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The Oracle Fusion Middleware Podcast Series - Strategy & Product Updates And What Middleware Means to Your Business.
Fusion Worship
NUCLEAR FUSION: The process whereby the nuclei of light elements combine to form the nucleus of a heaver element, with the release of tremendous amounts of energy. I want to bring together elements of teaching, scripture, prayer and worship. I want to use chilled out ambient tunes and more upbeat euphoric trance for an alternative means Worship. Many of you will be used to worshipping through more 'traditional' music, but I feel that this is an opportunity to create a new sound in worship. T ...
A members-only show on which Stephen Hackett talks to hosts of various shows about a single topic each month. Hosted by Stephen Hackett.
Cold Fusion Now
Ruby Carat interviews leading scientists in Cold Fusion and LENR.
Fusion ATL
Young Adults Committed To Jesus
Catwalk Music Fashion Show (Voice Madhu Mathur Anand Composer Sandeep Khurana)
Fusion Patrol
Podcast and reviews from the team at Fusion Patrol
CLC Fusion
Welcome to Fusion Health Radio. Your source of what you need to know and what needs to change on your journey to abundant health.
Podcast Reviewing Asian Films, Movie Reviews, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bollywood, South Korea
The NWMN Fusion Children's Ministry Podcast discusses the world of Children's Ministry. Come and listen to the latest and greatest ideas surrounding the world of children's ministry from the team at Fusion: Children's Ministry.
DJ and LIVE DRUMMER duo Dj Oasis and Inkdup bring you over 40 songs of electro, edm, rock, mashup, and dance... Put together the way only Chaotic Fusion can do!
Fusion Church
Pastor Brendon Wilson's weekly message... Where God and life come together... Welcome home!
Fusion City Church
This is the weekly message from Fusion City Church. We would love to have you join us Sunday morning at 10:30 at the Kannapolis YMCA.
Come and watch the latest and greatest ideas surrounding the world of children's ministry from the team at Fusion: Children's Ministry.
Soul Fusion Radio
#SoulFusion - UR Soul Sunday Fix. Bringing you the best soulful tunes from the nu soul, R&B, Jazz Genres. Catch us every Sunday 9 - 11pm BST/ 4-6pm EST http://www.kcclive.comFor more information: http://www.soulfusionradio.comemail:
Fusion TV is an internet based TV show hosted every other Friday morning by Sally Liddicoat (from and Ely Delaney (from two of the founders of Fusion. It is created by entrepreneurs/business people for entrepreneurs and business people. We discuss topics that effect business people each and every day during their journey to grow their businesses as well as themselves as people. It is a laid back unscripted talk show style s ...
Audio Fusion
Audio Fusion is a fortnightly entertainment podcast brought to you by Cubechris, Mike and CVD from the forums, where we discuss the latest happenings in film, television and gaming.. with almost-always disastrous results.
This is a Podcast of weekly High school sermons recorded at Crossroads Church. If you would like more information about Crossroads Church please visit our website at:
Fusion Project ReLoaded is a podcast where anything and everything goes, great guests are featured, (like celebrities Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Al Pacino, Nicolas Cage, and or course Sly Stallone) and many topics are showcased. We aim to "fuse" the unconventional and the scientific together, discussing many topics in search of knowledge and truth. Our topics range from Religion to the Paranormal, to current events, politics, and everything in-between. Our goal is to find the tr ...
This is about a group of individuals who discuss their thoughts on fusion music, dancing, and the community.
Hej! I'm Fusionista! I make my conseptual monthly radioshow "Fusion Power".Fusion Power Radioshow is 2 hours of quality music with worldfamous guests. 1st hour is my mix of thoroughly selected tracks and harmonic mixing and the 2nd hour is guestmix from one of the producers.
My name is Yang-May Ooi and I'm a writer. I blog at on people and culture. This mobile podcast brings you thoughts, conversations, reviews and audio moments while I'm on the move and out and about.// Subscribe via iTunes - copy & paste this link into your browser= itpc:// My blog:
Join Aleksus Sanchez as he presents the best in dance music to a global audience!
Future of Fusion
Producer anddd other stuff...
Student-led podcast network.
Fusion Sonica
All types of hard rock and metal music!Visit us at
Talk Fusion makes it easy to create professional-looking Video Emails,fun, fast and with no Internet experience necessary.Use your web camera or video camera to shoot a new video or simply upload a pre-recorded one.Then, using our wide variety of ready-to-use personal and business templates, and a simple point-and-clickinterface, you can design high-impact Video Emails that deliver results quickly, easily and inexpensively.This Podcast was created using
Project Octane - Live studio recording in honour of
1802 Dixon Avenue · Rock Falls, IL 61071 · 815-626-1234 ·
Video Messages from The Fusion Community at Christian Assembly Church in Los Angeles, CA
We are here to bring you the Fusion of Sound
"Great Minds Think Alike... Just Got Better!"What else could you ask for? We are a hub of Machinimators and Commentators that function as a team. We are creative, passionate, fun-loving, dedicated, and we are trying our best to provide you with the best entertainment we can!
