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The Karel Cast
This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.
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So, a report says that in 2019 with just three months left in the decade we are setting records, for the number of STDs in our country. So if guns don't get 'cha something else might. So, why not make some coconut milk yogurt to replace the gut bacteria you lose when you take antibiotics. Throw in a PrEP rant, and it's a Monday. Support at real ...…
Judy (at theatre) died in 1969, and the Stonewall Riots happened the day of her funeral. We talk Gay Pride as Vegas gets ready for its, and, we make the #1 drink of that year, the Vodka Gimlet. Why not.By Karel.
Change takes this long. And when it happens, you need to cope, so we make Coping Cannabis Chocolate. Vegan, of course.By Karel.
Forget impeachment and such, everybody I know is having man or woman problems! And it's no wonder, as the Supreme Court debates gay love again, it seems no one is in it. Why? Well, we make pancakes and discuss.By Karel.
The President is off his rocker, so we talk the history of impeachment while making Peach tea. There's some surprising facts, and a surprising way to make tea. 8 bags green tea, half a can including syrup of peaches, brew. Serve over Ice. Then, a popcorn hack you won't believe. All while telling you where this will end.…
Why on Thursday's do we throw back? I think I have an idea. So, it should bring us joy and if you do this, it will! Listen daily, support and visit reallykarel.comBy Karel.
The nation is suffering from this very real condition and if we don’t do something about it, quickly, it will destroy us. Listen and watch at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Trump says they'll be civil war, but as I am attacked at Hertz in Las Vegas for asking a right winger to turn down their podcast, and as no one cares, including the police, I see it's already happening. Listen daily at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Defeats are everywhere, at every turn. And we lament them daily. But what about the victories? What about the joys? Do we celebrate those any more, or are there none? Listen in daily and download the FREE app at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Depression is now the way of most in the USA and symptoms of it are everywhere. So what are we going to do as a culture to get happier? Nothing. So what can you do? This. Listen daily at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
My HOA and I hate each other. I bet you do, too, if you have one. Yet, I pay for it. Like Congress. Most of us hate it. Yet, we run it. So? What's up with that? Why do we have all the power, but no control?By Karel.
Immigration, Health Care, Congress, Corporate Structure, Cable TV, Phone Companies, Phones themselves, Homelessness..what part of our society is working for and with you? It's an honest question. feedback@reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Justin Trudeau, bad in Brown face, Jennifer Anniston, bad in Brown, Trump OK In Orange, Beyonce fine Pale in Pepsi…WTF? Rap says N Word OK, Not if You're White, Blacks can have long blonde straight hair but Whites can't wear afro's… Oh, and why isn't Drag offensive to Women? I mean, how many look like a cast member of Drag Race? I cannot keep u ...…
The bells of war are ringing for us and … who this time? Plus, a few glitches but Karel takes you THERE today with the news. Support at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Medicare for all is all the rage with politicians…but they're not on it. Ask anyone, a Doctor, A person on Medicare if they like medicare, and they'll tell you, NO! So why are we asking for more people to join something that already is broken and failing?By Karel.
You are not alone…and sometimes we need the healing power of music to remind us that we are not, in fact, alone. A song takes over Karel and the show today, but it's Emeli Sande so, it's OK? Watch and listen at Karel.
It's time we focus on THIS and not THAT because of our current state which is…well, listen and see. And support the show at and then visit the fabulous new website reallykarel.comBy Karel.
We are banning E-Cigs over less than 10 deaths, but not guns…hmmm…Plus, it's 9/11 and … well, not many care any more. Support the show at and watch the married men video at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
STOP VAPING immediately unless you do this. Plus, isn't it neglect to let a kid not eat right, and, when are homeless responsible for themselves? Tune in daily at and listen to Married Men and watch the video on all services.By Karel.
The median income is $62k according to the news today. That's $30 an hour for a 40 hour workweek. You're not making that. Plus, Bolton's gone and Karel's horror story with insurance and Rosacea. Watch/Listen daily at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Outside of Afghanistan, we are not at war. So let's stop with the China trade war, Cold War, war war war. War war is Stupid. I'm in the park, with dancing Chinese Ladies and Ember and set you right about it all. Watch Married Men at now.!By Karel.
Two women, two scandals, one theme: We don't have the courage of our convictions. Maryanne Williamson said people should pray for God to change the hurricanes path. She got criticized. Why? Can't your omnipotent being that grants eternal life based on how you behaved do such things. And if not, why worship it? And, Debra Messing pokes the bear ...…
Reminders are all around in the news about THIS, and I tell you. Plus, a kid eats junk his whole life and goes blind and we blame…the food? Slap the parents. Support the show at and visit to see the latest music video Married Men available on all streaming services.By Karel.
