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Best Explain podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Explain podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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News comes at you fast. Join us at the end of your day to understand it. Monday to Friday. All killer, no filler. Hosted by Sean Rameswaram. Featuring the finest explainers from Vox and more. Produced by Vox and Stitcher, and part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Twenty five minutes of 20th Century History for students and enthusiasts.
A weekly podcast that explains major policy issues and at a 101 level. Every week, hosts Michelle Cordero and Tim Doescher present an entertaining mix of media clips, personal stories, and interviews with Heritage experts, to break down major news stories and policy debates raging in Congress.
Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.
You’ve grown accustomed to reading The Brazilian Report‘s content online. Now, we’re bringing you our latest project: Explaining Brazil, a weekly podcast. We will talk about the most pressing issues in Brazil, ranging from politics, to economics, to social issues.
The other side is dangerously wrong. They think you are too. But for democracy to work, we need to hear each other out. Each week New York Times Opinion columnists David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat explain the arguments from across the political spectrum. Their candid debates help you form your own opinion of the latest news, and learn how the other half thinks. Find the best ways to persuade in the modern search for common ground.
Learn the connection between what you eat and how you feel. Licensed nutritionists and dietitians explain how food affects your energy, focus, moods and overall health.
I Can Explain is an LGBT+ focused podcast that aims to answer the questions you are too afraid to ask. Hosts Breanne Williamson (the lesbian) and Sean Lusk (the gay) give comedic takes on their queer experiences in a show where nothing is truly ever off limits.
In a world of fake news, the real deal.
Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.
Welcome to the Lettuce Explain Podcast. Our mission here is simple, to entertain and educate you on all things nutrition and wellness. We're here to help you understand the wildly curious world of nutrition and wellness one episode at a time.
James Delingpole and Toby Young discuss and explain British and European politics and culture for their American audience.
Please Explain - from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, a weekly podcast that cuts through the noise to give you insight into the stories that drive the nation. Subscribe to The Age: https://subscribe.theage.com.au/ or The Herald: https://subscribe.smh.com.au/ Get in touch with the team: pleaseexplain@theage.com.au or pleaseexplain@smh.com.au
Experience And Gold is a Dungeons and Dragons, role playing game real play podcast
This is Explain IT, a show for IT professionals by IT professionals; offering insight, knowledge, experience and opinion on a variety of enterprise tech topics. The podcast will be released every two weeks - don't miss out and subscribe to be updated as they're live.
A quasi-daily podcast from Slate chronicling Donald Trump's rise to the presidency and his current administration. Journalists Virginia Heffernan and León Krauze talk to reporters, historians, psychiatrists, and other experts to help explain who this man is and why this is happening, right now, in the United States of America.
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?
A fun-filled discussion of the big, mind-blowing, unanswered questions about the Universe. In each episode, Daniel Whiteson (a Physicist who works at CERN) and Jorge Cham (a popular online cartoonist) discuss some of the simple but profound questions that people have been wondering about for thousands of years, explaining the science in a fun, shorts-wearing and jargon-free way.
Weather Explained: Fog, clouds, rain, haze, thunder, cyclones, dew point and how to count dust motes are just a few of the 35 topics covered in short, easy to read and understand chapters in this book published in 1905.
You are welcome to listen in as I "explain things scientific". I have had great fun with lasers, robots and absorbing Quantum Physics. Now as a classroom teacher, laid low by heart surgery its time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and give it all you've got. "And in the mean time keep on doing science"
The Cryptoshow gives you all the insights on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICOs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, decentralization and Co.
Through her unique approach to storytelling, Rachel Maddow provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders. Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Maddow also conducts thoughtful interviews with individuals at the center of current news ...
A series of podcasts which explain to a non-technical audience how "Dark Money" (e.g. money laundering, corruption, bribery, tax evasion) enters the financial system and infects everything it touches.
Each week Brexit Republic will assess the unfolding developments, explain the complexities, and explore where and how Brexit will have an impact.
As a new Christian, did you ever feel “stumped” by theology? Maybe you were listening to a sermon, and it seemed like the pastor was speaking another language. Or perhaps you picked up a study Bible and realized you may need a dictionary, too. This is a weekly podcast to help you build your Christian vocabulary, one word at a time. Each week, we explain a different theological term in clear, concise language and share stories and illustrations that apply it to your life.
