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Author and creator of “Access Points - The Modern Life Meditation Plan”, Brian Marc Zimberg hosts Awake Life - offering keen insights into an ever deeper awakening to your “True-OneSelf” and living life as the greatest expression of YOU. Helping you experience, even amidst today’s hectic, high-paced lifestyle, the peace of meditation that is available to you in every moment. Through inspirational talks, and conversations with leading writers, thinkers, and scientists, he asks what is it to “ ...
Gaia's Gang
With our powers combined -- we're rewatching Captain Planet! We discuss the episodes, reminisce about childhood, and research the environmental struggles of the '90s and today.
Gaia Speaks
Pepper Lewis channels the voice of Mother Earth (Gaia)
Gaia's mission is simple: to voyage through the galaxy, to fight environmental disasters wherever they occur, to save endangered species, and to promote conservation and good will throughout the Confederation.
Conduit to the Gaian Mind
BrokenSea Audio Productions - Gaia's Voyages
Gaia's Cock
Love and acceptance, particularly without judgment or expectation, allows us to relax into a deeper self-awareness, thus opening the door to personal healing and global change. Autumn and Blake created Gaiascock as an invitation to all: it is a place to explore what lives inside, roll around in it, take the charge out of it, then integrate it so we can all emerge as the fully expressive beings we want to be. You are not broken. You are human. And even if it seems the two are synonymous these ...
gaia raido
my mom hast somke in har bag and i m going somke sum weed or not
Ana Gaia Rufino
podcast de Ana Gaia Rufino
Real, raw, passionate, inspiring talks of a Spiritual nature in a very down-2-earth approach, straight from the heart, with the occasional guest speaker. Bought to you by Gaia Rose - The Awakened Woman®
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This week we dive into a topic that affects many women, but is rarely discussed - The Pelvic Floor. Alyssa and Haley are joined by specialist Julie Guthrie PT, DPT, OCS. Julie walks us through what a pelvic floor is, the symptoms that might indicate a pelvic floor weakness as well as what we should be paying attention too and how to find help i ...…
welcome to the 27th episode of Call to Adventure, where we sit down with Kathryn Budig - internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author known for her accessibility, humor, and ability to empower her students through her message, "aim true.”. With over a decade of experience in her field, Budig served as the yoga editor to Women's Health mag ...…
Patricia Karpas spent many years innovating by building brands and new businesses within larger companies – CNBC, AOL, Time Warner, NBC and Gaiam – before taking the leap into building a business around her love of meditation. The co-founder of the app Meditation Studio, named by Apple as one of its Top 10 of the year.…
SHOW NOTES As an avid healthy lifestyle expert, Bill works with emerging brands as well as mid-sized companies on everything from brand & sales channel strategy, finance, operational challenges and product innovation. He has held positions of VP of Marketing at Kinko’s, EVP of GAIAM and has been a co-founder of OurHouse (environmentally safe cl ...…
Earl and Courtney discuss the causes of stress and anxiety and how to better manage your symptoms. Tip Our Hats:Auntie Maxine!!!Brianna Monique IG: @honeyclippersBennett's Barbershop @newgeecheeFacebook New Geechee Podcast: New Geechee Podcast Website: https://newgeec ...…
Daniel Pinchbeck has been described as a radical futurist. He’s a philosopher and keen cultural observer. He was featured in the 2010 documentary, 2012: Time for Change and host of the talk show, MindShift, on Gaiam TV. He directed the think tank Center for Planetary Culture. His essays and articles have appeared in a vast range of publications ...…
Aired Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 8:00 PM ET Byron Belitsos - Your Evolving Soul Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we going? Can there be a future in a world that at the present appears so divided and conflicted. Is there a glimmer of hope that the human spirit or soul can evolve and connect with the spirit found in all religions and fait ...…
"Be Who You Want To Be, Not Who You Think You Should Be" Sara Haley In this show, Sara pulls back the curtain on motherhood. We talk about how she turned her pregnancy from one of passion and purpose into her business. Sara talks about filling a gap in the market, finding her niche and teaching to those who needed her message and point of view. ...…
Described by Bella NYC Magazine as being passionate, energetic, and full of life, K2s founder and CEO, Heidi Krupp-Lisiten, is right at home in the world of marketing, promotion, and media. With over 25 years in the field, Heidi has become recognized as an industry leader who works closely with her clients to develop innovative 360-degree brand ...…
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