Best Fmc podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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Northgate FMC
Check out our recent sermons.
The game changing comedy podcast that brings a late night tv show feel to the podcast world! Life long buddies, all FSU Alumni - entertain you with conversations and debates we've all had over a pint with friends. But, we do it through unique and entertaining segments; Would you Rathers', Trivia, Fill in the Blanks, Brackets and most importantly, NO POLITICS! Get involved with the podcast and future brackets by following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @cuptocupshow.
Moundford FMC
We are Moundford Free Methodist Church, located in Decatur, IL. We share life, worship God, and strive to proclaim His Kingdom through our daily living. We are interested not only in being transformed by God, but having our homes transformed in such a way that impacts our children and grandchildren as well!
This is the podcast of Mission Valley Free Methodist Church in San Gabriel California. At Mission Valley, we are "becoming a loving community, inviting and challenging people to move towards Christ." You can find out more info at
Sermons from the Orange Coast Free Methodist Church in Costa Mesa, California. We are a growing multigenerational church passionate about Jesus. Know, Grow, and Overflow!
We are a diverse family of ordinary people following Jesus and finding hope. Listen to our Sunday teachings here, or join us in person Sundays at 9:00 or 10:45 am.
Layer By Layer
This is Layer by Layer, a podcast (ostensibly) about cubing. Hosted by Kit Clement, a WCA delegate, Twitch streamer (kitstopher), and quiet-event specialist; and Andrew Nathenson, a Youtuber (ColorfulPockets), competition organizer, ZZ-user, and FMC specialist.Kit and Andrew talk about cube news, organizing competitions, and really whatever they're into at the moment.You can discuss the show at Cubing!
Weekly encouragement from Arlington FMC
Podcast by Kingscourt FMC
Salem First Free Methodist Church4455 Silverton Road NE Salem OR 97305
Filmmaker Commentary is dedicated to showing you how to improve your film making process. We do this by reviewing the DVD and Blu-Ray commentaries and special features of working movie directors, producers, actors, and writers.Hosted by Filmmaker Reginald Titus Jr. Co-Hosted by Film Producer Casey G. Smith
Global Lithium Podcast, the Best, Worst, and First of its kind.
FMC Podcast
Family Missions Company is an apostolate of lay Catholic missionaries. Committed to the Great Commission of Jesus, we proclaim the Gospel and serve the poor worldwide. We work under the blessing of our bishop in the Diocese of Lafayette, and at the invitation of the bishops in all areas we serve. We train and send out families and singles as full-time missionaries who evangelize and provide medical care, food, clothing, and the construction of homes in some of the poorest communities around ...
Furry-Muscle Cast
The main cast will consist Zak (Zak Rhyno), Jazz (Jazz Wolf), Max (Maximus Ursus), Schred (Schredded Wolf), Zeus (Zeus Ralo) & Tip (Tiptoe). The podcast will cover many different viewpoints, experiences and subjects on fitness, health, and art. The purpose is to promote Furry-Muscle, the community, as well as its goals. (Promoting fitness, health, and art to individuals and the community to help them to flourish and grow.) The podcast will occur once a month with a time span of one to three ...
A consistent weekly podcast all about speed cubing and solving the Rubik's Cube. This is a professional, clean, and family-friendly cubing podcast that provides interesting and in-depth interviews with expert cubers, YouCubers, and even WCA delegates. Cubing news, tips on improving, and feedback from listeners are frequent topics as well. Visit the podcast website for links and show notes: And send feedback and questions to: Thanks f ...
Torrevieja Talk
Torrevieja Talk - with The FMC and The Merseyside Socios.This season we want our coverage to be bigger and better for all fans and Socios of our beloved CD Torrevieja and we kick off the season with a bang to bring you the best possible Torry experience!You can now keep even more up to date on all the goings on with a new weekly YouTube talk show!The show is hosted by Paul Wandless of The FMC – CD Torrevieja Pena Supporters Club, with weekly guests including Chris Darwen, Commercial and PR g ...
