewing the Fat, Jeffy covers the daily fat pile, water cooler chit chat, road raging and a new segment called living the American Dream.Follow Jeffy on Twitter: @JeffyMRAFollow Jeffy on Facebook: Jeff Fisher Radio
Journeys to the frontiers of global health, from cutting-edge breakthroughs to advances in affordable care.
Unable to join us on Saturday mornings? Listen online! One of our goals is to spread to the nations, Torah teachings from a Messianic, Charismatic perspective. This podcast is one of the methods we are using to accomplish this. We have listeners in Bermuda, India, Kenya and other locations all over the world! We do ask that you please consider supporting our efforts as we spread God's word through the Internet.
A weekly programme that examines and dissects the world's media, how they operate and the stories they cover.
Hey listen up, I just had an idea!
Middle East Focus
Weekly discussion of Middle East policy, arts, and culture, featuring experts from the Middle East Institute in Washington, D.C.
Radio Islam
This is the official account of Radio Islam International. Follow us for latest uploads.
Mr. Sorenson will cover the material for the week to help students get prepared for our quizzes and tests. This podcast will be released on Thursdays.
In depth conversations that explore cutting edge research and analysis from the University of Liverpool. From cancer smelling machines, to nano-medicine, to the Beatles, this podcast explores the frontiers of science and culture.
Deutsche Welle's Eco Africa showcases innovative concepts and best practice projects from Africa and Europe and presents environment and climate change ideas that inspire others to get on board or start something of their own. Eco Africa offers insight and moves people to help protect the environment.
aerypton uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
The official podcasts of The Marketing Society, a global community of over 3000 senior marketers. Subscribe for conversations with business leaders, activists, authors, and more. Become a member at
Nutshell Politics
Welcome to the Nutshell Politics podcast, the show where we discuss what YOU need to know about world politics, with the context and depth that the mainstream media glosses over. We'll talk conflict, terrorism, international relations, religious and cultural contexts, and much more! Become a supporter of this podcast:
This is a 90-minute call in show offering insights, spiritual tools and energy clearing to support you attracting your heart's desires. A near death experience lifted Amirah to higher mystical insight in 1998. Amirah human journey includes many personal hardships and physical challenges that continue to teach her the transcendent power of love and light.She is a gifted energy healer, authentic channel and an exceptional psychic. As an outstanding clairvoyant and clairaudient, she has the abi ...
Dr. Carolyne "Isis" Fuqua reveals Egyptian Mysticism through A Course in Miracles Podcast.Our 365 day journey through A Course in Miracles begins on January 1st. Begin the journey with the dawning of the light and end the journey with the ascension of your soul.Copyright
The children of Israel suffered under many captivities. Ten tribes were taken away during the Assyrian Empire, never to be seen again. These are the so called lost tribes of Israel. The ones that remained, of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi were occupied by foreign nations and by many captivities. They were finally taken away under the Roman Empire after Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70. What happened to the children of the promise? They were taken captive by their enemies and sold i ...
life + performance + spirit
Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by HowStuffWorks.
An inside view of how Israel can warm your heart and make your blood boil. It’s a show by a journalist, a professor and an NGO professional who live in and love Israel even though it drives them crazy, and who each week discuss the latest in Israeli politics, culture, and society.
Exploring different aspects of history, science, philosophy and the arts.
The Ancient World
CURRENT SERIES - THEA (tracing the disintegration of the Seleucid Empire)
Paradigm Shift
Please help Paradigm Shift by helping yourself and your family. BEYOND TANGY TANGERINE - #1 Super nutrient replaces all other supplements and a portion of your grocery bill each month! have been taking a product called Tangy Tangerine for almost a decade, and I have even used it as a prenatal due to its nutritional components. We have experienced this to be a powerhouse of fortification that no diet ...
Volcanoes. Trees. Drunk butterflies. Mars missions. Slug sex. Death. Beauty standards. Anxiety busters. Beer science. Bee drama. Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and charming, bizarre stories about what fuels these professional -ologists' obsessions. Humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward asks smart people stupid questions and the answers might change your life.
life + performance + spirit
UN News
Global perspective, human stories
Growing as a follower of Christ isn’t measured by how much of God’s Word you know; it’s measured by how you live out your faith in your relationships, day-in and day-out. Midweek is all about helping you engage with God holistically—in every relationship in your life.
AnthroPod is produced by the Society for Cultural Anthropology ( Each episode, we explore what anthropologists and anthropology can teach us about the world and people around us.
Welcome to Prophecy Zone Radio your Ezekiel 33 watchmen on the wall. Bible Prophecy is the focus here at the PZR. We are hear to warn The world of coming Judgment that will full without warning. We will cover on this show the rise of the Mediterranean Union the empire of the Antichrist, Israels soon coming war with Russia/Iran/Turkey/Syria. The Mark of the beast technology and the New World Orders soon control of ever living thing on this earth. We will expose Satan's plan to control the wor ...
