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By Online Forex Trading Course
Chat With Traders is your key to the minds of trading's elite performers. Start listening to learn how a diverse mix of traders went from zero to hero, how they successfully trade markets today, and get their best tips 'n pointers for profitable performance, plus much more. Note: You are responsible for your own trading decisions, this is not financial advice.
Power Trading Radio is a daily progressive trader focused program, hosted by long time trader Merlin Rothfeld, who offers expert analysis of the market from a trader’s perspective. Fueled by Online Trading Academy, the show is designed to take average investors and give them the skills that they need for real success. The show covers issues relating to Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, IRA’s and more.
Daily forex videos covering market news, technical analysis and forex trading forecasts.Risk Warning:
If you truly want to succeed in Forex trading, I believe you need to keep working on yourself so you can improve your strengths, but also your weaknesses. Do not focus solely on what you're good at. I'll help you do that! The Desire To Trade Podcast has for goal to help you develop Forex trading skills for more freedom. I interview successful traders from around the world. My focus is on providing you with lessons from my personal trading experience and my conversations as I trade and travel ... system for forex trading, forex education, and trading plans. Foreign currency trading can provide a new avenue for additional income. Please visit for more information.
The video version of the Forex Report podcast feed. Subscribe for the latest news, views and insights from Forex Report - the forex industry's number one resource.
Forex and Option trading - the tactics & discipline as well as many other subjects associated with the markets.
Real Traders Webinar hosts webinars with top experts in the Day Trading Industry that show you their Best Day Trading Strategies for… Futures, Options Trading, Stock Trading, Credit Spreads Trading, Forex Trading, Binary Trading and so much more!
Video Signals with Technical Analysis on Currency Pairs and GOLD
The Forex Training Group Podcast Provides Top Notch Forex Education and Training For Traders. Learn The Essential Skills You Need to Become a Better Trader and Take Your Trading to the Next Level.
FXholic SHOW is about the journey to Success through FOREX Trading! Daily Episodes will explore the tremendous power of Daily little disciplines like going for no more than 5pips trading FOREX. Tips on setting our Trading Plan and using Technical Analysis tools to identify our Entries and Exits along with step by step tutorials on Trade and Risk Management including SL placement and trailing, Stay IN criteria, position sizing, TP estimating and more.
The Forex Answers podcast is a daily Forex trading podcast, dedicated to helping new Forex traders grow trading the Forex markets. Currency trading can be difficult without the correct Forex education. VintagEducation aims to add value daily by answering one common Forex question every single day, with a brand new episode. Forex Answers is hosted by our head Forex educator at VintagEducation ( Israel Ikhinmwin. Learn more about Forex trading by valuable insights into what ...
The Trading with Venus podcast is created for you, the Forex Trader. Our purpose for this podcast is to support you in your trading and help you generate Consistent Forex Profits. Through our shows and guest stories, we will share valuable insights, successes, failures, challenges and AHA moments that will inspire you and help improve your trading to make you more profitable. Our ultimate purpose is to help you establish strong trading habits, generate consistent profits and become a success ...
Trading Stars, Pro Forex Trading Strategies is an audio podcast for Traders who are committed to learn, share insights and experiences in Forex Trading. This podcast focuses on the Forex market, the trading principles and methods which can be applied to any of the financial markets and some are focused on Futures, Commodities, Bonds, and other instruments. Through the videos, many traders will be able to start reaching their goals of mastery and consistent profit in trading.
Hugh Kimura from the Trading Heroes Blog interviews professional independent traders and industry experts to help you learn how to trade and live better. Becoming an independent Trader is not easy, but if this is what you aspire to, subscribe to this podcast to get tips, ideas and inspiration to help you reach your trading goals. You don't have to trade alone!
FOREX Market’s Overview on 6+ Currency Pairs and GOLD every Monday.
Karma Senge is an international speaker, business innovator, and top Forex Trading trainer in the world today.
Unique Forex's show
Unique Forex brings you updates on the currency market and the global economy.
The objective of the Market Trader Training program is to teach students to trade safely and profitably. The instructors are not brokers, will not conduct trades, recommend stocks or futures for you, hold your money and don’t receive commissions. Jim only wants to teach you how to trade successfully.
Forex Daily Podcast
Our daily Forex podcast provides a roundup of the currencies and insight into the future. We discuss specific currencies as well as trading tactics and techniques to make your trades more successful. Brought to you by ElliottExchange at
Hugh Kimura from the Trading Heroes Blog interviews professional independent traders and industry experts to help you learn how to trade and live better. Becoming an independent Trader is not easy, but if this is what you aspire to, subscribe to this podcast to get tips, ideas and inspiration to help you reach your trading goals. You don't have to trade alone!
