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Radio Influenza
Re-telling the events of 1918-19, as the deadly influenza rages across the globe. Follow for daily updates. An artwork by Jordan Baseman for Wellcome
Health Focus
Doctors, medical professionals and researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina will be featured weekly in a series of radio interviews on South Carolina Public Radio called Health Focus. Award winning public broadcaster Bobbi Conner will host this series of health and medical features, covering a wide array of topics.
The medical podcast for your cortex and funny bone. Dr Mel Herbert, Dr Jess Mason, Dave Mason and the FOOLYBOO team bring you a medical podcast that won't hurt a bit.
Broadcasts from the amazing and intense world of medical school.
Latest medical news and features from Medscape Internal Medicine
The medical podcast for your cortex and funny bone. Dr Mel Herbert, Dr Jess Mason, Dave Mason and the FOOLYBOO team bring you a medical podcast that won't hurt a bit.
Chicken Whisperer
Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer®, brought to you by Kalmbach Feeds, is a nationally broadcast web radio show all about keeping backyard poultry, show poultry, and living a self-sufficient lifestyle. Each week, the Chicken Whisperer®, Editor In Chief of, Chicken Whisperer Magazine, Author of, The Chicken Whisperer's Guide To Keeping Chickens, and National Spokesperson for the USDA-APHIS Biosecurity for Birds Program, welcomes experts in their field from around the country to share ...
Medicine That Tastes Funny. Dr. Christopher Labos and Jonathan Jarry demystify common medical misconceptions while bickering.
Editor of the website, Outbreak News Today, Robert Herriman interviews expert guests on topics of infectious diseases, research, medicine and health.
Latest Health, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Fitness and Beauty videos from
The "Animal General Podcast" with Dr. Mike will navigate you through the world of pets with tips and tricks, time-tested veterinary medicine and new cutting-edge procedures. Join Dr. Mike Hutchinson to discuss all of your pet needs! From more complex topics like stem cells and regenerative medicine to simple solutions for ridding your pet of that nasty skunk smell... Find the answers - and how they translate to your own beloved pet!
Patrick Geoghegan takes a contemporary look at history and the lessons that can be learnt from it.
A podcast about South Bend (Ind.) area history and culture hosted by South Bend Tribune reporter Margaret Fosmoe. Listener feedback is welcome! Have an idea for a future episode? Post it here or email:
Beyond Infinity
Broadcast every Tuesday at 11am AEDT on Radio Port Phillip 98.7 or 98.3 FM. It’s your weekly dose of science and technology.Including features on cool gadgets, website reviews, the latest science and IT news, not to mention astronomy and space exploration. thanks to John Young, Paul Wattie, Steve Meyers, Brendon Telfer and the team at RPPfm.
In each episode of In The Past Lane, the history podcast, we take up topics in American history and explore them through feature pieces, interviews, book and film reviews, and more. Our guiding philosophy is that history is not just about the past - it's about our world, here and now. History explains why things are the way they are, everything from our economy, religious practices, and foreign policy, to political ideology, family structure, and rates of poverty. Our aim is to be both infor ...
History of the Great War is a weekly podcast that will cover the First World War that occurred from 1914 and 1918. Every week we will be discussing the events that occurred exactly 100 years ago. We will journey from the borders of France in the blistering heat of 1914, to the shores of Gallipoli, to the banks of Somme, to the final knockout attempt by the German army in the spring of 1918.
Dr. Roger Welton and Dr. Karen Louis are both experienced, practicing veterinarians that write extensively on their respective blogs (Web-DVM.Net and They co-host this show to discuss the topics that inspire them to blog, while offering their unique experiences and training to offer listeners varied perspectives on pet issues of the day.
Transformational Pediatrics is a free podcast series for health care professionals featuring the specialists from Children’s Mercy covering topics in that are changing pediatric medicine. In each 10-minute podcast we cover important and timely topics in pediatrics including heart care and cardiology, critical care, oncology, neurology, neonatology, infectious disease, gastroenterology and nephrology among a host of others. We will discuss research, ethics, new solutions to health care our pr ...
Peds RAP is an irresistible monthly podcast full of audio CME, presentations, reviews and perspectives. Get started today with some free CME.
This Week in Virology is a netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Three virology professors and a science writer explain how viruses work and how they cause disease.
This is the official podcast channel of the Society of Actuaries.
Kathy and Barry of Senior Care Corner® provide conversations with experts and information of interest to family caregivers of older adults.
Breaking news and research on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and herbal medicine with HealthCMi.
This free monthly podcast is offered by Clinical Chemistry. Clinical Chemistry is the leading forum for peer-reviewed, original research on innovative practices in today's clinical laboratory. In addition to being the most cited journal in the field, Clinical Chemistry has the highest Impact Factor (8.6 in 2017) among journals of clinical chemistry, clinical (or anatomic) pathology, analytical chemistry, and the subspecialties, such as transfusion medicine and clinical microbiology.
Survival Medicine
Doom and Bloom,Nurse Amy,Dr Bones,Survival,Survival Medicine,Traditional and Alternative Medical Advice including Survival Medicine or Collapse Medicine.
