Best Expo podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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Supernatural Hour
A crew of experienced paranormal investigators talk all things paranormal.
Welcome to the inaugural podcast from The Expo Group. The Exposure Podcast is produced and hosted by Todd Carruth and Dana Freker Doody. Our goal is to provide you with information about the exhibit and events industry in an entertaining and addictive way. (Feel free to subscribe!) We plan on publishing each month to coincide with our newsletter, The Exposure. We also plan on never going over 30 minutes and no inane soliloquies. If you have any questions about the podcast, please contact us ...
Join co-hosts Brent and Whitney as they share a ‘southern view’ (and some definite drawl) on the vibrant hobby of collecting, restoring and playing the arcade and pinball classics from the late 70′s to today. The podcast covers everything from the golden age of arcade gaming to the newest pinball titles currently hitting the streets and everything in between. Add in technical talk segments, collecting and restoration stories, interviews and sit-in guests as well as game room updates, forum n ...
Dedicated to Western Big Game Hunting, With a Craze for Mule Deer!
Gundamn! @ MAHQ
Gundamn! @ MAHQ has been covering everything mecha since 2007. As the flagship podcast of the Mecha & Anime HQ, expect lots of talk about Gundam, Macross and all manner of mecha anime, with listener feedback and special guests.
Cable TV Technology Podcast
Join co-hosts Brent and Whitney as they share a ‘southern view’ (and some definite drawl) on the vibrant hobby of collecting, restoring and playing the arcade and pinball classics from the late 70′s to today. The podcast covers everything from the golden age of arcade gaming to the newest pinball titles currently hitting the streets and everything in between. Add in technical talk segments, collecting and restoration stories, interviews and sit-in guests as well as game room updates, forum n ...
Welcome to the Ages of Rock Podcast! We are three guys who have a one thing in common... a love of Rock and Roll. In particular we have an affinity for a band you may have heard of... KISS. Bill and Dennis had this dream of doing a podcast about our love of Rock and Roll. At a Judas Priest show in 2014 Bill introduced Dennis to Allen and we teased the idea of doing a podcast. Allen has done a podcast before and so the Ages of Rock Podcast is now a reality. Our goal is to talk about all thing ...
Jake Meeks' weekly tattoo podcast answering viewer questions, interviewing artists and waxing philosophical to promote better tattooing and more informed collectors. He is often joined by fellow tattooers, artists of other mediums, professionals in other fields and collectors. We hope you enjoy!
Intelligame Radio
Game culture, criticism, and community for your ears. Check out the short-form Intelligame Radio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hour-long Intelligame Podcast every other Friday!Want more Intelligame goodness?
A broadcast for Patriots in the Defense of Freedom...
A live interview session where Canadian showrunners and feature film writers screen and discuss their work.
Time Shifters
From science-fiction to science fact, fantasy to reality, horror to comedy, big-budget Hollywood epics to backyard independent film. Time Shifters will discuss, review and just mention a little bit of everything, in time.
McKeany-Flavell Hot Commodity Podcast Series: Empowering clients with commercial intelligence, supply chain expertise, and risk management solutions.
Panda Radio Podcast
Panda Radio features music, interviews, countdown shows, and Dj mixes from the top adult entertainment Djs in the country. All the music you hear in strip clubs plus commentary and inside info taking you behind the scenes at the top clubs in the country.
Slang University
Producer/Writer/Multimedia Artist/Social Media Activist/DigitalStoryteller🎶🎵🔌🎥📸📲#2bruhz #izigzag #slangu #slanguniversity #izraelmathematikz
Films — Business
Unrivalled access to the entrepreneurs, brands and companies making a name for themselves.
The team at Tabletop Gaming chat about board games, card games, miniatures, wargames, RPGs and more! For more from Tabletop Gaming, visit
The podcast of tabletop RPG fans across the Channel, the Pond and beyond.
Films — Affairs
Our global network of film-makers delivers reports on the stories, ideas, cities and politicians shaping the world.
Written, produced and hosted by Joe Stuber. In his guise as Stuberman, Joe has created the world’s first podcast devoted exclusively to in-depth interviews with the legendary talents (actors, writers, producers, directors and more) who have brought comic book properties to life on TV, Broadway, film, video games, live events and beyond!
Whether it’s for food, fuel, drinks or snacks — about half of the U.S. population is at a convenience store every day. We sell 80% of the country’s fuel and we are 4% of the total U.S. economy. We’ll talk about what we see at stores — and what the future may hold — as long as it’s convenient.
