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LoKi, Jaylee, Zer0 and Er1n are back with GK:AD. A miniature version of the old Gaijin Kanpai reviewing Japanese Music one album at a time.
LoKi, Jaylee and Zer0 discuss the latest News and Music coming from the Japan's JPop and Jrock communities. All this while enjoying fine (re:cheap) alcoholic beverages...
Osaka's J-Pop
Music from Japan
J-pop vs. Metal
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少年ナイフ「Burning Farm」Let's Knife 1992。 Rumi 「Intro」Hell Me WHY?? 2007。 Boris 「Heavy Rain」Noise 2014。 MC Rumi 「Hell Me WHY」Hell Me WHY?? 2007。 Gojira 「The Cell」Magma 2014。 Utada Hikaru 「光」Deep River 2002。 Seo Taiji 「I Know」ETPFEST Live 2002。 Number Girl 「Num-Ami-Dabutz」Num-Heavymetallic 2002。 GAUZE 「Pressing On」Equalizing Distort 1986。 HIGH and MI ...…
~Send a SASE、よ。~ jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
~Playlist on request~ jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
There should be better show notes、ね。 jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Rough. jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
It's a show about music. だよね。 jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Doin' it again! 仕方ないよ。 jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Frivolity. Despair. More frivolity. As you like it. jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
P5|Music for sofa/// ///Cibo Matto|Theme/// ///Mayhem|Illuminate Eliminate/// /// jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
BACK AGAIN ~お尻もう一度~ jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Iron Maiden 「Flight of Icarus」 × N-qia 「tamashee」× あなたのDJ。 Metallica 「Jump in the Fire」 × omniboi「Wake Up」× jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Metallica「Rehearsal」 × Happiness of the Katakuris「わしが行こう」(Let's Go) × Your DJ introduces the new format of the show in the most confusing and roundabout way possible. あなたのDJが新しいショウの紹 介します。ちょっと複雑です。 Morbid Angel「Sworn to the Black」 × Takako Minekawa「Milk Rock」 × Your DJ continues. つづく。。。 Skeletonwitch「And Into the Flame」 × HALCALI feat.宇多丸 (RHYM ...…
Pizzicato Five「triste」 × Rollins Band「Liar」× あなたのDJ。。。。。 ~BREAK~ asa 「Hakuchizu-白地図- feat. Nobu & Rumi」 × jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Tommy heavenly⁶「I'M YOUR DEVIL -HALLOWEEN REMIX-」 × Danzig「Devil's Plaything」× あなたのDJ。 GAM「Ai no Fune」 × Mayhem 「Funeral Fog」× Tomggg「Fizz」× Gorey Gibbler「The Babka Blitzkrieg」× jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Black Sabbath「E5150」 × Perfume「Story」× あなたのDJ~ Tombs「V」 × Utada Hikaru 「道」× あなたのDJ。 Marilyn Manson 「Prelude」× jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Gesu no Kiwami Otome. - Ryoseibai Catch-up / Top 5 of 2015 / Gesu Released: 2016-03-04, RunTime: 51min41sec Download [MP3] We're back! After 3 long years of random GK:AD episodes and general apathy, the full episodes of GK are coming back on (hopefully) a monthly basis. Please support us with your love! **SPOILER ALERT** Here are each of our To ...…
Jaylee | Zer0 12m31s - MP3 Download [00:01] White Light [04:36] Blue ~Konna Yoru ni wa Odorenai~ (Original: Kuwata Keisuke) [09:59] Space Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: 2CD
LoKi | Jaylee | Zer0 16m47s - MP3 Download [00:01] Photogenic [03:22] Scream [07:02] Stranger [10:37] B Who I Want 2 B Feat. HATSUNE MIKU [13:28] Fly Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD Click to Buy: CD & Blu-Ray
Jaylee | Zer0 16m13s - MP3 Download [00:01] endless [04:47] Coral Blue [08:50] Mirai Kouro [12:04] Synchromanica [15:19] Tasogare no Rhapsody Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD
LoKi | Jaylee | Zer0 21m06s - MP3 Download [00:01] laugh [04:21] Parallel World [08:22] end and and ~10,000 hearts~ [13:43] I'm Lonely [17:44] affair Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD
LoKi | Jaylee 12m41s - MP3 Download [00:01] Brand new days [03:47] Mysterious Magic [06:31] Sousei [10:10] Marionette Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD
LoKi | Jaylee 14m16s - MP3 Download [00:01] Take me to the top [03:15] Cry out [07:01] Mighty Long Fall [10:59] Memories Click to Buy: CD
JAYLEE | ZER0 31m00s - MP3 Download [00:01] The Show Must Go One [05:47] NO FUTURE [11:32] Story [16:44] WARNING [20:44] Last minute [25:01] Movin' on without you [29:08] Zutto Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD Click to Buy: CD & Blu-Ray
The Flamenco A Go Go 「Theme」 × Gojira 「Remembrance」 × Miyavi 「Memories of Bushido」 × Pilgrim 「Quest」 × Momoiro Clover Z feat. Marty Friedman 「猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章『無限の愛』」(Violent Space Symphony: 7th Movement "Infinite Love") × Ministry 「Psalm 69」 × Shiina Ringo 「余興」 (Sideshow) × Kayo Dot 「Mirror Water, Lightning Night」 × tofubeats 「SUMMERDREAMS」 × Nihil ...…
Faith No More 「The Morning After」 × °C-ute 「まっさらブルージーンズ」 (Massara Blue Jeans) × Dio 「Shame On the Night」 × Jun Togawa 「蘇州夜曲」 (Suzhou Nocturne) × Bathory 「Nocturnal Obeisance」 × HALCALI feat. Bose from Schadaraparr 「Endless Night」 × Black Sabbath 「After Forever」 × Ami Suzuki 「FREE FREE」 × Mastodon 「Divinations」 × Pizzicato Five 「Fortune Cookie」 ...…
Celtic Frost 「Tears in a Prophet's Dream」 × ROMANS 「SEXY NIGHT ~忘れられない彼~」 × The Devil's Blood 「The Heavens Cry Out for the Devil's Blood」 × Crystal Kay 「Memory Box」 × The Gerogerigegege 「Boys Don't Cry」 × Macdonald Duck Eclair 「誰が為に鐘は鳴る」 (For Whom the Bell Tolls) × Cryptopsy 「Defenestration」 × Fantastic Plastic Machine 「Flying High」 × YAMANTAK ...…
Yuka Honda 「I Dream About You」 × Iron Maiden 「Infinite Dreams」 × DREAMS COME TRUE 「...And Then?」 × Deicide 「Dead But Dreaming」 × Tommy February6 「♥Lonely In Gorgeous♥」 × Kylesa 「To Walk Alone」 × Maki Goto 「How to use Loneliness」 × Smashing Pumpkins 「Geek U.S.A.」 × Shortcake Collage Tape 「Meet Me In Your Dreams 〜夢で逢えたら〜」 × Ice Dragon 「Flowers」 × ...…
Leggysalad 「Engraved Views」 × Graveworm 「Apparition of Sorrow」 × Tomoe Shinohara 「ラスト・ティーン」 (Last Teen) × Anthrax 「Intro To Reality」 × Morning Musume 「Fantasyが始まる」 (The Fantasy Begins) × Hirax 「Eradicate the Mind」 × Perfume 「GAME」 × Purtenance 「Reality Isn't Disappeared」 × Yukari Rotten 「Say When」 × Orphaned Land 「In Thy Never Ending Way」 × Uta ...…
eX-Girl 「Wipe Out #3」 × Neuraxis 「Intro」 × Tamurapan 「散り際の味」(Chirigiwa no Aji; "Flavor of the Fall") × Gojira 「Embrace the World」 × Pizzicato Five 「A Perfect World」 × Nine Inch Nails 「Wish (Remixed by J.G. Thirwell)」 × Momoiro Clover Z 「Neo STARGATE」 × KMFDM 「Liebesleid」 × Supercar 「WONDER WORD」 × Black Sabbath 「Rat Salad」 ×…
Utada Hikaru 「Colors」 × Sepultura 「Territory」 × Perfume 「Take Me Take Me」 × Rage Against the Machine 「Vietnow」 × Yukiko Noji 「北国慕情」 (Longing for the Northern Provinces) × Xentrix 「Nobody's Perfect」 × DJ Baku 「Street Is Yours」 × Helmet 「He Feels Bad」 × Shiina Ringo 「マヤカシ優男」 (Fake Nice Guy) × Sigh 「Lucid Nightmare→Somniphobia」 ×…
Death 「A Moment of Clarity」 × Momoiro Clover Z 「サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ」 (Farewell, Dear Sorrows) × Dio 「Rainbow in the Dark」 × Namie Amuro 「Hide & Seek」 × Sear Bliss 「The Eternal Quest」 × Lion Merry 「朝の流れ星」 (Morning's Shooting Star) × Behemoth 「As Above So Below」 × Morning Musume 「強気で行こうぜ!」(Go Strong!) × Shonen Knife 「Tomato Head (Lemmy in There Mix)」 × ...…
Metallica 「Harvester of Sorrow」 × Hibari Misora 「Kanashii Sake」 × Melvins 「Hooch」 × Dry & Heavy 「Rumble」 × Sigh 「Amnesia」 × Capsule 「World of Fantasy (Extended Mix)」 × Baroness 「Collapse」 × Aya 「Blue Butterfly」 × jpopvsmetal.comBy (Jim Haku).
