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Sometimes informative. Sometimes controversial, but always unpredictable. Join your hosts Hunter, John and Stu every week with a new episode.
The trASHE
The Trashe is a relaxed long form conversation hosted by writer John Hunter. Unfiltered, thought-provoking, crude, funny, and entertaining.
Firm Foundations
A podcast from Cape Town South Africa. Hunter Combs (an American) and John Clifford (South African) talk about biblical theology, biblical evangelism, and biblical worldview issues.
Stages to Success
Home of the Stages to Success podcast.
Broadcasting from “Ghoast to Ghoast” from Spookane, Washington to Boo York City, this is “Ghosting around” with your Ghosts/Hosts, Kathleen DeRose and John Cason, where we talk about haunted places across America. Each week, we explore one town, one city or one travel destination and tell you about their ghosts. Basically, it’s a podcast ghost tour. Follow us on Instagram @ghostingaroundpodcast Email us at Logo by Emily Anne Follow her on Instagram @EmilyAnneT ...
True Crime Garage
Each week Nic & The Captain get in the garage and talk true crime and drink beer.
The aggregate podcast feed of Final Show Films.
Crawlspace is a true crime podcast from the people behind Missing Maura Murray. Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna continue their deep dives into missing persons cases, murders, robberies, and other mysteries. Current cases: Brianna Maitland's 2004 disappearance, Suitcase Jane Doe from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Brandon Lawson's 2013 disappearance, the 1918 unsolved murder of William Dean, the wrongful conviction of John Giuca, the Vanishing Men of Boston. Crawlspace's full archive is availab ...
East Meets West Hunt
The East Meets West Hunt Podcast is your resource for all things adventure hunting. This podcast is geared towards the hunter that wants more out of the hunt than just the kill. It’s for the hunter that loves planning and preparing for the hunt, just as much as the hunt. We will talk to hunters from all over the United States and Canada to provide the EMW community with useful knowledge and motivation to continue to live their life through a series of adventures that help you in all aspects ...
Journey with Reformation Scotland’s Matthew Vogan to discover the people and places that form the history and legacy of the Christian reformation, revival and persecution during Scotland’s Forgotten History.
A community of both professional and relatively unprofessional outdoorsman. A platform created to Entertain,Educate,and Evolve the modern day Deer Hunter
John Stallone Interviews Hunting Pros to get inside hunting tips and tactics western big game hunting, bowhunting and whitetail deer
Spoopy Republican podcast covering the paranormal, occult, and the conspiratorial. Hosted by Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Scott Taylor,and Bradshaw Wilson We are everywhere. On Twitter @TheParanormies Email/D'nations:
The Thomas Guide with John Thomas
Convicted of forgery at the age of 23, David Dickenson Mann narrowly escaped hanging and was transported instead to New South Wales, where he arrived in 1799. Three years later he received a full pardon and was soon working in the secretary's office of the colonial government. Mann fell foul of Governor Wiliam Bligh and was about to leave for England, but in 1808 found himself in favour with the rebel government that deposed him. The Present Picture of New South Wales, dedicated to the recen ...
This is a robust, rough and tumble, first-hand account of the early California gold rush years 1851-1854 by a Scottish adventurer and artist J. D. Borthwick. The first edition, published in 1857 was called Three Years in California. Reprints have used the more descriptive title The Gold Hunters. (Summary by Sue Anderson)
Good Morning and Good Night, Join us as we discuss Anime, Comic Books, Video Games, and other nerd culture essentials!
This podcast is the audio version of the youtube series Actors Talk About Themselves. Stephen Hunter is a Sydney based actor, who starred in Peter Jacksons The Hobbit Trilogy. In this interview podcast, he talks to his fellow actors, friends and Hobbit cast mates about what it's like to be an actor. The highs and lows, the untold stories. We go beneath all the glamour and pretence that surrounds the industry, and have real conversations. The setting and recording style changes depending on t ...
Nerd Bros Podcast
Nerd Bros Podcast is hosted by the Johnson brothers: Mick, Wyatt and Hunter. Nerd Bros brings you the ultimate nerd talk on topics including movies, television, comics, and gaming.
We play EVERYTHING THAT ROCKS for Michigan’s Great Southwest. Featuring the Plan B Morning Show with Brock and Hunter!
