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Extreme Vocabulary
A vocabulary podcast that goes deeper.
Weekly Natural Health Radio Show To Improve Your Life!
Enjoy these videos! Your viewership keeps this show growing. invites people new to the BDSM lifestyle, as well as those looking to expand their reach within, to watch exclusive content featuring tips and details about how to use some of’s elaborate and sometimes intimidating bondage and fetish products. The XR-U Show is for anyone looking to learn something new or augment their existing knowledge with tips, tricks and details about changing technologies ...
Would you like to 10x your productivity while adding at least one extra hour of free time to your day? Join Kevin Kruse, a New York Times bestselling author and Inc 500 serial entrepreneur as he shares time management tips, tools and actionable advice from entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires, Olympic athletes, straight-A students and other ultra-productive people.
Extreme Audio. Hard to the Core. Music from the Heart.
Extreme Genes is America's Family History and Genealogy Radio Show & Podcast hosted by Fisher
On Violent Extremism
Shannon N. Green, director and senior fellow of the CSIS Human Rights Initiative and managing director of CSIS’s Commission on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), explores the violent extremism phenomenon – its causes, manifestations, and responses. In each episode, Shannon sits down with a different expert or practitioner, building a mosaic of voices and perspectives on CVE from all around the world.
G. K. Chesterton said, "The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried." Extreme Christianity, subtitled Christianity without Compromise, provides motivation to follow Jesus' teachings while residing in the world. It is written, narrated and produced by Vic Zarley. Chapter titles follow: 1. Memo from God 2. Christ's Party Platform 3. Can Christ Ascend in Us? 4. Why We Should Trust Each Other Completely 5. Suffering in Compliance or Suff ...
You can't trust anyone nowadays. The level of sedition, anti-authority behaviour and advertiser-unfriendly thought-crime has reached record levels -- especially among Australia's "elites". Luckily, The Chaser is here to sort the subversives from the patriots. Each week, The Chaser puts a comedian, writer or politician through the ringer, interrogating them on behalf of the Australian government. The stakes are high. If they fail, The Chaser has been granted the power by Peter Dutton to revok ...
Chirag Doshi and Akshay Dhavle talk about practical implementation of eXtreme Programming from 24years of agile software development experience. They tackle different different scenarios from a values and principles perspective rather than a practices approach.
Learn how to invest in real estate with the worlds easiest to understand real estate investing podcast. You will learn all of today's most relevant real estate investing tactics, strategies and trends. Make money in real estate as a part time or full time real estate investing specialist. You will learn how to flip houses wholesale, rehab real estate for huge profits, make a killing buying rental property for your real estate investing business using other peoples money and never have to qua ...
Extreme Khmer
Our wacky team of crack reporters takes you into the heart of Khmer language and culture on the highways and byways of Southeast Asia.
Focus on Extreme Metal is a bi-weekly show focusing on all things dark, brutal and extreme. This fast paced show features ton of music, captivating discussion, interviews, latest news headlines, reviews of the latest releases and plenty of segments from contributing metalheads. Join the Extreme Pair of Dario Sycco and Mandy Delamuerte as they dive deep into the dark, complex and technical aspects of death, black, grind and generally extreme forms of metal. Expect the unexpected with offbeat ...
Let’s face it having and raising awesome kids is hard. But little steps of intentional parenting are the key to working towards raising great kids. Each week, author & host Kara Carrero invites guests to help troubleshoot problems modern moms & dads face every day. She also will do a second show each week of 10-minute tips to survive parenthood. Because despite the rough patches we all have, how we handle each situation is what makes us extremely good parents.
Extreme House Music is a podcast for all you needy House lovers. With fortnightly downloads of funky, chunky, uplifting party bashin House and vocal tunes. If you enjoy the podcast & its monthly downloads please subscribe, follow me, add me as your friend, pass onto friends who you think might enjoy it.Start downloading my monthly mixes straight to your Ipod, IPad, Iphone or burn straight to CD for your own enjoyment, can be used for your ''in-Car Tunes, that early morning run, in the Gym & ...
We're here to explore the complex moral and ethical issues surrounding Data, Ethics and Trust. Misinformation. Disinformation. Data manipulation, exploitation, and privacy. Research and education. Data, Ethics and Trust interviews global, government and community leaders as well as researchers and activists to help us understand what shapes us and our communities. Hosted by Dr Charles Kriel, field veteran working in conflict zones and fragile states around the planet, Data, Ethics and Trust ...
Extreme Genes keeps you informed on the latest in family history research around the world. Host Scott Fisher talks to people about amazing things that have happened while they were doing family history research.
