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Interviews with "Ordinary" Spiritually Awakening People
Oil and Gas This Week is the show for busy oil pros who want to quickly keep their finger on the pulse of the industry.
Stay up to date with the latest news from the Texas Oil Patch!
A weekly recap of the Oil and Gas market
The Oil & Gas Industry Leaders Podcast is the show from the leaders of today to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.
The Oil and Gas Careers Podcast (OGCP) is the podcast for anyone looking for a career in the oil bidness. James Hahn II, Founder & CEO of Tribe Rocket Inc., and Mark LaCour, President of modalpoint, discuss career opportunities across the oil and gas industry. Whether you're looking for entry-level positions or management and director-level opportunities, you're in the right place. It doesn't matter if it's frontline oilfield sales, strategic or key account management, business development, ...
A podcast for young professionals in and out of the oil and gas industry. Topics covered include managing through hard times, faith in the workplace, time management and more. Continue the conversation at or or @EnergyWeldfab on Twitter or Instagram.
The Oil and Gas HSE Podcast is the show for oilfield professionals who are committed to finding the best way to keep their people safe and on the job.
Podcast by Mike May
The Deepwater Subsea Podcast is the show for oil and gas professionals who are looking to advance in their careers. Every Monday Dallas Bozeman and Michael Fry will be covering topics ranging from leadership, personal and professional development, career advancement, human factors, communication, news, and employment opportunities available in the industry today.
Dark a dark basement, in a haunted dwelling. Some where n the Black Swamp of north west Ohio. This is Swamp Gas, with your host Arizona Tramp.The music aired on Swamp Gas is used with permission. Black Swamp Bride is by Dead In 5 and Dream of Mississippi is by SJ Tucker.
Oil and Gas Insider with Jay Young is your “Go To Podcast” for investors to be better informed on the different ways to participate in oil and gas.
Natural Gas 102
Natural gas is changing the world in exciting ways. New discoveries and new technologies are rearranging geopolitics. It is a lot to keep track of, but we are going to try. Natural Gas 102 is dedicated to providing in-depth information on the natural gas industry for the lay person.
James Hahn II, Founder of oil and gas digital marketing consultancy Tribe Rocket, interviews leading marketers, entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders from throughout the upstream oil and gas industry. Discover the history and significance of the US Shale Revolution as guests share their thoughts on what is happening in the biggest shale oil and gas plays in the country. Find out what leading experts say about the future of the Eagle Ford, Bakken, Barnett, Marcellus, Utica, Niobrara, ...
Why a podcast about Gas station business? Well, gas stations are in every street corner, they are dime a dozen, but why are there so many of them? Well, because they do make money. More importantly they are truly a recession-proof business. But how do you stand out in this crowded market? Here in this podcast my goal is to you bring you the best information possible to help you start, run and grow a successful gas station/convenience store retail business. Whether you're just starting out or ...
Laddie’s Magical Glowing Balls Of Colored Gas by Richard Stephenson Laddie is a schizophrenic inmate who lives in the violent, obscene environment of a maximum security prison. Delusions swirl in his mind like white corpuscles trying to heal a wound. Laddie takes comfort in owning Magical Glowing Balls of Colored Gas. He also has long conversations with a spider. Laddie’s first person narrative is a challenge. Near the end of his sentence for assault, Laddie allows a therapist named Richard ...
Gas Station Podcast
Reporting LIVE from the 416, FarOut Entertainment presentsGAS STATION PODCASTThe diesel fueled craniums of BLVCKHECTOR and SVM STEELOComing to you on a weekly basis (if we manage to remember)Fill ya tanks, start ya engines, and LETS GO!! DING DING!!!FOLLOW US EVERYWHERE!!@GASSTATIONPODCAST@BLVCKHECTOR@SVMSTEELO
Delft University of Technology on iTunes
This podcast is setup to give you everything you need to know about recent developments in the oil and gas industry condensed to be heard during your run on the treadmill, ride on the stationary, or commute. It is a concise gathering of what is happening in the industry, as well as, an overview of technical developments. Susan Frizzell, president of Adley Services, LLC, has almost 20 years of engineering experience. Furthermore, she is an energy industry leader and innovator in both the offs ...
Smoking at the Gas Station is podcast that speaks directly to those who are going through the process of being great. This is for anyone who has the desire to be extraordinary, but may not know how to go about it or accomplish certain things. By interviewing some of the worlds brightest minds, this platform will give insight on what it looks like to live in your purpose and give you practical steps on how to get to the same point in your life.