Contra Radio is for new and experienced preppers. Contra Radio has recently expanded to include Patriot News. We are privileged to include the Patriot News in this program. We have the ability to enable listeners to call, and have guests for our listeners. Contact us:
A weekly podcast series, hosted by Frank Domino, MD, covering newsworthy topics and patient-focused best practices in Family Medicine.
Research Insights, hosted by R. Dale Hall, FSA, MAAA, CERA, Managing Director of SOA’s Research department and occasional guest hosts, highlights Society of Actuaries (SOA) research. The podcasts include recently released research reports, research featured at SOA meetings, and other related items produced by SOA research.
Medical Logix LLC
Clinical Dialogue & eCase Challenge Initiative
SMJ Journal Chat
Monthly interviews with select authors from each issue of the Southern Medical Journal.
Weekly Sunday Sermons at Blythewood Presbyterian Church in Blythewood, SC. We meet at 10:00am for coffee and 10:30 for worship at Blythewood High School.
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This episode reviews a study that looked at imaging that was performed over a one year period for women with a complaint of breast pain. Guest: Jill Terrien PhD, ANP-BC Landing Page:
The Pit Stop is a weekly mini-episode from In The Past Lane, the podcast about history and why it matters. Every Monday, The Pit Stop tells you what happened in American history this week - in just about 5 minutes. We drop these minis in between our full-length episodes that feature interviews with historians about their latest books, feature p ...…
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reckons that the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) testing of Australian supermarket honey brands by Germany's Quality Services International (QSI) lab is "not yet reliable enough to determine whether honey is adulterated". Industry whistle-blower Simon Mulvany disagrees with this finding and sa ...…
On today’s show I look at the ins and outs of Medicare for All, a single payer, government health insurance program popularized most recently by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and now a number of new progressives recently elected are carrying the mantle with Sanders. I discuss what the program is designed to cover (which is […] The post Outbrea ...…
At the University of Zürich, Vincent speaks with virologists Cornel Fraeful, Urs Greber, and Silke Stertz about their careers and their work on AAV2, adenovirus entry, and influenza virus. Hosts: Vincent Racaniello Guests: Cornel Fraeful, Urs Greber, and Silke Stertz Subscribe (free): iTunes, Google Podcasts, RSS, email Become a patron of TWiV! ...…
The boys end up in the jungle with varying degrees of immunological protection and Chris subdues a jungle cat. So what are the arguments against vaccination and are they warranted? They discuss arguments like better sanitation, Big Pharma conspiracies, aborted fetuses, autism, chemical preservatives and "too many, too soon". In a surprising twi ...…
After getting more than 4% of the primary vote in the Victorian state election for the seat of Nepean, anti food fraud campaigner Simon Mulvany outlines his plans to contest the Federal seat of Flinders in the next federal election due in May 2019. He would be taking on Greg Hunt, Australia's health minister and a frontbencher with leadership a ...…
Electroacupuncture with herbs helps ankles recover.
Enteroviruses are the cause of a number of infections including hand, foot and mouth disease, the common cold and most recently, the condition called Acute flaccid myelitis or AFM. What are enteroviruses, particularly enterovirus D68, what do we know about them and what research is being done? Joining me to answer these questions about enterovi ...…
Upon the passing of President George H. W. Bush, we should remember and honor his military service in World War II as a navy pilot. Having flown 58 missions, Lieutenant Bush was often under enemy fire. On September 2, 1944, his plane was shot down off an island called Chi Chi Jima. He was the only survivor. He swam about 50 yards to a small lif ...…
Stroke patients benefit from acupuncture, shown in MRI imaging.
Simon Mulvany of Save The Bees Australia takes us through some of what he can and can't say in his legal dispute with Capilano. He is also critical of an article about Capilano published on, a website which claims to be pro-consumer, independent and "free from commercial bias". He explains how new labeling regulations have exposed ...…
Short Coats Rob Humble and Claire Castaneda are joined by new co-hosts Mitchell Hooyer and Jeremy Sanchez to talk about their personal experiences as members of the LGBT community while studying medicine. They highlight Iowa's surprisingly inclusive nature--among other things, Iowa was only the third state to legalize same-sex marriage. And the ...…
Irritable bowel syndrome relief
On this episode of Animal General, Dr. Mike revisits and answers questions on the topic of grain-free dog foods and the warnings that come with it. Remember, Don’t Just Live and Let Live, But Live and Help Live. If you have questions regarding your pet, please submit them to Dr. Mike’s website at and listen on the next epis ...…
Coronary artery disease is the most common cause of death and morbidity in developed countries, resulting in substantial healthcare costs. The early detection of this disease and identification of patients at risk for myocardial infarction has enormous medical and economic value. The introduction of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin assays has ...…
Influenza viruses affect millions of people each year, leading to several hundred thousand hospitalizations and thousands of deaths annually in the U.S. Early antiviral therapy reduces the duration of illness, complications and mortality associated with the flu, yet antivirals are often underutilized. However, patients with a positive influenza ...…
He Jiankui, an associate professor at Shenzhen's Southern University of Science and Technology, has shocked the world with claims he's succeeded in editing the genes of new-born twins Lulu and Nana. Bioethicicists and genetic researchers fear he has opened Pandora's Box.