The only podcast of the Nassau Institute of Extra-Historical Studies
Audio from ICPB's 9th Educational Seminar: "Combatting the Rise of Jihadist Extemism: ISIS; Its Evil Effects and the True Islamic Response". With guest speakers Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid (Salafi Publications, UK), Abu Muhammad al-Maghribi (Masjid Attawheed, Stone Mountain, GA), and Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq (Salafi Publications, UK). Recorded March 13th - March 15th 2015.
Extremely Informed
A weekly show where three very informed people tell you, a rube, how to feel about things. Hosted by Courtney Caldwell, Will Bowman, and Jackson Caldwell.
Extreme sports
This is a Vimeo group for all Vimeo members that like extreme sports.Examples:- snowboarding- buggying- paragliding- powerkiting- buggying- wakeboarding- kneeboarding - downhilling- BMX- motor cross- racing- kitesurfing- surfing- and many more..Grtz J2theW!
Extreme Sports Performance was founded by Ryan Blake in 2008 and is based in the UK. After spending all of our lives playing, competing and coaching school, county, national and international sport, we have followed a continuing education, pathway and profession in top end sport, health and wellness.We believe that there are many talented and aspiring athletes, of all ages in all sports, that do not have the appropriate guidance or receive the appropriate advice to help them move forward and ...
Extreme Makeover..
God inspired teaching to encourage you to Reach your Highest Potential!! Join Mark & Rhonda as they Teach & encourage to Aim For GOD's HIGHEST Goal !
Author, Entertainer and Hypnotist John Cressman explores the controversial subject of hypnosis, both stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. As a certified instructor for the Northeast American School of Hypnosis, John shares his unique perspective on the fascinating world of hypnosis!
From PTSD to Post-Traumatic Growth: The Thousand Lifetimes
There are many small business owners out there who are struggling with their marketing. They spend countless hours and unnecessary dollars on marketing that is not getting them anywhere. They look to other successful business owners, authors or speakers and they try to emulate what those people are doing. What is missing is the creativeness and uniqueness of your own personality infused into your marketing materials. Our show will include tips, tools and techniques to help you stand out from ...
An audio Podcast Series of Extreme Big Game Fishing Stories from a kayak by enthusiast and author Bluewater Jon Schwartz. You'll be captivated by "out of this world" experiences of fishing from a kayak! Learn the ins and outs in the use of gear, bait and safety devices as well as the locations of hot spots around the world where you'll find incredible big game fishing.
Rhode Islands best and largest indoor airsoft pro-shop and gaming arena!Join us for our weekly podcasts, live 5-630pm!
The Extreme Sailing Series is an international inshore racing circuit bringing together the best skippers on the planet - from Olympic medalists to round-the-world record holders - competing against each other in state of the art 40-foot catamarans. The crews, racing identical speed machines, battle it out on short courses set very close to the shore and at the heart of cities, in order to bring the action to the public, who sometimes stands less than 5 metres away from the boats! http://www ...
Player nao esta funcionando!Radio destined to the loving ones of extreme with interviews, launchings and new features of the world metal.It confers the previous programs, vain in links preferred and click old programs.Radio destinado para amantes do metal extremo, com entrevistas, lançamentos e curiosidades do mundo metal. Confira também nossa rádio on line, 24horas no ar com a melhor programação. NÃO PERCA TEMPO ANUNCIE AQUI !!!
The latest feed from Extreme Ministries of California on
The MMA Hour
The MMA Hour is a weekly show that features interviews with the biggest names in mixed martial arts and breaks down the biggest fights.
Press Release:Islamic Center of Palm Beach hosting “Islam is Against Extremism” open forum in wake of Orlando mass shootingN. Palm Beach, Florida (June 16th, 2016) - The Islamic Center of Palm Beach (ICPB) is hosting an open forum event entitled “Islam is Against Extremism”, on Friday June 17th, 2016 at 9:00PM in condemnation of the heinous terrorist act in Orlando, Florida that took place last weekend.Islamic scholars around the Muslim world have clarified that murder and any other criminal ...
The Extremism Matters podcast is part of an effort at Media Matters that strives to combat all misinformation related to violent rhetoric, instances where violent rhetoric tu rns into violence, gun and public safety issues, and extremist groups.
Extreme Martial Arts
The EMA Podcast is a show where martial artists and kung fu fanatics get together and discuss everything from old school to new school and the best to the worst of fights, movies, TV and the web.
