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Two angry web developers complain about life in development hell
Dave is just a regular guy who does regular things until all of a sudden he dies and is damned to hell for all of eternity. With Dave’s caseworker from hell (literally), he takes a trip down Memory Lane to relive the five biggest and worst moments from his life that directly influenced the big decision. The 5 People You Meet In Hell is a 6-episode series.
This Is Hell!
Long-form interviews with writers, thinkers and workers from around the world and across the spectrum of experience.
NYC breakout comedian, Tim Dillon, is going to Hell. He's bringing with him, his friend, comedian, Ray Kump. Together, they will defend the CEOs, dictators, con artists, thieves, tax cheats, & crime families that make this world worth living in. The newest 15 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show a week before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the ...
What a Hell of a Way to Die is a left-wing military and veteran podcast hosted by Nate and Francis, two extremely online combat veterans. Join us to hear discussion of veterans issues, defense news, and military culture — all from a lefty perspective.
This is Hell!
This is Hell! is a weekly radio interview show broadcast without the virtue of money or the vice of political agenda. Every Saturday morning, your bitter, blind, broke, gap-toothed host Chuck Mertz works off his hangover talking to the journalists, authors and activists working to make this world a slightly less hellish place. And we do it all live, uninterrupted and unedited, Saturdays at 9AM Central on WNUR 89.3FM Chicago and podcast to the world shortly after.
The Clients From Hell podcast is equal parts humorous and helpful as it explores the modern life and times of creative professionals.
a comedy parenting podcast with Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson
Rethinking Hell
Rethinking Hell is a central resource for a view on Hell called Conditional Immortality (a.k.a. conditionalism or annihilationism). Focusing on this biblical view as held by many Evangelical Christians, we interview notable proponents, respond to the challenges of critics, present the stories of people who once held to the traditional view but are now rethinking hell, and much more.
Radio From Hell is the longest running radio program in the Salt Lake City area, and has consistently been rated as one of the best programs in the area by media reviews and polls. The show has received praise from outside the Utah region; Rolling Stone cited KXRK as one of the top-five rock and roll radio stations in the U.S., and reported that Radio From Hell was one of the longest-running local radio programs in the U.S.
Saturday morning's complete radio broadcast, four hours, unedited - uploaded Saturday afternoons.
On the Hell Yes Life podcast, you’ll hear inspiring stories and actionable tips from authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and adventurers that will inspire you to live YOUR Hell Yes Life.
Movie Heaven Movie Hell is a show where filmmakers Simon Aitken (BLOOD + ROSES, POST-ITS, MODERN LOVE) and Keith Eyles (FEAR VIEW, DRIVEN INSANE, CROSSED LINES) go through the A-Z of directors. Simon and Keith talk about their favourite and least favourite film from that director's body of work.
A podcast with a woman who spent 10 years in an Old Testament, polygamous, doomsday cult
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Hosts Austyn and Repy are two average young women who are casually obsessed with true crime and horror. Every week a topic is chosen and each host presents a story of murder, mystery, or the paranormal along with some comic relief and banter.
Two angry web developers complain about life in development hell
Raising Hell is a discussion and education oriented podcast which takes an honest approach to promoting the individualist nature that Satanists are born with, and emboldening our own youth to rise above herd-conformity through responsible parenting.
Show dedicated to the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game: news, views and reviews of the game and general discussion about Star Wars.
Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley present the If There Is Hell Below podcast. Providing a mixture of the new and exciting, the great but forgotten and audio favourites. Staged in a house of opinion and ramblings.
Kate and Daniel are reunited at last, but they have to return to their duties in traveling the afterlife. There are stolen souls suffering without cause in Hell, and only they can help. Kate is back in her corporeal body, but keeping me
WELCOME TO HELL KITCHEN! You can understand here how much pepper can be sharp, how much salt can be bitter, how much strongly vinegar can be felt. ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR DESIRES! HELL KITCHEN SHOW IS A HOT COCTAIL OF DRUM and BASS MUSIC AND A DRIVE! TUNE IN! Every Thursday at 20:00 (GMT), 23:00 (Moscow) at
The only podcast about comic books on the internet, with Joe McCulloch, Chris Mautner, Matt Seneca and Tucker Stone.
