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We talk about the newest information in disc golf. In depth conversations with the game's top pros. And all the inside information that you won't find anywhere else.
Playing frisbee for over 37 years, winning the world championships in freestyle, and turning it all into a business has given me a super unique perspective that I call "Thinking Beyond the Ball". If we see a new angle we can find a better fix, right? Join me as we play more and think beyond...
Whether you are brand new or have been playing Disc Golf for years if you have any questions to help improve your game then this is the place to ask. Eric McCabe has been a traveling full time Pro Disc Golfer for over 10 years and is well respected as one of the best putters and the nicest guys in Disc Golf.
Final Round Radio
Final Round Radio is the top disc golf podcast on the internet! Hosted by Andy Goh, Kevin Keith and Kevin Burgess, Final Round Radio brings out some of the best personalities in the game with great guests like Michael Johansen, Simon Lizotte, Ken Climo and Paul McBeth. Final Round Radio is recorded and unedited in Charlotte, NC in front of a live audience.
Aaron Watson's show is a forum for having meaningful conversations about the passions, fears and problems of people from all walks of life. Guests talk about entrepreneurship, ultimate frisbee, finance and lifestyle design. Guests include Nathan Chan, Kevin Kelly, Bill Peduto, Morgan Housel, Noah Kagan, Tucker Max, and Barry Ritholtz.
Members of the MLU team give an inside look into Major League Ultimate and ultimate frisbee in general.
Ultimate Frisbee Propaganda
Sideline Talk
Sideline Talk is a guest-focused podcast based around conversation between Ultiworld editor Charlie Eisenhood and key figures in ultimate. Available exclusively to Ultiworld Subscribers.
The UltiVerse
Interviews and discussions with Ultimate personalities from around the world.
Frisbeedog Vlog
Video of Frisbeedogs: Jamming, Training, Hangin' Out.
Mellow After Dark
Band losers/ex-band losers, under the aliases of Master Kenobi (Keno) and Jingle Janglr (Joe), talk about everything that isn't about being a current/former band loser. Naturally all conversations will inevitably fork their way into our old days as mellophone section mates at the local high school, although we promise to do our best to prevent that. Skateordie2095 (Alex) is just a cool guy from New York, find him on that YouTube stuff!
EuroZone is a podcast about European ultimate frisbee hosted by Ravi Vasudevan and Lorcan Murray. It covers everything from elite level play to crazy party tournaments.Email:
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Odd Man Out
Liz, Sarah, and Alan get together every week and one of them is the “odd man out” and is forced by the other two to take part in something new: TV shows, 80’s music, coffee, and even Frisbee Golf.
Stop the Roll!
Stop the Presses! It's Ultimate Frisbee Time! We breakdown the latest trends, challenges, and updates in Madison's Ultimate Frisbee Community.
Semi Pro in T.O.
This is Semi Pro in T.O. - a podcast where we tell you some few things about topics we know only a little bit about, and ultimate frisbee.
Edith Wharton's 1907 novella explores the milieu of Americans living abroad in Paris. New Yorker John Durham travels to Paris to woo an old flame, Fanny Frisbee, now the Marquis de Malrive. Fanny is separated from her husband and wants to marry John and return to America, but she doubts whether her Catholic husband will grant her a divorce. When John meets Fanny's sister-in-law, the enigmatic Madame de Treymes, he hopes she may be able to help them in their quest for happiness. (Introduction ...