Mountain Stage Podcast
The Paranormal View is a very relaxed, round table style talk show which focuses on bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and listeners with varied viewpoints. Instead of focusing strictly on ghostly phenomena, the show’s hosts, Henry Foister, Geoffrey Gould, Barbara Duncan,and Kat Klockow strive to provide listeners with topic's that cover all area's of the Paranormal. Ghosts,UFO's,Crypto,Psychics,and everything in between.Follow the fun off-the-air at
In the early days of the penal colony at Sydney, rumour was rife among the convicts of another colony beyond the Blue Mountains and perhaps a route to China. In the hope of quelling the rumours, Governor John Hunter put together a bizarre exploration party, charged to travel as far into the interior as it could. The party consisted of four convicts, two guides and four soldiers to protect the guides from the convicts. The leader of the party was John Wilson, an ex-convict who had elected to ...
Lake Effect with Jason Harnett is a show that focuses on community events and topics from the Town of Gravenhurst, Muskoka. Broadcast on Hunters Bay Radio 88.7 FM from Sawdust City Brewery, Saturday mornings 8:00 am. Jason Harnett is the Communications Specialist for The Town of Gravenhurst, Muskoka. This radio program is generously provided to the Town of Gravenhurst from Hunters Bay Radio.
Paranormal Perception
We all have or know someone who has a '"One time, I thought I heard..." story. On Paranormal Perception, we don't doubt you, we want to hear your stories and share ours. We'll also talk with experts from the paranormal field, including our own resident paranormal investigator Doug Carnahan, who will give you a new perception... a Paranormal Perception. New episodes every Monday with Henry San Miguel.
Lystics AFL Podcast
We pull apart current AFL playing lists, analyse the key indicators, and determine who they should resign, delist, make a play for in trade/free agency, draft, and what moves they should make in the offseason.
Ever wanted to hang with a comedian, dominatrix, health guru, bank robber, author, or Italian prince? Well, here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is organic, uncensored, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths.
Fresh Air
Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.
World War IV has dragged on for 12 years and the whole world is drained and tired of the killing and destruction. One man, a high school chemistry teacher from St. Louis in the USA, is serving his latest forced stint in the UN forces when something strange happens to him. He dies but yet he doesn't. What if you had the power to bring peace to the entire world? What would you do? This story explores a frightening and strange journey into the murky depths of human needs and desires and how the ...
Utilizes narrative storytelling, archival audio, and immersive soundscapes to explore true stories of white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate evil. From corruption and fraud to Ponzi schemes and environmental disasters, these financially motivated crimes have shaped our world in unimaginable ways. All in the name of greed.
Interviews with writers & artists working in comic books and other mediums.
Proven Gamer’s editors Stephen Fontana and Andreas Asimakis as they discuss everything Nintendo past, present and future.
Watching My Stories
Dhani watches a lot of TV & movies and considers herself to be a superfan. Her husband, John, is not. This podcast brings them together and Dhani shares what she is watching while John tries to listen and understand her point of view. Sometimes he gets it, sometimes he doesn’t… but it’s all in good fun. Twitter: @watchingmystori Facebook: Instagram: @watchingmystories Email:
Watch The Glenn Beck Radio Program, Monday through Friday, 9am - 12pm ET on BlazeTV.
Weird Web Radio
Weird Web Radio explore the Paranormal and Occult. Join your host, Lonnie Scott, as we uncover secrets of the weird and magical! Featuring interviews with Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Investigators, Witches, Tarot Readers, Film Makers, Artists, Authors, and even people like you who want to share your paranormal stories!
My show will speak with people from all paranormal disciplines. Spirits/Cryptids/Aliens. Also I will speak with believers, skeptics & people on the fence.
The Hunting Public
Hunters Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh talk deer hunting tips and tactics with various experts across the country. We'll also cover current conditions and strategies that can help you right now.
The Wired To Hunt Podcast is the most highly rated and listened to deer hunting focused podcast in North America - with millions of episodes downloaded and enjoyed by hunters every year. Hosted by nationally published outdoor writer and QDMA Communicator of the Year Mark Kenyon, each new episode focuses on sharing deer hunting news, stories and strategies - straight from guys who live the deer hunting lifestyle every day. And expert whitetail hunting guests such as Mark and Terry Drury, Bill ...
The Devil's Advocate
So Here's the Idea, Two Guys -- One A Die-Hard Catholic, The Other A Down Home Protestant. Together They'll Change the World. Or At least they'll try to find some understanding.
PRAGMAGICK is the AUDIO GRIMOIRE conjured and curated by RocknRoller and Reformed Ruffian Keats Ross (of Dakota Slim, Revel Rosz) to document and discuss pragmatic and metaphysical concepts that inspire and enhance the creative process.
Pulsing Cinema
From John Ford to John Waters, from the arthouse to the grindhouse, it's all covered in the weird and untamed audio excursion into madness known as PULSING CINEMA.
