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We define a taboo story as something you would never EVER talk about at the dinner table. Even after a few glasses of wine. Society has made the rules, and our mission is to break them because we honestly believe: The more we all talk about how fucked up we are, the more normal we all feel. Since establishing our stage show in 2010, Taboo Tales has covered everything from living with HIV to being born without rectal muscles to blindness to being forty and lonely. One requirement is that all ...
Taboo Tales Podcast
Story by story, Taboo Tales has been tearing down societal taboos on stage in Hollywood since 2010. We define a taboo story as something you would never EVER talk about at the dinner table. Society has made the rules, and our mission is to break them because we honestly believe: The more we all talk about how f'd up we are, the more normal we all feel. With anonymous audience participation and seven storytellers per show, Taboo Tales has covered everything from living with HIV to being born ...
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Spawn Ranch, San Francisco in the 70's, New York City in the 80's, activism and community organizing in the 90's, and art shows and storytelling in the present make Joey a busy boy! Joey Terrill refers to himself as the "Chicano Forrest Gump" (with a higher IQ) because he's truly experienced it all. We love Joey and are so excited for you to he ...…
Has a parent ever ghosted you? Like, multiple times ghosted you? In this episode, the open-hearted Ilana Cohn Sullivan shares about ending family cycles, the challenges of interfaith marriage, and being boy crazy in 1990s New Jersey.
When we think of the first few moments after having a baby, we usually imagine the happy tears of a new family. Even when Jessica planned the whole thing down to the minute, something unplanned happened in the hospital-- a sick baby that would change her entire life forever.
Surprise! Misty McAfee's life looked like the photo that comes with the frame. But suddenly her husband was missing. Although she found him using the Find my iPhone App, he was still lost.
Peggy Mannix Slattery was a free-spirited newlywed enjoying a fun summer at the beach until her life went up in flames. Literally. In this episode, she answers everything you've ever wanted to know about the burn unit and sex in the seventies. You can watch Peggy tell this story right here: ...…
Christian Freeman gives us all the juicy details about two super taboo topics: making a ton of money & prison. He learned a lot from his prison experience, so just listen to this podcast and save yourself a trip to jail.
Robin did what everyone wants to do when they reach a certain point in their marriage: open it up! She tells us what it's like to go ALL OUT sexually and finally explore everything she'd always wanted to try. She even lived in a sex commune and practiced clitoral meditation. Corey and Laurenne try to hide their jealousy and awe. You can read mo ...…
Isabeau was born into a different kind of family and she's always had a spiel about it (I have four parents: two gay dads and two lesbian moms. They were all friends who decided to have a baby and co-parent together. And then they had me.). Isabeau felt constant pressure to prove to all the naysayers that gay parents are perfect. One slip and r ...…
Comedian and cutest person ever, Jenna Brister, joins us in the studio to talk funny about something serious: domestic abuse. After a whirlwind romantic relationship with early open-door pee sessions, Jenna found herself married in Vegas and then in an abusive marriage. She found the strength and the community to help her get out quickly. She's ...…
The wonderful Liz Brown is back! This time she shares about how being the daughter of a veteran has more effects than one would think - some difficult, and some hilarious. MAKE STORIES NOT WAR!
Our favorite co-producer and sweetest human, Simone Deblasio, is back with her tale of addiction, relationships, and addiction in relationships. Funny, brave and oh so relatable.
It's the return of our very own Taboo Tales prom king, Mr. Michael Feldman (pictured here with his handsome husband and fellow Taboo Tales alumni, Michael Rachlis)! Michael and his never ending supply of taboos has #blessed us for yet another session of over-sharing. You will laugh, you might cry, and you will definitely never think of Fraggle ...…
The wonderful Wyatt Gray, wise beyond his years and deeply thoughtful, tells Taboo Tales how overcoming a childhood language issue made him the man he is today. We love Wyatt and so will you!
The tables are turned once again! This time Taboo Tales host, Corey Podell, is the guest while Laurenne revels in finally being able to grill her. Extra special thanks to DeJon Joyner for killing it as guest co host. Corey is super scared to share this story, so be gentle.
No one gets pregnant the first time they have sex! Well, except for Laura House that is. This week, Laura returns to share her tale of what it was like to be young, pregnant, and living in Texas right after her V card got swiped.
What's it like to be a male stripper? Eddie Alfano can tell you. And while he does, you'll learn a lot about the male objectification experience (hint: it's really different than the female objectification experience). Eddie gets real about putting his life on hold and making money the sometimes hard way.…
The hilarious and wonderful Debbie lets us in on the world of immigrant parents, potential motherhood, and the difficulty of leading two lives.
Allyson Weinhold joins us this week to talk about how her obsession with "emotionally unavailable Evan" actually uncovered what her REAL obsession was.
DeJon Joyner shares his experience about what it was like to go from from being the only black kid in his class in the suburbs to being the only "white" kid in his class in Watts. Talking about race can be hard to navigate, but DeJon couldn't be a more gracious guide.
Some people dream about getting into porn, some end up in it because of unhappy circumstances, but Hayley Terris? She fell into it accidentally - and literally. Listen to her hilarious and heartfelt piece about healing, acceptance, and unlikely fame.
In this episode the wonderful actress and storyteller, Diane Pershing, opens up about what life was like for a young pregnant woman in the time before Roe vs. Wade. Diane's story makes us realize just how many rights we take for granted nowadays!
Navaris Darson, pro improv actor and comedian, gets real about his dating experience as a black man in Los Angeles. He just wants to go to bang town a couple more times a week but finds some roadblocks due to racial "preferences."
