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"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice..." (John 18:37)
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, published in 1886, is a collection of humorous essays by Jerome K. Jerome. It was the author’s second published book and helped establish him as a leading English humorist. The book consists of 14 independent articles arranged by themes.
What if we told you Bartholomew Columbus, Jerome Bonaparte and Kermit Roosevelt were all real people? Did you know that there is a direct link between Napoleon Bonaparte and tin cans? Thomas Jefferson and barbed wire? John Travolta and Forrest Gump? Dive into the rabbit hole of history's obscure facts and unique narratives with host Albort Einstone as he connects the dots between past and present. Join us for a hearty dose of Scattered Curiosities.
Podcast from All About House
Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner is the podcast where Jerome Danner thinks through the tough issues of our day with the desire to look at issues behind the issues and ask the questions that are in the background. With this podcast, it is all about thinking well and having civil dialogue when it comes to any topic.
CBC Radio's The Morning Edition examines urban and rural issues from across Saskatchewan every weekday.
The Cipher
The Cipher is a podcast featuring in-depth conversations with the most interesting figures in Hip-Hop and culture
Popular & rare vintage radio programs with brief commentary. Posted weekly.
Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices.
Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson guide you through the most interesting true crime stories. This is a true crime podcast that spares none of the details and delves into what makes these killers tick. Join us for a good mix of lesser known cases as well as our take on what we call the "Big Timers". We don't take ourselves too seriously but we take true crime very seriously.
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Rule The Roost
Jack Hussey and Raj Bains are the voices of Rule The Roost podcast. They fret about Tottenham, they interview opposition guests, and they talk about TV. COYS.
WBEZ's Worldview
WBEZ's global affairs program. Featuring in-depth conversations about international issues and their local impact. Also, foreign film reviews and human rights commentaries. Hosted by Jerome McDonnell. This podcast is free, in mp3, and updated weekdays.
Marketplace® is the leading business news program in the nation. Host Kai Ryssdal and our team of reporters bring you clear explorations of how economic news affects you, through stories, conversations, newsworthy numbers and more. Airing each weekday evening on your local public radio station or on-demand anytime, Marketplace is your liaison between economics and life. Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal is part of the Marketplace portfolio of public radio programs broadcasting nationwide, which a ...
Comicidal Podcast
The podcasting channel for the Comicidal Crew where they hope to bring you a higher class of comics analysis with their debates and discussions on a wide range of topics for your enjoyment, entertainment, and edification.
Graham Bensinger travels the world for extended interviews and exclusive access to some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. The podcast version of the globally-syndicated TV show is the only platform to get the full interview, including stories cut from the TV show due to time constraints.
An Arts Review
A broadcast for Patriots in the Defense of Freedom...
Welcome to the LoudMindz podcast. This is barbershop talk with an intellectual twist.
Ground Up
Ground Up is the honest portrayal of the hard stuff, breakthroughs, and lessons learned from starting or growing a business.
A regular selection of the latest trance and progressive releases. Plus alternative, experimental and archive sets.
The GuruFocus podcast brings interviews with influential investing leaders, extended discussion with website contributors, original stories and all the happenings in value investing. Tune in to stay fresh on the world of money and give your portfolio an edge, on the go.
Nola FilmCast
Mike Hogan and Adam Albaari sit down with filmmakers and enthusiasts in New Orleans to discuss the local scene and film at large.
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Stephen Mackey's custom Blubrry Podcasting feed. Visit to add programs to your customized feed.
The University of New England Center for Global Humanities offers lectures by leading scholars to explore the human condition in the 21st century.
Weekly Sermon
Welcome, mortals! Welcome to Please Don't Feed the Introvert. I'm @war_wellington, joined each week by my buddies (also roommates), the beautiful dancing man @soultaco5 and the handsome ladykiller @kyle_bagz. Here in the totally air-conditioned house we inhabit, we brainstorm ideas and topics we think you, the listener, will enjoy. Then we record a podcast about those topics. Then I upload it to the internet. Then you listen. Boom. Shakalaka.
This is your Last Sounds Of The Day, a podcast from On Air Fest. A collection of works from artists and storytellers to carry you to sleep. Lie down. Close your eyes. Dream with us.
