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C25K Bible Running Program
Listen to the book of Psalms while being guided through the C25K program step by step!
seid dem 21.03.2015 befindet sich Carmen mit Ihrem Fahrrad auf Weltreise . Eine Vegan World Friendship Tour. Sie sagt " Der besondere Reiz an der Reise ist, dass ich aus meiner Haustür gehe, mich auf mein Rad setze und einfach losfahre. Ganz langsam, Kilometer für Kilometer ändert sich die Landschaft, die Menschen, die Sprache, das Essen, der Geruch, die Luft, die Geräusche, der Sternenhimmel. Langsam und intensiv möchte ich die Welt entdecken." Quelle : http://www.veganworldfriendshiptour.d ...
Space Couch Interviews
Orbiting the moon at a distance of 25 kilometers, lies the newly purchased PANTSnet One Orbital Station. Every once in awhile the fearless leader of PANTSnet lets a studio audience onboard while he interviews some people of varying fame levels. There will be subtle mockery of people and the world in general, laughs, cries, and maybe even some learnings. And sometimes cake.
Reel Friends, No Borders
A new podcast in which Joanna Smith and Sean Volk join Sarah Koenig to crack a cold case, solve a murder and right wrongs. Just kidding. In "Reel Friends, No Borders", Joanna and Sean are actually going to chat about movies, surprise each other with questions and engage in some serious international friendship. Some helpful context: Joanna (a Canadian) and Sean (an American) met in the Film Studies grad program at Western University in London, Ontario. She wrote about explicit sex, he studie ...
Flags and High Fives: A podcast retrospective
Friends and former podcasters extraordinaire, Arvin and Ben, look back on their success, shortcomings, and the ultimate downfall of their hit 2007 video game podcast. Ten years later the pair now older, fatter, and 400 kilometers apart attempts to uncover how their past failures can translate into future success.
Off on a Comet by VERNE, Jules
The story starts with a comet that touches the Earth in its flight and collects a few small chunks of it. Some forty people of various nations and ages are condemned to a two-year-long journey on the comet. They form a mini-society and cope with the hostile environment of the comet (mostly the cold). The size of the 'comet' is about 2300 kilometers in diameter - far larger than any comet or asteroid that actually exists. (Summary by Wikipedia)
Dude Drives Cars podcast
This is the Dude Drives Cars podcast, hosted by Matthew the Car Guy. Join him as he talks about industry trends, some auto racing, and gives his opinion on whatever press vehicle he happens to be driving this week.Matthew the Car Guy is a lifelong gearhead who writes for CAA Magazine (American listeners: that's like AAA except with more maple syrup and hockey sticks) and for his own website Find him over on Twitter where he holds live car reviews + Q&A on Periscope.He regu ...
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2018 Hyundai Santa FE Sport MSRP: From $24,950MPG: Up to 21 city / 27 highwayTowing capacity: 3500 lbs.5-Star crash test ratingLong 10/100,000 mile warranty (the mileage in the B-roll text of this video is noted in kilometers)prosGenerous rear-passenger and cargo spaceLots of convenience and safety featuresLengthy warranty coverageconsBelow-ave ...…
Hit the trails in this episode of Bayfield County Wild, as Co-hosts Nancy Christopher and Mary Motiff, director of Bayfield County Tourism, talk to Ron Bergin, publisher and editor of Cross Country Skier Magazine and an outdoor sports enthusiast, about Bayfield County’s highly-rated trail system for cross country skiing and mountain biking, as ...…
Bill discusses the company Golden Predator where he is chairman and his wife is C.E.O. They both work in different parts of the company. He focuses on geology while she handles the corporate affairs. He discusses their Three Aces Project located in the Yukon. At the project, they have added a lot of infrastructure over the past couple of years ...…
In this episode of Nordic Nation, we discuss the recent U.S. Nordic Combined Olympic Trials, which were held Dec. 30 in Park City, Utah, with U.S. NoCo’s leading man, Bryan Fletcher. Nerves, pressure, the flying and skiing — those all played a role on Fletcher’s day at Olympic trials. After the jumping portion of the competition, things weren’t ...…
The world's tallest dune is a magnificent sight. Standing tall at 455 meters, it pierces the barren landscape like a surgeons scalpel, but without the precision. Its meandering arms radiate, twist and bend in an attempt to dissuade you from clamoring to the peak. However, the luscious red sand seduces you into thinking it's possible. After a mo ...…
Today’s Episode takes us to Australia, the home of the Riversleigh Lagerstätte. Lagerstätten, you may recall, are fossil assemblages that typically have extraordinary diversity as well as extraordinary preservation. The Riversleigh Lagerstätte fits that definition well, containing fossils of 15- to 25-million-year-old mammals, including an exti ...…
The representation of thunderstorms (deep convection) and rain showers in climate models represents a major challenge, as this process is usually approximated with semi-empirical parameterizations due to the lack of appropriate computational resolution. Climate simulations using kilometer-scale horizontal resolution allow explicitly resolving d ...…