Though Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best known for his detective stories, he also wrote other short stories which are masterpieces of mystery and suspense. In some of the stories in “Tales of Terror and Mystery”, a suppressed uneasiness gradually builds up and evolves into sheer terror. In others, the story line unexpectedly changes and comes to a horrific conclusion. Sit back in the comfort of your armchair and let yourself be transported to the strange but compelling world created by Sir Arth ...
Check out the podcast as I chat with anglers, hunters, bird dog lovers, and guides spanning the Southern outdoors that we all love.Podcast powered by Spreaker. Go to
Freshstock Podcast
Your host Alex brings you the best in unsigned music around Australia, as well as some home recording hints and help with finding that perfect band name. Tune in weekly.
Ugly Pike Podcast
We discuss all things related to the lifestyle of hunting the apex predator - The Muskellunge! We talk to enthusiasts, guides, bait makers, lodge owners, and much more in order to gather and disperse knowledge to muskie hunters everywhere!
Ugly Pike Podcast
We discuss all things related to the lifestyle of hunting the apex predator - The Muskellunge! We talk to enthusiasts, guides, bait makers, lodge owners, and much more in order to gather and disperse knowledge to muskie hunters everywhere!
Bracelet Hunter
Every summer, thousands of poker players travel to Las Vegas hunting their first World Series of Poker Bracelet. Only a select group of “bracelet hunters” have the skills to stay in the "bracelet hunt" every year...the rest of the pack becomes “the hunted”.Bracelet Hunter is the only podcast dedicated to you the tournament poker player. If you want to improve your tournament game by learning directly from the best players in the world, join WSOP champion John Beauprez as he interviews the wo ...
New episode every Wednesday! Join the Barbell Shrugged crew in conversations about fitness, training, and frequent interviews w/ CrossFit Games athletes!
Inside Politics
John King and his panel of well-sourced reporters bring you their latest scoops on the most important political stories of the day. A reporter with three decades of experience covering the White House, Congress and the campaign trail, King has interviewed presidents, politicians and voters. He explains what political stories matter, and why they matter to you.
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show series
Political Strategist John Thomas explains the real impact of Trump's Hunter attacks on Joe Biden in his primary. What must Biden do to reclaim the front runner mantel at the upcoming debate? Thomas does a debate preview of what he's watching and puts a strategist's hat on to break down the do's and don'ts. Plus Thomas breaks down the latest pol ...…
Charlie Hunter & Lucy Woodward, John Paul White, Molly Tuttle and Jeff Black perform live on Mountain Stage. Recorded in Marietta, OH with the Peoples Bank Theatre. Support provided by Adventures on the Gorge. West Virginia Public Broadcasting.
This is a special feed drop of episode 6 of Incel, a new show from Crawlspace Media. If you like what you hear subscribe to Incel below! Introducing Incel - the new investigative series from Crawlspace Media and Naama Kates. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: ...…
This is a special feed drop of episode 6 of Incel, a new show from Crawlspace Media. If you like what you hear subscribe to Incel below! Introducing Incel - the new investigative series from Crawlspace Media and Naama Kates. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: ...…
Andrii Telizhenko is calling out the DNC for corruption in Ukraine, but the mainstream media will not listen! As a former adviser to both Ukraine’s prosecutor general Victor Shokin and the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, he refused to work with the DNC to dig up dirt on Trump. He describes how Alexandra Chalupa introduced herself as a DNC work ...…
Elton John says his father's early misgivings about his chosen career became a source of motivation: "He gave me the determination to make something of myself." He talks about his volatile childhood, addiction, and fame. His new memoir is 'Me.' Also, Justin Chang reviews the satirical Nazi film 'Jojo Rabbit.' Attica Locke says her new novel, 'H ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Political strategist John Thomas breaks down the major stories of the day: Tulsi Gabbard attacks Hillary Clinton after she calls her a Russian asset. The G7 controversy. Should Trump reverse course and cancel the event at his resort? Yang gets his first SuperPAC despite his pledge to abolish them. CNN's April Ryan slated to appear at a Pete B f ...…
The town of Moffat is a very popular and attractive tourist destination in Dumfries and Galloway. Matthew Vogan and Jimmy Fisher discuss some of the stories from the town’s history that don’t usually make it into the presentations of many tour guides in the area. Please visit their website for more details on Scottish Reformation Tours To dig d ...…
Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead offers an appreciation of singer Anita O'Day, who was born 100 years ago today. O'Day, who died in 2006, inspired the so-called cool jazz singers of the '50s. In her autobiography 'High Times, Hard Times,' O'Day explained that her last name was Colton, but she changed it to "O'Day," because in pig Latin that meant do ...…
The White House Chief of Staff brazenly confirms a Ukraine quid pro quo -- a key piece of the Democrats' impeachment case. Then he says he didn't mean it. Plus, the President says the deal the U.S. made with Turkey is a ceasefire, and is "great." But Turkey's foreign minister says it is not a cease fire at all, and the European Union says the P ...…
Breaking news in the Ukraine saga, as George Kent testifies that issues were brought up regarding Hunter Biden’s corruption. A look into all of Hunter Biden’s personal shortcomings pre-Burisma. Brian Riedl from the Manhattan Institute dives into crazy Democratic proposals and how much they would cost in the real world. Beto O’Rourke’s political ...…
Breaking news in the Ukraine saga, as George Kent testifies that issues were brought up regarding Hunter Biden’s corruption. Jason Buttrill joins Stu to discuss his take, as well as a look at what’s really happening in Turkey and Syria with the U.S.-negotiated ceasefire. A look into all of Hunter Biden’s personal shortcomings pre-Burisma. Brian ...…
Here it is! WIRX’s very own strain Screamin’ Yellow Brain Drain named by Harold Harte! And find out more about the Hemp & Harvest Festival right here: ROCK 107 WIRX.
