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Radio on the Fringe
Dan Hampton, Ed O'Bradovich and Glen Kozlowski analyze the Chicago Bears on WGN Radio 720 in Chicago
Can They Say That?
Welcome to the jungle! Where our words & thoughts can’t be held against us. Who are we kidding? We can & will say… All. The. Things. Wanna play?
This channel is for the discussion of Biblical topics regarding THE REVOLUTIONARY (Jesus Christ) as well as miracles, signs, wonders and the supernatural. We will also discuss current events, politics, religion, science, legends, mythology and paranormal activity - including that of Angels, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, demons, ghosts, UFOs and more!
Bob Hamp
Podcast by Bob Hamp
Finger Guns
Witty banter betwixt Hamp Oldshue and Jacob Wolfe about life, the universe, and everything.
Få de bedste historier fra Ugeskrift for Læger med uddybende interview og debat om blandt andet sundhedspolitik og lægers dilemmaer. Hver udgave giver dig også et indblik i en særlig medicinske nyhed fra Ugeskrift for Lægers medicinske redaktion.
Sermons from the Word of Life Christian Center in Lonetree, Colorado (Pastor Tim Bagwell)
Podcast by Quinton Hamp
NOFB Radio is THE Relationship Podcast for Millennials.
The 3 Piece Podcast
Whats better than a two piece special? A THREE PIECE SPECIAL!.Three up and coming personalities discuss topics including Music, Womens Health, Politics, Pop Culture from their comedic and sometimes controversial view points.Tune in every week. Support this podcast:
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Launching, Connecting & Equipping the Local Church
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show series Word of Life Christian Center.
This week the ladies are joined by B Hamp as they discuss the “trashy” topics of the week including Shida being groped at the club, Oprah, Gayle, and Ava not wanting to be called “Auntie” Chris Brown hating via Social Media, Drake’s alleged sexual assault case, & dealing with side babies and child support; as well as this week’s new music relea ...…
On this episode i interviewed Jerry Marzinsky we talked about the history of psychology and his work with the criminally insane. ...…
Visit us at! Todd Weatherly is back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval to release a recent revelation that has been securing breakthrough for many people. This program will unveil the operations and strategies of the Prince of Greece and how this powerful entity has worked to subdue belief systems around th ...…
The Big Bang theory is well-established, but how complete is it? Does it describe the absolute beginning of physical reality, or is there perhaps more to be discovered that might place it in a broader cosmic context? We welcome the award-winning British science writer Brian Clegg, author of dozens of popular science books in print, for an engag ...…
Jack, Tim, & Bobby are live and back in the studio talking about fleeing persecution and what it will look like in America when that time comes! What does the rapture look like for us believers? We open up with some Bobby Crazy News, Steve 316 drives by and Pastor Chips Ross has a good word for us!By Fringe Radio Network.
MIDSOMMAR 1 YEAR IN HAWAII –WHAT’S HAPPENED PRAY FOR RANDAL LUFFMAN PRAY FOR FRIENDS AGAINST JEZEBEL ATTACKS (why are we using all caps??) DREAM at Loch Ness with Cruise ship Synch with Praying Medic and Kingdom Talks! Heaven is Real in a Jurassic Park sort of way Getting Banned on Major PlatformsBy Fringe Radio Network.
Tim Parrish, and his dad Pastor Wilbur Parrish teaches us about our Christian Heritage on this episode! Listen to Pastor Wilbur Parrish as he explains in depth just what our Christian Heritage came from. Pastor Parrish has been a Pastor for over 50 years, and digs deep into what our American fore fathers really wanted for America. Enjoy this sp ...…
This week the ladies discuss the hot topics of the week including state of women in hip hop, ASAP Rocky being arrested overseas and why some people don’t care about his struggle to be released, R Kelly’s arrest and new charges as well as the week’s new music releases. Follow our social media- Instagram: @3PiecePodcast Twitter: @3PiecePodcast -- ...… Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center. Word of Life Christian Center.
Also discussed are the new situations developing around Epstein and the flushing of the deep deep swamp. We then get into the Old Testament gods such as Baal and how they demanded human sacrifice, especially child sacrifice. At last Mr. Ramsey shares some interesting and insightful tips on how to pass the BAR exam! His D.C. days and earlier chr ...… #aliens, #alternative, #ancient, #atlantis, #civilizations, #cutting, #edge, #ghosts, #lost, #metaphysics, #paranormal, #science, #ufo Roejen from Project and Archivist and Gwen from Uncharted Para-Cryptid Studies visit the show and talk about a variety of Phenomena, in ...…
Michael Bashem hang out with his BOY Johnny McMahon Host of the IRON SHOW. EDUCATIONALLY ENRICHING NOTE: Contains actual testimonies of time travel!By Fringe Radio Network.
