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How To Win Friends & Influenza
How To Win Friends & Influenza features interviews with distinguished doctors across a range of specialties.It’s designed for junior doctors and medical students who are curious about different specialties and the real life side of medicine, not just the pathophysiology of it.Hear these guests’ stories and learn from their advice, whether it’s immunology, surgery, gastroenterology or something else you’re interested in.
SwineCast: Regular updates and entertainment on and about the pork industry. Your Connection. At Your Convenience. (tm)
Listen to The Lancet Infectious Diseases
The Lancet Infectious Diseases is a monthly journal, renowned for the publication of high-quality peer-reviewed reviews and analysis from around the world. In the monthly podcasts, editors of the journal discuss highlights of the current issue.
PoultryCast: Information for and about the poultry industry. Your Connection. At Your Convenience. (tm)
Information for and about the dairy industry. Your Connection. At Your Convenience. (tm)
Outbreak Report
Outbreak Report allows for the up to date information on infections in the USA and around the world. Presenting the facts in a quick, easy to understand way.
At The Meeting... With The Morrison Group
At The Meeting... With The Morrison Group - Information for swine professionals and veterinarians delivered in a form to help you maximize your time & hear the latest scientific information.
Celsius Recordings Podcast
Celsius Recordings & Influenza Media. Soulful drum & bass from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Powered by @triplevisionnl.Check out our big brother @fokuzrecordings!
RVC Podcast
From arthritis and bird flu to vaccines and zoo animal health, Dr Mark Cleasby (Dr Matthias Kleinz - on episodes 1 to 20) and his colleagues will give you an insight into the work conducted at the UK's largest veterinary school. In bite size interviews with experts you can find out how the Royal Veterinary College, the University of London's vet school, is pushing the frontiers in veterinary medicine and basic science. Recent episodes include: Immune-mediated diseases and the role of Regulat ...
My Trip Abroad by CHAPLIN, Charlie
"A steak and kidney pie, influenza and a cablegram. There is the triple alliance that is responsible for the whole thing."So begins Charlie Chaplin's My Trip Abroad, a travel memoir charting the actor-director's semi-spontaneous visit to Europe. Fresh off the success of 1921's The Kid, Chaplin decides to "play hookey" after his seven year stay in Hollywood. He return to his native Europe as an international superstar, beloved by fans and hounded by reporters. The "triple alliance" of the boo ...
Just So Stories (version 5) by KIPLING, Rudyard
The stories, first published in 1902, are fantastic accounts of how various natural phenomena came about. The original editions of Just So Stories were illustrated with woodcuts by Kipling himself. Each story is accompanied by a poem, in a somewhat ballad style. Many of the stories are addressed to “Best Beloved” (they were first written for Kipling’s eldest daughter, Josephine, who had died during an outbreak of influenza in 1899), and throughout they use a comically elevated style inspired ...
Just So Stories (version 2) by KIPLING, Rudyard
The stories, first published in 1902, are fantastic accounts of how various natural phenomena came about. The original editions of Just So Stories were illustrated with woodcuts by Kipling himself. Read along online and see the illustrations at Each story is accompanied by a poem, in a somewhat ballad style. Many of the stories are addressed to "Best Beloved" (they were first written for Kipling's eldest daughter, Josephine, who had died during an outbreak of influenza in 189 ...
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The poet this week is Yone Noguchi: Make your calls to make the world a better place: Stance: The Woods: The Map: Dave – Taylor Help The Show On Patreon Riverhouse Games Website Twitter Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS! Riverhouse Games Thanks You! ...…
Real Health Podcast | Dr. Taylor Krick
As Halloween candy stashes get smaller, temperatures get colder, and noses get runnier. To many parents, fall just means the start of runny noses, flus, colds, and ear infections, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Many statistics say that kids get an average of 5-12 colds and/or flus each year - a statistic that I find ridiculous. If you ta ...…
Flu season is upon us and if you’ve ever had it, you KNOW how miserable it can be! For kids, it can be even worse! Every year, millions of people in the United States get sick with influenza. Unfortunately, for over 30,000 people each year, the flu becomes a fatal illness. But the good news is, there are things you can do to protect your family ...…
This Podcast Will Kill You
In Episode 1 we're talking all things flu, just in time for the start of flu season! We'll dive into the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed literally millions of people, then talk about the state of influenza in the world today, and tell you everything you need to know about how the flu virus works.…
Dr Miller talks about Biotron’s current lead compound, BIT225, which is in Phase 2 development for the treatment of HIV-1 & hepatitis C. Biotron Limited (Biotron) is a company that focuses on the development of technology that targets viroporin proteins, which are key to enabling the pathogenicity of a number of viruses including hepatitis C, H ...…
Billings Public Library director Galvin Woltjer showcases the ways in which the Parmly Billings Library supported the war effort. His discussion will cover book drives for soldiers, efforts to deliver comfort for soldiers’ families, the library’s use as a campaign site for enlistment, and its role in dealing with public health issues including ...…