Join Bob Beck and Kelly McMillan as they delve into long range hunting and shooting. They will provide you with a knowledge base founded upon many years of trail and error, which has led to industry leading results. Learn tips, techniques and tactics that will improve your shooting and hunting abilities, and get you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re just getting into long range hunting or you’re looking to increase your skills, you’re in the right place.
A show about sports from the perspective of Extreme Sports
... FREE MILK.Extreme Narcissism TV: Daynebriation Nation is Sit Down Stay Home Comedy.Skomo-Rok!
Life of an extreme Introvert
Extreme Nazarene
Podcast by Extreme Nazarene Missions
The Extremely Deplorable podcast is a platform that will give conservatives a voice in the crowded world today. We are going to be interviewing people from all walks of life who believe in the Constitution and who are proud to be Americans. Join us every Tuesday & Thursday for new episodes!
A podcast all about the heaviest of metal.Visit our site at http://requiempodcast.comThis Podcast was created using
Extreme Church
The podcast outreach of Extreme Church in Pryor, OK. We create an atmosphere where people can experience God while discovering a life of purpose and fulfillment.
Wild Extremities
‘Find beauty in the Wild Extremities of your soul where sun rarely shines, but beauty blossoms full.’-Britney Scott
Extreme comedy. Extreme stupidity.
Podcast by Shun
Lively discussion, comedy bits and lots of soul. Friends since the first grade, Stephen Miles and Ryan Young have it all figured out. Only two problems....Stephen Miles and Ryan Young.
The Extreme Scene
The Extreme Scene is a nationally syndicated action sports radio talk show that airs every Sunday from 11 AM - Noon PT on over 200 radio stations across the country. Hosted by action sports journalist Cyrus Saatsaz and pro surfer Omar Etcheverry, The Extreme Scene is the first action sports radio talk show in the country, having been on the air for nearly a decade. Subscribe to free podcasts, with new episodes available each week as The Extreme Scene brings in the biggest names in the action ...
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Year after year, my top 10 favourite runs in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park change and swap places in my personal rankings but there's always been a constant number 1. The cool thing about my favourite run in the park is that it's always in primo shape. Doesn't matter if we're in the middle of a drought and breaking bumps are appearing everywh ...…
A conversation on life and loss. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
Hi friends.I want to show you some short video about our summer chilling and rollerblading ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Thanks for wathing !____I shoot this video with :- Sony a6300 - Sony 28mm F2.0- Ronin M- Premiere Pro + Colorista____________________________________Сlient - FOR EXTREME store- ...…
Fisher visits with Paul Woodbury, DNA specialist from Legacy Tree Genealogists. Paul has some very strong opinions about what recently happened in the Golden State Killer case and what we should be concerned about using GEDMatch moving forward.
A conversation on ‘im good love, enjoy’. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
In this episode of The MMA Hour, T.J. Dillashaw joins us to preview his upcoming title defense against heated rival Cody Garbrandt at UFC 227 (00:20:40). Nick Newell discusses his impending opportunity to join the UFC ranks through Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series (00:59:50). Chael Sonnen recaps the Bellator cards over the weekend, U ...…
A conversation on getting tired of the things you love in a good way. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
Host Scott Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and The guys begin Family Histoire News with the story of a remarkable new find… a type of xray that can reveal the image beneath the damage on a daguerreotype photo. (See Then, ...…
deuxième série de vol test d'une ozone delta 2 cagée, ça se présente bien même si j'ai encore quelques petites choses à travailler :-)
Every year, just as most people hang up their winter gear around the Tahoe region, I head to the Round Top Peak/Sisters Peak zone to earn those last 'real' turns of the season. With this years extremely slow start but with incredible mid-season blizzards, at a minimum, skiing during June was not going to be too difficult. Even on bad years, thi ...…
A conversation on living your best life for yourself. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
A conversation on turning your test into your testimony. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
A conversation on going out by yourself. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
Episode 15 – Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Or download the audio file (mp3) for available time shifted consumption options on your terms. Total listening time 15 minutes 47 seconds. This episode begs for bullet points. It does. Okay. Listen to this episode and follow along. And by the time we’re done you will have given all ...…
It has came to that time of year when the chairlifts stop spinning in California. With little natural snow into January, its quite remarkable to think back and predict whether Mammoth would be open until June 17th, 2018. Flash forward to present day, and its no surprise since Spring pummeled the Sierra with absolutely massive Pacific storms.Wit ...…