POPULAR TECHNOLOGY RADIO - provides you with the most authoritative insight and information on today’s emerging technologies and products in a fast paced and entertaining two-hour weekly show. Host Mike Kahn, along with a gang of tech experts and gadget geeks, bring you a wide array of topics the latest news and information in home and hand-held technology, music, photography, entertainment, gaming and more. Get expert advice on stereo components, home recording equipment, smart phones, e-re ...
From Snow White to Star Wars, it's all here. In-depth reviews of the Disney films where we break down every film and ask three questions. What is the iconic shot? Does it achieve a moral or emotional aim? Does the film hold up? Plus theme park news and live dining reviews. Its the Disney Magic Hour!
A statutory body established in 1966, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is the international marketing arm for Hong Kong-based traders, manufacturers and service providers. With more than 40 global offices, including 11 on the Chinese mainland, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a platform for doing business with China and throughout Asia. The HKTDC also organises trade fairs and business missions to connect companies with opportunities in Hong Kong and on the mainland, while prov ...
The 420 Road Show is on location live broadcasts, interviews, events, concerts and specials on and
Natch Beaut
Comedian and self-proclaimed "beauty passionista" Jackie Johnson loves being cute while living cruelty-free. Join her as she attempts to take the seriousness, mysteries, and intimidation out of makeup and skincare as she gabs with friends, artists, and indie entrepreneurs about what beauty and self-care means to them.
Collecting Dust
The premiere Retro Gaming & Comic Book collecting Podcast. Hosted by James, Jarrod, and Kenny!
The WDW Ride Guide Podcast is an unofficial Disney podcast dedicated to exploring Walt Disney World one ride at a time. The sheer number of Disney rides make it nearly impossible to cover them all in an average family vacation. Add to that the incredible variety of storytelling throughout each park and it quickly becomes clear that every Disney rider will have a different favorite. The goal of our weekly podcast is to make it easier for you to plan ahead for the rides you don’t want to miss!
If you like tabletop games and you're looking for an in-depth review of the latest and greatest offerings, you'll love the Dice Section. We spend a whole month playing a single game over and over again, more than is probably healthy, and then record our thoughts on how it held up. It's not a shallow overview... it's a deep and gory Dice Section.
This is the Real School of Rock! The Original Rock and Roll Podcast.Interviews, music and more from a Rock and Roll Geek.All done with a Metal Sludge,Blabbermouth sense of humor For fans of Aerosmith,Cheap Trick,Wildhearts,Metallica,AC/DC,American Heartbreak,Alice Cooper,New York Dolls,Sex Pistols,Motley Crue,Starz,Runaways,Punk,Joan Jett,Suzi Quatro,Nazareth,Hanoi Rocks,D Generation,Dictators,Ramones,Kiss,Guns n\' Roses,Glam,Metal,etc.
The world's fittest DJ brings you her high energy workout mixes with the hottest jams so you can run those extra miles or bench press those extra pounds! Her open format style leds itself to wide audenice to get anyone movin & groovin : )About FitDJ:They call me DJ but I prefer life curator because I create a soundtrack to your life.I am a DJ mentored by the top DJ's in Philly, NY, and LA.I grew up with learning disabilites and school was very tough. Music was my escape.I was always the smal ...
Pop Culture PodcastComics, Movies, Music and More
Geeks and Beats
Where Technology Meets Sound Since 1913! Alan Cross and Michael Hainsworth bring you the latest in technology and music weekly from high atop the Flimm Building in downtown Toronto!
Geek culture, random crap, and inane discussion from our rotating panel of hosts. Battered, deep-fried, and served with a side of insanity.
Love And Music in session by Miguel Giner. Deep, Nu Disco, Trap, house, tech, Deep Tech, Electro, Indie... |
Prepper Podcast Radio Network (℠) (KPRN-DB) Founded to give all preppers a home to listen to respected preppers in your community. Founded in 2009 by the American Preppers Network, as the first Preppers Podcast (℠) in the world and the Longest Preparedness Radio Network (℠) in the world.If you wish to rebroadcast a show it must be left in its entirety and no editing. We Reserve all rights.! and you must have written permission.
Host of the Patrick Lalley Show on KSOO in Sioux Falls, S.D. Weekdays from 3 to 5. Stream live on or through the Radio Pup app. @plalleyshow on Twitter. Email at
Based in Miami, FL, Wednesday evenings at 5pm EST, I host thought provoking talk show, Discussions: IAN TROTTIER. Listen LIVE on Focusing on toxins and other harmful chemicals which flood our environment, Im calling out big box corporations for their carelessness. As epidemics like diabetes, opioid abuse, cancer and heart disease are all products of being exposed to these poisons - together we work to make a change for our future generations. Become a supporter of this podc ...