Podcast for Market updates, Trading, Finance, Money and Life.
VIDEO Εγγραφές ζωντανών διαδραστικών μαθημάτων FOREX
"This week in Forex" is a weekly TV News Show, recorded in New York and London . Written, produced and presented by Aidan Doyle, the show provides it's worldwide viewing audience a market round-up of the events of the previous week,and an outlook for the week ahead, within the worlds largest finacial market, Foreign exchange. Also includes a section featuring trading advice from a different renowned trader each week.For your local programing and other info visit the Official Show website: ww ...
Forex Daily
In 5 minutes, let me take you around the globe to show you what's happening today in the forex market!
Forex trader
Welcome to the Forex trader podcast, where amazing things happen.I will be posting podcast relating to forex trading and you can always follow me on Instagram @Anjan.fx
If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and practical advice on improving your trading results, Better System Trader delivers every week. Each episode brings you an expert trader who shares their own story, along with the steps, both good and bad, that they’ve taken on their path to success. With a focus on actionable insights, the tips and tricks used by the experts contain loads of value, providing you with insanely practical tips and tools you can start using TODAY. Improve your tra ...
we dive straight into the immense possibilities that are available to all who is courageous to risk their money for Profits.
Forex trading tips. Entrepreneurship Motivation. Ranting... lots of ranting.
Forex Trader, Mentorship Online, Entrepreneurship Provides Financial Analytics for Investors Independent Consultant.
A podcast about living better and trading more profitably.
Trading Story brings NEWER traders practical & inspiring trading interviews and tips. Plus, it chronicles the host's journey to becoming a a consistently profitable trader. New episodes released 2X per week. Trading Story seeks to provide: encouraging stories of real life struggles and triumphs in the market, tips for anyone looking to make a part-time or full-time income trading, practical strategies to use in your trading today, knowledge bombs to guide you to consistent returns, simple ex ...
Learn to trade Emini Futures. Live Trading and Lively Discussion every trading day. Winner 2005 Christian Netcast People's Choice Award.
Market Wrap with Moe Ansari is a daily program featuring a detailed analysis of the days news from Wall Street and around the world. You can count on each program to have detailed technical and fundamental analysis as well as forecasts for the future. You can learn more about Marketwrap and Moe Ansari on the web at
An entertaining blend of professional insights and inspiring stories that cover all aspects of trading, investing, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Join Akil Stokes, a professional trader, entrepreneur, and globally respected trading coach as he delivers new episodes each week.
The #1 new podcast for traders - interviews, instruction, entertainment, and more.
The 52 Traders podcast is created for all you "Newbie", "Strategy Hopper", "Risk Taker", "Over Confident", "Emotionally Challenged" and "Almost Cracked It" traders out there. Over the next year, your host, Cam Hawkins gets inside the minds of 52 of the world’s best traders to find out if he has what it takes to become one of them. Join Cam every week on the 52 Traders Podcast or at if you're looking for Inspirational, Motivational and Actionable trading tips, strategies and adv ...
Trader Radio
The podcast for traders, with interviews, chart school, and much more.
The Booker Report
The Booker Report - a weekday radio show and podcast with straight talk about the markets.
One Road
The One Road series offers a unique and fresh perspective on financial markets and investment opportunities in Asia. Join host Peter Pham, hedge-fund manager and author of "The Big Trade", as he talks to a multitude of capital market experts, authors and thought leaders to gain insight and offer investors advice as to how to profit from the hidden investment opportunities across Asia.
Learn to trade the markets with this simple system as revealed by Dr. Barry Burns. based on technical analysis, it's a universal trading method that can be applied with stunning accuracy for day trading, swing trading or investing in the stock market, futures, eminis or Forex.
Market Movers
Everything forex, commodities and the big picture in the markets: Lior Cohen of Trading NRG and Yohay Elam of Forex Crunch provide useful information for traders and talk about current events in the markets
Trading isn't easy money; it's about the will to succeed and the discipline to become rich. Join Steve Croft, weekly, as he discusses the motivations and psychology behind a trader.