Hello me, it's me again: Dave Mustaine here, lead singer of the greatest Heavy Metal band of all time bringing you bite-sized Metal news to shove up your... well... they won't let me curse in my iTunes description, but you know what I mean.
We're Jess (Jeff Goldboom) and Robyn (Nuclear Vinter) and this is Hell Yeah Roller Derby, a podcast for everyone involved in the wild world of roller derby
The WTH Are You Watching Podcast is a movie review and commentary podcast hosted by actor/filmmaker Lincoln L. Hayes. Each episode welcomes a new guest co-host to discuss a favorite film, a hated film, or something in theaters. You're gonna love it.
The debate about Heaven & Hell is hotter than ever. Does Hell even exist? Does everybody make it to Heaven eventually? Beyond scare tactics or soothing answers, this eye-opening series goes straight to the source—the words of Jesus to determine once-and-for-all what we can expect in the afterlife!
This podcast series, "To Hell and Back," is focused on the nature of hellish experiences in life, how people get into them, and to present and discuss tools for coping with hell and getting out. The various podcasts will move back and forth between different varieties of hell in life, and different tools for coping. The tools will be drawn fro dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), from other treatments, and from other life experiences.
Bald Move’s podcast covering Daredevil on Netflix.
Supernatural fan Kristen is introducing newbies, Christine and Jen, to the Supernatural fandom. They'll break down every episode from beginning to end, discuss the overarching themes, and rank every episode all while staying 100% spoiler free! We've got work to do.
Thunderbird Radio Hell features live band(s) every week performing in the comfort of the CiTR lounge. Most are from Vancouver, but sometimes bands from across the country and around the world are nice enough to drop by to say hi.
Metal and Irony Poisoned
The Film Lovers' Podcast
Three pastors working to move the perception of church beyond its cliched casserole culture. They don't shy away from questions you felt couldn't be asked. With a bit of laughter and a heart for community, these friends tackle the task of discipleship and mystery of faith to challenge the faithful from being too comfortable.
Football, Bloody Hell takes a look at the week’s Premier League news through the eyes of three often frustrated and always cynical, fans.As four children of the Premier League era pod regulars, Mike, Steve, Green Street and Doddsy take a humorous yet critical look at the biggest stories each week and poke holes in the various tired media agendas that will undoubtedly persist.There’s not much more to it than that, after all, it’s just a few lads talking about football, bloody hell.
Two professional women, one a Democrat the other Republican, find common ground over misogyny and sexism in the chaotic world of modern American society. Join Tracy Dietz and Kelly Gibson as they drink wine, share stories, and contemplate the best ways to deal with the asshats and douchebags they encounter every day.
Hell Kitchen
Она признанная королева «темного» drum’n’bass’а – IGLA , Он талантливый промоутер, диджей и музыкант, чья музыка отличается бескомпромиссным звучанием стопроцентного drum’n’bass’а – mistahG . А вместе они создатели и идейные вдохновители проекта Hell Kitchen , а также ведущие одноименного радиошоу на . Яркие активисты продвижения drum’n’bass-культуры, на счету которых организация множества мероприятий. Каждый их сет становится ярким событием, близким и понятным любому, незав ...
Horror Punk Podcast and Blog, we also feature Psychobilly, Goth, and Deathrock. bi weekly show updates and free podcast downloads.
Gaming in Hell
Gaming in Hell is a podcast about online culture hosted by two guys who hate being called "gamers" despite the term being appropriate. The internet is hell and we're all living in it - but what made it this way? Through conversations with friends about gaming culture, social media and everything else that happens online, the show hopes to unpack what makes the internet so terrible, and possibly discover a way to enjoy things without being awful.
Welcome To Hell
Welcome To Hell is a fanfiction bookclub. This is a podcast by fans about fanworks and the weird, wonderful, immersive hell of tropes, kinks, and that one amazing 100K WIP you read that hasn’t updated since 2007. Hosted bi-weekly by @dadvans (del), @ladyofthelog (verity), and @tonyweiling (tony).