Grace Church
Grace Church sermons
Podcast dedicated to speedcubing news, rumors, records, history, interviews, and giveaways every episode!
Trapfocast is the truth in eveyday life, it cant be hidin ....we most talk about the realness that the eye see!!! Go to "TRAPFOCAST" on YOUTUBE #Support
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show series
Weekly ChallengeRead Matthew 7:13-14, John 3:16-17, Peter 3:9 every day.-Evaluate your life and see if it resembles more of the narrow gate or wide gate.-Look for an opportunity to share your testimony with someone this week.By Pastor Dave.
2004's Friday Night Lights gives a rare glimpse into the fragile side of high school football. Directed by Peter Berg, this commentary is full of insights about adapting a book based on real characters brought to life via the film format in which a few adjustments had to be made. Hosted by Reginald Titus Jr.Co-hosted by Casey G.Smith…
J Perm is back on the podcast to talk about his new website! He shares how he created the site as well as his goals and the feedback he has received. Send in your questions or feedback: For links and shownotes visit the website: To support the show on Patreon or when y ...…
In a smashing season finale double episode, The Global Lithium Podcast team joins Livent CEO Paul Graves in his home to chat about life, lithium, and Livent. Paul gives us his background from a small town in England, and Joe and Paul share their experiences as expats in multiple countries and cultures. They focus on the danger of becoming a “ci ...…
Assets: God’s plan for financial freedom.By Ed Horne.
Recorded Friday August 23. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics: - Follow-up: You know, the thing we talked about last episode - Andrew forgot to bring his cubes to San Diego Summer 2019 - Scramble Signatures - Our strategies for FMC NA West - What should Kit's goal be in the prediction game? - Bad Martin Egdal o ...…
Do you pour your milk in the bowl before your cereal? WHY?! Please let us know because we just don’t get it. The Cup to Cup crew finally announce our next bracket, we go over some awesome mysteries (besides Jason’s, his sucks) and Chase drops a mini rant about Jimbo fisher. This and so much more on episode 45! P.S. Tell a friend about us. *The ...…
Gay marriage is a painful subject that can lead to brokenness on all sides. It presents a huge challenge to us as Church and as families living in our modern society.What does the Bible say about marriage? Does it rule out the possibility of same-sex marriage being God’s design? Just as importantly, how should we hold such a truth once we belie ...…
Shaun from SJ brewing company in Yulee, Florida joins us this week. The Cup to Cup crew dives into some creative ventures, like their use of the Randle(and what that is), a Dorito beer and where the hell Yulee actually is. We also have a brand new segment called "Haters Gonna Hate" where the brewer gets to read a bad review about their beer/bre ...…
It's difficult to make a believable football film. Especially when the NFL doesn't want to help you. Discover how Oliver Stone was able to make a classic football film given the huge obstacles in his path.Filmmaker Commentary is Hosted by Reginald Titus Jr.Co-Hosted by Casey G. SmithBy Reginald Titus Jr..
Does your wife ask you WEIRD questions about your penis or better yet, about things that might arouse it? Either way, get ready to hear what Jason's wife asked him recently about it, some awesome terrible vacation starts and the rest of our sweet segments! P.S. Tell a friend about us. *The Cup to Cup Rundown* 7 Minutes in Heaven @ 10 minutes Sh ...…
Assets: God’s plan for financial freedom.By Patti Nemazie.
Assets: God’s plan for financial freedom.By Jorge Acevedo.
Assets: God’s plan for financial freedom.By Arlene Jackson.
Weekly Challenge-Read Matthew 7:7-12 everyday.-Reflect of how God has been involved in your life bringing you to where you are today. -Take notice of how good God has been to you.-Every day, ask the Holy Spirit to transform you into the likeness of Christ.-If someone bothers you, ask how you would want to be treated and treat them that way.…
Culturally speaking, sex is seen as freedom. We are deceived into thinking that we define its meaning.The fact is that sex was created with a specific, holy intention. It’s already been defined. When we define sex for ourselves, we experience brokenness, not the intended blessing.By Joe Johns.
