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Game Master’s Journey is a discussion podcast for GMs and players of tabletop RPGs hosted by Lex Starwalker. The show explores strategies players and GMs can use to enhance the gaming experience for everyone at the table. Lex often uses Dungeons & Dragons as an example, but many of the topics are relevant to all RPGs. Lex also discusses the creation of his homebrew D&D setting, Primordia, providing a valuable worldbuilding resource for GMs creating their own setting.
Conversations with myself. Narcissistic abuse survivors, you might like this. I talk my way through my first year without my abuser after nearly 30 years of enduring more than most could fathom. I'd like to invite you also to check out my YouTube channel with more on what I've endured: you'd like to reach out to me you can stop by my forums and website at or drop me an email at: Become a supporter of this podcast:ht ...
Journey into the Light Spiritual Radio now into its 9th year of dailys shows from guest all over the world! Click on the FOLLOW BUTTON so you get updates of all are Live Shows. Also check out all the thousands of Free Archieve shows...
Big Fat Positive (BFP) is an irreverent and funny show that follows two moms-to-be on their journey through pregnancy, week by week. With weekly check-ins, special guests and pregnancy-related segments such as "OMG I’m Freaking Out," hosts Laura Birek and Shanna Micko recount the often hilarious and always honest highs and lows of being a pregnant woman in 2018. New episodes every Monday. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A historical manuscript penned by a medieval Norse poet. A mysterious code. Three intrepid explorers. A subterranean world filled with prehistoric creatures and proto-humans. These are some of the brilliant ideas that are superbly blended in A Journey to the Interior of the Earth by Jules Verne. Jules Verne, the French writer who created several works of science fiction, adventure stories and very popular novels, wrote A Journey to the Interior of the Earth in 1864. Some of his other books e ...
An animation podcast featuring interviews with professionals working in television, film and games.
Sarah Prout is a motivational speaker, spiritual lifestyle entrepreneur, co-founder of The Manifesting Academy and author of Dear Universe. The mission of the Journey To Manifesting podcast is to share inspiring stories and powerful insights to motivate you to create the life of your wildest dreams. Find out more:
Kaye Smith, eBay and Amazon Reseller, sharing experiences along this journey as a reseller. From live trips to the thrift store, pricing strategies, shipping, how to attack death piles, and other bits of information that can boost your skills and reseller business. See what I’m up to @
Messages from weekend services at Journey Community Church in La Mesa, CA. Ed Noble, Lead Pastor. For more information on Journey, visit
The journey of artists. Let's get into the minds of artists. Art is the language of the soul regardless of the medium. Proudly presented by your host AZY; fashion designer, brand strategist & cultural activist
We All Suffer From The Same Problems, You Don't Get To Know Yourself Without Struggle But I Say To You TODAY: Things Are The Hardest Just Before They Get Better As Long As We Have The Right Perspective. Like I Always Like To Say ("DO DIFFERENT | GET DIFFERENT").
IT professional finding your job description changing? More and more tech added to your plate? You're not alone! Have a listen to these IT pros tell their stories about becoming full stack engineers.
TED Radio Hour
Guy Raz explores the emotions, insights, and discoveries that make us human. The TED Radio Hour is a narrative journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, and new ways to think and create.
The McCabe’s will seek out what’s needed for a beautiful Catholic marriage!
The Journey Within
...documenting my path of self discovery and mastery. Turning lead to gold, the transformative work with Self. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A narrative history podcast following the journeys of medieval travellers and their roles in larger historical events. Telling great stories, showing the interconnected nature of the medieval world, and meeting Mongols, Ottomans, Franciscans, merchants, ambassadors, and adventurers along the way.
Attitudes of sexual integrity! With host Russ Shaw! How do we find deliverance and victory if we have tried and failed so many times? Russ walks you through some realistic steps toward REAL freedom with what 13 years of podcasting on this subject can teach us about the attitudes approaches, regrets and disciplines of people who arrive at true, lasting freedom. This show is produced from a Christian perspective but don't let that scare you. If you have a problem with Christians I don't blame ...
Dacasource - an eBay reselling journey is a documentary about growing an eBay business from a part-time income to a full-time career. This is a journey of my struggles, failures and hopefully growth. The end is yet to be written.
Get inside the head of amazing coders, speakers, architects, thought leaders, agilists and much more, and listen to the fascinating stories of their journeys! Subscribe on the major platforms or via the podcasting App of your choice: Itunes - Stitcher - GoogleMusic - Spotify - TuneIn - ... or listen to the episodes directly here below! And if you like what you hear, please leav ...
Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. is a Holistic Life Counselor and the author of Manifesting Prosperity From The Inside Out and Manifesting Love From the Inside Out. Dr. Tammi is an expert on relationships, prosperity, healing and health, from a psychological as well as spiritual perspective -- it all starts within: by respecting, honoring and loving ourselves, the world loves us back. Tune in for conscious conversation, exciting guests, empowering tools and real-life techniques to expand and your mi ...
Your Great Journey
Tips, techniques, and insights to help you master big change.
Essentially You is all about reinventing your health with safer, more effective natural solutions and powerful lifestyle changes so you can become the CEO of your health. Host Dr. Mariza Snyder provides you with natural remedies, protocols, and effective solutions for women, both from her own knowledge and expertise on the topic, as well as through conversations with many of the leading health practitioners, researchers and experts today. These episodes will leave you feeling empowered to be ...
Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.
2 Dope Queens
Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are funny. They’re black. They’re BFFs. And they host a a live comedy show in Brooklyn. Join the 2 Dope Queens, along with their favorite comedians, for stories about sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York, and Billy Joel. Plus a whole bunch of other S**t. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Sooo Many White Guys, On the Media, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and many ...
Wow in the World
Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz guide curious kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the wonders of the world around them. We'll go inside our brains, out into space and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology.
Welcome to Journey to Organization with Rebekah Saltzman, where we talk about getting organized and zero waste highlighting Jewish sources.Rebekah is a Personal Organization Expert and Coach. She teaches people how to feel satisfied with fewer things and helps them to clear their clutter. She believes when you clear your clutter you clear your mind. Making physical space in our our homes can be difficult, but with Rebekah's tips and tricks decluttering and maintenance become a lot more simpl ...
Join USA Today Bestselling historical romance author Jess Michaels as she talks to other authors about their journeys to writing and publishing romance.
We desire to be a source of encouragement to you. Let’s travel together. Join us on the journey.
Making it in the art business from creating to marketing your art. We look at how to grow your creative life, make a living and the journey each artist has to follow. Learning from each other and experts in the world of art.
One Decade fan conned two of his friends who have seen little to none Kamen Rider to start a retrospective podcast of Kamen Rider using Decade as the lens.
My Startup Journey
Interested in the startup scene at Kellogg & Northwestern? Inspired by NPR's "How I Built This", "My Startup Journey" is a podcast where we interview current Kellogg startups to learn about their ideas, struggles and development.
Join David Puder as he covers different topics on psychiatry and psychotherapy. He will draw from the wisdom of his mentors, research, in-session therapy and psychiatry experience, and his own journey through mental health to discuss topics that affect mental health professionals and popsychology enthusiasts alike. Through interviews, he will dialogue with both medical students, residents and expert psychiatrists and psychotherapists, and even with people who have been through their own ment ...
Two Journeys
This Podcast from Two Journeys Ministry includes sermons, lectures, and classes from Dr. Andrew M. Davis, the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Durham. Two Journeys exists to help Christians make progress in the two journeys of the Christian life, the internal journey of sanctification and the external journey of gospel advancement. We do this by exporting biblical teaching for the good of Christ’s Church and for the glory of God.
Welcome to the Road To Revolution! On this podcast I will be chronicling the good portion of my life that has been spent as a fan of Linkin Park, specifically sharing stories of the many LP shows I've been lucky enough to attend over the years. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Carolyne "Isis" Fuqua reveals Egyptian Mysticism through A Course in Miracles Podcast.Our 365 day journey through A Course in Miracles begins on January 1st. Begin the journey with the dawning of the light and end the journey with the ascension of your soul.Copyright
Astronomy Cast
A weekly facts based journey through the cosmos.
Seeking the best answers to understand martial arts, combat sports and self defense
A journey that takes the hero, Christian, through the varied landscapes that constitute life and through the events that happen to human beings is the plot of The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. Readers who have read and loved Louisa May Alcott's Little Women would recall the many references to this 17th century work of religious fiction. The Pilgrim's Progress is based on several values based in the teachings of Christianity. The importance of using the Bible as a guiding principle in li ...
D.U.M.B. Dedicated. Up and Coming. Motivated. Bold We’re changing the age old saying that Millennials and Gen Z are lazy, entitled, etc. We interview the future of today’s society: influencers, entrepreneurs, artists and more. We connect people to people, stories to people and people to opportunity. As we grow, your voice grows too. Join us by hitting that subscribe button and showing the world that we are all Young and D.U.M.B.
Chris Fabry Live
Chris Fabry Live is designed to build up the spiritual immune system of the Christian men and woman. As you walk through the journey of faith called the Christian life, you meet new people, learn new things, laugh, cry and, most importantly, grow in your understanding of God. With his sense of humor, sense of people and no sense of direction, host Chris Fabry treks that journey with you each weekday. Current events and issues, caller interaction, special guests and a few surprises all comple ...