Episode 19: In May 1924, violence broke out on the streets of South Bend. It was a three-day confrontation between local residents, mainly University of Notre Dame students, and members of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was a force…
This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Susan Ackerman about ultrasound imaging used to help evaluate and diagnose a variety of medical conditions. Dr. Ackerman is a Professor of Radiology and the Division Director of Ultrasound at MUSC.By (Bobbi Conner).
With Opposition support, the Australian Government has rushed through new laws to force device makers and software companies to enable law enforcement and intelligence organisations to access encrypted communications.
Cannabinoids include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol, which are found in marijuana, as well as synthetic compounds such as nabilone. The agents have been studied for the treatment of various chronic pain conditions. A meta-analysis was performed that analyzed any cannabinoid, for any chronic pain condition. Guest: Alan Ehrlich MD Lan ...…
This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Rosaura Orengo-Aguayo about providing trauma assistance to school staff and children in Puerto Rico in the aftermath and devastation of Hurricane Maria. Dr. Orengo-Aguayo is an Assistant Professor and bilingual licensed Clinical Psychologist at the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center at MUSC.…
This podcast, hosted by R. Dale Hall, FSA, CERA, MAAA, CFA, SOA, Managing Director of Research, highlights the Market Framework and Outlook for Automated Vehicle Systems research report, featuring automated vehicle industry experts and includes helpful definitions of automated vehicle terminology. Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts if you' ...…
A virtual reality driving simulator for the aged is being trialed in Invernell in NSW. It aims to assess and enhance driving skills to improve road safety and give those who've stopped driving a taste of the real thing.
The Pit Stop is a weekly mini-episode from In The Past Lane, the podcast about history and why it matters. Every Monday, The Pit Stop tells you what happened in American history this week - in just about 5 minutes. We drop these minis in between our full-length episodes that feature interviews with historians about their latest books, feature p ...…
The TWiVsters review isolation of a naturally occurring DNA virus from fruit flies, and the cell-type specific function of a small transmembrane protein encoded in an open reading frame upstream of the enterovirus polyprotein. Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler Subscribe (free): iTunes, Google Podcast ...…
On today’s show I look at two topics that are big–one in Africa and one here in the United States–and that’s the Ebola outbreak in the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the large hepatitis A outbreak in a number of states. The Outbreak News This Week Radio Show, the first and […] The post Outbreak News This Week Radi ...…
Earlier introduction of solids lead to improved sleep outcomes when compared to introduction of solids at six months in data extracted from a study designed to assess early allergenic food introduction and allergy development. Geoffrey R. Simon, MD • Roy Benaroch, MD
Sol chats with hospitalist Vivian Lee about the causes, diagnosis, and management of osteomyelitis in children. Solomon Behar, MD • Vivian Lee, MD
L-glutamine given twice daily to children and adults with sickle cell disease reduced the frequency of episodes of pain crisis and hospitalizations in this randomized phase three placebo controlled trial. Geoffrey R. Simon, MD • Roy Benaroch, MD
Lisa discusses the goals of medical examinations of children who are asylum seekers with PICU doctor and asylum advocate Dr. Katherine Peeler. Katherine Peeler, MD • Lisa Patel, MD
The mean temperature taken orally is 37 degrees Celsius and shows significant variation through the day with a nadir at six AM and a peak in the afternoon or early evening. Geoffrey R. Simon, MD • Roy Benaroch, MD
Academic general pediatrician Michael Cosimini sits down with Down syndrome expert Dr Kishore Villody to discuss developmental monitoring patterns in patients with Down syndrome. Kishore Vellody, MD • Michael Cosimini, MD
Adherence to fasting guidelines prior to procedural sedation did not make a difference in occurrence of adverse events in a prospective cohort of children being sedated in the emergency room. Geoffrey R. Simon, MD • Roy Benaroch, MD
Parul and Sol discuss the red flags for chronic abdominal pain and categories of functional abdominal pain for those kids with chronic abdominal pain and no red flags for serious organic pathology. Parul Bhatia, MD • Solomon Behar, MD
Miz and Ilene sit down with Dr. Genevieve Santillanes and Mr. Tom Wolfson to discuss helpful tips, and how to avoid pitfalls, when caring for surviving family members who have suffered the loss of a child. Genevieve Santillanes, MD • Ilene Claudius, MD • Mizuho Morrison, DO • Solomon Behar, MD • Tom Wolfson…
In a small pilot study amphetamine salts did not improve performance on neuropsychiatric testing for those without ADHD. Geoffrey R. Simon, MD • Roy Benaroch, MD
Lisa Patel, MD • Solomon Behar, MD
Lisa and Sol discuss the latest recommendation on breastfeeding moms and marijuana use. Lisa Patel, MD • Solomon Behar, MD
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