Fusion Video Podcast
The Fusion Youth Video Podcast - Wednesday night services are published here weekly for students to catch up or for parents to check in. We also publish a monthly studio podcast where we answer your questions sent to
@FusionFFB puts in the time consuming Fantasy Football content so we can break it down for you, bite size, with all the perspectives so that you can make up your own mind or know where to learn more. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Fusion Finds
This podcast is produced for K12 Educators integrating technology into their lessons.
Podcast - FUSION
Sermon Series from Fusion. Every Friday Night @7:30pm in the heart of Hialeah.
Fusion Podcast
Fitness Fusion
Podcast by Fitness Fusion
Pop Fusion !
Fusion Play House
Fusion Podcast
Recipes Podcast Series
Covering USL PDL team, the Ventura County Fusion. With player and coach interviews, highlight recaps and essential Fusion info, the Fusion Fan Zone has it all.
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The 13th Doctor has arrived on our screens with a large, crashing-through-metal-from-a-ridiculous-height-with-a-loud-plonk sound. Without the benefit of foresight of things to come, how does The Woman Who Fell to Earth preface the newest era of Doctor Who. Ben and Eugene discuss. Transcript (computer-generated) Eugene: Hello and welcome to anot ...…
Dr. Francis Tanzella, Program Manager Low Energy Nuclear Reactions SRI, International recently retired and now consulting privately. After earning his Ph.D in chemistry from UC, Berkeley, and studying Electrochemistry as a post-doctoral at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Tanzella worked as a chemist at DuPont. Since 1986, he helped develop ...…
Had a great show this week featuring one of my favourite EP's this year #Conexao from Amber Mark + tunes from Maxwell, Lamont Dozier/ Gregory Porter, The Internet, Teyana Taylor, Judith Owen, Guy, Luther Vandross, Peabo Byrson + much more. twitter: facebook: IG : htt ...…
The last thing the last battlestar expected to find was another last battlestar. It seems they’re a dime a dozen. But this last battlestar comes complete with Cain – the Living Legend. Ben and Eugene discuss.By (Eugene Glover).
I'm joined by Brad Reyes @MeanMrMode (which I completely said wrong on the pod) who's currently covering PlayDraft for as we talk matchups, lineup decisions and big game options for Week 5. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The very first Jazz special on #SoulFusion featuring tunes from Kiefer, Nubya Garcia, Kamasi Washington, Andreas Oxholm, Yussef Kamaal, R+R=NOW, Sly5thAve, Gregory Porter, Alfa Mist, Jose James, Snarky Puppy + loads more. Tune in every Sunday 9 - 11pm UK Time ( 4 -6PM ET),
Remember when there were only two Psychons left in the universe; the beautiful and wonderful Maya and her argogant, insane father that didn’t chaff at the idea of sucking the brains out of passign aliens to accomplish his plans? Remember how we all thought, “Maya’s father is the odd one out – the bad egg in the Psychon basket?” Enter Dorzak, a ...…
Hello, Fusion Health Radio Fans! We both hope you had a GREAT Summer (or Winter Down Under). Anthony is in the middle of moving, so it seemed like a good idea to send out something to help you make the best decisions for your health. The video is the first part of a 2-hour presentation. It is the first talk from the Ten Weeks to Abundant Health ...…
Hello, Fusion Health Radio Fans! We both hope you had a GREAT Summer (or Winter Down Under). Anthony is in the middle of moving, so it seemed like a good idea to send out something to help you make the best decisions for your health. The video is the first part of a 2-hour presentation. It is the first talk from the Ten Weeks to Abundant Health ...…
Hello, Fusion Health Radio Fans! We both hope you had a GREAT Summer (or Winter Down Under). Anthony is in the middle of moving, so it seemed like a good idea to send out something to help you all make the best decisions for your health. The video is the first part of a 2-hour presentation. It is the first talk from the Ten Weeks to Abundant He ...…
ACF34 Inuyashiki (2018, Japan) Khun Pan (2016, Thailand) Respeto (2018, Phillipines) Buffalo Boys (2018, Indonesia) BuyBust (2018, Phillipines)By (Paul Martinez).
The two Dans join Stephen to talk about Apple's new hardware. Guest Starring: Dan Provost and Dan Moren Links and Show Notes Thank you for helping make this members-only podcast possible. If you aren't a member, you can learn more about the program here. Dan Provost (@danprovost) | Twitter Dan Moren (@dmoren) | Twitter Thoroughly Considered - R ...…
Carl Kolchak is being questioned about a crime, but what crime, and who committed it? What has Kolchak gotten himself into this time? Simon and Eugene discuss the Night Stalker episode Malum.By (Eugene Glover).