Tool 「Lateralus」 × Takako Minekawa 「1.666666 (Remix)」 × Pigface 「Kiss King (High High High)」 × Pizzicato Five 「Magic Carpet Ride (Bossa Nova 1998 Mix)」 × Deafheaven 「Please Remember」 × Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 「Choudo Ii No」 × Grown Ass Men 「A Little Bit」 × Risa Niigaki & Sayumi Michishige 「Yowamushi」 × Spiral Architect 「Insect」 × Shonen Knife 「Insect ...…
LoKi | Jaylee | Zer0 20m11s - MP3 Download [00:01] First Time [03:42] MASAYUME CHASING [07:17] Message [10:19] close to me [14:36] WOO WEEKEND [18:51] Milestone Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVDBy BoA.
JAYLEE | ZER0 32m58s - MP3 Download [00:01] Lelio [03:35] XOXO [07:52] Terminal [13:30] What is forever love [17:44] Angel [21:30] Hello new me [25:45] NOW & 4EVA [30:22] merry-go-round Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD Click to Buy: CD & Blu-RayBy Ayumi Hamasaki.
JAYLEE | ZER0 | ERIN 20m02s - MP3 Download [00:01] Shuen no Onna (Original: PUFFY) [03:49] Bouenkyou no Soto no Keshiki (Original: Noda Igeki) [08:23] Hiyori Hime (Original: PUFFY) [11:23] Private (Original: Hirosue Ryoko) [14:43] Seishun no Matataki (Original: Chiaki Kuriyama) Click to Buy: CD (Regular Edition) Click to Buy: CD (Limited Edition)…
LoKi | Jaylee | Zer0 21m57s - MP3 Download [00:18] Eternal [03:31] Lily [06:43] Kimi no Uta [10:06] Kokoro no Ito [14:10] Starlight [17:47] Kimi ni Yomu Monogatari [20:48] Amethyst Click to Buy: CDBy UNLIMITS.
Jaylee | Zer0 19m56s - MP3 Download [00:01] Champion [03:48] Breeding Poison [07:22] Good Days [13:32] I love you -introduction- [15:10] Shinjiru Mama [18:25] Something Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD (A) Click to Buy: CD & DVD (B)By Tohoshinki.
Jaylee | Zer0 | Erin 20m30s - MP3 Download [00:01] m-flo + Ruby Prophet - Spark [03:28] m-flo + Ayumi Hamasaki - My Way [07:14] m-flo + MDNR - Young & Restless [12:18] m-flo + daoko - IRONY [17:07] m-flo + Yohei Kawakami - FLY Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD Click to Buy: CD & Blu-RayBy m-flo.
Zer0 | Erin 17m35s - MP3 Download [00:01] Dreamin' [03:22] Mayonaka no Anthem [07:32] Kaze Hikare [11:08] Kunshou [16:27] Meikyuu Love Letter Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVDBy Negoto.
Jaylee | Zer0 | Erin 15m49s - MP3 Download [00:01] +- [03:33] Mebius [07:21] shooting star [11:48] Kazen Zenya Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVDBy Alice Nine.
Zer0 | Erin 14m42s - MP3 Download [00:01] Senko Strings [04:15] Shion [10:27] Night Flight Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD (A) Click to Buy: CD & DVD (B)By Cyntia.
Jaylee | Erin 12m43s - MP3 Download [00:01] Where U @ [03:53] #AGARU [08:18] HIKARI Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD (Limited)By JASMINE.
Jaylee | Erin 12m06s - MP3 Download [00:01] Singer [03:43] Neko [07:00] Missing Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVDBy androp.
Jaylee | Zer0 16m15s - MP3 Download [00:01] LOADED Feat. Sean Paul [04:12] SHOW ME YOUR HOLLA [07:22] Imagine [11:30] LOL [14:57] Let's show tonight Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVD Click to Buy: CD & Blu-RayBy Koda Kumi.
Jaylee | Erin 11m53s - MP3 Download [00:01] IN THE END [03:22] Butterfly Boyfriend [07:42] memories Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & 2DVD Click to Buy: CD & Blu-RayBy moumoon.
Jaylee | Zer0 16m00s - MP3 Download [00:00] AI + Kato Miliyah + VERBAL - RUN FREE [04:42] Reisei to Jounetsu no Aida [09:20] One Night Only [13:00] Love / Affection Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVDBy Kato Miliyah.
Jaylee | Zer0 18m23s - MP3 Download [00:00] Time goes by (Original: Every Little Thing) [04:54] Yasashii Kiss wo Shite (Original: DREAMS COME TRUE) [08:10] It's just love (Original: MISIA) [14:14] Boku ga Ichiban Hoshikatta Mono (Original: Noriyuku Makihara) Click to Buy: CDBy Urata Naoya.
Jaylee | Erin 11m44s - MP3 Download [00:13] Hanaratai no Wa [04:17] Tabidachi no Uta [07:16] SAVE Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVDBy MEG.
LoKi | Jaylee | Zer0 18m33s - MP3 Download [00:15] ICE CREAM HEAVEN FOREVER [03:51] CAN YOU HEAR ME? [08:31] LOVIN' YOU [12:58] RUBY EYES [17:12] FOREVER AND ANYWHERE Click to Buy: CD Click to Buy: CD & DVDBy Tommy Heavenly6.
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