Happy Independence Day America! On this episode we have lots of Fun! We have lots of guests and interviews, skits, and music! Tim & Bobby have a round table discussion with their wives, & Johnny McMahon of the Iron Show joins us to celebrate America! Here are some of the other names on the guest list…President Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Sylves ...…
The ladies are joined by Fat Pimp and and Nette as they discuss the hot topics of the week including Lil Nas X coming out, Chris Brown’s controversial lyrics, women not having orgasms, We get Fat Pimps perspective on What Would Fat Do and he also discusses how to keep the support of the city behind your music. Follow our guest on IG @IAmFatPimp ...… International Best selling author, Bill Treasurer, joins me in a timely discussion about courage building. Why it is so important and how difficult true courage can be under certain circumstances. We dive into the notion of passion and how passion is often the source of ...… Amazing talk with Gabe Iowa. Previous talks: LIVE: The AntiChrist Teaches EndTime Bible Class! ENGAGE with all the links of The Spirit Wars for YOU of The Spirit Force Armadas: ...…
Mandlige læger i Danmark tog mere barsel i 2018, end de gjorde i 2014. Det er dog fortsat kvinderne, som tager hovedparten af barslen. Med udgangspunkt i egne erfaringer diskuterer tre yngre læger, hvorfor det er så vigtigt, at både mænd og kvinder tager barsel, og hvad skal der til, før mandlige læger tager endnu mere.…
THE SCRIPTURES SAY THERE IS A TIME TO WEEP, AND A TIME TO LAUGH! This is a highly accurate description of what it’s like for those who expose the esoteric deception that is rampant in entertainment media on a daily basis. The occult powers that shape our spiritual and social worldview seem obscure and nebulous […]… This week Basil chats with Mark! They talk about the perils of puberty and the trouble young mens’ choices can cause later in life, Marks perilous supernatural adventures while in a coma, and the power of giving (your kidney to save a life)! Don’t miss out! ...…
AMERICA’S FINEST have all too often been used as throwaway pawns in political chess games played by people who have never seen war. As we approach Independence Day here in the United States, it seemed appropriate to bring back two interviews with the late Lt. Col. Dan Marvin (US Army, Ret.), author of an important book, Expendable Elite: One So ...…
A heavy duty IRON SHOW in the best tradition! Mathew Miller, Leonard Olivares, Joe M, Michael Basham. We talked about God living in darkness, we talked about a shift in the earth’s axis. The equatorial bulge… A polar shift. Signs in the stars and the sun and the moon. Time travel, the universe and Jesus.…
The ladies are joined by Rod-T as they discuss Carmelo Anthony setting the Faithful Black Men Movement back, celebrities “beefing” including Nicki Minaj beefing with the BET Network and Miley Cyrus and Cam’ron beefing with his Ex JuJu. We also get into what ignited a beef with him and another DFW Rap artist and led to the releasing of diss trac ...…
When you’re learning all about Real Estate terms and meditating upon the New Jerusalem’s status in legal terms with regards to ownership. . . ENGAGE with all the links of The Spirit Wars for YOU of The Spirit Force Armadas: ...…
Jack & Tim are out of the studio again to discuss a topic that is very taboo…Good Cop/Bad Cop in politics. Are all politicians really on the same team? Is President Trump a man we voted for, is he really a President sent by God, or is he a wolf in sheep clothing? Are all Presidents and for that matter most national politicians all on the same t ...…
How she has walked with Jesus in spite of early mistakes. Tune in when she shares her story of… How God has helped her through her divorce. How God has walked with her in raising her daughters How God has healed her and restored her future. – Watch and praise God with us as Heather talks about her story of how God is awesome. We interview peopl ...… ENGAGE with all the links of The Spirit Wars for YOU of The Spirit Force Armadas: https://www.facebook. ...…
THE RETURN OF THE NEW AGE? The Word of God tells us in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that there is nothing new under the sun. So what exactly is the message behind the new age movement? And why are its philosophies, practices, and rituals being introduced to millions of Christians across America, and the rest of western […]… Fringe Radio Network.
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