MQL5 Tutorial
MQL5 Expert Advisor Algo Trading for Metatrader5
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In this podcast episode we’re going to be talking about strategy design and different ways to look at the markets, and joining us as our special guests is Rikard Nilsson from Autostock. Rikard trades all different styles and markets, and has even built his own trading platform with some interesting features he’s going to share with us. Plus he’ ...…
Merlin and John start off the show looking at the sad plight of GE and offer some opinions on the future of this once great powerhouse. They also look at the recent moves from global central banks to acquire gold in preparation for the coming trade wars. Finally, they show some interesting charts showing age distribution of the USA vs the World.…
Many of you have heard other traders out there brag about how great they are & even challenge their peers in order to prove it. Well, not me. I am scared to death to enter a trading competition & here's why. If you're new, please take the 10 episode challenge & listen to at least 9 past episodes of the TCP! Your Trading Coach - Akil…
After a review of the broad markets and the interest rate announcements from the Europe, Merlin looks at some charts which reveal another warning sign for domestic and emerging markets.
Often I hear from people how they think that trading is essentially gambling. Have you ever heard this before? This is what I think about that and how I differentiate the two. If you are looking to be a full time forex trader or begin to learn forex trading, my Learn To Trade Forex video course will provide you with a comprehensive understandin ...…
In just minutes from now, you can be listening to my full 51 minute interview with Phillip McDowall How much would you pay to spend an hour with a trader of this caliber? Chances are, you’d never get the chance, but in just minutes from now, you will! And as a special bonus, you will also get 30 days of FREE access to my entire library of inter ...…
Steve shares some of his recent trades with viewers and explains the logic behind his strategy. He also fields several listener questions dealing with specific spread trades and market timing principles.
A great lesson from a few traders who came to me struggling & are now seeing success due to following a single rule. Don't forget to leave a review if you like the show! 5 Stars please! Your Trading Coach - Akil
Merlin welcomes back Tim Pesut to get his insights on the increasing global turmoil and its impact on forex markets. Tim highlights the British Pound which has a major announcement coming out this week, as well as the swiss Franc.
Markets are on the move and we tackle the main topics head on the Fed’s hawkish hike, the pessimism from the ECB, and the trade wars which may not be priced in. You are welcome to listen, subscribe, provide feedback and pledge support on Patreon. Happy Fed: Powell and co. not only hiked but signaled more hikes and announced press conferences. T ...… In Episode 628 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker travels to the Windy City and catches up with Mark Sebastian from Cboe Global Markets. Rob and Mark discuss the concept of creating a competition for oneself. They also talk about explaining a trading system to another person by writin ...…
Merlin fields several viewer questions about the currency markets including, the British Pound, Australian Dollar, Euro and more. He also offers some commentary on the global trade war and its impacts on different economies.
Stocks Trader Routines & Strategies To Get Wealthy In episode 148 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Jerremy Newsome, CEO and co-founder of RealLifeTrading in the US. I interviewed him a few episodes back (Episode 113) but today we go more in detail into what he trades, the strategies and also the routine he follows on a daily basis. I ...…
This is one of my most embarrassing stories & for the longest time I was so ashamed to share it. With that being said, my job as a trading coach is to outline the journey that you'll go through & by hearing about this mistake, my hope is that you can avoid it yourself. Please take a second to share this podcast on social media. It really does m ...…
Podcast: How to survive when the market is quiet In this weekly video: 00:29 – Tight, rangebound trading conditions 01:00 – How to trade during tough conditions? 01:54 – Having a confluence of events in your favour 02:54 – Examples of what makes a good trade setup 04:53 – Giving yourself a higher probability chance of success 05:16 – Email me i ...…
Merlin and John welcome John Tamny back to the show to talk about his new book “The Endo Of Work”. From Automation to professional sports and gaming, following your passion and interest is the key to happiness and the future job for you!
Your lifestyle will no doubt have an effect on your trading, but what's even more interesting is how much your trading will affect your lifestyle as well. Love the support! Please keep it up by liking, sharing and leaving me a rating/review when you have the chance. Your Trading Coach - Akil Welcome to a special edition of The Traders Podcast. Here in Episode 627, your usual host Rob Booker is traveling, so Jason the producer welcomes back guest host “The Coach” Scott Welsh! Scott asks a very simple question: Should traders follow the rules or not? To tease out this mystery, Scott ...…
Having a reason for living your passion helps you push through any obstacles in your life and overcome the days that don’t go your way. When I first started trading Forex, I liked the challenge and loved making money. But recently my why has changed. For more training on how to become a full time trader and tips like this video, my Learn To Tra ...…
In just minutes from now, you can be listening to my full 82 minute interview with Chris Capre. Plus get 15% off Chris Capre’s Advanced Price Action Course. using Promo Code: 52TRADERS15 How much would you pay to spend an hour with a trader of this caliber? Chances are, you’d never get the chance, but in just minutes from now, you will! And as ...…
A slight surprise from the fed today send the markets southbound at the close, prompting a decent amount of panic. Mike McMahon joins Merlin to talk about the statement from the fed and how it plays out going forward.
With Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst at Call #250 on your cell phone and say, "Talk to Moe" for your free portfolio review!
Following up on the GREAT interview that my trading partner Jason Graystone conducted in episode 32 showing you what a rock bottom trader looks like. I wanted to share with you another example of a trader that is operating with a mindset destined for failure. Your Trading Coach - Akil
Merlin kicks things off with a great trade on Qualcomm based off of a major media manipulator. Greg looks at using different asset classes to capitalize on this high probability trade setup. Later, Don Dawson joins Merlin to talk about a variety of commodities including, interest rate products, platinum, gold, silver, uranium and more.…
Guest: Kenny Edwards, Vice President of California Numismatics Dial #250 on your cell phone and say "Talk to Moe" for a free portfolio review! There are a number of expressions that can easily be applied to currency trading. For instance, the idea of “beginner’s luck” or not being able to “see the forest for the trees.” Many of these notions seem to hold true, including the suggestion that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Obviou ...…
[This post contains video, click to play] In this video we are going to talk about the “while” statement. Actually “while” is a loop, while “if” is a statement, both are very similar but we want to find out what the differences are and how to create an Expert Advisor that is going to use the “while” or the “if” statement to open a trade. To do ...…
Merlin takes some time to dive into the viewer mailbag on Monday’s show. He answers several questions on bond strategies, stock fundamentals, futures contracts and market cycles!
How Much Money Do You Need To Trade Forex For A Living In episode 147 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, we're talking money! The question is, how much money do you need to trade Forex? This short episode is a compilation of advice from traders I’ve interviewed on the Desire To Trade Podcast over the past 2+ years. Use this as motivation to reach ...…
It should be common knowledge that many of us are addicted to our cell phones. Now you may not see that addiction as being negative, but trust me, it can affect your trading in a major way. Once again we've achieved a new high in weekly downloads & I have nobody to thank but you for that. Please keep the support going by remembering to share th ...…
Podcast: Don’t stress about the news In this weekly video: 00:21 – Decisions are based off the charts 01:05 – Look at the news announcements once a day 01:36 – The charts tell me all I need to know 01:52 – News is your opinion 02:48 – Should you straddle the news? 03:23 – Should I be watching the news channels on TV? 04:05 – H12 AUD/JPY Sell tr ...…
A huge part of algorithmic trading is all about stacking the odds in our favour. Finding statistical edges, identifying times when probabilities indicate that market conditions are either favourable for a trade or perhaps unfavourable for a trade. And although probabilities aren’t certainties, they can still be an important guides for traders, ...…
- Moe and his guest review the market activity for the week - Please call 1-800-388-9700 for a free review of your financial portfolio
Today’s show focuses on the size of the financial markets. John and Merlin take a look at how each category functions and the impacts they impact the markets. They also add in the potential for the newcomer, cryptocurrency, to the global marketplace.
- Moe wraps up the week looking at the market's activity and trends - Please call 1-800-388-9700 for a free review of your financial portfolio
Sell in May & go away is a common statement heard amongst the trading community. With that being said, is trading during the summer really bad? Or is it just a myth? Your Trading Coach, Akil In Episode 625 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker might not sound like himself, but rest assured, it’s the real Rob! During this unusual show, Rob draws parallels between the versatility of character actors and the necessity of having similar versatility as a currency trader. Rob sugg ...…
For the past couple months, Sam Seiden has been delivering a live, daily, 30 minutes broadcast for the MasterMind community! Sam joins Merlin to talk about what he covers on his program and helps Merlin answer listener questions.
- J. Ansari, VP at Compak Asset Mgmt. - Please call 1-800-388-9700 for a freer review of your financial portfolio
For the tech geeks out there, Microsoft made a massive purchase today! One that adds major tipping of the hat to a market sector which has been frowned upon for years. Merlin discusses this and many other listener questions live on today’s show.
- Marilyn Cohen, CEO of Envision Capital Management - Please call 1-800-388-9700 for a free review of your financial portfolio
This episode of The Trading Coach Podcasts addresses 3 recent questions about how much money is needed to get into trading. How much trading capital should I start with & my opinion on a specific management technique. if you're sick & tired of those out there spreading false messages about trading & making fake promises, then the BEST thing you ...…
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