Some Australian states are experiencing an unprecedented influenza outbreak, with Victoria among the worst hit. The state's Department of Health says the epidemic may have reached its peak. Influenza rates are at a near-record level in Victoria, with over 13-thousand people tested this year. That's up from just over 8-thousand cases in the same ...…
EPISODE 5: Which Nutritional Supplement Works Against Influenza & Cancer? — Let me tell you about mushroom-based nutraceuticals and how AHCC and related Basidiomycete fungi can help boost your immune system. I review studies showing how these supplements work with mice and humans infected with Influenza as well as an overview of their use in ca ...…
Why are we always so quick to see the negative things in life, yet it seems to take us a lot longer to see the positive - why is that? It just seems a bit easier, I suppose (BTW I have no answers here people, sorry). I do know, that lately, I am trying really hard to focus on the positive things a lot more and express my love, respect and grati ...…
In this episode Birdman visits with Doctor Simran Galhotra, MD, MBA, FCCP, Board Certified in Pulmonary, Sleep, and Critical Care to discuss his role at Summit Healthcare and what SEPSIS is. Video @ September is Sepsis Awareness Month! Did you know that every day there are an average of 38 amputation procedures perf ...…
Alternative treatments may be the only long-term hope for managing blackhead in turkeys, said Robert Beckstead, PhD, turkey health specialist, North Carolina State University. For now, however, biosecurity is the only available option for preventing the disease, he told Poultry Health Today. Blackhead disease is caused by the protozoan parasite ...…
According to the CDC, in the United States each year influenza has resulted in between 9.2 million and 35.6 million illnesses, between 140,000 and 710,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 and 56,000 deaths annually since 2010. Getting an annual flu vaccine is the first and best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu. Flu vaccin ...…
This week on Grad Chat: Claire Boteler - M.Sc. candidate in Statistics, supervised by Dr David Thomson and Dr Troy DayResearch: Investigating the periodic patterns of influenza mortality using statistical methods, including time series, and spectral analysis techniques.Overview: Influenza is an infectious disease, and its periodic patterns are ...…
I speak with author and nurse educator Amelia Kenyon, DNP about mandatory flu vaccines in healthcare workers. We discuss her book, "Legal and Ethical Problems With Mandatory Vaccine Policies in the Workplace." The reason behind healthcare settings mandating flu vaccines, mask wearing policies, and violating worker rights are a few of the many i ...…
Seminole County School District Superintendent Walt Griffin and Osceola County Schools superintendent Debra Pace join us to talk about growing enrollment, how to pay for new buildings, and what the legislation around charter schools means for their districts. Also, a canine influenza outbreak is worrying pet owners and vets. Dr. Cynda Crawford ...…
Actually with Julia and Lindsay
This entire episode is dedicated to the much hyped #WOTS of one Casey and Dino Cardinio. We process influenza, stemless bouquets and dance sweat. BONUS: Hear for the very first time from Julia's new roomie and we introduce a new segment called "Can We Talk About Pop Culture for a Minute?"
Dancing with the Black Elephant
Sponsored by the MS in ERM Program at Yeshiva University's Katz School: episode is part of our three multi-part episodes on pandemic influenza. If you want to learn more about how some of our officials and leaders in public health, healthcare, and the insurance industry are responding to pan ...…
H1N1, H7N9, H5N1–we hear this “alphanumeric” description of various influenza, or flu viruses all the time. In this short clip from an older interview, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University and founder of Virology Blog, Vincent Racaniello, PhD explains more about the Hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA). […] The p ...…
Health and Lifestyle Contributor Monica Leighton discusses ways to protect pets from canine influenza. | Bestselling author Steve Jenkins shares his inspiring and heartwarming story - "Esther the Wonder Pig -Changing the World One Heart at a Time". | Kim Gaebelein from Bil Jac Foods shares important information on what we should know about Nati ...…
Celsius Recordings Podcast
Celsius Podcast #21 Hosted by NelverGuest mix by Jazzatron Russian drum & bass producer and Celsius veteran @nelver and Italian producer @Jazzatron_breaknerds head up the July 2017 installment 21st part of the Celsius Recordings podcast.Tracklist: Nelver Intro01. Fearbace - Coming To (Celsius)02. Mage - Call Of The Ancients (Celsius)03. Fearbac ...…
Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm Podcast
Tune into the Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm Podcast as we saddle up with Dr. Remick at the beginning of the twentieth century as he experiences love, loss, and the scurge of the 1918 Influenza pandemic.
How To Win Friends & Influenza
PATIENT IS BLEEDING! EVERYBODY PANIC!That's not what it's really like in a trauma setting, is it?Dr Jeremy talks about the ups and downs of life in trauma, as well as the different training paths that can lead to it.Dr Jeremy is the Director Of Trauma at Westmead Hospital. Additionally, he's involved in breast clinics and medical teaching.Theme ...…
Before the season starts, I thought I'd give you a quick glimpse into a presentation I did in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago. The presentation was a part of a panel discussion on Public Health and The Law. We talked about international regulations for events such as the Ebola outbreak, the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, and current controvers ...…
Nadine Rouphael and Mark Prausnitz discuss the findings from their phase 1 trial that uses a dissolvable microneedle patch to deliver an influenza vaccine to patients.
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