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US Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent Jonathan T Gilliam presents The EXPERTS! Finally, the unmedia media that uses real experts for analysis of current events instead of the usual talking heads and inexperienced ideologues. In-depth and sometimes hilarious dialogue abounds. Come along for the ride, THE TRUTH, HAS, ARRIVED! Show Music: Artist-BURNOS, Song-Octane
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Why You Are Called To Be A Patriot? The calling to patriotism is based in a knowledge and understanding of why and how this nation was founded as well as your own experience being free. It's what really being "woke" is all about. The left is just sleep walking... Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
Who Is Really Committing Voter Fraud In The US? The reality of what is happening in this nation isn't just about the evil grasp of socialism on a free nation, it's about a free citizenry willingly giving up their power to nefarious individuals on the left and the right. Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
Growing Up Under Socialist Oppression (Part 1 of 2). I am re-airing my second episode with my US Navy SEAL brother Drago, who grew up under socialist oppression in Poland and spent time in a gulag (prison) before coming to the US and becoming a citizen of this nation. Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
If You're Confused About Who You Are, Remember Who You Were! Maintaining freedom requires that you know who you are, and where you came from, not just where you want to be. Want to stay free? Remember how your life was 10 years ago, compare it to now and prepare for what is coming!By Jonathan T Gilliam
The Only Way To Prevent A Civil War Is For The Constitutionalist Citizenry to Overthrow The GOP Rino Establishment! One of the reasons the nation is crumbling is because GOP Rino's and their groupies are self absorbed pseudo-celebrities, NOT constitutionalists.By Jonathan T Gilliam
This Is Why The Founding Fathers Chose To Cluster The First Amendment With Five Specific Freedoms! It wasn't an accident that freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and protest were all clustered together in the First Amendment. Anyone who has lived under tyranny should understand why!By Jonathan T Gilliam
Presidential Debate/Argument. Trump Victory But… After re-watching the debate highlights, Trump was clearly victorious in the debate, but they chaotic, unmoderated back and forth, Biden's low brow insults and baseless bragging, and Trump missing some key moments, made it seem like a waste of time.By Jonathan T Gilliam
We Need To See Police Stand Against The Leftists, NOW! We all know everything the police do is being watched, that's why it's imperative that the police start standing up together, against leftist mayors, governors and activists, before their supporters stop supporting them.By Jonathan T Gilliam
When Should The Grown Ups In America Move To Take It Back From The Left? Special guests from Sedona, AZ including (Talking Gun's) Brian Kovacs, Derik Hulsebus, (Assault Counter Tactics) Paul Pawela and (Dewey's Plumbing) Chris Spannagel join Gilliam to discuss state of affairs, UFO's and Ghosts, and when the grownups should step up and take back th…
SURPRISE! Laws To Stop Socialism And Communism Already Exist But Aren’t Being Enforced! All attempts to overthrow the government, elections and the president could be stopped immediately if these laws were enforced. But it's the deep state that are the enforcers! Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
Emily Cahill’s Incredible Journey From Prison To Conservative Activist Backing The Blue! Her heroic actions saved the life of a shop owner in kenosha, Wisconsin, so where are the rest of the conservatives who should be in this fight? Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
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