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This episode we are delighted to introduce the wonderful Hannah Pendlebury as our first guest host for UTalkRaw! Hannah took her interviewer hat and microphone to the first London Indoor Winter League event where she spoke to TD Luke. Luke runs tournaments mainly in the South East under the banner of Team TG, often with an array of tournament ' ...…
Benji Heywood is back on the show answering a great question about coaching from a listener. Benji shared his story of building a career as a professional coach back in Episode 1 and since then he has started the excellent UnderstandingUltimate blog. In this episode we start with a listener question about how to diagnose & fix mistakes when coa ...…
In this episode I talk to Brady Meisenhelder from about coaching and improving your and your player's skills. I came across Brady's excellent coaching videos on via the wonderful Melissa Witmer - so huge thanks to Melissa! (you can hear Melissa on Episode 20 of UTalkRaw). The discussion with Brady about his backgro ...…
This week I am joined by Steve Giguere; famous from both BlockStack TV (the best sofa based Ultimate TV show) and LookFly (UK's Ultimate clothing & gear suppliers). In this episode we talk about both! Steve describes the energy and passion (and learning!) that went into creating BlockStack TV; "the hottest sofa based Ultimate Frisbee internet T ...…
I am very excited to have Tim Morrill on the show this week. We talk about "speed and agility development". Tim is amazingly passionate and knowledgeable about training for Ultimate. He is also incredibly prolific online; make sure you check out the links below after listening to the show! In this episode he talks with energy and enthusiasm abo ...…
This week I am honoured to have Dan 'Stork' Roddick on the show. Dan is one of the great pioneers of all disc sports. After discovering the original "flying saucer" at age 5 he later was the MVP of the first college Ultimate game in 72; on that famous parking lot in New Jersey. Between '75 and '92 Dan was "Director of Sports Promotion" at Wham- ...…
This week I talk to the legend that is Simon Hill, CEO of UK Ultimate. We chat about UK Ultimate's strategic plan and the future of Ultimate in the UK. UK Ultimate is the national governing for our sport in the UK and Si is the driving force behind it. Si is also chair of the WFDF Ultimate committee as well as on the Rules, Spirit and champions ...…
This year there are 15 GB teams representing UK Ultimate in 4 major international tournaments - including the "WFDF World U23s Championships". All this means there is a huge amount of training, time and money being put in by a large number of the best UK players - and a lot of stories to hear! This episode is the next in a series where we are t ...…
My guest this week is Patrick van der Valk, President of BULA (Beach Ultimate Lovers Association) and one of the main guys behind the European Championships of Beach Ultimate happening this June in sunny Spain. He started playing Ultimate in 1979 and is an absolute legend of the game - especially on the beach. Patrick is also a WFDF board membe ...…
In this episode we have our first Aussie guest on the show! Dan joins us to talk about the journey from idea to successful Ultimate video company that has covered a number of tournaments in several different countries; including World Clubs 2012 in Japan! Dan describes their adventures learning how to create great Ultimate Frisbee coverage on a ...…
This week the amazing Melissa Witmer joins us! Melissa's mission is "to improve the sport of ultimate by giving players the tools they need to train like the serious athletes they are". To achieve this inspiring goal she founded "Ultimate Results" in 2010, and is incredibly prolific online. You need to check out her blog and her numerous sites ...…
The Ultimate physios are back! It is awesome to have Angela and Laura back on the show; they are part of the outstanding medical team that supports GB Ultimate and the UK domestic tournaments. Check out episode 7 to hear more about them and the some great advice for Ultimate players of all levels from these two very experienced sports physios. ...…
This episode is the second in the GB Team series. 2013 sees 15 GB teams representing UK Ultimate in 4 major international tournaments - including, the "World Games" the "European Youth Ultimate Championships", the "WFDF World U23s Championships" AND the "European Beach Ultimate Championships" All this means there is a huge amount of training, t ...…
This year there are 15 GB teams representing UK Ultimate in 4 major international tournaments - including the "WFDF World U23s Championships". All this means there is a huge amount of training, time and money being put in by a large number of the best UK players - and a lot of stories to hear! This episode is the start of a series where we'll t ...…
For this show I've finally managed to corner the ever busy Mark Earley. Mark is the dynamic force behind and has been an integral part of the Irish Ultimate scene for many years. This is a fascinating episode, Mark reveals the huge amount of energy and time that he puts into making Ultimate Interviews the amazing site tha ...…
This episode I have the huge pleasure of welcoming "Ultimate Rob" on to the show. I'm really excited about this interview and I hope you find it interesting too. Rob McLeod is a disc sports competitor living in Alberta, Canada. He competes in ultimate frisbee, disc golf, dog disc and overall flying disc competitions. Rob currently holds 9 World ...…
This episode is a little different. I have invited Felix Shardlow back on the show and we discuss 8 simple things that will make you a better Ultimate coach. For our purposes a "coach" is anyone who organises or runs training sessions for an Ultimate team or club of any level; you could be the captain, training coordinator, team coach or just t ...…
This weeks show is based on a question from Peter who, after hearing episode 10 on Strength and Conditioning with Jools Murray, emailed to ask the following question: "Jools talked about how training should be functional in terms of how it applies to the sport situation. I'm interested in how this applies to laying out ... At my Uni team we've ...…
This episode was recorded on Mothers day in the UK and international Womens day has just happened. I mention this because in this episode we are talking about Womens Ultimate; and specifically about recruiting and keeping female players. I have the great pleasure of welcoming Saz and Jen from Nice Bristols - one of the largest and most consiste ...…
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