A Funny Take on Big Picture Politics
Guns and Butter
Guns and Butter investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics. Show list: Maintaining a radical perspective in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, Guns and Butter reports on who wins and who loses when the economic resources of civil society are diverted toward global corporatization, war, and the furtherance of a national security state. Subscribe free to the newsletter at: http://www.gunsandbutte ...
Trench Talk is hosted by award-winning plumber Matt Reynolds based out of Melbourne. Primarily in interview format, you’ll hear from interesting people including industry insiders, leaders and celebrities who share the critical lessons they feel have helped them carve out a career and master their own trade. From the unique perspective of a local tradesman, this format is wide as we discuss all things business and self-improvement. Think tools, tips and strategies from high-level achievers. ...
Dr. Steve Taubman, author of BUDDHA IN THE TRENCHES, shares philosophy, science, and humor, interviews business experts and thought leaders, and challenges your understanding of the human mind, providing the latest revelations and the most enduring wisdom on happiness, productivity, and success. Personal development, leadership, and organizational culture are explored in an honest, lighthearted way, and each show leaves listeners with useable tools to enhance their business and personal lives.
Tru-ID Podcast
Tru-ID is a podcast that focuses on Christian apologetics and tackling the issues of our time from a Christian perspective. The host of Tru-ID, Adam Coleman, hopes to honor Jesus Christ by engaging questions about and objections to Christianity, particularly those related to the African American community. Podcast episodes will explore race, the allegation that Christianity is the "white man's religion", history, science, philosophy, current events, and various ways to defend the Christian f ...
He’s been: Put down Ripped Off Cut Open And now…. UNLEASHED! Talk radio legend Rusty Humphries has moved from the airwaves to the digital domain, with a new style of talk radio. Fast, fun and to the point. It’s real talk radio without all the real long interruptions. No fluff, just the good stuff. No more waiting for more than 25 minutes an hour of commercials, plus “traffic and weather together,” to hear what your favorite hosts thinks. No corporate edicts, no silly time-filling chatter. Ru ...
QUEST MEANS BUSINESS is CNN's flagship business program. Each weekday night, Richard Quest masterfully manages to bridge the gap separating business news and entertaining television. Get informed, get amused, and get down to business.
Arizona High School, College and Pro Sports News
Need something to listen to on your way to the theater? Join Jennie Scholick, PhD as she hosts To the Pointe, for an in-depth but light-hearted exploration of an upcoming performance. Learn what to look for, what’s important, and what you need to know to get the most out of your experience.
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K.I.N.G. Talks is the flagship podcast for The K.I.N.G. Movement--a National Christian Men's Movement aiming to empower men of color and address issues that uniquely affect the African American community. Join us weekly as we engage prominent cultural contributors to engage the issues with host Adam Coleman.
Sound Reasoning
The show was created to help bring the truth often found in the ivory towers of seminary down to the steeple towers of the local church. Some of the top researchers, authors, and seminary Professors have appeared on the show to edify our listeners.
DIY Music
Music business and production talk.
We discuss everything that is Tennessee Sports to include the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Tennessee Volunteers, Vanderbilt Commodores, and many other teams!
Strange Serial
Enjoy your daily dose of Strange Serial with your host Sarah Strange
Jake Brown takes you into the world of sports without holding anything back. It's sports talk mixed with hot takes, debate, star-studded guests, occasional freestyles, beautiful women, and so much more. The one place you can get sports mixed with entertainment. It's brutally honest, entertaining, and eclectic. Buckle up.
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Next on Thinking It Through: Today, I got to conversed with writer (and teacher), Justin Lee, about a piece that he wrote recently laying out an idea to create more virtuous men in the age of the #MeToo movement. His idea involves reading…and lots of it. Justin Lee’s Twitter Justin Lee’s Arc Digital Author Page Justin Lee’s Website In The Age O ...…
There's a Brexit deal ... we think. What happens next? What sticking points have held up the process? We talk to Marketplace’s Stephen Beard about whether or not the May administration will be able to close the deal with the European Union. Then, a follow up to our reporting yesterday looking at the auto bailout 10 years later. This time, we lo ...…
On Today's Show:India is in the midst of its own #MeToo movement, just a year after it shook up major institutions in the U.SMuthaland... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]By (WBEZ Chicago).
