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From Town Halls to Political Debates, CNN hosts open forums that give our audience the chance to hear directly from the people shaping their world. Politicians and newsmakers alike answer the tough questions from CNN's top anchors and political experts. Subscribe to get the full, unedited audio from these special events.
MTMV Sports
We cover NFL, NBA, MMA, WWE, NCAA, MLB, & 🏋️‍♀️. We play 🎶 on Sundays Become a supporter of this podcast:
RNZ: Nine To Noon
From nine to noon every weekday, Kathryn Ryan talks to the people driving the news - in New Zealand and around the world. Delve beneath the headlines to find out the real story, listen to Nine to Noon's expert commentators and reviewers and catch up with the latest lifestyle trends on this award-winning programme.
Insights with Ampsy
Talking with industry experts about the future of marketing, entrepreneurship and the things that make a business successful.
Join professional brewers and industry experts, as we discuss: Exclusive interviews and advice from world-class brewers, practical advice from the best craft beer writers in the industrym in-depth coverage of brewing trends that matter to you, and tips for getting the most out of your homebrew
USATODAY - News Top Stories
Bizarre States
Join Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser as they lift the veil and showcase the hauntings, urban myths, unsolved murders and general oddities that everyone has experienced but no one wants to talk about.
The Second Rate Superfans bring you reviews from your favorite Movies, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games once a month. We'll let you know what we're watching and if it's worth your time. We're not experts. We're Second Rate Superfans hosted by Brian and Jordan. Email us at follow us on Twitter@SuperfanTweetsand like us onFacebook.Music:
Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” gives an in-depth discussion of different economic principles like the productivity, division of labor and free markets. Although written and published more than 200 years ago, it’s still hailed as one of the most original works in the field of economics and is still used as a reference by many modern economists. “An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” is the complete title of this book and it was first published in 1776, the same ...
Inside Lenz is a network of talk shows, discussing the issues of the day and bringing listeners to the next level with shows that educate, entertain, and touch your
Joshua J Sheats, MSFS, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CAP, RHU, REBC is a financial planner who teaches people how to live a rich life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less. He mixes creative approaches to lifestyle design, deep-dive financial planning techniques, and hard-core business strategy to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build financial independence.
Quick, informative, fun. VOA’s International Edition brings the world together with U.S. perspectives. Experts, analysts, social media views and newsmakers themselves help tell today’s stories everyone wants to hear. Brighten your day with VOA’s International Edition.
You are cordially invited to Your I Do Crew: a wedding planning podcast. Wedding officiant Atonn Smeltzer and wedding photographer Lindsay Rozelle share their best wedding tips, craziest wedding horror stories, and interview local and national experts on trends, traditions, and more! So here's to love, laughter and happily ever after. Cheers!🥂 Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN
Over 1,000 content rich episodes, business and investing guru,with guests including Jim Cramer, Dave Ramsey, Harry Dent, & Suze Orman.
Anatomy of a Movie
Popcorn Talk Network, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “Anatomy of a Movie” (AOM). Each episode of AOM centers upon one movie title where an expert panel of hosts, from different facets of the industry, dissect every aspect of that particular film from casting to acting, writing to directing and cinematography to editing. AOM is not a a movie review or critique. Rather it is a movie companion, offering deeper insigh ...
Real chats with Designers, Decorators and industry experts about the business of interior design.
Teach Better Talk
Featuring expert educators ready to share progressive tactics to reach more students. Teach Better Talk is created by teachers, and fueled by passion! Every week, Rae Hughart and Jeff Gargas, of the Teach Better Team and, chat with educators from all around the world, discussing failures, successes, exciting new tactics, and dishing out loads of tips, tricks, and advice for educators of all levels. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Three-time Super Bowl champion & former New England Patriots linebacker/special teams player Matt Chatham goes deep on his former team, breaking down the games with a professional eye & previewing the upcoming contests with other insightful former players, including FBF's own Brady Quinn and Brady Poppinga. A Patriots show that majors in real expert analysis of the game action, and not fluff & hot takes. Real football analysis by real football players...that's the REAL THING Patriots podcast.
