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Do you want to make it to the Kingdom? The only way to get there, is by Obeying the Scriptures. We can get a good idea of what is coming in the future, but are You Scripturally and Spiritually Prepared for whatever comes? The time is now to come out of religion, and into the arms of the Messiah Immanu El. This is a series of messages from a Jewish man, who believes in the Messiah. Hence "Messianic Jewish". Not a practitioner of the Messianic Jewish religion, but a humble follower of Scripture.
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The Messiah said that He would provide living water, but what is it?
It is a dirty, embarrassing, and difficult subject to talk about, but SOMEONE has to do it!
A lot of people out there believe that Joyce Meyer and others of her ilk, are doing the work of Yah and are anointed stewards of the Word. Is this true?
Christians will tell you that "God" loves everybody and that He doesn't hate anybody, but is this true? Does the Scripture support this specific theology?
The who, what, where, when, and how of Biblical deception. You may be surprised.
We all were born into it, many of us still live within it. Some will defeat it, and some will be consumed by it.
This is the second and final installment of the two-part series that uses Scripture to refute religion, in this case, judaism's talmud is proven wrong by the Torah.
Now it is judaism's turn! Judaism claims that they obey the Torah and that the Messiah never existed yet, and that the Messiah that walked the earth, was a false Messiah.
This is part two of the two-part series, further allowing the "new" Testament to speak for itself, AGAINST christianity.
The christians use the "new testament" as the foundation of their doctrines, but is it a solid foundation?
Let's go more in depth and look more closely at the statement "wash your robes".
This one is dedicated to the corrupt people of my local government and beyond.
What is the most important Holy Day? I have my opinion and I explain why.
The christians will try to tell you that their god iesus gave only one command for us to obey, but is that true?
So you think that the golden calf incident is just a piece of ancient history, huh?
We see Sh'ol (Sheol) in Scripture, but what is it?
What does Scripture say about justice? We know that people like Hillary don't face the same justice as others, so what does YHVH say?
There are a lot of people who love raping babies who say that the Bible doesn't specifically prohibit it! I and the bible beg to differ!
This is part two of the two-part series, will democrats gain ground this time? We shall see!
We all heard Mad Maxine Waters and her rant, claiming that "God is with" the democrats, so I figured that I would take the general platform of both parties and compare it to Scripture.
After this message, I am not wasting any more valuable time on the "hebrew" roots guy who was harassing and stalking me. Once again, Scripture refutes the hrm doctrines.
What do you do when you feel empowered by doctrines that have nothing to do with the context of Scripture? You go stalk someone and try to convince them that even though your doctrines are garbage, they should believe them anyway because you think that you are anointed.
The "hebrew" roots are at it again, claiming victims with their ignorance based rhetoric, leading good people to deny the Messiah instead of leading them to their anointing.
OK, so we don't practice any form of judaism, we don't practice christianity, but we obey the Torah and we follow the Messiah, HOW DOES THAT WORK?
Since this is "pride month", I have decided once again to touch the third rail of religious and political talk.
I was watching a news channel, and there are a lot of politicians taking bible verses out of context and trying to appear "holy", one of them said that the Messiah was born as an illegal alien, this is a refutation of that ridiculous notion, and also, a bonus addition that further reinforces the Scriptural proof of the Messiah being named Imman ...…
This is the final installment of the three-part series, the best for last, exposing the hypocrisy of the church.
IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!! Even More of the Messiah teaching TORAH! The Sermon on the mount is literally Torah 101!
So much of the Sermon on the Mount has been cherry-picked that hardly anybody can recognize it for what it truly is.
HEY! Did you celebrate Shavu'ot last Sunday? At least you got your practice in for the REAL celebration.
This is part TWO of the two-part series, this one covers voluntary offerings and gives a biblical perspective of them.
Are you giving ten percent of your hard earned money to your church or synagogue? You need to listen to this!
Lots of people say that they love YHVH, but do they really? The Scripture tells us whether or not we do.
My neighbor is a jackass, I have called him that many times, but some people are a bit uncomfortable with this, so I decided to allow the bible to speak for me.
Here we go again, a refresher on what Scriptural love is.
We all were raised with the knowledge of the trinity, but how much knowledge did we actually receive where that is concerned?
There is a prophetic reason why the Messiah was named Immanu EL. Let's explore it here.
This is just about an annual tradition by now, but here is another angle of the christian holiday called easter.
So many people have been convinced that the mark of the beast is somehow some kind of electronic device, is this true?
Did you know that there is a very strong similarity between christianity and satanism?
How can two be one? How can a man and a woman become one flesh? Does YHVH truly have a Son?
Is it okay for a true believer to celebrate Purim? What does Scripture say, or not say about this holiday?
Some words about the passing of Billy Graham, and a reminder course for those who are sinking.
THEY HAVE IT ALL WRONG! All of the religions preach a FALSE gospel, this is the REAL Good News!
SHE'S AT IT AGAIN!! YUP, Little Miss Jezebel Guilt Trip is up to her games again, THIS is what Scripture has to say about it!
People are alarmed at the destruction that muslims have been doing for the past couple of decades, but there is a Scriptural reason for it.
Have you been celebrating Pesach the right way, or have you been doing it all wrong? Let's let the Scripture determine it, okay?
Are you an atheist? Did you know that you may be an atheist if you subscribe to certain religious doctrines that are found in christianity and Messianic Judaism? If you are in Orthodox Judaism, you already reject the Messiah and in effect, reject the Father.
One thing that isn't being taught in the churches, synagogues, and in the "hebrew" roots movement religion and its denominations that may keep you from reaching the Kingdom, is.........?
We explore the foundation of christianity and the history of modern religion.
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