Have you ever heard someone use the expression “it’s all in your head” and find yourself wanting to punch them in the face? Yea, us too. In this episode, Dr. Sean talks to Active Life 1 on 1 coach, Dr. Todd Dersham about a particular client he had who was in her own way in regards to her mindset around pain. They discuss how mindset can increas ...…
Political Strategist John Thomas explains why Medicare For All was designed to be ambiguous and it's causing a problem for Warren. Also Thomas examined Biden's finances and explains why he's in deep trouble. Obama endorsed Trudeau but not Joe? Why this is such a blow to Joe. AOC and the squad backing Sanders might just be the gift Warren needed.…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Journalist Gilbert Gaul says federal subsidies encourage developers to keep building on the coasts — despite accelerating and increasing risks from climate change. His book is 'The Geography of Risk.' Also, John Powers reviews 'Watchmen,' an adaptation of the comic for HBO, starring Regina King.By NPR.
Critical testimony today as House Democrats build their abuse of power impeachment case. A Trump campaign donor turned ambassador tells Congress the President personally directed him to work with Rudy Giuliani - and that Giuliani tied Ukraine's hope for a White House meeting to its willingness to investigate the Bidens. Plus, VP Pence lobbies T ...…
Civil rights activist Rep. Elijah Cummings passed away last night from long-standing health complications. But the Washington Post MADE SURE to point out that he was a “regular Trump target.” The press will take ANY opportunity to bash Trump! Gates Cambridge scholar Rob Henderson argues that cancel culture is the exact OPPOSITE of the anti-esta ...…
Civil rights activist Rep. Elijah Cummings passed away last night at 68. But the Washington Post MADE SURE to point out that he was a “regular Trump target.” The press will take ANY opportunity to bash Trump! Gates Cambridge scholar Rob Henderson argues that cancel culture is the exact OPPOSITE of the anti-establishment protests of the 1960s. B ...…
Highlight topic video of Nerd Bros Podcast. Season 6: Ep. 4By Nerd Bros Podcast.
Today on the show we chat with a Wired To Hunt listener, Luke Brewster, who killed the largest deer ever killed by a hunter last year. And we find out what happens when an everyday average deer hunter gets struck by whitetail lightning. Is it a positive experience or toxic? Topics discussed: Why we're chatting about the world record whitetail t ...…
If you have ever picked up recent copy of Detective Comics, followed Green Lantern or DC's Futures End, then you have cast your eyes upon the stunning inks of Mark Irwin. A graduate of The Kubert School, Mark has worked as Art Director for Heavy Metal Magazine, Customer Services Manager for Wildstorm Comics, and Art Director for Upper Deck. Cur ...…
Jeff Doyle hunts in the big woods of the northeast and has a passion for tracking. If you find yourself hunting in big woods situations, tracking can be a great tactic and Jeff has a lot of information on the subject. In our conversation, Jeff even described situations where tracking could be a useful tool for hunting more open country in the m ...…
Welcome to Weird Web Radio! This episode features Laura Tempest Zakroff! I found Laura by accident. I should've known her work, but somehow it flew under my radar. That was until I read a review of Weave the Liminal. That book hit me so hard and profound that it's now required reading for my own studnets. In fact, I titled my review of it on Am ...…
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