Explain Like I'm Five, aka ELI5, is the mini-podcast series where we take the questions you always wanted to ask, and talk about them in a way that is easy to understand. Made possible by the amazing reddit community at r/explainlikeimfive. See episode show notes for user credits.
Whether the topic is popcorn or particle physics, you can count on BrainStuff to explore -- and explain -- the everyday science in the world around us.
The Nobel Quran Explained in Clear English; professionally narrated and delivered to you weekly! Quran Garden is a word by word, verse by verse clear English Tafsir of the Quran. This series is based on the works of the renowned Al-Azhar scholar: Muhammad Mutwali Al-Sherawi. His greatest work and most recognizable achievement is a televised Quran Tafseer Series called "Reflections upon the Quran." Join the millions who take a few moments each week to connect with God's book; and please share ...
An official podcast of UkraineWorld, a networking initiative aimed at bringing together key Ukrainian and international experts and journalists interested in Ukrainian issues, as well counteracting propaganda and disinformation.
Dr. Ben Tippett and his team of physicists believe that anyone can understand physics. Black Holes! Lightning! Coronal Mass Ejections! Quantum Mechanics! Fortnightly, they explain a topic from advanced physics, using explanations, experiments and fun metaphors to a non-physicist guest. Visit the website to see a list of topics sorted by physics field.
Criminal defense attorneys Jessa Nicholson Goetz and Nicholas (Nick) Gansner discuss high profile trials, defense strategies, popular culture’s fixation on crime, and all other things related to criminal justice and criminal law. We try to use actual trial records and motions to explain how a verdict is reached in cases that surprise people, and to highlight some lesser known cases. We also like to talk about bail, criminal justice reform, juvenile justice, etc. We think we are kind of funny ...
From the grass roots to the ballot box, we are witnessing an explosion of progressive political energy. New candidates are running for offices high and low—and they’re winning."Next Left" is your front-row seat to this political upheaval: On this new podcast from The Nation magazine, National Affairs Correspondent John Nichols introduces us to the rising stars of the progressive constellation. These insurgent politicians let us into their lives, tell us their stories, and explain how they pl ...
Have you got burning questions about Space? Do you want to know more about stars, galaxies, and black holes? Well, you've come to the right place!Dr. Alfredo and his husband Chris are here to answer burning questions about the present, past, and future of our Universe.
American politics is undergoing seismic changes that will alter the course of history. As hosts of Words Matter, Katie Barlow and Joe Lockhart believe that facts, evidence, truth and objective reality are necessary and vital in public discourse. Katie and Joe have broad experience in government, politics and journalism -- this gives them a unique ability to explain recent events and place them in historic context. Together, with fellow journalists, elected officials, policy-makers and though ...
People of color connecting to make sense of the melaninless.
Words and Their Stories programs explain idioms and expressions that many learners of American English find difficult to understand.
Your weekly dose of movies, TV & entertainment in the form of news, reviews and fun conversations! From Arturo Zurita (TheAtZShow, Let Me Explain) & Zach Shevich (Multiplex, MovieTickets.com), Intercut is a TV & Film podcast that drops every Friday on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. With the supplemental Let Us Explain podcasts providing deep dive discussion, Intercut also has sporadic installments focused on what's trending and the media that's worth talking about. Make sur ...
An audio deep-dive into theatre on the internet
What in God’s name is happening in Spain? Simon Hunter, editor of the English Edition of Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS, tries to explain it all to his beloved English-speaking audience.
Policy decisions matter to you every day. We're here to explain them.
We are living through history, but keeping up with the unending stream of revelations, statements, tweets, and disputes is already difficult enough. If we’re going to understand this inquiry–and this presidency–we need to slow down the news cycle long enough to separate the signal from the noise. Every Saturday, Ezra Klein will do just that – through deep conversations with Vox reporters and leading policy voices about what’s going on, why it matters, and where it leaves us now.
Exit Plan is the story or rather collected journals of a nameless man who lives in Australia and has to deal with some threat or confrontation left unsaid so far. He has released his audio journals to provide information and context around what he has to do and to explain his situation. Is this for real or it is just an urban fantasy delivered in character? I don’t know. I was contacted anonymously to edit and post this podcast. I’ve called it Exit Plan. My instructions were to download indi ...