Our planet is becoming a global village, yet enormous differences remain in culture and spiritual tradition-differences that lead to misunderstanding, hatred, and war. Exploring the unity within all cultures and faith traditions, Rev. Paul John Roach, a lifelong student and practitioner of many world spiritual teachings, guides us through the variety and differences, to the unity and common values shared by all the great religions. Come journey planet Earth's spiritual landscape with insight ...
Our GTD® podcasts are here to support you at every stage of your GTD practice. You will hear David Allen and others interviewing people from all walks of life about their journey with GTD, from beginners to those who have been at it for years. The podcasts include personal and professional stories, as well as practical tips about GTD systems for desktop and mobile, using apps and paper. Start listening now and you'll be well on your way to stress-free productivity.
Welcome to the podcast about Self Love , where amazing things happen and She dives into learning self love and conquering anxiety.
Journey To Success
Featuring people and companies making a positive contribution to the world.
The semiautobiographical travel memoir records Twain’s, more or less, personal journey across the Wild West in search of adventure while exploring variable locations. Accompanying his brother on what becomes a trip of a lifetime, the young Samuel Clemens finds himself in many different vocational roles as he explores and observes the magnificence of the American West. Not refraining from the usual social commentary, Twain directs criticism on various social and moral issues which he approach ...
Abiding Together
Providing a place of connection, rest and encouragement for women who are on the journey of living out their passion and purpose in Jesus Christ.
Tom Wilmer’s Lowell Thomas award-winning NPR podcast, recorded live on-location across America and around the world- showcases the arts, culture, music, nature, history, science, wine and spirits, brewpubs, and the culinary arts. We cover nouns and verbs—people, places, things, and action—everything from baseball to exploring South Pacific atolls, and interviewing the real Santa Claus in the Arctic. His feature, recorded live at Harland & Wolfe Shipyards in Belfast Northern Ireland, celebrat ...
Sharing the journey.
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Happy Purim to everyone! Become a supporter of this podcast:
​We can’t have them live because they’re in Israel, so we’re doing the next best thing on Wednesday’s Chris Fabry Live. We’re going back to the archives to find a scintillating conversation with the Two Michaels—Dr. Michael Rydelnik and Dr. Michael Vanlaningham. They’re boys of the Bible, men of the Moody Commentary. They put the MORE in oxymor ...…
A Course in Miracles Lesson 79 Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.
Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits with Captain Bert Minshall aboard the "Wild Goose," a yacht formerly owned by John Wayne, berthed at Hornblower Cruises in Newport Beach Harbor in California.By (Tom Wilmer).
As we stumble through the tangled vines and hidden snares of life it’s essential to have a leader who’s been down this trail before us. One who was undeterred by the difficult and uneven path he traveled. Today Ron Moore points to such a one and shows us how to closely follow him.
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Beat depression and improve your relationships with interpersonal psychotherapy with psychologist Cindy Stulberg.
What we're talking about in this episode! How to increase the amount of energy and fat you are burning throughout the day Addressing the root cause of metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and diabetes Debunking the myths surrounding metabolism speed, hormones, and exercise Key hormonal indicators that may be causing your weight loss resistan ...…
The Personal Developmental Journey Is A Life-Long Process! Join Me Today As I Shed Light On Why We Should Work On Our Level Of Procrastination By Aligning With The 3 Pillars (Physical, Mental And Spiritual) Of This Amazing Journey. Become A Person Of Credibility And Consistency. I Hope You Enjoy It.
Transcript coming soon!Please download the companion book in the link Here.
​Do you feel like you’re underwater and gasping for air? Do you feel the ache of failure and the haunting doubt that says things will never get better? If so, join us for Tuesday’s Chris Fabry Live. You need to hear the music and the message of Jody McBrayer. He’ll tell his story and share the struggle of the past few years. He believes there’s ...…
A Course in Miracles Lesson 78 Let miracles replace all grievances.
This is my first episode on Maimonides/Moses and his little brother David, on their exile from their homeland in Al-Andalus, and on their winding way to Egypt, which would be their long-term home. If you like what you hear and want to chip in to support the podcast, my Patreon is here, my Ko-fi is here, and Paypal is here. I'm on Twitter @circu ...…
Daniel Botero was living the dream life. He had a career in sales, was making more money than he ever thought he would, and helping students out with their careers…. But something just wasn’t right. Thats why he took the leap of faith, quit his job and started his podcast “Mastering College To Career”. We got to talk about the best things stude ...…
It stirs from deep in the empty spaces of the human heart. The rumor that there is more than this life. More than just us. More than we can ever imagine. It whispers of eternal joy and everlasting love. Today Ron Moore confirms that rumor from a trustworthy source. Open your heart and be filled.