Einstein wrote this book for people who are interested in understanding the Theory of Relativity but aren't experts in scientific and mathematical principles. I'm sure many people have heard about Einstein's Theory of Relativity, but most of them don't really know what it is all about. This book gives them a chance to know more about this very famous theory without the need to take a Physics course first. This book is divided into three parts. The first part explains what special relativity ...
Merch Lifestyle
Explore print on demand strategies, expert interviews, powerful tools, and daily e-commerce entrepreneur struggles. Hosted by Spencer Shewbridge. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Speaking Of Wealth
Welcome to the "Speaking of Wealth" podcast showcasing profit strategies for speakers, publishers, authors, consultants, and info-marketers. Learn valuable skills to make your business more successful, more passive, more automated, and more scalable. Your host, Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and experts including; Dan Poynter (The Self-Publishing Manual), Harvey Mackay (Swim With The Sharks & Get Your Foot in the Door), Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior) ...
Data Skeptic
Data Skeptic is a data science podcast exploring machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and other data topics through short tutorials and interviews with domain experts.
Ask A Black Woman
This is where you Ask A Black Woman anything but... You betta be ready for a real answer!
Heather Wagenhals Unlock Your Wealth Radio helps people learn how to manage their money better saving time and reducing stress, creating a debt-free life to choose wealth and happiness with Heather's proven strategies. Tune in to one of Heather's shows and learn what thousands of other listeners have about releasing limiting beliefs and choosing the future they desire for themselves and their families NOW!
The biggest names, the latest news, and leading insights from the field. Weekly Podcasts, interviews, technology demonstrations, and commentary from industry experts. Get more at
Save more and spend less is more than just a motto for money expert Clark Howard; it’s a way of life. Clark and his crew — Team Clark — are on a mission to empower people to take control of their personal finances by providing money-saving tips, consumer advice, hot deals and economic news to help everyone achieve financial freedom.Clark is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and a consumer reporter for television stations around the country. His podcast, The Clark Howard Show, rece ...
RTHK:Video News
Made Man is a Mad Men podcast. Listen as our host watches every episode of the classic AMC drama and gives his instant reactions to each one. No planning. No research. No rehearsal. Just Mike becoming a Made Man. The first two seasons of Made Man is now fully available as we next make our way through season three of Mad Men! Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Science of Social Media is your weekly sandbox for social media stories, insights, experimentation, and inspiration. Every Monday (and sometimes more) hosts Brian Peters and Hailley Griffis share the most cutting-edge social media marketing strategies from brands and influencers in every industry. If you're a social media team of one, business owner, marketer, growth strategist, community manager, or part of an emerging online brand, you're sure to find something actionable in each episo ...
Discover the world with music. Join local experts for a sonic journey around the globe.
Every weekday, All Things Considered hosts Ailsa Chang, Audie Cornish, Mary Louise Kelly and Ari Shapiro present the program's trademark mix of news, interviews, commentaries, reviews, and offbeat features. Michel Martin hosts on the weekends.
Lawyers of Tomorrow is hosted by Stephen Turner, a law lecturer, law tech entrepreneur and author. Stephen interviews visionaries who are working to build a modern, efficient legal sector that delivers valuable, easily accessible and easy-to-use legal products and services that give people the solutions they need. The focus of the show is on how lawyers can add value for their clients by embracing legal project management, innovative models, legal design principles, automated solutions, lega ...
The podcast where we go beneath the surface to reveal the web of connected influence, money, and motivation driving the news, sourced primarily from our website, the Capital Research Center's online encyclopedia of the donors, non-profits, and influencers driving politics. You can watch the video version of the podcast at:
Are you searching for stories to ignite your curiosity, teach you to perform better in life and career, inspire your mind, and make you laugh along the way? In this science podcast, Dr. Marie McNeely introduces you to the brilliant researchers behind the latest discoveries in science. Join us as they share their greatest failures, most staggering successes, candid career advice, and what drives them forward in life and science.