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The GCF’s Executive-Director, Javier Manzanares, was in New York this month to meet UN chief António Guterres and talk to diplomats about the importance and operation of the Fund.When Mr. Manzanares came into to the UN News studios, he said the Fund’s investment message was getting through to UN Member States. Conor Lennon started by asked him ...…
Desert camp aid delivery provides relief to desperate Syrians South Sudan alert as sexual violence surges: UN human rights office Philippines human rights defender arrested on libel
A new crisis is looming between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan.Prime Minister Narendra Modi is promising a fitting response against an attack in Indian-administered Kashmir that killed 44 of its soldiers. Islamabad has condemned the incident and has denied supporting the group thought to be behind it.There's been international condemnation w ...…
A new crisis is looming between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan.Prime Minister Narendra Modi is promising a fitting response against an attack in Indian-administered Kashmir that killed 44 of its soldiers. Islamabad has condemned the incident and has denied supporting the group thought to be behind it.There's been international condemnation w ...…
Synopsis: Demetrius struggles to preserve his throne but ends up falling in battle. Alexander Balas begins his reign by marrying Ptolemy’s daughter, Cleopatra Thea. While the sons of Demetrius remain a threat, the couple are also forced to confront the growing menace of Parthia. “Then gathered king Alexander great forces, and camped over agains ...…
In the rural region of Souss-Massa in Morocco, farmers are feeling the impact of extreme weather. Deutsche Welle met the man behind the idea of introducing a new insurance scheme to protect their livelihoods.
It has been 40 years since the overthrow of the Shah of Iran in a revolution that saw his rule replaced with the Islamic Republic.On Talk to Al Jazeera, we speak to Kamal Kharazi, a former foreign minister, ambassador to the United Nations and a leading voice on the principles of the Islamic Republic. He was also a military spokesman during the ...…
88 million tons of food are wasted in Europe every year. With that in mind restaurant owner Dounia Mebtoul created the first 'solidarity fridge'.
A Course in Miracles Lesson 46 God is the Love in which I forgive.
Ml Daya in die Dorpie - Greytown | Ml S Moola shares his thoughts on Greytown by Radio Islam
ASRI Report with Ebrahim Fakir by Radio Islam
In the Nigerian metropolis of Lagos plastic pollution is a huge problem. The Green Fingers Conservation Initiative is helping kids learn about their environment through a creative approach.
Jeffy tries to figure out if the internet is addicted with guest Leigh Richardson.
No child in Europe should be Stateless, says UN agencies Pope urges IFAD to continue on its ‘humble’ path Saying NO to child marriage
Allison Kaplan Sommer, Noah Efron, and writer, TV host, and activist Ohad Zeltzer-Zubida discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week. Primary Dolours According to polls, fifteen political parties have a decent shot of being elected to the Knesset. Only three o ...…
For our Valentine’s Day episode, historian Sally Holloway explores the nature of courtship, love and marriage in 18th-century Britain, highlighting the similarities and differences to the modern day
Airbus will stop producing A380 -- the world's largest passenger plane, in two years time.When it first took off 14 years ago, Airbus hoped what it called its 'giant cruise liner in the sky' would fly long into the 21st century.But weak sales led to the end of one of Europe's greatest industrial adventures. The last trigger was the cancellation ...…
Airbus will stop producing A380 -- the world's largest passenger plane, in two years time.When it first took off 14 years ago, Airbus hoped what it called its 'giant cruise liner in the sky' would fly long into the 21st century.But weak sales led to the end of one of Europe's greatest industrial adventures. The last trigger was the cancellation ...…
Rapid action is needed in every region of the world to get countries back on track in the global fight against measles, amid a projected near-doubling in the number of cases, since 2017. That’s according to Dr. Katherine O’Brien from the World Health Organization (WHO). Here she is speaking to Sarah Mbengue from UN News in Geneva.…
It has been revealed that Shamima Begum, one of three pupils from Bethnal Green, east London, who left to join the Islamic State four years ago, told a British Newspaper that she wanted to return back to the UK.Reportedly speaking from a refugee camp in north-east Syria, Begum, who is nine months pregnant with her third child, told the newspape ...…
Plastic pollution is an issue in Cameroon like in many other countries. One woman is using bottles to make furniture, including armchairs and even beds.
In rural areas of Burkina Faso often as much as 95% of the population are without access to electricity. Two brothers have joined forces to produce solar-powered lamps on an industrial scale.
In "When Fieldwork Breaks Your Heart," guest producer Aisha Sultan considers the question: what do you do when fieldwork threatens to break your heart? While graduate seminars and methodological reflections within anthropology often focus on the possibilities ethnography affords as the cornerstone of the discipline, Sultan here contends with it ...…
Revival in Motion: The treasure that is Ayatul Kursi [1] by Radio Islam
Household Express -Amazing benefits of Ghee for your skin & Hair by Radio Islam
What do you find 3 kilometres under the sea?In ‘China’s Underwater Hunt’, a team of Chinese scientists embark on a daring deep-sea mission to find out – traveling to places no human has ever been, rich with rare resources and unique creatures.Sailing on one of the oldest research ships in the world, the group face high seas, cyclones and consta ...…
A Course in Miracles Lesson 45 God is the Mind with which I think.
Jeffy decides to go over the documentary "Down Periscope" and whale sounds.
Tune into Aly & Fila Pres. Future Sound of Egypt Radio Episode 585 with new music from, Aly & fila, Paul van dyk & Steve Dekay, Liam Wilson & Corin Bayley, Stephen Kirkwood, Jak Aggas, A & Z + Many More.01. Kamilo Sanclemente & Juan Pablo Torrez - Alioth (Extended Mix) [FSOE UV]02. Andre Sobota - Lost Cause (Original Mix) [ZeroThree]03. Jonas S ...…
Preventing irreversible hearing loss from listening to loud music is possible, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. In an interview with UN News’s Daniel Johnson, Dr Shelly Chadha from WHOoutlined the agency’s latest recommendations.
No improvement in workers’ conditions, despite drop in unemployment rate UN experts condemn Chechnya LGBT attacks 2019 World Radio Day focuses on promotion of dialogue, tolerance and peace
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