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I, Lawyer
Discussions about law and technology with experts around the world. Hosted by Fredrik Svärd, editor of
Family lawyer
Are you tired of being in family disputes? Want to resolve your family matters lawfully? Bullock Lawyer is the professional family lawyer can provide you the effective legal support. To get support with divorce, child custody or related issues simply visit at:
Bert Martinez is an Marketing Consultant, Author, Entrepreneur. The goal of Money For Lunch is to share inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet; to help you discover tips and strategies to make your business and your life better than ever!
The past interviews and comedy skits and bits along with past air checks and Advertisements, I have made or participated on. Included here for your enjoyment and ridicule.
Dominate LAW
Helping attorneys who know where they want to go, get there!
Discover tools, strategies and inspiration to take action and live life better. Your host is Dina Cataldo -- lawyer, coach and entrepreneur. (She's also a yogi and tea addict.) How do I get unstuck? Why am I not creating the results I want in my life? Why am I not growing in my business and personal life the way I want? Why do I procrastinate? These are just a few questions that Dina Cataldo dives into with her interviews, mini-trainings and step-by-step guides. She talks to influencers and ...
Storm and Matt of Townhall offer the hottest takes on politics and weird news, sports, and hot-button topics.Follow us on Twitter @TriggeredTHM.
ROAMHOWL PODCASTS explore and share the stories of fascinating people – multi-talented high-performers and trail blazers working in the arts, entertainment, sciences, technology and professions, with an out-of-the box approach to life and work. Who are they and how did they get where they are today? Hosted by Jennifer Gardner.
Former PAC propagandist Karina Sahlin and former Obama field organizer Matt Abedi are the children of immigrants from the most feared countries in the world (Russia & Iran). They break down the biggest stories in the news in the way only two people scared of totalitarianism can.
Lawyers of Tomorrow is hosted by Stephen Turner, a law lecturer, law tech entrepreneur and author. Stephen interviews visionaries who are working to build a modern, efficient legal sector that delivers valuable, easily accessible and easy-to-use legal products and services that give people the solutions they need. The focus of the show is on how lawyers can add value for their clients by embracing legal project management, innovative models, legal design principles, automated solutions, lega ...
What's it Like?
Whats it like to be blind? To be a lawyer? A philosopher? A marriage broker? An Uber driver? To scuba dive for the 1st time? To skydive for the 500th time? To have 6 months to live? To go to prison? To quit a job and travel the country in a van? Join us as we explore human experiences to answer the simple question - What’s It Like?
Law Talk With BJ
Law Talk with BJ is a new voice on issues of legal justice. Host B.J. Bernstein is a trial attorney, legal commentator, speaker, legal consultant and mediator. She is passionate that her listeners understand the law behind the cause and hashtag.
Freak Out and Carry On, WBUR's politics and history podcast, addresses the urgent issues of our time through the lens of history. Hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Ron Suskind and noted Boston College historian Heather Cox Richardson, the podcast examines the national political landscape and dives into the historical context. New episodes available every Thursday.
Employee Rights
Employment Lawyers
VISIT OUR WHOLE LINEUP AT and GET YOUR OWN PODCAST. For more info:; 781.820.1027
Truthdig Podcast - Interviews and spoken articles from a Web magazine providing expert in-depth coverage of current affairs as well as a variety of thoughtful, provocative content assembled from a progressive point of view.
The day’s top stories from BBC News. Delivered twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends
1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred. Thats the premise behind Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, hosted by comedian Chris Gethard (the Chris Gethard Show, Broad City, This American Life, and one of Time Outs 10 best comedians of 2015). Every week, Chris opens the phone line to one anonymous caller, and he cant hang up first, no matter what. From shocking confessions and family secrets to philosophical discussions and shameless self-promotion, anything can and will happen! T ...
Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s weekly civilized yet provocative confrontation over politics, policy and pop culture.
Most of the guests we will be interviewing have an AS diagnosis. They were once in a lot of pain and are feeling much better. They are living normal lives. Most of them did this without the use of special diets and are off AS medication. We will be asking briefly about their history and more importently how they did it.
On The Record
On The Record started as 938LIVE’s flagship one-on-one personality-based interview show. Now running more than 60 episodes, it is a hard-hitting and thought-provoking weekly interview with thought leaders across Singapore, on issues ranging from politics, the arts, business, the economy to social causes.
Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind. Get our half-hour radio program sent directly to you each weekday.
True Crime Historian remembers the famous and forgotten scandals, scoundrels, and scourges of the past through newspaper accounts in the golden age of yellow journalism.
Vondran Legal Hour
Welcome to Vondran Legal Hour. This is Attorney Steve's intellectual property & piracy law channel. Make sure to "FOLLOW" us by clicking on the button. We handle software audits, photo infringement, torrent file sharing defense, TV signal piracy and general copyright and trademark cases.
Bloomberg Law
Host June Grasso speaks with prominent attorneys and legal scholars, analyzing major legal issues and cases in the news. The show examines all aspects of the legal profession, from intellectual property to criminal law, from bankruptcy to securities law, drawing on the deep research tools of Reporters from Bloomberg's Washington, D.C. bureau are prominently featured as they offer analysis of policy and legal issues.
Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is spontaneous, organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths with unexpected people. Come hang with comics, porn stars, bank robbers, drug smugglers, scientists, authors, and world travelers.
Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices.