Hosted by Colin Murphy, the Torcana podcasts are for anybody who wants to learn more about building a rental property portfolio with strong cashflow and stable tenants. In plain English and with lots of real life examples, Colin & his guests talk about the lessons learned and mistakes made when buying, renovating, managing and selling millions of dollars worth of rental properties. They focus on the nuts and bolts of real estate investing and try to give actionable and practical tips with ev ...
Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption and Infertility. Since 2007, we interview leading experts on infertility and adoption each week to bring you unbiased accurate information on all aspects of adoption and infertility. In adoption we cover how to adopt a baby, open adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption, attachment parenting, transracial adoption, special need adoptions and more. In infertility we cover latest advances in in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, in ...
Join Katy Bowman, biomechanist, author, and leader in the Movement Movement for conversations on how movement affects not only the shapes of our bodies but the shape of our life.
Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective. Find out more at
Blue Dot
Blue Dot, named after Carl Sagan's famous speech about our place in the universe, features interviews with guests from all over the regional, national and worldwide scientific communities. Host Dave Schlom leads discussions about the issues science is helping us address with experts who shed light on climate change, space exploration, astronomy, technology and much more. Dave asks us to remember: from deep space, we all live on a pale, blue dot.
Subject matter experts on controlling the administrative costs of healthcare while improving health outcomes.
Every week you will be treated to a new Drifting Ruby episode featuring tips and tricks with Ruby on Rails, the popular web development framework. These screencasts are short and focus on one technique so you can quickly move on to applying it to your own project. The topics are geared toward the intermediate Rails developer, but beginners and experts will get something out of it as well.
Begun when she was just eleven years old, Love and Friendship is one of Jane Austen's stories that very few readers may have encountered before. Austen experts feel that this story was written, like many others, only for the pleasure of her family and friends. It is scribbled across three notebooks, in childish handwriting, and the complete work is thought to have been written over a period of six or seven years. It is dedicated to one of her cousins, whom she was very close to, Eliza de Feu ...
You’ve seen the action inside the ring, but now it’s time to reign it in with the WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW AFTER SHOW. We’ll discuss the most intense matches, your favorite wrestlers and all the most talked about moments from the show. We’ll also discuss storylines and give predictions to upcoming PPVs. Tune in each week for expert commentary from the show that saw the rise of our own Cathy “Cupcake” Kelley go from ABTV host to WWE host! (Also, our network is run by part-time WWE wrestler Maria ...
Tune in for 25 Life Coaches from around the world to share their wisdom & coaching w/ you for FREE! We have shows on Relationships, Careers & a lot more!
Helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don't
Lighthouse of Hope
Lighthouse of Hope, is a weekly half hour show dedicated to helping anyone with a mental illness or their family, friends, employers, teachers and many other people. Mental illness affects about 1 in 5 New Zealanders. With the right help and support the overwhelming majority of people who experience a mental illness can improve significantly, find ways to manage it and find a positive way through.The show combines the latest research, personal stories and practical advice to help anyone who ...
Bringing you the leading voices in the field of Internet safety, privacy, and security.
Join host Marcia Meier and her guests for some serious girl talk about women, aging and sexuality. Are you part of the "invisible" half? Women over 50 virtually disappear in our youth-obsessed culture. But guess what? We still like and need love, romance and sex. And we need to talk about it, and everything else related to women and aging. Think of this podcast as your biweekly dose of girlfriend time. Join us! Become a supporter of this podcast: ...
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Jason Hartman starts today's show by discussing the enduring asset that is real estate. Buildings you see that have been there for decades, if not centuries, still make money for their owners. Then Jason answers some more mortgage FAQs, including financing multiple properties at once and what a Power of Attorney can do for you. Then Jason talks ...…
Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, talk with Dennis and Barbara Rainey about marital conflict. The Wilsons admit that they had a lot to learn about conflict when they got married. Ann's family background included loud fights, which was a far contrast from Dave, who learned at an early age not to rock the boat. Together they share what they'v ...…
The chairman of the Bar Association, Philip Dykes, says there is no "loophole" in Hong Kong's current legislation on the surrender of wanted criminals to other jurisdictions – contradicting the government's claim that a murder case last year highlighted a pressing need for the law to be changed. On Tuesday, Chief Executive Carrie Lam reiterated ...…
Pierre McGuire, stationed 'Inside the Glass' during Lightning-Blue Jackets game on Monday, nearly is hit by a wayward puck.By Andy Nesbitt, For The Win.