Coldwired Podcast ( November 2018 Selection pt II. Tracklisting: 01. Rick Pier O'Neil - Landscape 02. Rafa'EL - Starfall 03. Ringberg - Streams of Hope (Methodub Remix) 04. Gordey Tsukanov - The Fidget 05. Filth and Pleasure - Don't Stop (Ben Coda Remix) 06. Basil O'Glue - Shrine (Late mix) 07. Orkidea - Forward For ...…
Jordan and Haley go over the hot take that Washington State coach, Mike Leach, said about the Pac-12 this week. Then, former Cardinals head coach and NFL on CBS Analyst, Bruce Arians (7:11 on podcast) joins Brad to talk about the Cardinals season and new coach, Steve Wilks. NFL Network Senior Fantasy Analyst, Michael Fabiano (15:04 on podcast), ...…
The wait is over — Amazon finally announced its new headquarter locations. They are near two major metropolitan areas: Crystal City, Virginia, just across the Potomac from Washington, D.C., and Long Island City in Queens, just across the East River from Manhattan. We'll be taking a look at what happens to housing and rent prices when Amazon mov ...…
On this episode of Ground Up, Wistia's co-founder and CEO, Chris Savage, shares the details of what led to the decision to raise debt and buy out investors and why they decided to spend $111,000 to film a documentary.
You were warned! The boyz take a stroll down memory lane and recall some of their past sexcapades, in a much needed break from trying to come up with serious topics. Feel free to lolol out loud.
In this episode of Executive Zen, American Guru Ross Jeffries reveals little known secrets of the subconscious mind. Learn how to use language to persuade, empower, and heal. Great conversation!
The Democrats won the House and the Republicans won the Senate in the Midterms. Here’s what these two congressional groups do and that that means.
By now we don't have to remind you that the stock market is not the economy, but we'll give you some more context for today's decline. Also on today's show: One of the most influential companies you probably never heard of is going public. The mobile division of Japanese conglomerate Softbank is vying for an IPO. That's a big deal for American ...…
Brad was excited to see the way ASU handled business knocking off a pesky UCLA team to earn a bowl bid. Why again is their showdown against Oregon buried at night on the Pac-12 Network? The Cardinals play well in “close” loss to the Chiefs. Good learning experience for Josh Rosen. Former Cards coach, now NFL on CBS analyst Bruce Arians (30:13 o ...…
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On Today's Show:Last Tuesday, the Federal Judge tasked with Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy approved a plan to reduce $4 billion owed by the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]By (WBEZ Chicago).
David Makin, along with his partner Zoe, Founded Axil Coffee Roasters. Dave completed a bachelor of Business in catering and hotel management before spending a fair bit of time in the service industry. He worked for a coffee company and ran several cafes before turning his attention to the competitive side of coffee making. He became the runner ...…
Adam and Mike are joined by actor and podcaster Adam Henslee to recap the 29thAnnual New Orleans Film Festival. Subscribe to “Talkin’ Bout w/ A.T.” wherever you get your podcasts. Nola FilmCast is sponsored by The Broad Theater, check them out at Nola FilmCast is sponsored by Acme Film Productions and Rentals, check them ...…
Arthur Blank - owner of the Atlanta Falcons and co-founder of The Home Depot - invites Graham to Atlanta to share pivotal moments from his self-made rise to billionaire status. He discusses coping with Michael Vick's conviction and coach Bobby Petrino's surprise abandonment. Plus, Blank reflects on both creating and stepping away from The Home ...…
Fred and Rose West, one of England's most notorious serial killer couples, murdered at least 9 together during the 1970s and 1980s. But, they also killed separately. When Fred, who was already a murderer, met Rose, the union brought out the worst in each of them. Their house at 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester, England, would become known as "T ...…
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – “Just the Way It Is…” PDF Version “Just the Way It Is…” – Homily by Fr. Jerome from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.
We discuss his article, The Dark Story Behind Global Warming also known as Climate Change and his book, Myths, Lies and Oil Wars; the International Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, draconian recommendations based on computer models; neuro-linguistic programming; the Global Warming Petition Project signed by 31,000 scientists; climate and the ...…
So Jeff Sessions either quit or was fired depending on who you ask. The question now is what his replacement Matt Whitaker will do with the Russia investigation.