VGBS Gaming Podcast
VGBS is a video game podcast where we discuss all things video games. We have an extensive knowledge of all things video games and are all over the gaming scene.
Speech Bubble
Butch Hartman (creator of Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom on Nickelodeon) hosts ‘Speech Bubble’ with the Robin to his Batman, Jace Diehl! Topics range from cartoons to movies to what Butch had for lunch yesterday. No matter what he talks about, it’s always guaranteed to be awesome!
Mouse Tracks
Join Waldog and The Captain every Saturday Morning on The Big 1070 and The Big 920.
Nina West's Podcast
Blanketfort Ramblings is made up of four amazing ramblers that have mastered the art of enjoying the sound of their own voices rambling together all for your sole amusement, wonder and intrigue. Want to talk games, we got that! Books? We got that too. Politics? Oh no say it ain't so! But it IS so... they even ramble about philosophy sometimes and just about anything else that comes into their minds. So sit back and get ready to make that mundane task your about to do while you listen to this ...
Anime Summit
The Anime Summit Podcast spawned from the /r/Anime Reddit Community as a project to help spread our love of anime and get more connected to the content we enjoy!
MedicCast TV features short video commentaries on current events and news in the EMS world. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic chimes in about important issues in EMS.
HVAC 360
HVAC 360 is a podcast that covers the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning industry through the entire lifecycle of a building. From building commissioning, to engineering and design, to construction, and of course operations and maintenance, I talk with and about the news, people, and products that are affecting our lives at a rapidly growing pace.
A podcast about vegetable gardening, food preservation, home economics and DIY living. Hosted by Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne, authors of The Urban Homestead and Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post Consumer World.
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Episode 174: I am so sorry that we have to do this to yall with the current season going strong already BUT WE HAVE TO GET OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS IN. So with Dannie back we re-record the rest of our 1st Impressions. Thanks to everyone for being so patient with us. you guys are seriously awesome. This episode we cover Run With The Wind, SAO, Zomb ...…
We revisit a childhood favorite for both Matt and Christopher, and discuss, what we consider to be, an unappreciated 80’s sci-fi film, 1984’s Runaway Promo: The Projection Booth Podcast ( Be sure to visit our TeePublic Store! All original content of the Tim ...…
This week we talk with hard working rocker Brent Fitz. He talks about everything from the Gene Simmons Band to Toque to the last KISS Kruise and so much more. Before we get Brent on, we talk about our thoughts on the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and Allen shows of an unusual gift he received.
On this episode I interview David Ellefson, bass player for Megadeth. Links: ROCK GODZ HALL OF FAME AWARDS Megadeth recently announced the Megacruise set to sail next year in October 2019: New Book “More Life WIth Deth” Coming in 2019 On his “Bassstory Tour” “In I ...…
James Walton on The Written Apocalypse talks about his new book The Christmas Hook, This new Christmas classic set in 90's follows three friends and their discovery of a strange treasure in a place called the Process. Amid the magic of a row home Christmas, wild speculation about their discovery quickly turns to terror as they come to find that ...…
As an American researcher, Dr. Judy A. Mikovits is a vaccine and medical industry activist. As research director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) in Reno, Nevada; on November 18, 2011 Mikovits was arrested for not handing over her research to her employer (WPI) regarding a controversial publication to the journal Science. Having been ...…
The Patrick Lalley Show on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018. Guests include: Argus Leader reporter and columnist Jonathan Ellis; Thea Miller Ryan of the Outdoor Campus; Scott Hudson on Weird Friends.
This week I talk about my new favorite document the Performance Verification Testing Plan or PVT Plan for short. I constructed this for the Controls Contractor on a recent project and now I am looking at how I can incorporate this into my commissioning forms going forward! Show notes are at please consider sharing and Enjoy!…
Castle, Beaker, and DeAnn sit down and talk about recent investigations, the haunted potato masher, and vampires. Yes, vampires! The real history behind everyone's favorite blood suckers.