Video Game Hell
Alternating between actual-play tabletop episodes and video game crit.
A Shoot 'em Up (Shmup) Gaming Podcast. We cover everything from Danmaku, Bullet Hell, Arcade, New, Retro, Top Down, Twin-Stick, Run n Gun, Fixed, Gallery, Rail, Arena... Rogue-lite Hybrids (cause that's a thing)... maybe a light gun game or two... basically anything that's shmup or shmup related.We do the news, reviews, retrospectives, deep dives, and any other hot item clickbait words that raises the SEO!Hosted by Sensei Pong.Thread the needle...Lick and Scrubside!
Kenny Gioia is joined by pro engineers, Richard Furch, Will Kennedy, Matt Hennessy, Marc Lacuesta and Phil Dubnick.
The podcast of custom motorcycle aficionado, entrepreneur, motorcycle journalist & enthusiast Jason Hallman.
A podcast to discuss every episode of "Hell's Kitchen" and other shows in the Gordon Ramsay universe.
Trailers From Hell showcases classic previews of past movie attractions punctuated with humorous commentary by iconic filmmakers.
A Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency podcast that is focused on trading and investing. Hosts interview guests and discuss the latest news in the markets. Follow us for bi-weekly market updates and conversation!
Soldiers of Hell
Since 1999, Andy and Spence aka Soldiers of Hell have been collecting their own brand of trading cards made of pop culture icons. It's not the only thing they've obsessed over though. Join them on pointless quests to discover who else will join their rosta.
An introspective and confused look at the movies and life choices of Adam Sandler. Discover where his career fits into the evolving landscape of the last few decades and learn how he has affected change himself.
Welcome to the TailGates of Hell. The NFC East podcast for the common man! It's all about the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins and Eagles.
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Writer Roy Scranton explains how to live on a dying planet. Roy is author of "We're Doomed. Now What? Essays on War and Climate Change" from Soho Press.
Check-Ins and News, X-Poll:What Job Would You Want for a Day?, Boner (Round One), Sister Dottie S Dixon, Boner (Round two), Out by Bill's Study Group, Tuesday Tunes with Todd, Boner Fight and More!
Journalist Anna Clark traces the toxic politics that poisoned the people of Flint. Anna is author of "The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and the American Urban Tragedy" from Metropolitan Books.
Gina is out so 4 guest step in during the show including the RFH interns and Dylan! We talk about check-Ins, 2018 Big Ass Show Announcement, Bill Frost on TV, Geek News, The RFH Mixer, and Boner of the Day.
Hells Belles, aka Liddy and Angela, is an all female podcast talking about all things Padres and their love of baseball! This week Liddy's niece Shelley joins us AND something socially engaging happened in the Padres Twitter World recently!
This week on #TDIGTH Ray shares stories of ex girlfriends past. We debut an early draft of the SJW Ray theme song. Tim and Ray talk about their love/hate of celebrity chefs, Q Anon, angels, demons the nuance of conspiracies and more. Follow the show @TimJDillon, @RayKump, @GaSDigital, @howardfrank
The death of media [21:24] / The poisoning of Flint [1:11:13] / Living on a dying planet [2:07:34] / Green revolution in Rojava [3:01:45] / Degenerates against fascism [3:43:03]
The death of media [21:24] / The poisoning of Flint [1:11:13] / Living on a dying planet [2:07:34] / Green revolution in Rojava [3:01:45] / Degenerates against fascism [3:43:03]
Writer Maximillian Alvarez explores the sanctity of waste and ownership in the digital age. Maximillian wrote the article "The Death of Media" for The Baffler.
Check-Ins and News, Who's Filling in On Monday, Boner (Round One), Hello Yeah What, Boner (Round Two), Dongle Update, The Garten, Boner Fight and More!
This week we are joined by animator Chris Darling to talk about the history of CGI (Computer Generated Images). We talk about the first films in which CGI appeared to the development of the craft through the years to the big films of today, where every scene has CGI in it. Movie Heaven Movie Hell is a show where filmmakers Simon Aitken (BLOOD + ...…
Check-ins, News, Boner (Rounds One and Two), Beat Gina: "The Rock" Trivia, Talkin Oprah, Talkin movies, and much more!