Karel lost a listener over owning a gun. Why shouldn't he own a gun? Why is it wrong for him to have a handgun after Walmart Announces it will sell no more ammo for handguns? Comments below or feedback@reallykarel.comBy Karel.
New research about the origins of LGBT people make Karel's blood pressure rise, and Taylor Swift seals the deal. Listen in for a new point of view. And support the show at Karel.
Labor Day his coming, but who even has time to notice? And where did summer go? In our 24 7 world, who can keep up? Plus Fosse-Verdon leads to a #MeToo discussion and Karel announces a needed but lofty goal. AND, Married Men is streaming everywhere so go to where you find music and stream Karel Married Men a lot!…
A judge says Johnson & Johnson must pay for our love of opiates. I'll tell you why the judge is wrong. Support the show at and pleaseBy Karel.
Two stories, one think in common: Our lungs. The Amazon, they ARE the Earth's; meanwhile vaping destroying others. One should let us know the urgency of the other, but I know why it hasn't. Subscribe on Youtube, Support at through Patreon and Go Fund Me.By Karel.
As Brazil Burns, you eat a burger and YES that's the problem. It's OK Niro, let's Dance to the fiddle music! Plus, where do you get an enormous amount of FREE content? that's where! Go now!By Karel.
Two years ago I changed my entire life with two decisions. You can too. The results? Well, see and hear for yourself, but it's not all what you'd expect. Support the show at and Karel.
I Planned on doing #ThePlantedHost and do get to some nutrition news, but the headlines take me away as the Jew-baiting, Name Calling Assh*le In Chief is at it again…support the show at and go to the newly redesigned website reallykarel.comBy Karel.
iPhones, Samsungs, Laptops, Tablets, all around $1000 . How did phones become … this? And is it worth it? Let's talk truth. Support the show at Karel.
Everybody is talking about the economy like A: they are part of it and B: they have a say in it, and it's making me laugh. Here's why. Also, I hear a new song in this show, should we? Support the show monthly at and visit dailyBy
We are going the #WrongWay when it comes to diet in the USA even Plant Based, and #WantNotNeed explores knowing the difference between the two. Support the show at and Karel.
It's time to just #OwnIt For instance, we all know the Gig economy is bad, especially Lyft and Uber, and yet we use them. So, today, we must own a lot.By Karel.
On #EverybodysTalkingAboutIt we speak on Epstein and what we know to be true, Walmart and the real terror and the fact we allow narratives in our lives that we know are false but find comfort in them. Support the show at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
First of all, who pays $300 a month for a gym. I show you a better, cheaper way. And then, THESE are Easy it's THIS that's the hard part. Listen in and support the show at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Is your belief in yourself, your country, in your job, your career easily shaken these days? And have you taken on the qualities of an American? If so , do you like them? Listen daily and support the show at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
I know something, taught to me by adversity, that America doesn't, and I share. Plus, the second part of the equation is quite simple really, it becomes a matter of if we truly WANT to go on. Do we? Feedback@reallykarel.comBy Karel.
31 people dead…and? Monday as usual. News. Music. Work. Life. We never, ever take the time to process, so, nothing ever gets processed or done. Today is no different. All week we will be discussing the future of our country where guns rule and logic does not.By karel.
Andrew Yang is correct: we are treating 2020 like a game show. The notion that Donald Trump will be "tough" to defeat means America may already be lost. That should be the dialogue. ANYONE should be able to beat him in a civilized country.By Karel.
If she can't win, why is she so popular? Watch the video at Reallykarel.comBy Karel.
A email from a listener derails me and I share what it was like to actually be in Gilroy first hand.By Karel.
A kid kills a kid, a 19 y/o kills a six year old in my listening area…why? Guns? Nope. Anger. And it's not getting any better. Are we a redeemable nation? Or is this just life anew?By Karel.
First, a song from The 1975 that everyone must hear. And then, a conversation with Toby about why we all should be healthier!!By Karel.
A coyote chasing Ember and I gives me reason to think Washington is the same: Get rid of the predators or be food.By karel.
Mueller's non testimony testimony was the best political theater in years. But, what did it really do?By Karel.
I've been run over in an intersection. Yesterday, in SF, a Tesla took out a tourist in an intersection. In America, we are running in to each other's ideals in the American crossroads, and it's killing us.By Karel.
Maybe, sometimes, you have to let something burn.By Karel.
Yesterday, the world handed their IDs over to our major technological enemy, Russia. How? Why? And What does it mean? I tell you.By Karel.
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