Ganja gadgets for beginners. Alan and Michael visit Canada’s biggest cannabis culture shop, The Friendly Stranger on Queen Street West in Toronto. Owner, Robin Ellins reveals his plans for as many as 50 new stores; the surprising demographic entering his shop post-legalization; and the best gadgets for someone who doesn’t want to roll a joint. ...…
Today’s Guests: Henry Ferguson and his son Kyle are in studio to talk about Kyle’s successful first elk hunt and he will tell us the story. Patty Paddock, with The Outdoorsman’s Attic will join us to talk all about the great deals and values at the Outdoorsman’s Attic, located at 2650 W Hampden in Sheridan, Colorado. Then Warren Watson joins th ...…
Let's discuss the Co-ops, Buying clubs and Side Gigs on Surviving Dystopia. When we think of these things much is lost in the information. Do we just go to one of the big box ones and buy a membership? Possibly, but what if you could make your own. What are side gigs? Ways you can stretch a dollar or even earn some to add to your preparedness. ...…
The Patrick Lalley Show on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018. Guests include: Blogger Scott Ehrisman of; Blogger Pat Powers of; The Booneman on Weird Friends discusses the finer points of deer sausage and the Squatty Potty.
The Patrick Lalley Show on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018. Guests include: Jodi Schwan of SiouxFalls.Business; The Common Man on Weird Friends.
The Patrick Lalley Show on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018. Guests include: Dean of Sioux Falls talk radio Rick Knobe; The Buffalo Maiden on Weird Friends.
The HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 2018 receive plaudits from new and returning exhibitors, citing the quality of buyers, proximity to rising Asian markets and global recognition for excellent new products. Speakers also mention the event’s dynamism and interactive atmosphere.
Rohingya Refugees Rohingya fears grow as refugees face forcible return to Myanmar California Wildfires The remains of 14 more victims were found in the ashes of a massive Northern California wildfire, Nurses Fleeing Fire "Nurses fleeing fast-moving Camp Fire scramble to save patients — and themselves Migrants Resume Their March President Donald ...…
As vehicle fuel efficiency improves, consumer visits to gas stations are likely to decline. What can retailers plan for in order to reduce their reliance on fuel sales? Hosted by: Donovan Woods, Director of Operations, Fuels Institute and John Eichberger, Executive Director, Fuels Institute
Join Tom Bass as he chats with Gary Golding of Naked & Afraid on Journey Back to the Land. The Survival TV lineup continues with Gary Golding the modern day "Tarzan" of LA. And if you spend an hour or so chatting up this Redondo Beach/Hermosa Beach native, you’ll understand that while adjectives like eccentric, outspoken, sarcastic and profane ...…
The HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair 2018 attracted more than 16,800 buyers from 111 countries and regions. The number of buyers from emerging markets rose significantly, while sizable growth was also recorded for buyers from mature markets. The fair will continue to offer great business opportunities for industry players from around the world when ...…
It’s the FIFTH anniversary of Comic Book Central and I’m celebrating by taking a look back at some of the amazing guests and moments from Year Five of the show! PLUS – one listener will receive an EXCLUSIVE Superman: The Movie 40th anniversary print by super-talented artist Jon Pinto! Jon Pinto Art Back Issue 109 – Superman: The Movie Special T ...…
Kits & Packs on DIY Survival. Justin discusses the virtues of each and talks about the differences. More information and shows at
Episode 173: Ok so if you follow us on social media or Discord you know that YA GURL FUCKED UP. So this is the first part of Fall Season 2018 1st Impressions part 2...or rather what I could salvage of it. Go ahead and skip the first 4 or 5 minutes or so to get right to the podcast and skip my explanation of why I am bad at everything. Please do ...…
Sugar Adjustments to demand and beet production Sugar stock to use under target of 13.5 percent Corn Reduction in corn yield results in little impact on corn price Corn demand steady Craig tells tales from the ABLC Global Conference! Host: Michael Caughlan, President & CEOExpert: Craig Ruffolo, Vice President – Commodity Specialist…
The Netherlands is a world leader in the horticulture industry and shows no sign of wilting. We visit a delicately orchestrated flower auction, a grower and a florist to unpack the challenges of this fragrant business.