The representation of thunderstorms (deep convection) and rain showers in climate models represents a major challenge, as this process is usually approximated with semi-empirical parameterizations due to the lack of appropriate computational resolution. Climate simulations using kilometer-scale horizontal resolution allow explicitly resolving d ...…
01. Abity - Fragments (Original Mix) [Suffused Music] 02. Hassan Rassmy - Feels So High (Matteo Monero Remix) [Massive Harmony Records] 03. Gaston Ponte - Boulevard (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records] 04. Antrim - It Will Be This Time (Donatello Remix) [MNL] 05. BP - G-Force (Plus Thirty Remix) [ICONYC] 06. Mondkrater - Binary (Danny Lloyd Rem ...…
Today’s episode, number 379, is about glaciers in what is now the Sahara Desert, and we’re going back 340 million years, to the Mississippian or Early Carboniferous Period of the Paleozoic Era. In the original daily episodes of this podcast back in 2014, when we got to the Mississippian in June, I had a very brief episode about glaciers in Aust ...…
One Foot In The Sink | Muslim Lifestyle Podcast
In July 2017, a group of 8 British Muslims embarked on a journey of a lifetime by cycling from London to Madinah to perform the Hajj. Cycling over 3,500 kilometers, across eight countries and three continents, they reached Madinah after six weeks and raised over £250,000 to buy medical aid for Syria with the Human Aid charity. Sayfullah Nasir i ...… with guests: Don Whigham Executive Director & Independent Associate -LegalShield Don has a BS degree from Mississippi State and worked for Exxon for 3 years. Founded Business Data Services, a computer services company, and developed 91 franchises nat ...…
Ingress Talk about Hanks Global Challenge, The #EXO5 anomaly and your comments and calls on this episode of Agent Academy Podcast. Recorded on November 28st, 2017. New Video: PPP: Hank’s Global Intel Challenge – RES celebrate Ingress with Ooperation 5 ...…
Expanded Perspectives
On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how a man in Maury County says he saw an unidentified bird he believes could be a Thunderbird. Then, a woman believes that her and her daughter hit what can only be described as a Ghost Deer on night while driving home in rural Maine. Then, people were fermenting ...…
Shark-Human Interaction and Body Language of Sharks
Between November 30 and December 5, 2010, five incidents took place along a coastal stretch of only a few kilometers. At least two sharks were involved, an oceanic whitetip shark and a mako shark. A review is given, together with a most likely scenario leading to those incidents of which one ended fatal.…
Check-in: The Travel Guide
Sylt has more than 40 kilometers of sandy beaches and all sorts of ways to explore them: riding, jogging, surfing, just walking or taking a guided nature tour. You’ll never be bored on Sylt.
Nu är det 99 amerikanska soldater strandsatta och omringade av fiender inne i Mogadishu. Ute vid basen 2 kilometer därifrån förbereds en räddningsaktion.
Active Travel Adventures : Curated Multi-Day Active Vacation Ideas
Today we are hiking or biking a section of the famous El Camino de Santiago, the world's most popular long distance trail! Our guest today, Janet Hanpeter, walked the second half of the 480 mile Camino Frances (French Way) to Santiago del Compostela, Spain. The route runs through mesas, mountains, pastures, villages and cities for a ‘never a bo ...…
Calgary Real Estate Podcast with Eric Mortimer
Far too often, buyers find what they think is the perfect home only to be disappointed after they move in. Once the rose-colored glasses come off and problems start to become apparent, they are left with serious buyer’s remorse. When it comes to real estate, regretting your purchase isn’t as simple as going back to a store and telling the cashi ...…
The Pestle: In-depth Movie Talk, No Fluff | Film Review | Spoilers
In this episode we have special guest Joe Howes with us to discuss: the lighting of Edgar Wright’s “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”; transitions; sound design; and much more. “I think one of the things that really separates us from the high primates is that we’re tool builders. I read a study that measured the efficiency of locomotion for various s ...…
The David J. Harris Jr. Show
Hello Facebook Family David Harris here and I’m excited to be sitting next to a good friend of mine Gary haven. Gary is the founder of the world’s largest and fastest growing franchise in American history curse. You probably heard about curves. He’s the founder of that and he’s got his hands a lot other things as well. But I absolutely love wha ...…
Vincent Godefroy is one smart cidermaker located in Normandy France. He saw the opportunity to entice tourist visiting the nearby famous white cliffs of Ètretat to his cidery. Vincent and Marie-Clarie Godefroy have a full service cider destination offering lodging for two adults in a wooden barrel see photos at The Godefroy's welc ...…
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