International Edition delivers insight into world news through eye-witnesses, correspondent reports and analysis from experts and news makers. We also keep you in touch with social media, science and entertainment trends.
Spoiler alert: 'America's Got Talent' revealed the winner of it's special 'Champions' edition Monday. The victor says another deserved the win.By Bill Keveney, USA TODAY.
California and 15 other states sued Trump Monday over his decision to declare a national emergency to free up funding for his border wall.By John Fritze, USA TODAY.
Former University of Colorado football player T.J. Cunningham, who was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, was killed in a dispute over a parking spot.By Associated Press.
A key witness described how a political operative hired by the Republican candidate flouted the state's election laws. The political operative declined to testify.
It took park rangers nearly two days to find and rescue an Arizona man after his leg got stuck in quicksand in frigid temperatures.By Mackenzie Shuman, Arizona Republic.
It's back to reality for LeBron James, who's on a Los Angeles Lakers team that's struggling mightily to make the playoffs.By Martin Rogers, USA TODAY.
There are many things driving tens of thousands of Venezuelans to the streets. But a small part of this is what the economic and political crisis is doing to a basic food item — arepas.
President Trump will make the U.S. case for new leadership in Venezuela in a speech in Miami on Monday. The situation in Venezuela is an issue of growing political importance in Florida.
Colombia's submission to the Oscars this year addresses the beginnings of the drug trade in rural Columbia — and how it shattered the traditions and families of the indigenous Wayúu people.
A decade ago, Ondara was just a kid from Nairobi obsessed with American rock music. Now, his debut album examines the American dream from a newcomer's perspective.
The state now requires many of its Medicaid beneficiaries to work, go to school or volunteer in order to keep their health insurance. But more than 18,000 have come off the rolls.
Honey bees deal with many stressors: chemicals, climate change and viruses. But this year, a tiny mite has wiped out colonies, causing worry over whether there are enough bees left to do their jobs.
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni announced her retirement from politics on Monday. Livni also served as Israel's chief peace negotiator.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with clinical psychologist Lisa Damour about her new book, Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls.
A new book tells how the blinding of a black Army veteran after World War II by a South Carolina police chief helped lead to the desegregation of the U.S. Army.
At Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, the Army is testing new boots for boot camp. Responding to increases in injuries, the Army wants different models of boots with more focus on performance and comfort.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with former U.K. National Security Adviser Peter Ricketts about the case for abandoning Brexit.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Telegraph political correspondent Anna Mikhailova about the seven members of Britain's Parliament who quit the Labour Party over Brexit and other issues.
Workers in Sweden have the right to take six-months unpaid leave if they want to start their own business. It's one of the reasons why Sweden is a leading country for startups.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with former Deputy CIA Director John McLaughlin about Andrew McCabe's comments that President Trump chooses to believe U.S. adversaries over his intelligence agencies.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with economist Kenneth Rogoff about what would happen if the U.S. were to get rid of a lot of its paper currency, particularly larger bills, as he advocates.
In California, Oakland teachers are planning to walk off the job Thursday. The district wants to pay teachers more but finds itself in a budget crisis.
Tensions between nuclear-armed neighbors India and Pakistan have skyrocketed after a suicide car bombing in disputed Kashmir. Tensions are also high inside India, as some mourners call for revenge.