Recorded Friday August 23. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics: - Follow-up: Oreos - World Records: Max Park 7x7 single, Max Hilliard 3BLD single, Stanley Chapel 4BLD single/average, Juan Pablo multiple Megaminx averages, Daniel Rose-Levine Feet average, and a surprising 4x4 single from Sebastian Weyer - US Nati ...…
In a smashing season finale double episode, The Global Lithium Podcast team joins Livent CEO Paul Graves in his home to chat about life, lithium, and Livent. Paul gives us his background from a small town in England, and Joe and Paul share their experiences as expats in multiple countries and cultures. They focus on the danger of becoming a “ci ...…
1986's Aliens was a hit! Written and Directed by James Cameron we dive into why this film is still sooo good. One of the best commentaries delivered on the Blu-ray track from 2003. Highly recommended.Hosted by Reginald Titus Jr.Co-Hosted by Casey G. SmithBy Reginald Titus Jr..
By Northgate FMC.
Since Hurricane Dorian is the hot topic in Florida, we go over this Emergency Management theory based on Waffle House’s. And its not a Cup to Cup episode without some bold claims by Kev. He swears he could go vegan and Jason apparently recommended a terrible workout song for group last episode. P.S. Tell a Friend about us ***The Cup to Cup Rund ...…
Today we remember God's unfailing love for us as we take communion.By Geoff King.
Segments this week are Cubing News, your awesome feedback, personal and podcast updates, best online timers, and finally your answers to Question of the Month. Send in your questions or feedback: For links and shownotes visit the website: To support the show on Patreon or when y ...…
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang dropped in 2005 and is Shane Black's Directorial debut. It was a flop at the box office but many people love the film. You decide we break this genre bending film down.Filmmaker Commentary is Hosted by Reginald Titus Jr. andCo-Hosted by Casey G. SmithBy Reginald Titus Jr..
An incredible brewery that's less than a year old and prides itself on being part of their community. This awesome brewery is located in the middle of Murray Hill, in Jacksonville, Florida. Broc and his wife, Stacey renovated this night club into a thriving brewery. Broc joins us the crew, deemed the Mayor on the podcast, is a dentist with a ch ...…
This movie is mind blowing! Well written, well directed. Antoine really breaks down his process in the commentary. Training Day dropped in 2001 earning Denzel Washington an Oscar.Filmmaker Commentary is hosted by Reginald Titus Jr. andCo-hosted by Casey G. SmithBy Reginald Titus Jr..
Are you the kind of person that walks around your home without pants on? If you are, you and Chase have something in common. Discover Chase pants-less, what the guys would rather walk on, our weirdest fears and obviously more. For example; our incredible conversations about Chase’s doctors office Rant, FSU and thongs in public... P.S. Tell a Fr ...…
A quick updates from our last two weeks!By Reginald Titus Jr..
Sharing hospitality with my neighbor.By Arlene Jackson.
Sharing hospitality with my neighbor.By Jorge Acevedo.
Are you for us or against us? The political partisans of Jesus’s day attempt to use a hot button issue as a litmus test of his loyalty to their cause. To force the issue, they bring an adulterous woman before him. The truth is: she is wrong, but so are they. But Jesus holds this truth with an extraordinary grace that transcends the debate.…
By Northgate FMC.
This was supposed to be part of Episode 41 but this insane show-down went a little long. So, we decided to remove it and make it, it's own special. Fair warning, you will hear some debates, you will witness some yelling, you also might scratch your head at 5 grown men arguing about fictional Marvel Characters, but you WILL laugh your ass off du ...…
The entire incredible and odd crew of Cup to Cup, including our boys Jose and Chris, come together to give you some insight into going commando, why swimming with dead cats is better than poop and why Kev still thinks Jose isn’t a nerd. It may get heated at times, it may get awkward but at the end of the day, its pure entertainment in its pures ...…
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