Journalist Yasha Levine looks behind the false front of Silicon Valley's corporate resistance. Yasha wrote the article "All EFF’d Up: Silicon Valley’s astroturf privacy shakedown" for The Baffler. / In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen gets all tangled up in space and time.
Check-Ins and News, Things That Must Go, Boner (Round One), Hello Yeah What, Boner (Round Two), Corey's Concert and Community Calendar, Boner Fight and More!
First we’re setting aside our own hopes and dreams to have (and raise) our kids. Then we’re relentlessly mocked (perhaps correctly) for being over-invested in the fourth-grade luau. Are we living through our kids? And how do we stop? Psychologists have long said that mothers transfer our own unfulfilled ambition onto our children. “Symbolic sel ...…
We’ve got a whale of a show for ya, folks. We’re starting off with our anger at Floyd Rose, whoever that is, and our interactions with Falling in Reverse. Then, we’re talking about the fucked up economic situation of major metal bands. Why isn’t Mastodon making money on tour? Why is Devin Townsend broke? We’re examining the scammers and grifter ...…
Repy and Austyn discuss two horrific camping massacres; the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders and the Lake Bodom Murders of Finland. Our theme music is a derivative work featuring samples from Top Pop by Jumbo Seller Music and clips of dialog from Peeping Tom (1960), The Shining (1980), and Psycho (1960). Our cover artwork was created by Bojana. Beco ...…
It's deathly hot this week so obviously something horrible has happened on the internet and Satan is mad. Two devs are fired because Reddit demands it, also Dan found a White Supremacist MMA Fight Group online.
Adrian makes his triumphant return to the podcast. The team discusses just where the hell he's been and the politics of being a politician. Check out this week's bonus episode Mark A Allerton where he and Nate discuss being a lefty veteran on the other side of the pond. Got a story to shar ...…
Journalist Eileen Truax explores the new battlegrounds in America's border wars. Eileen is author of "We Built the Wall: How the US Keeps Out Asylum Seekers from Mexico, Central America and Beyond" from Verso.
Check-ins, News, Boners (Rounds One and Two), Ziplining in Costa Rica, 3-Bit Gamer Show, Tuesday Tunes with Todd, and more!
Rob and Callum present Fantasy HellFest '18 with guest booker, Dylan/DRA oracle and all-round good egg Rich Thane of Line of Best Fit, the lad sure sure knows how to book a third of a Fantasy Festival. The lineup is stacked with the best new things, always killer hands and some reformations that ya lads at Coachella would kill for. As always, e ...…
Historian Anna-Lisa Cox traces the westward journey of America's Black pioneers. Anna-Lisa is author of "The Bone and Sinew of the Land: America's Forgotten Black Pioneers and the Struggle for Equality" from PublicAffairs.
Check-Ins and news, Amy Donaldson Sports, Really Amazing TSA Stories, Boner (Round One), Dennis Miller Joke, Bill Frost on TV, Boner (Round Two), News and Opinuendo, Geek News on the Radio, Traffic Light Hazard, Boner Fight and More!
Lincoln is joined by singer, dancer, yoga instructor, and two-time former guest Lucy Horton to discuss last year's "Coco" and it's startling relevance to the current world climate. Oh, and how much it makes them both sob uncontrollably. Check out Adam Rabin's new EP "One of a Kind" on his website, on Spotify, and every where you f ...…
We get to work breaking down the best and worst moments of Season 2, re-ranking some episodes, and voting on who our favorite relationship of the season was. Leave us a rating and review! Send your thoughts to (908) 516-HELL (4355) or to and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Find exclusive content on www.h ...…
Tim and Ray are back once again. This time they get deep into the interesting Chris Hedges article and the failure and problems of the current political state of affairs. They also get into Alexa Ray Joel, garbage TV, and don't forget to check out The Comedy Lineup NOW ON NETFLIX! Follow the show @TimJDillon, @RayKump, @GaSDigital, @howardfrank…
Journalist Jacob Hamburger explains why the new French left has old French left problems. Jacob wrote the article "Whose Populism? The Mixed Messages of La France Insoumise" for Dissent.
