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The Karel Cast
This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.
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The state of what union is what? We have a lot more to deal with here then when or if a speech will happen, baby!
America is getting it woefully wrong. Listen to what.
Stop blaming Trump! As Karel launches his new Furious Five daily, he's got a word for ya.
On the day Youtube tells Karel he's too much for monetization, change begins.
The largest electronics show in the world, I go, and my microphone distorts. Oh well, let's go anyway!
We tolerate a lot of bad behavior. The Black community has tolerated R. Kelly. We tolerate Trump. Why?
Karel overdid it his first day at CES so needs a down day today, but he went live from bed with stories from the day previous you won't want to miss.
Karel is at the largest computer expo and electronics show in the world, and so are you!
A final best of as Karel recovers from Vacations and the Flu.
I got the flu, but got the shot, so It's only horrific, not near death. So while I puke and sweat, you can have two best of show's until Monday! Here we talk with the maker of the best invention ever, my washer.
David Lazarus on Trump and the war on opiates.
We talk to creator and producer Brandon Riley Miller and the cast of High the Series.
Who makes those Vapes? The Vapor Bros that's who! We visit them!
What to do with Problem Christmas guests and Greg Ferron on Culture Closet.
At a fabulous dinner party we try low carb Xmas food, plus we trace Xmas music's history with Charleston and Mallory.
Back in 2016 Karel needed a reality slap, so here it is!
The author of Tea Hates Cancer and Moto Madness . First, Maria Uspenski talks cancer and Tea and Karel visits the Moto show with Steve Cabral!
We talk to a pet expert about holiday pet tips with Diane Rose Solomon author of What to Expect when Adopting a Dog and then dive in to the fourth annual commemoration of Sandy Hook, Be sure to support the show at reallykarel.cxom
So, I was out walking, talking and this happened….
OK, so, I wasn't going to do a show. And then, I did. But, it's not really a show, so, here it isn't.
Flash back two years to Thursday , December 13 2016 to see what was happening!
Cohen, guilty, serving 36 months for treason? Really? Plus a lump sends Karel off a journey you just have to hear about.
We are missing this most of all right now, plus, a White House showdown today that was just…horrific…
It’s not funny, or is it? Not when you hear the rest of the world talk about it, as Karel has. Also, Movie Monday talks the over-rating of A Star is Born and filthy flour?
Let's flash back to Ireland this Friday, we could use it!
The two top stories make Karel need to lay down, so he does, along with you. And what happens next, well, watch and listen. But baby, it's colder outside than you think!
You know, with George HW Bush I realize things aren’t all that new, and that we never change, do we? Listen in for this must hear insight.
OOO and it’s all right and it’s coming on, we’ve gotta get it right back to where we started from…Oh Vicki Sue, Vicki Sue, how true, how true. Plu, Cindy Sheehan joins us on legacies.
Karel has seen Many things, but the Victoria's Secret fashion show boggled his mind. Simply boggled. And Karen's . And everybody's. WTF? Plus, a test case in UK would ban "bringing home the bacon" and other non vegan friendly things based on violating their human rights. OMG.
A Friday best, Karel talks to, well, everyone and decides to make it a show. Because real life for most of us, is on the phone!
It's the one thing we need most, and can't seem to handle. Anyone. Even me. But here's some hard words about the biggest issue we face.
We start in the kitchen, go to news of the day, and the news ends back in the kitchen!
Karel is looking ahead and thinking out loud, and in doing so, finds the only prism that you should use to filter daily events through and shares it with you. Plus, he weaves the headlines in to the discussion seamlessly.
Karel recaps thanksgiving and even has a regret that you may share.
It's time to talk turkey and all things in the kitchen.
It's time to turn off the world and turn on the Holidays and Karel gives you a few good reasons why.
A diagnosis leaves Karel clearer, and CNN needs to focus.
Karel wants to remind you, Holidays are fun. Life can be, as well. And, traveling with a service animal, or pet, or should there be a difference? Listen in to this impassioned show.
More news has Karel's nerves raw, and from it, come some deep understandings and truths.
It's become obvious the first thing America needs to survive and it isn't a new President. It's beyond that now. Listen.
The Midterms did not turn out as we hoped, and then another mass shooting. America is divided, mean and armed. Is there hope? Yes, Karel thinks so.
It's the day America finds out if it's stil…One America.
Steven Cabral is a good son, and a caregiver, And his story may sound like yours. And while Trump creates dystopia, so many of us are coping with the real issues of life. This is one story.
Karel throws back this Thursday but makes an incredible point about the value of Nostalgia. This, with headlines thrown in.
Is it about a kitchen or bedroom, or so much more? Do you like your space? Are you happy with your home, city, state, country? Also it's Halloween and many aren't celebrating? Why? Because they think they'll have more. What if you didn't?
If you really think about it, we are a mean country. So what can we do? Enjoy it.
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