Dr. Pamela Mosier-Boss, Analytical Chemist emeritus at the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command SPAWAR working on environmental sensors, detecting chemical toxins and bacteria. She spent over two-decades as a LENR experimentalist successfully using the co-deposition method to generate numerous nuclear effects. At the ICCF-21 conferenc ...…
I name two players from each matchup that are not top 12 RB/WR that I would be confident starting this week. I also review the names from my Signing the Waiver article. Become a supporter of this podcast:
I'm joined by my #SFB8 opponent, Gabe Benson (@Dynasty_Benson) and we talk match-ups and players. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tired of all of the diet fads and just want to keep it as simple as you can? Try the ALL MEAT Carnivore Diet. Yep, that says all meat. All day, every day for months or maybe even years. Meat. Beef, Pork. Lamb, Wild Game, Fish, Chicken, Turkey, Duck or Goose. How many kinds of sausage and bacon are there? In this episode, Anthony Sanna and Micha ...…
Just a short episode out to you ahead of the Thursday Night game. Join me as I talk about running victory laps, Marcus Mariota’s nerves (shout out to @DrJesseMorse) and, of course, TNF itself. Become a supporter of this podcast:
I'm joined by Sam Lane @FFStompy for a no-holds-barred Fake Football Fight over Alex Collins and Javorius Allen. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Starbuck crash lands on a Cylon-occupied planet, where he runs into a group of young freedom fighers whive’been giving the Cylons hell. Can he turn the Young Lords into a credible fighting force and defeat an entire garrison of Cylons? Ben and Eugene discuss The Young Lords.By (Eugene Glover).
I'm joined by my #SFB8 opponent Mike Alexander @Roto_Wan as we use our matchup to talk about some of the common players and games involved that hopefully overlap with your own teams. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Dennis Cravens, Physicist and LENR researcher received his PhD from Florida State University and has been working on cold fusion since 1989. Dennis Cravens has demonstrated multiple live LENR systems throughout the years, and recently presented at the ICCF-21 conference with his associate Dennis Letts where they discussed their experiments ...…
When a combination of John Koenig’s bad command decisions and a lack of leafy green salads to look at come together there’s bound to be lots of high-drama action or excitement, plus questions, lots of questions, like: Was that a seance? Where is the spectre? Why haven’t the Alphans risen up and thrown off their oppressor long ago? Ben and Eugen ...…
This Rock N Pod Expo exclusive episode contains lesser known tracks by somewhat known groups.By
This Rock N Pod Expo exclusive episode contain tracks from the 90s. Tracks that I think demonstrate that 90s hard rock and metal didn't actually suck! Maybe you suck!By
Recorded this on July 4th and selected songs that had the word freedom in the title.By
Here is a Rock N Pod Expo 2 Exclusive episode featuring bands from Spain.By
We featured one of my favourite albums this week, Hive Mind from 'The Internet' + tunes from Aretha Franklin, Hiatus Kaiyote, Moonchile, Marie Dahlstrom, J. Appiah, Estelle + much more.Tune in every Sunday (4-6pm ET/ 9 -11pm BST) #SoulFusion@radiosoulfusion
I give some players you may want on your bench before they go off so you don't have to pay up on waivers.I also straighten out some fake news and then we review the first Thursday night game. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Alan Goldwater, Independent LENR Researcher and member of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. He received a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Columbia University and studied architecture and computer science before having a successful career in electronic design and embedded software. Alan will discuss his glow stick experiments and what l ...…
One year ago the FBI with the help of the Beacon captured a serial killer that claimed to to be bringing hellfire down on his victims. Today, the killings begin again. Carl Kolchak’s unerring instincts detect that this really may be hellfire and not a biological agent and we all know Kolchak is never wrong about these things. Simon and Eugene d ...…
On this episode of #SoulFusion, we celebrated the music of one of the greatest musicians of our time, Raphael Saadiq. Expect music from Tony Toni Tone, Lucy Pearl, D'angelo, Musiq Soulchild + much more. Part 2 coming real soon. #SoulFusion @radiosoulfusionIG: soulfusionradio
A small town connives to get a group of battle-trained warriors to help defend their town against maurading bandits. That description sounds a bit generic – and so does this episode! Ben and Eugene discuss The Magnificent Warriors.By (Eugene Glover).
I give some "Mild Predictions" that will actually help you win your leagues, not just make me sound smart. Plus a review of my draft strategy "Drafting From:" articles to help you when drafting from specific spots in your draft. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The term 'Keto Diet' was recently the most searched term on Gooogle. In this episode, Anthony Sanna talks with Dr. Michael Smith about the fad 'Keto Diet' and getting into actual Nutritional Ketosis. If you are looking for a bigger perspective as well as the Geek Out details of what this AMAZING opportunity has in store for you and your metabol ...…
We had another great show this week with our album of the week by Alicia Keys + music from The Internet, Teyana Taylor, Solange, Mic Lowry, Leon Bridges + much more. Tune in every Sunday 9 -11pm BST ( 4-6pm EST) on KCC Live
Mikah Sargent and Rose Orchard join Stephen to talk about iPhone, iPad and Mac rumors. Guest Starring: Rose Orchard and Mikah Sargent Links and Show Notes Thank you for helping make this members-only podcast possible. If you aren't a member, you can learn more about the program here. 2018 iPhones: Everything We Know | MacRumors 'Entry-Level' 13 ...…
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