It's been a long week. Let's take five minutes just to recap. We'll talk midterms, the Federal Reserve and more with the Wall Street Journal’s Kate Davidson and Politico Managing Editor Sudeep Reddy for the Weekly Wrap. Then, we'll get into tariffs, or more specifically, how to be exempt from paying tariffs. Since last March, the Commerce Depar ...…
On Today's Show:Yesterday, a mass grave of 200 people was found in Ethiopia. The legend of Greek-American opera singer and actress,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]By (WBEZ Chicago).
There's lots going on at the Saskatchewan Legislature this week, including the government saying it's dropped its 3.5 per cent wage cut from its mandate for public sector workers, the introduction of Clare's Law, and a Photoshopped tweet of an NDP plane. Morning Edition host Stefani Langenegger talks about all this and more with Adam Hunter (CB ...…
Some things might change with the American economy because of the midterms, but we can always count on the good ol' Federal Reserve. The Fed has been meeting this week to discuss interest rates and the state of the economy. While interest rates held steady this month, an increase is anticipated in December. But what about housing interest rates ...…
Eileen Uchitelle is a Senior Systems Engineer at GitHub and a member of the Rails Core Team. They recently upgraded GitHub two major versions to the latest Rails. How do you manage such a large upgrade and the technical debt underneath - with no downtime? How do you also move improvements in GitHub's own branch upstream into Rails so everyone c ...…
On Today's Show:After months of President Trump’s threats to fire him, Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned on Wednesday. Loyalty:... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]By (WBEZ Chicago).
Brad runs around the state mentioning the college football weekend and the Suns lack of winning. Jordan Simone (10:17 on podcast) joins in to talk ASU football as the season closes. Also, Brad brings up what might be in store for this year’s Territorial Cup. South Point Casino and Resort Sports Marketing Director, Jimmy Vaccaro (21:16 on podcas ...…
Lux Radio Theater "Sunday Dinner for a Soldier" February 19, 1945 CBS
The Shanghai Stock Market has been beyond underperforming to the point where Chinese equities are the worst in the world. How did China get this way and what does the road to recovery look like?
On today's show we'll look at the big-picture economic affects of the election results. New House, same deficit, so what can Democrats change? We talk to senior reporter Kimberly Adams about how the budget deficit will play out with the new Democratic majority. Voters in Idaho, Utah and Nebraska approved Medicaid expansion, meaning nearly 300,0 ...…
On Today's Show:Analysts predicted a “Blue wave”, led by non-white male candidates and voters. Catalina Maria Johnson, host of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]By (WBEZ Chicago).
Coldwired Podcast ( November 2018 Selection. Tracklisting: 01. Wally Lopez - Space Control 02. Tiesto - Adagio For Strings (Sebastian Busto Bootleg) 03. The Real Xperience - Astralis 04. Rick Pier O'Neil - Abyssal 05. Pedro Capelossi - Massive Culture 06. Basil O'Glue - Shrine (Early mix) 07. Heerhorst - Higher ***G ...…
Jordan and Haley jump in to talk about ASU basketball’s season opening win against CSUF. Brad jumps in talking to CBS College Football analyst and Arizona Hotshots head coach, Rick Neuheisel (5:00 on podcast), about the AAF Combine and everything you need to know about this new pro football team, as well as ASU’s and Arizona’s new head coaches ...…
Here is share why I haven't been on anchor and my story of getting back to my roots. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A quarter of the tournament is still West Valley programs! Which schools have the best chances of moving on to this year’s semifinals? We talk to 5A #7 Sunrise Mountain head coach, Steve Decker, on their rematch with #2 Williams Field and what’s in the water at SMHS creating such amazing quarterbacks? Be sure to read up on the big westside head ...…
On one side Nancy Pelosi and a few potential challengers are competing for House Speaker and on the other side one Republican, Kevin McCarthy, is sitting safe if Republicans remain in control. Here is the potential conflicts that will arise after the midterm.
Mike “Heron” Herard is a record exec, producer, manager, label owner, and all-around music business legend. He first came to the attention of underground hip-hop fans when he was the co-founder of Hydra Records, which released music by Screwball, Godfather Don, and many others. He then moved over to Rawkus Records, where he played a key role in ...…
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