Hit the Gas
Podcast by Hit the Gas
Laughing Gas is a regular dose of irregular, observational comedy from Mike and Chris - two time-served engineers who meet up for a much needed debrief about the sights and stories from the patch, and life outside the job.
From the #1 venue in Canada, Produkt presents AMPS – featuring exclusive guestmixes and live set recordings from New City Gas
Podcast by Rotten Apple Productions
I Ran Out Of Gas
A person was in a war and on a plane.Then he ran out of gas.And eventually panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Podcast by Gas Wookiee Garage
Caffeine and Kilos presents Gas Station Cappuccino, a podcast about life, fitness, business, and more! Hosted by Dean Saddoris and Danny Lehr, Gas Station Cappuccino covers everyday conversations about Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, powerlifting, and growing a business in the fitness industry. Please contact us at with any questions or requests. #caffeineandkilos #gasstationcappuccino #gscap
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In this Episode of Oil & Gas This Week – The Millennials Making Millions in Texas Oil, Saudi Arabia reportedly calls off Aramco IPO and disbands advisers, Saudi Oil Income Could Reach $161B This Year, Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sale generates $178m in high bids, Mega oil and gas projects are back, Deal frenzy swells with Diamondback’s $8. ...…
Well, we are back in the studio and proud to bring you our very own Operator Survival Guide for a PHA (Process Hazard Analysis). Are you an operator who has been slotted for a Process Hazard Analysis and have questions? We have a few helpful hints of things you can do before the PHA to... The post AOG22- Operator’s Survival Guide for a PHA (Pro ...…
Tramp interviews Denis Stone talking about the American StonehengeBy (WiseFrog).
Mark is joined by guest co-host, Sarah Stogner, in Midland, Texas. They had a chance to talk with Mark Lancaster and Mike McMahon of EcoVapor Recovery Systems, about how their new technology is revolutionizing oil and gas by making sites safer and reducing flares. Click Play to Hear the Oil and Gas HSE Podcast Episode 93 – EcoVapor Recovery Sys ...…
Link to articles: ...…
This week the guys discuss Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly's beef, Kat Williams latest thought on the current big comedians, marital names, Lil Wayne owning Young Money, and more!!
Gas Station Cappuccino - Episode 39 by Caffeine and Kilos
Arizona Tramp and othersBy (WiseFrog).
Tramp interviews Author Tom ConwellBy (WiseFrog).
Overviews of Chaplin's last 12 Keystone short subjects, as well as the first feature-length comedy, TILLIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE.
Mark is on his own today and had a chance to talk with Sindee Lee Gillespie of G.O.A. Enterprises, about how their new coating technology is improving health and safety in the field. Click Play to Hear the Oil and Gas HSE Podcast Episode 92 – G.O.A. Enterprises Happy Hour Sponsors OGGN is always accepting Happy Hour sponsors. If you would like ...…
On this weeks episode the guys get together to speak about Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's celebrity deathmatch, Serena Williams and her US Open controversy, Nike and their support of Colin Kaepernick, relationships, and more!!!
Welcome back to another episode! This week’s episode is our First Friday Q&A for September. You ask the questions and we answer them. Big thanks to everyone who wrote in. If you want to get a question answered for next month’s FFQA, click the link below. Enjoy! Have a question? Click here to ask. Show Notes & Links: Want to sponsor a happy hour ...…
In this episode, Paige sits Janette Marx, to discuss her journey in the Oil and Gas Industry to her current role as CEO of Airswift. Reach out to Janette and learn more about Airswift. Leave a Review Enjoy listening? Support the show by leaving a review in iTunes. Sign Up and Win Click here to sign up here to win a FR Shirt and FR Base Layer fr ...…
In our very first two-guest episode, Michael Clements sits down with Hannah Walker, manager at WorkHub and Lisa Lujan, its founder. The trio chats about Tyler’s newest shared workspace and some of the benefits to coworking beyond coffee and affordable office space.
Sarah is an actor, writer, stand up comedian, and a spiritual and creative mentor living in Los Angeles. As a child, creativity and spirituality were at the forefront of her life. The lived experience of unity faded as trauma and stress from a troubled home edged out this awareness. But as Sarah began to discover singing and acting, she was hoo ...…
Overview of Chaplin's Keystone short subjects LAUGHING GAS, THE PROPERTY MAN, and THE FACE ON THE BAR ROOM FLOOR.
Tramp interviews Sysco MurdochBy (WiseFrog).