Celia Finkelstein gets real about what it's like to live with a brain that plays tricks on you and how it feels to check into a psych ward for a short weekend getaway.
Keryl gets honest about her addiction to pulling hair, trichotillomania (or as the kids call it: trich). Listen to her journey. Even if you've never pulled, you can totally relate to what's behind it all (fear, anxiety... the old standards).
The wonderfully transparent writer and comedian T. Chick opens up about hitting rock bottom as he apologizes for all he might have done while drunk-- including cooking boogers on the radiator. Check out T. Chick's photography here:
Former Scientologist, Derek Bloch, shares his harrowing history of institutional abuse at the hands of the Sea Org, his eventual escape, and dedication to rebuilding his life over the past few years. Derek speaks his truth without fear, and is a beautiful example of how it's never too late to start over, despite challenging circumstances. We ar ...…
Host becomes guest on this very special episode! Laurenne Sala is obsessed with death. So much so, that she signed up for an anatomy class where she learned a lot about the body, and even more about the heart.
Comedian and writer, Aysha Wax, joins us to talk about the time in her life when she was a Jewish American Mormon Princess. This piece isn't just about religion - its about family, community, and identity. You'll love it! (And Aysha)
Hilarious and wonderful Beth Littleford (The Daily Show, Dog with a Blog) reads her Taboo Tale and chats with us about divorce, motherhood, and that sweet California kush...
The wise and wonderful writer, Misty McAfee, joins us with her piece about searching for her father and the unexpected results of finally finding him.
The hilarious and wonderful Johanna Stein, author of the memoir, "How to Not Calm a Child on a Plane", joins us to share her piece about an epic prank gone awry and the conversation continues into the REAL REALNESS of parenthood.
Larry Meyers joins us today to share his funny and touching piece on finally dealing with the beast of depression, vulnerability, and being a father to two daughters in today's world.
Anna Metcalf hates the word 'retard.' Mostly because she heard it while growing up with a mom whose IQ is less than that of Forrest Gump. Listen to how she's dealt with mothering her own mother and laugh at some of the sweet mistakes a mom like Anna's could only make.
This week, we talk to writer Jeanie Bergen about what it was like to go from care free to care taker in an instant. When Jeanie had to shift her life around to make room for her sister Edna, she faced more than just government red tape and rude looks - she faced her feelings. AND WE LOVE FEELINGS!
Relationships are hard, and no one knows more about that than this weeks guest Michael Aspinwall. Laughs will be had, a tear or two shall be shed and progress in the big wide world of LOVE will be made!
What happens when those eggs you froze as a young co ed over a decade ago come a knockin' at your door? This week the delightful and unabashedly honest, Sarah Gaboury, joins us to talk about what a REAL modern family looks like in today's world. If you want to laugh, cry, and feel all the feelings - listen up!…
Patrick Burleigh joins the podcast today with his incredibly unique story of growing up with a condition that caused him to begin puberty as a toddler. Yes, you read that right - a toddler. What does it mean to literally not have a childhood and have hormones pulsing through your infant veins? Listen up & find out!…
Lisa Orkin, tornado of talent, joins us to talk about dating and sex after "a certain age" - she is so real and down to earth-- a truly awesome woman. What a fun episode!
The charming and oh so enjoyable Ian Murphy joins us this week to share his story of a college hook up gone awry, his inner Liberace, and finally facing the truth about himself. This episode is so fun - we laugh a ton and know you will too.
Paul Gilmartin - comedian, podcast host, writer, and generally beautiful human being - sits down with us for a very special episode. Not only does Paul share his truly vulnerable and bravely told story, but he turns the tables on Corey and deftly breaks down her walls straight into an ugly cry. This episode is a hybrid of storytelling, bonding, ...…
Writer & comedian, Laura House, tells us her tale of the unfillable hole that not knowing her birth family created, and the myriad of funny, thrilling, and unconventional ways she's tried to fill it.
Writer and beautiful human, Andy Nicastro, opens up about the lengths he went to in chasing a high that never satisfied. So many people can relate to Andy's journey and yet so few can put it into words like he does.
Jessie Kahnweiler - bold, brash, ballsy, and beautiful - joins us with the powerful piece she read in Taboo Tales last summer and our conversation goes just about everywhere from there - she even makes Corey cry. Like ugly cry. Really ugly.
Charlotte tells us what it's like to be born without a very important body part.
Hilarious writers and performers and REAL LIFE COUPLE Ian Alda and Debbie Jhoon share their dual story of how Ian took Debbie's V card at the ripe age of thirty something ish. A MUST LISTEN!
Creator of "An Open Apology", Stirling Gardner, joins us for this especially powerful episode, where he reads one of the most memorable pieces to ever grace our stage. We are thrilled to be able to share it with you!
We sit down with the adorable Courtney Pape to hear about what having a full C and a small A cup means to a young woman and how her attempts at making Mary Kate and Ashley look more identical finally brought her to body acceptance.
When Stephanie realized she would only see one penis for the rest of her life, she took to the internet for some pre-webcam adventures. She swears she was JUST typing.
Growing up an Evangelical Christian, Bennett decided to break the rules. With Liv Tyler's boobs.
Everyone loves a good comeback story - Robert Downey Jr., Betty White, Weird Al and of course Peggy Mannix Slattery's vagina's comeback. Listen in to one of our very favorite women talk about free love, family, and how her lady business is BACK IN BUSINESS!
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