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The Rhine
Stories from the chaotic frontier between Rome and the "Barbarians" that became Europe's fault line. We chart the rise of the Roman Empire, it's fall in the West, and the reverberations that led to centuries of conflict between France and Germany.
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We follow the Vandals from the area around modern-day Berlin to Tunisia. One of the great adventures in the ancient world.
Covering the years 410 - 416, the Goths are on the move again. From now on we'll call these Goths "Visigoths"
Covering the years 408 - 410 in Italy, this was our favorite show to write and produce.
Covering 405 - 409 CE, we watch two groups of barbarians merge and threaten the very heart of the Western Roman Empire.
We take a close look at the 3 tribes that crossed the frozen Rhine river on New Year's Eve of the year 406 and wreaked havoc on Roman Gaul.
Covering the years 402 - 406, we discuss the changing nature of the Roman state, particularly in the west.
Covering the years 395 - 402, Alaric and the Goths turn their attention to the Western Roman Empire, led by a general named Stilicho.
Covering 395, the Romans suffer massive attacks on two fronts.
Covering the years 382 - 395, the Eastern and Western halves of the Roman Empire are set on a collision course, and the Goths are caught in the middle.
This week, we cover the war of words between the Bishop Ambrose of Milan and the Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius "the Great."
Covering 378-382, we cover the aftermath of the Battle of Adrianople.
Covering the year 378, it's the climax of the migrant crisis, as the Roman Emperors Valens and Gratian close in on Gothic positions in the eastern Balkans.
Part 2 of our series on the Goths who crossed into Roman territory in 376. For more content from "The Rhine" check us on on twitter and facebook!
Covering the years 376-377, two desperate Gothic tribes run from a Hunnic army end up begging for food and shelter on the edge of the Roman Empire.
The arrival of the Huns in 375 CE signals the beginning of a new European epoch. First on the chopping block: the Goths.
The Roman Empire is expanding, causing all sorts of conflicts with it's neighbors, including the Germanic Quadi tribe in the middle Danube.
We tell the unorthodox story of Wulfila, a Roman prisoner living among the Goths. Twitter: @rhinecast Facebook:
In this one I answer a few questions that I haven't been able to embed into the longer storytelling episodes. It's been a year of podcasting. Thank you so much for listening! We are going to take a short break, but we'll be back soon.
Covering 336-337, it's the foundation of one of the world's greatest cities and the end of the reign of Constantine. The Rhine is supported by you! To help us out on the research and production of the show, click here Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:…
Great men are not always good. The Rhine is supported by you! To help us out on the research and production of the show, click here Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Constantine marches his army through the Alps to attack Maxentius. To support the show: Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Constantine is thrown into the political maelstrom. The Rhine is supported by our fantastic listeners! Support the show at Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 306 - 311, we tell the story of Constantine's complicated relationship with the Germanii, then shift to a dramatic series of political events in Italy. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Finally, we tell our first story about Constantine, a man who re-shaped Europe.
Covering the years 296 - 305, we continue continue through the somewhat controversial reign of Diocles / Diocletian. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Diocles (Diocletian) is often credited for bringing the gold old days back to Rome. But one part of the Empire wasn't doing so well. This week, we cover a fascinating insurgencies in Belgica. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
We cover the rise of Diocletian, and dispel a few myths Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 276 - 282, it's the reign of the so-called honest Emperor. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Our final episode on my favorite Emperor: Aurelian. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 272-273, our rough-and-tumble Emperor Aurelian has a spiritual awakening. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
The Roman Empire continues to fragment, but perhaps one man has the willpower to fix it. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the year 268, we tell stories from the biggest invasion of Roman territory in the 3rd century: the epic Gothic sea reaving.
Covering the years 260 - 268, the Roman Empire is falling apart and the Emperor Gallienus tries to save it - but he can't do it alone. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the critical year 260, we spend more time on the aftermath of the Rome's disastrous defeat at the hand of the Iranians, also known as the Sassanian Persians. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering 253 - 260 CE/AD: you reap what you sow. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
We tell the century long story of the migration of the Goths and what happened when they arrived on Rome's frontiers around 250 CE. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
A bit of a detour: this shows tells the story of how the old East vs. West rivalry made a strong comeback around 240 CE/AD. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 222 - 235, we talk about finances for a few minutes before accompanying the young Emperor Alexander Severus on an adventure to the east. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 211 - 222, we meet the child-Emperors related to Septimius Severus and learn about a new Germanic coalition forming on the southern Rhine frontier. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
After a quick detour into pre-history, we cover the Roman civil war in Gaul that lasted from 193 to 197. Ways to get in touch with Joe: Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 180 - 193, we cover a round of politicalintrigue that connects the city of Rome to the provincial armies inBritannia, Gaul, and on the Danube frontier. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 161 - 180, the philosopher emperor MarcusAurelius tries to protect "civilization" from the "barbarians." Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 70 - 160 CE, it's the good, bad, and the uglyof the Pax Romana, the long Roman Peace.
Season 2 will cover the years 135 CE to 500 CE, and this episodeis a quick preview of the big themes in Season 2 which starts May16, 2016.
Covering the years 400 BCE - 135 CE, this episode provides aquick overview of "The Rhine" Season 1, or parts 1-24, which willgive you a good foundation for Season 2 if you have just joinedus.
After a brief legend from the 500s BCE, we cover the years 68 - 135 CE, following the compelling story of how first Jews came to France and Germany. Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast Email:
Covering the years 66 - 68, it's the first part of our series on the Roman-Jewish Wars and the Jewish Diaspora. Ways to get in touch with the show: Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast or #TheRhinePodcast Email:
Covering 68 - 70 CE, it's the Year of the 4 Emperors and chaotic invasions on the Rhine. Ways to get in touch with the show: Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast or #TheRhinePodcast Email:
Covering the years 42 - 59 AD/CE, we chart the rise of Agrippina the Younger, the most powerful woman the Roman world had ever seen. More importantly for our history of Germany, Agrippina founded the greatest city in the Rhine River Valley. There are a few ways you can get in touch with us: Facebook: Twitter: ...…
Covering the years 37 - 42 CE/AD, we tell the stories of two Roman Emperors who dream of conquering Britannia. Ways to get in touch with the show: Facebook: Twitter: @rhinecast or #TheRhinePodcast Email:
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