It's Helsinki Summit time. We speak with journalist and author Edward Lucas at a King’s College London conference on Trust and Emotions in relations between Russia and the West. And disinformation still dominates our daily headlines. Two researchers from King’s College Strategic Communications centre have written the book on the subject — Fake ...…
Go Skateboarding Day 2018 ⚡️ We don't have big skateboarders community or pro skate park, but we decided to spend this special day as fun as possible ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Just chilling on the sun, drink some fresh home-made vine and have some fun. I spent that day in very friendly company, thanks guys ! I hope you'd like my video )))))) _____________________ ...…
"Breathe." is a short action movie about track cycling. We've had the idea for a short and intense cycling project for quite a while now, so when we found ourselves, with a couple of free days on our hands, it was GO time. We couldn't think of many people more passionate about cycling, track cycling and fixed gear bikes, than our friend Luis Fa ...…
We had been teasing this birth story for a few days on social media. This was a crazy set of events that led to the birth of our twin baby boys Will and Ben. It’s definitely NOT what we planned or even close for that matter. In this journey through life I (and we) seem […] The post Ep #569 – Our Crazy & Unexpected Birth Story Part 1 – Learning ...…
A conversation on my prayers for the second half of 2018. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
Filmed, edited & produced by:Henrik FrenschGraphics & Grading by:Patrick
The third stage of the championship of Ukraine "Rally Stolica 2018"Shot on DJI Phantom 4 Pro + ND16
The Mixed Martial Arts Hour returns with a recap of the big week with UFC 226 and TUF 27 Finale, and so much more. Below is the rundown of Monday's show: 0:00 -- Show open with a look back at the huge week with TUF 27 Finale, UFC 226 and more. 38:20 -- Alexander Gustafsson joins us to discuss his upcoming bout at UFC 227, plus his thoughts on D ...…
A conversation on being so understanding that people don’t take you seriously. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and David shares news of the identification of a casualty of Pearl Harbor whose remains have finally been returned home. Next, the guys talk about the 125th anniversary of Ellis Island and tell you where to f ...…
I have finally got round to putting this together, the footage ranges from 2015-2018.Filmed on a Lumix GH3.
A conversation on why having my podcast on Spotify means so much to me. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
Great Foil and Airstyle sessions in Saint Martin / Saint-Barthélemy with Stan and his girlfriend.Enjoying our FLYSURFER Kiteboarding SOUL & SONIC2 closed-cell foilkites to the maximum!For more information check out:
A conversation on how to trust God’s heart even when you can’t see His hands. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
A conversation on entering a new season of life. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Laurent Guyot AKA Lolo BSD has been putting our all-new RADICAL6 kiteboard through it's paces! Enjoy Lolo on his first session out with the board!For more information check out:
A conversation on the body’s effect on emotions. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
Autant pendant ces trop courts jours en itinérance que lors des vols, le temps m'a vraiment semblé in-quantifiable, comme si le moment prenait le dessus sur l'instant.
The search for surf in the biggest port of Europe - Port of Rotterdam!Music: James Forest - Queen of Art (via & edit: video's:
One week with Charly QuivrontFilm by Julien Turpaud
The Mixed Martial Arts Hour is back in your life. Below is a rundown of Monday's show: 0:00 -- Show open with a look ahead at the big TUF 27 Finale and UFC 226 week. 0:23:18 -- The Monday Morning Analyst with Jimmy Smith recapping Bellator 201 and looking ahead to International Fight Week. 0:46:00 -- Leslie Smith details the latest developments ...…
3 jours de suite avec de super conditions à la Sainte-Victoire (29, 30 juin et 1er juillet 2018). Un régal avec les potes, un max d'apesanteur et des "blackout" plein le ciel :D Marrant !3 days in a row with good afternoon/evening conditions for flying at Sainte-Victoire mountain (June, 29, 30 and July 1st 2018). Friends, maximum of weightlessn ...…
A conversation on overcoming overwhelm. The Wild Extremities Podcast is a vlog-style daily podcast available on most podcasting platforms. IG: @wildextremities. Blog:
A much delayed follow-up video to 'A GoPro adventure in Tignes'. All shot on GoPro Hero 6 and GoPro Fusion. This was entirely a fun personal project I've wanted to do for a while and is in no way sponsored or paid for, etc.Many thanks to Atrey for letting us use his track 'Galaxy Express' too - Go check out his stuff on Spotify!Directed & Edite ...…
TONSSER x FC Ingolstadt Undiscoveredfilm by Maximilian Loos and Markus Mellerclient: TONSSER / FC Ingolstadtedited in Premiereshot on RED
Full Film available on Republic of the Union of Myanmar may seem like one of the last places on earth you would choose to go for a skate trip. A once isolated state with a history of military rule, having only opened up to foreigners in the last decade, the world’s perception of Myanmar is polarised.Despite the coun ...…
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