New populism in France [23:14] / America's Black pioneers [1:07:19] / How we built the wall [2:07:48] / Tech's fake resistance [3:11:39] / Space enough and time [3:53:13]
New populism in France [23:14] / America's Black pioneers [1:07:19] / How we built the wall [2:07:48] / Tech's fake resistance [3:11:39] / Space enough and time [3:53:13]
Check Ins, Boner of the Day, Travel Brigade, Kerry's Trip, Jay Whittaker, Boner of the Week and more!
Check-Ins and News, Geek News on the Radio, Beat Gina, Boner (round One), Sean Means Reviews Movies, Boner (Round Two), Stories From Vacation, Mr. Rogers Talk, Boner Fight and More!
Best of Radio From Hell for July 4th, 2018
Best of Radio From Hell for July 3rd, 2018
While the lords of morning radio are on vacation...enjoy this best of from Radio From Hell!
This week we are joined by Ben Shockley and Mark Noyce to talk about their film, THE BLAZING CANNONS, a buddy cop film that pokes fun at the 70s cop genre. We also asked Ben and Mark to pick their choices for Movie Heaven Movie Hell from 70s films. The film under discussion are HALLOWEEN, THE BROOD, DIRTY HARRY and BLAZING MAGNUM (aka STRANGE S ...…
Join Angela & Liddy for a star-studded, all-star podcast while they celebrate the 4th of July at Roy and Angela's. Listen as they're joined by Working the Count, Friars on the Farm, Los Hijos Fan Club and fellow #FriarFam, Charisma and Jonathan! You don't want to miss this...especially the "Lightening Round"! Happy 4th and GOD BLESS PADRES TWITTER!…
We’re doing our best to discuss the allegations against Maynard James Keenan, the fucked up hierarchies that allow rock stars to act like entitled monsters, and how to make a positive change in the world. This podcast was a tough one but hopefully we tackled it all with empathy, an appropriate amount of levity, and an acceptable level of slande ...…
Economist Rob Larson explains why capitalism will always fail to deliver freedom for humanity. Rob is author of Capitalism vs. Freedom: The Toll Road to Serfdom from Zero Books. / In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen is appalled by SCROTUS.
This week Kelli and Rachel cover abortion rights in the US. What are the misconceptions? Who is having them? Why are faith-based "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" funded with my secular dollars?! Why are we STILL arguing about this!? You gotta fight, for your right, to make choooooooices.
Before we became mothers, most of us had fairly clear notions of the kinds of parents we wanted to be— and extremely clear notions of the mothers we would not, under any circumstances, ever be. Our children would eat whatever was on their plates. Our children would be screen-free until kindergarten. Our children would never hear anything but th ...…
Lincoln is joined by writer, associate editor, and Doctor Who guru Kyle Anderson (he also used to host this very podcast, remember?) to talk about the most recent season of "Voltron: Legendary Defender" now streaming on Netflix. It's a big ol' gush-fest about an awesome series that more people should be watching! Also, there are some spoilers, ...…
This week, Austyn and Repy argue about the recent ruling from an Australian court that granted a woman the right to use her deceased boyfriend's semen to conceive a child. Then, they discuss two ruthless women who murdered their husbands (and others); Evelyn Dick and Nannie Doss, AKA "The Giggling Granny". Our theme music is a derivative work f ...…
Mitch and Dan talk about some weird movies because they're allowed to talk about whatever they want on this show - and also apparently they like Fortnite now.
Historian Catherine Nixey explores the violent purging of the Classical world by early Christians. Catherine is author of "The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World" from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
IT'S INDEPENDENCE DAY, BABY! Drop your fireworks for an hour and listen as Nate and Francis talk about the original Independence Day. The one with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum. Check out this week's bonus episode with Spenser Rapone as we break down the Ridley Scott Classic Black Hawk Down. Get it here - ...…
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