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Join Amber (@MomOfAllCapes) and her kids at their kitchen table where family discussions are fun and informative! Learn from experts and explore innovative ideas that push K12 education to be more meaningful, more equitable, and more compassionate for kids, parents, and educators.
Teachers Aid with Mandy Froehlich and Jon Harper. We've refocused the show on meeting some of the biggest unmet needs every educator has. If you are an educator who gives teaching your all, but still feels that you're not doing enough, this show is for you. Tune in to get social and emotional support for the very personal challenges teachers face. We promise you that you won't hear educators talking like this every day.
Welcome to the Futuristic Parenting DeCoded Podcast from Codevidhya. Codevidhya is an Edutech company that focuses on teaching kids to code. In this podcast, we will be covering topics like Futuristic Parenting, Coding for kids, understanding the importance of coding early for kids. We will have our guests who are industry experts in coding and parenting and put light on the importance for kids to learn to code.
House of #EdTech

House of #EdTech

Christopher J. Nesi - Education Podcast Network

Helping educators like you transform education by exploring the impact technology is having on education since 2007. The House of #EdTech, launched in 2014, features conversations with teachers, leaders, and creators so you can more effectively integrate technology, strengthen your pedagogy, and have more confidence in your classroom and school so you can make an impact.
We’re here to encourage progress within education by providing insights and inspiration. What can the education industry learn from other fields and how can it leverage today’s most successful innovations? On Shaping the Future, experts and innovators share ways we can prepare students for the future, no matter what it holds.
Jethro Jones interviews instructional leaders from around the nation to learn and teach what it takes to become a transformative principal. Episodes address topics like Response to Intervention (RTI), Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the latest advances in educational research, standards-based grading, and interviews with industry leaders like Bill Daggett, Rick Wormeli, Todd Whitaker
The voice of the American Consortium for Equity in Education at | Host Larry Jacobs facilitates rich discussions with innovative educators, thought leaders, authors and the leaders within the education industry to promote equity, access and opportunity for every student in every school.
Promoting education in engineering and design for all ages. Learn more and read transcripts at Produced by Pius Wong, engineer, of Pios Labs ( This podcast is for educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and parents interested in bringing engineering to younger ages. Listen to real conversations among various professionals in the engineering education space, as we try to find better ways to educate and inspire kids in engineering thinking. For episode tr ...
Flipped Learning Worldwide

Flipped Learning Worldwide

BAM Radio Network - The Twitterati Channel

From the US to China, the United Kingdom to New Zealand, Spain to Dubai and beyond, Flipped Learning Worldwide is a radio channel covering the evolution of flipped learning around the globe. Hear from researchers, school leaders, technologists, thought leaders, and teachers. Each short 10-12 minute episode is available on-demand from your computer or mobile phone. Now you can stay on top of the next practices in flipped learning anywhere, anytime. In addition to the voices of flipped practit ...
What if you could hear from leaders in school systems all around the country? People who are finding innovative ways to solve problems and make strategic decisions as they work to hire, develop, retain and support teachers and staff? From superintendents to principals, from human resources to curriculum and instruction to special education, we’re talking with people who have something to say in K-12 – and we’re sharing those conversations here.
There are LOTS of podcasts for teachers, but Substitute Teachers Lounge is the first podcast ever that also highlights substitute teachers. This podcast is aimed at giving ALL types of teachers the tools you need to teach in K-12 (elementary school, middle school, and high school), including administrative aspects as well as helping students receive everything they need to learn and feel special. We interview teachers, subs and students to make sure we have the information we need in order t ...
Around the Word in 180 Days is designed for educators in any school community to join together in the Word of God, prayer and fellowship. Karen Seddon, from Christian Educators (CEAI), hosts this daily glimpse into the heart of an educator featuring this year's theme, Prayers-Praise-Promises. We will read the Promises of God by categorically and then pray that promise. We will praise God using a different Scripture each and finally read the Daily Devotional from Christian Educators. Please j ...
Your School Communications Scoop covers topics and best practices for K-12 schools. Whether it is tips for improving school customer service, strategies on how to market your school, or ways to use your school website and social media to build a respected school brand and increase enrollment, you'll find proven, effective advice from the experts at School Webmasters, LLC.
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Jim Owens - Senior VP, Business Development, SDI, Inc. - Helping k12 with Assessing Indoor Air Quality, PPE Needs, and Supply Chain Management. This is episode 422 of Teaching learning Leading K12. Jim Owens is the Senior Vice President for Business Development at SDI, Inc. Jim brings a unique blend of strategic and creative thought to every client…
Games are not only fun pastime activities, they’re great vehicles for learning. How can we use games to teach civics skills, social-emotional learning, and digital citizenship? How might we use games to teach us how to be together? In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Kat Schrier, Director of Games/Associate Professor at Marist College. She is als…
This is the second episode in our "How We Homeschool" series. We'll be talking with different homeschool parents all season to hear about their philosophies, insights, and experiences. Let's meet Faryal! She homeschools her 4 kids, ages 7-17. Faryal shares how teaching influenced her philosophy of homeschool, how her homeschool has changed over the…
Summary: Performative Arts and evaluation. How do we evaluate teachers? Dave has 360 degree view. Jokes: The movie “Lincoln” grossed over $275,000,000 in theaters. This is very surprising. Historically, Lincoln doesn’t do well in theaters. What’s the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are $1.98, Deer nuts are under a buck Which s…
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