Global Capitalism: Live Economic Update is a series of live lectures by Richard D. Wolff in New York City. Programs begin with 45 minutes of updates on recent events, then a Q&A session with the live audience. We hope to develop all participants’ understanding and ability to explain current economic events and trends to others.
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This week, Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn in to preside over the third presidential impeachment trial in US history. What happens next? What’s Mitch McConnell’s game plan? And who the hell is Lev Parnas? Andrew Prokop breaks it all down. Then, a Senate impeachment trial is one of the rarest and least understood events in American politics. Co…
Bio: Danny Mackey is a former Hansons-Brooks runner, Olympic Trials qualifier and currently the Head Coach of the Brooks Beasts Track Club. The Brooks Beasts is a running team owned by one of the top clubs in the US dedicated to middle and long-distance runners. He has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, has experience workin…
Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment this week. Now, Congress is the only thing standing between the 28th amendment and the Constitution of the United States. (Transcript here.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Vox
Humanity has lived off bread for thousands of years, so why has the past decade seen such a rise in people 'allergic' to gluten? What is gluten intolerance? What is Celiac’s disease? Why did doctors once think that a banana diet was its cure? Finally, are there any negative effects from a gluten-free diet? ... We explain like i'm five! Help more pe…
What does Alif lam Meem mean? Why do some Surah's of the Quran start with something so confusing? Find the answer and more in this week's English Quran Tafsir of Verse Aya 1 of Sura Al-ImranBy Quran Garden
Last month, President Donald Trump tweeted that San Francisco, California has "rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the U.S. when it comes to the homeless and crime." The homeless situation is so bad that there are maps dedicated to alerting the public where there is human feces or needles on the street. In this episode Katrina Trinko, edito…
Brazil is inaugurating a new research base in Antarctica. The country’s top researcher in the field explains to us why the South Pole is as important for Brazil’s climate as the Amazon rainforest.By Explaining Brazil
It's the third part of my December Florida vacation - a day in Hollywood Studios (December 25) followed by a 100-mile drive down the coast and a frantic search for a place to eat dinner.By Jeffrey Cohen
Is space mostly empty or full of junk? Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisersBy iHeartRadio
This week on Please Explain, Tory Maguire talks to chief political correspondent David Crowe and environment editor Peter Hannam about the politics around this current bushfire crisis. While there is some reprieve from the fires, rising from the embers are questions for our politicians and there is no longer any willingness to accept the response "…
– video link: https://julianhosp.com/evaluation-of-altcoins-my-5-criteria/ - No time for an entire book? Read a book in 15 minutes with Blinkist - use this link to get 20% off and test it 7 days for free! https://blinkist.de/julianhosp – Get the PDF: https://www.i-unlimited.de/en-youtube – All info about Julian's new company: https://i-unlimited.de…
In the first episode of series three we cast our eyes over the new year and ask some of the biggest tech brains in Softcat about their predictions for 2020. Alongside host Zach Abbott, Softcat’s chief technologists share their thoughts on what may be emerging in the next 12 months. They discuss simplifying cyber security and cloud, the potential in…
The coordination and control of the German press by the Nazis took several years to complete as prior to 1933, the German newspaper industry was among the most diverse and vibrant in the world. A process of intimidation and self censorship, combined with Nazi confiscation and theft destroyed German press independence within three years. For informa…
Hate Within The Community | I Can Explain Podcast EP.68 by Sean Lusk & Breanne WilliamsonBy Sean Lusk & Breanne Williamson
We discuss the anti-CAA protests at JNU and the brutal violence wreaked on protesters by the ABVP with the complicity of the Delhi policeBy India Explained
1917 (2019)Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes has made a variety of notable films and his latest, 1917, is an immersive recreation of a World War I stand-off between the British and the Germans in Northern France. Teaming up with the extraordinarily talented cinematographer Roger Deakins, 1917 is filmed to look like two long, uncut shots, a remarka…
In research you communication into the field of study and eventually transform this to communication with fellow humans. MP4 recording MP3 recording Your browser does not support the audio element.By Peter Hill
IN THE NEWS: More people are being poisoned by essential oils. Also, a study finds that humans can smell odors with their tongue. MAIN: Soda Addiction. Your favorite brand of soft drink is engineered with just the right amount of sweetener, caffeine and carbonation to make you continuously want to grab and gulp. TRIVIA: What is a New Year’s Eve tra…
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