Author and former Temple University professor, Joan Mellen, has written over twenty-two books. Her newest work, "Blood in the Water" argues that US President Lyndon Baines Johnson ordered a hit on his own naval ship, even the USS Liberty - a US "spy ship" (an auxiliary intelligence research ship). In international waters, during the 6-Day War, ...…
Why can’t we shop for beauty the way we shop for food? This was the question Tina Hedges, founder of LOLI Beauty, asked herself. Hear all about her extensive career in beauty and the various injustices that led her to founding her raw, organic, and superfood beauty company. Don’t bill your happiness on top of others’ unhappiness! For links to e ...…
On this episode I do a track by track review of the new Ace Frehley album, Spaceman. Links: Check out the new Rock and Roll Geek Show Merchandise site! << Donate to the show – Rock and Roll Geek Friends And Family Membership DONATE ON PATREON! GET THE ROCK and ROLL GEEK APP FOR iPHONE OR ANDROID! iPhone/iPad – ANDROID fa ...…
Ron Foster on the Written Apocalypse. Ron is the author of more than 50 books and been in the preparedness world for quite some time Writing both Fiction and Nonfiction books. Southern author, Ron Foster has shared his vast knowledge in a large library of books about survival and preparedness, both fiction and nonfiction. He is best known for h ...…
The Patrick Lalley Show on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018. Guests include: Libby Skarin, policy director for ACLU of SD, on the election and the coming legislative session; The Smart Cyclist Michael Christensen on Weird Friends talking Frosty Cross and Cranksgiving. I talk about the Trump Administration false attack on Jim Acosta.…
Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? The same thing we do every night, Pinky... RECORD A PODCAST! Maurice LaMarche joins Butch Hartman and Jace Diehl as they talk about Zootopia, Animaniacs, Futurama, and more!
The water-to-Go 15% discount offer, The Blizzard Survival 20% discount offer, The Titan Depot 15% discount offer, The Wilderness121 10% discount offer, Now you can get 10% DISCOUNT on all products at OFF GRID TOOLS, Beginning Prepping, The Ultimate Survival Kit Review, BREAK My Mum, Boot and Foot Care, A Tough Question, Avoiding Civil Unrest,Wo ...…
Smart lighting stole the show at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Show (Autumn Edition) 2018. The Smart Lighting & Solutions zone and Smart Home Gallery attracted a flurry of global buyers, while seminars shed light on the latest industry innovations. Among the overseas exhibitors was Slovakia’s SEAK s.r.o.. CEO Heliodor Macko welcome ...…
This week we talk about the end of the road tour and the most recent kiss cruise with our friend John Erigo. The discussion may have gone a little off the rails.
The Patrick Lalley Show on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018. Guests include: Jerry Palleschi of ESPN 99.1 previewing the high school football championships (but only the Sioux Falls schools); Thea Miller Ryan of Outdoor Campus; Scott Hudson on Weird Friends. I deconstruct the election in South Dakota.
Aaron and Clint tell the story of their fall together on Aaron's Limited Entry Archery Elk Hunt this fall... If you have ever dealt with the disappointment of a grueling elk hunt, you will definitely relate to the recap! All of this podcast can be seen, in video-style, on the Muley Freak YouTube Channel! Dig in and enjoy! Grab your gear at mule ...…
Pakistan’s infrastructure drive and China’s new energy options through Pakistan characterise the developing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under the Belt and Road Initiative, according to Pakistan’s Hong Kong & Macau Consul General. Abdul Qadir Memon says a Hong Kong registered company and other Belt and Road participants are bringing prosper ...…
This week I turn back the clock to correct my Thermostat episode number 68. I do a much better job this time. Technically, it couldn't have been worse. Please share this episode and visit the show notes page at . Enjoy.
-Checking in on Zach Fowler & Chris Thorn on their 30 Day Challenge! Zach Fowler is the Winner of HIstory Channel's Alone season 3, check him out on his website Makery & Mischief and on Youtube Chris Thorn is the Producer of the Outdoor Youtube Channel - DropForgedSurvival. Well now isn't this a pair? So much great information all in one place! ...…
The Patrick Lalley Show on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. Guests include: Julie Anderson Friesen of Cinema Falls with a great story of an little known Sioux Falls man nominated for an Oscar and preview of the Inaugural Nordic Film Festival; The Booneman on Weird Friends discussing voters and international currency. I talk about the Fourth American Repu ...…
The Patrick Lalley Show on Monday, Nov. 5, 2018. Guests include: Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson supporting IM25, a dollar-a-pack tax on tobacco to fund technical school tuition; Mark Winegar of the Sierra Club on a screening of documentary on coal; The Common Man on PE class and politics. I talk about nasty politics.…
Our guest this month is Branded Marketing Manager Kristin Grons recorded live from the AAPEX show in Las Vegas. Kristin shares her thoughts on measuring success at trade shows, how exhibiting fits into her whole branding, marketing and communications strategy and more. Todd and Dana share insights from their recent webinar on exhibitor educatio ...…
The Disney Magic Hour is traveling through time and space to review the utterly bonkers 1979 THE BLACK HOLE. Take a trip with us and #NotNemo to beyond the realm of our reality into (checks notes) ...Hell? We will discuss the production of the film, the actors involved, where the story came from and how it all comes together as we ask the three ...…
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