Media commentator Gavin Ellis speaks to Kathryn about examples of the erosion of journalism. These include the Cairncross Report in the UK highlighting the need for intervention, more redundancies and closures in NZ and media companies becoming soft targets for takeover by malign influences. Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor ...…
Human rights lawyer and head of the Bar Association, Philip Dykes, said on Monday that the Hong Kong government should guarantee that mainland authorities treat crime suspects handed over in the same way as other countries with which the SAR has extradition pacts. In an exclusive interview with RTHK, Dykes said he has concerns about whether the ...…
Ruahine "Roni" Albert has been at the forefront of supporting abused women and children for three decades, at the largest refuge in the country. Roni Albert is a co-founder and CEO of Waikato Women's Refuge. What began in a one bedroom flat in Hamiton has evolved to a respected NGO with a purpose-built, marae-style safe house, and wrap-around c ...…
Today on The Survival Podcast I take your questions on water filters, student loans, pastured poultry, security, ground cover, side hustles, marketing, taxes, mead and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show that you put something … Continue reading →
Bennett College, a historically black women's college, could lose accreditation due to financial instability. President Phyllis Worthy Dawkins tells NPR's Michel Martin how the school raised millions.
The TV host says his exchange with longtime friend Mo'NIque about her reputation in Hollywood taught him that he needs to be more careful with his choice of words.By Jayme Deerwester, USA TODAY.
The hour-long piece was created by choreographer Rennie Harris, who formed the first and longest running hip-hop dance touring company. Harris tells NPR's Michel Martin all about the new work.
Business commentator Rod Oram talks to Kathryn about our trade relations with China, the government's plans to completely revamp polytechs and industry training providers and also plans to tax online companies such as Google and Facebook on their revenues not their profits.
Former ambassador: We're safer in NATO than outside it, but Donald Trump doesn't seem to realize that and is separating us from our closest allies.By Nicholas Burns, Opinion contributor.
Car repossessions are becoming a bigger problem; A widow with MS has been denied her husband's pension based on one form that can't be tracked down; Amazon will no longer be erecting a second HQ in NYC. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
J.J. is back from Orlando with the interview that got away from him at ATIA, Bardo Hoffmann Of VisioBraille. We also have a product review in "Sound Off", a ton of news along with a couple of Joe's tweets that influenced a Windows Tip and J.J.'s contribution to the "Last Word". Make a good pot of coffee, or tea, because this one will last more ...…
Hannah August reviews Nobody's Looking at You: Essays by Janet Malcolm, which is published by Text.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wouldn't say whether he nominated President Donald Trump, but he lauded Trump's efforts to defuse the Korean crisis.By John Bacon, USA TODAY.
Artists, Feeonaa Wall and Ani O'Neill talk about the collective of Pacific and Maori fashion designers, artists and performers whose work in Auckland gave rise to a new urban style in the 1990's. A retrospective exhibition, Pacific Sisters: He Toa Taera Fashion Activists opens at the Auckland Art Gallery this Saturday. It showcases three decade ...…
From the US, Washington bureau chief of The Guardian, David Smith talks to Kathryn about the progressive group MoveOn, which has organised hundreds of protests on Monday against the Donald Trump's declaration of a national emergency so he can pursue funding for a wall on the US-Mexico border. Also the controversy surrounding this weekend's Oscars.…
It's a tough time to be a seabird in New Zealand, with 35% of our 92 resident indigenous species in decline. Climate change, the fishing industry and even cruise ships are all taking a toll on seabird numbers. DOC's principal science adviser on biodiversity, marine species and threats, Graeme Taylor, takes us through what's being done to mitiga ...…
Colin Kaepernick's lawyer suggested that Carolina and New England are potential landing spots for his client. Do they (or somewhere else) make sense?By Nate Davis, USA TODAY.
The Ombudsman is upping his scrutiny of vulnerable people in secure care, following recent shocking cases of people with intellectual disabilities in confinement. Late last year, in what was a major expansion of its work and breath of mandate, the regulator announced it would strengthen its monitoring of aged care facilities by including privat ...…
Longtime hockey commentator Don Cherry referred to the Hurricanes as "a bunch of jerks," and Carolina is embracing that by creating T-shirts.By USA TODAY Sports.
Today, we continue the Asset Protection series with an in-depth look at health and education accounts. Specifically, we cover: Health Savings Accounts / Medical Savings Accounts Flexible Spending Accounts Health Reimbursement Arrangements Qualified Tuition Programs (529 Plans) Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts UTMA / UGMA accounts…
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