Jess Michaels talks to USA Today bestseller Caroline Linden about conferences for writers, trusting and working with the team you have around you, realistic goals and hitting the USA Today Bestseller list.
It's time to get out of your head and into your heart about what you want to create in your life. This episode shows you how to guide your energy to a space of knowing that each moment is a powerful manifestation from The Universe.
It's time to get out of your head and into your heart about what you want to create in your life. This episode shows you how to guide your energy to a space of knowing that each moment is a powerful manifestation from The Universe.
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522: Judging Age & Origins, part 1 - Earth Rocks Astronomy Cast 522: Judging Age & Origins, part 1 - Earth Rocks by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay People always want to know how old everything is. And more specifically, they want to know how we know how old everything is. Well, here at Astronomy Cast, it's our job to tell you now only what we kno ...…
How do you stay crazy in love when your spouse is driving you crazy? It’s often said that opposites attract, and if you look at most marriages, you’ll see that’s true. But if you’ve been married for any amount of time, you also know that it’s not very long before the very characteristics that initially attracted you to your spouse start to driv ...…
?Zach believes if you’re walking the same old, dead-end road day after day, there’s a better life. Zach’s gonna sing on Chris Fabry Live. He reveals the truth that, if you’ve got pain—there’s a pain taker. If you’ve got chains, there’s a chain breaker who wants to show you that better way. The better road. Zach Williams joins us in the studio o ...…
Today on the Abiding Together Podcast, Sister Miriam, Michelle, and Heather continue the conversation in week three of Lent on Fr. Jacques Philippe’s book Searching for and Maintaining Peace. We talk about how fear often causes us to self protect or hustle to escape suffering instead of trusting God. We discuss the power of making space for God ...…
A Course in Miracles Lesson 77 I am entitled to miracles.
In the segment “Internet Insanity,” Laura and Shanna share bizarre and hilarious baby-related things they’ve come across online recently, including the story of a very questionable daycare provider. Also, Shanna discusses the current state of her c-section scar, and Laura talks about giving her baby dream feeds. Finally, the new moms reveal the ...…
Guy Raz and his horse Bucky just got back from a frustrating riding lesson. Mindy is on the roof of her gingerbread mansion dressed as a horsefly. And Dennis is, well....just being Dennis. And before this episode is over, YOU will know the newly discovered reason behind why Zebras have stripes! Prepare to be DAZZLED as Guy Raz and Mindy explore ...…
In early 2015, Jen Rubio was racing through an airport to catch a flight when her suitcase broke, leaving a trail of clothing behind her. She tried to replace it with a stylish, durable, affordable suitcase — but she couldn't find one. So she decided to create her own. In less than a year, Jen and her co-founder Steph Korey raised $2.5 million ...…
What do you do when your loftiest dreams are shattered and scattered in pieces around you? Do you sweep those once red-hot coals into the recess of your soul, a testimony of your disappointment with God, or do you allow Him to reignite them according to His will? Today Ron Moore will tell us how to do the latter and thus gather the strewn ember ...…
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Bonus: Dust with Dr. Paul Sutter Astronomy Cast Bonus: Dust with Dr. Paul Sutter by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay Recorded during the Astrotour to Costa Rica, Fraser talks to Dr. Paul Matt Sutter about the nature of dust and BICEP 2's claim of discovering primordial gravitational waves.
The PCs travel to a dungeon north of Dianara’s Rest in the hopes of sealing a rift to the Abyss and stopping the flow of demons into the area. RSS Download iTunesGoogle PlayPatreon You can now purchase Game Master's Journey T-shirts and other swag! Call the Game Master's Journey voice mail: 951-GMJ-LEX1 (951-465-5391) Check out Lex's D&D campai ...…
The Soul is Restless Until it Finds ChristSo turn in your Bibles to 1 Corinthians Chapter 6. We continue to make our way through this incredible book 1 Corinthians. In the year 397 AD, Augustine, writing his confessions wrote these timeless words...
Raphaelle Tamura, Psychic, Teacher & Healer ( talks with host Sheryl Sitts ( about her upcoming book and psychic connection to her pets and wildlife. In this show, we discuss: – her beloved dog who has reincarnated three times (and she’s coming back again!) in Raphaelle’s one lifetime. We ...…
My capacity to receive God’s blessing is increased when I refuse to be offended by God.Series Summary: Through the centuries, Christ Followers have used the 40 days before Easter to focus on making more room in their lives for God to speak to them. Simply put, this is spiritual preparation. It is preparation to experience Jesus though Holy Week ...…
A Course in Miracles Lesson 76 I am under no laws but God's.
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Look it is named right as a Mask now!By (Riceball Network).
A Course in Miracles Lesson 75 The light has come.
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