Mark is on his own today and had a chance to talk with Jennifer Weizer of Aerodyne Industries LLC, about how Aerospace and Oil and Gas industries can come together. Click Play to Hear the Oil and Gas HSE Podcast Episode 91 – Aerodyne Industries Happy Hour Sponsors OGGN is always accepting Happy Hour sponsors. If you would like to get your compa ...…
Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Guidebook of Practical Advice -'s slowing demand for oil is a serious concern for the Middle East oil output keeps steady in August near post-Soviet high ...…
A.G, Zap, Red, and The Chubby Don get together this episode to discuss how desensitizing violence has become, Eminem's album release, LGBTQ, and more!
Rig Lynx - Horizon: In The Moment - Safety Sign & Decal
In this episode, Paige sits and reads the latest reviews and wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day from all of OGGN. Leave a Review Enjoy listening? Support the show by leaving a review in iTunes. Sign Up and Win Click here to sign up here to win a FR Shirt and FR Base Layer from Bulwark! Happy Hour Sponsors OGGN is always accepting Happy Hour spon ...…
Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D., is a scholar, philosopher, educator and a recognized pioneer of the Human Potential Movement. Widely recognized as a visionary leader and multi-cultural expert, Houston is the author of over 30 books exploring human possibilities and positive action in the world. Houston served as an advisor in human and cultural develo ...…
Overviews of Chaplin's feature films A WOMAN OF PARIS and MONSIEUR VERDOUX.
Overviews of Chaplin's Keystone shorts TWENTY MINUTES OF LOVE and CAUGHT IN A CABARET, and his first "talkie" feature film THE GREAT DICTATOR.
"Gay Baby," brought to you by Rotten Apple Prodcutions
Suzanne B. Stryker, Ph.D. is an intuitive healer, artist, writer and teacher. She has always tended to have profound spiritual experiences.For over 45 years Suzanne has experienced unity, with divine and Vedic perceptions. Yet she does not claim to have reached the pinnacle of evolution, if there even is such a thing. She feels she is a continu ...…
Paige sits with John Seo, to discuss his journey in the Oil and Gas Industry to his current role as CEO of JJSEO. Reach out to John and learn more about JJSEO. Leave a Review Enjoy listening? Support the show by leaving a review in iTunes. Sign Up and Win Click here to sign up here to win an FR Shirt and FR Base Layer from Bulwark! 2018 Happy H ...…
On this episode of Manufacturing Leadership: An Oil and Gas Podcast, Energy Weldfab's Michael Clements sits down with Jenny Wells, senior PR specialist with the City of Tyler to discuss crisis management. Jenny, a certified crisis communication trainer, provides suggestions small businesses without trained professionals on staff might overlook, ...… in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Guidebook of Practical Advice
"CASE - ANOVA," brought to you by Rotten Apple Productions
Steve McIntosh is a leader in the integral philosophy movement and author of three books on spiritual evolution: The Presence of the Infinite: The Spiritual Experience of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness, Evolution's Purpose: An Integral Interpretation of the Scientific Story of Our Origins and Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution.In a ...…
Paige sits with Collin McLelland, to discuss his journey in the Oil and Gas Industry to his current role as a managing partner of Deeprock Advisors. Reach out to Collin and learn more about Deeprock Advisors. Leave a Review Enjoy listening? Support the show by leaving a review in iTunes. Sign Up and Win Click here to sign up here to win an FR S ...…
Gas Station Cappuccino - Episode 38 by Caffeine and Kilos
When Chris and Campbell met Matthew Bateman, not Batman. No pressure.
In this Episode of Oil & Gas This Week –Silicon Valley to Big Oil: We Can Manage Your Data Better Than You, AI-Firm Ambyint’s New Bakken Deal with Equinor Moves the Industry Another Step Closer to the Edge, What BHP Billiton’s $10.5B asset sale to BP means for the Eagle Ford Shale, Pakistan: Exxon Is Close To Making A Mega Oil Discovery, India’ ...…
AG, Loyal Savv, Red, and Zap get together and discuss Tekashi 69 and his charges and possible incarceration, trans-gendered people and sports, and more! in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Guidebook of Practical Advice from the show: •• ...…
Energy Weldfab's Michael Clements and Cori Moore, serialpreneur, author and founder of iTRI365 discuss goal setting and overcoming obstacles. NOTE: Due to strong language, listener discretion is advised.
Gas Station Cappuccino - Episode 34 by Caffeine and Kilos
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