Africa Today
News and analysis from the BBC's Focus on Africa. The Africa Today podcast is published from Monday to Friday. It contains the day's top African stories.
Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team cover the latest in politics, tracking the issues and "game-changers" every week.
Recovery Rocks
A rock and roll-loving Gen X lawyer in 12-step recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. An equally rock-obsessed Millennial writer who found addiction recovery through blogging. Give them a couple microphones and you get the Recovery Rocks podcast, a new kind of discussion about the issues impacting those who struggle and recover, reflecting different perspectives, but finding much in common.
Explore a variety of conversations at the intersection of Faith and Law, with host Mike Schutt, director of the Christian Legal Society's Institute for Christian Legal Studies and Attorney Ministries.
The World Tonight
In depth reporting, intelligent analysis and major breaking news from a global perspective
Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.
CBC Radio's The Current is a meeting place of perspectives with a fresh take on issues that affect Canadians today.
Welcome to The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, where we give you insights into the mind, brain, behavior and creativity. Each episode we’ll feature a guest who will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of your self, others, and the world we live in. Hopefully, we’ll also provide a glimpse into human possibility! Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast.
Be a fly on the wall and listen to to great conversations between the founder of NetWorkWise: Adam Connors & his group of eclectic guests. This show ranges from high powered CEO’s to average Joe’s and everything in between. The only thing that is constant is their success. And, in the mind of Adam, success is defined as "living a life by design, not by default.” And what's more, nearly all of these guests agree on one thing: success is a group metric. You are only as good as the people you s ...
Recruiter Startup
This podcast will help you to set and operate a world class Recruitment Agency. We bring you the stories behind the personalities you see on LinkedIn.
Informative, jargon-free stories about law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of justice and legal culture. The Law Report makes the law accessible.
Young Minds Podcast
We do not claim to know everything, we do not expect to know everything, we are just simply open to discussion and curious!
At the Brewvies
This is At the Brewvies, where four friends share a beer and talk about movies. A film industry professional, a civil engineer, a lawyer, and a radio engineer -- who does not watch the movies, but instead only reads the Wikipedia page -- have a good time and an honest discussion about
Life Coach, Fitcoach; wellness coach; (Suicide Awareness💕) Talk To MeAspiring Corporate Lawyer/ Mom/Motivational speaker✌️ ———————————————-MariahFitnessNow—LifeCoach-MotivationalSpeaker—GameChanger—-Politics—AnimalLover-and anything else that needs to be addressed—— Nothing in this world is impossible to achieve!!!🌎🙏
A naïve but sincere young lawyer's assistant who only dreams of marrying his childhood sweetheart and yearns to have a home and family with her. His sharp witted boss keeps the firm going by dint of shrewd business sense and legal talent. When the assistant accidentally stumbles into a murder case, the scene is set for events that change all their lives. Dead Men's Money by Joseph Smith Fletcher was published in 1920, the era considered to be the Golden Age of detective fiction. Writers like ...
Ian Hislop and Private Eye magazine venture into the world of audio with a brand new podcast. Available from Private Eye at or on iTunes, Spotify, Acast and Soundcloud.
Traffic and Weather Together on the 3's. Breaking News When It Happens.
NPR's daily top stories that you can't miss. Exceptional, moving, offbeat, or just plain funny. Subscribe to the Story of the Day podcast.
Entrepreneur Inspiring Stories to Help Motivate, Build, & Grow Your Successful Business with a Master Class from Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders that tell it How It Is... Millionaire Interviews is actionable advice for the (future & present) Entrepreneur, Thought Leaders, Solopreneur, Youpreneur, and Small Business Owner. The host interviews Business Founders in the Product, Service, Real Estate, and Tech industries so they can teach you from their experience. Guests have been featured on Fo ...
Allan McKay is an award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Technical Director in Hollywood - join Allan as he interviews many of the leading experts in Hollywood about their careers, pitfalls and what they took to succeed, while also gaining a lot of core knowledge to help build your career, money and success and skills to make the biggest impact in your career AND in your life!
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With the end of 2018 fast approaching, it's that time of the year where everyone decides what their favorite music of the year is.By Joe Price.
The release date and details for the Fear of God Essentials x Converse Chuck 70 collection including two OG-style Chuck Taylor All Star colorways in black/white and white/black.By Riley Jones.
The Lakers are looking to make another move, this time targeting former Rockets wing, Trevor Ariza, who is a huge trade target before February's deadline.By Spencer Lund.
Sonic the Hedgehog is looking like he's about to ink a Tapout sponsorship deal and post 8 gym selfies a day using the #SunsOutGunsOut tag.By Trace William Cowen.
The original id Software-developed 'Doom' arrived all the way back in 1993, changing the landscape of video games forever.By Joe Price.
The Nike Kyrie 5 'Little Mountain' is a player exclusive colorway that pays homage to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and his later mother Elizabeth Ann Larson.By Michael Conway.
Filming for the next season of the Starz series has temporarily been shut down.By Sarah Jasmine Montgomery.
The Rockets' title window lasted only one year and evaporated with their Game 7 loss to Golden State. Here's why they'll miss the playoffs this season.By Aaron Mansfield.
Had this come out earlier in the year, would it have silenced some of those naysayers so keen to call time on the grime scene?By James Keith.
The Arrest of tech exec Meng Wanzhou is underlining worries that her company, Huawei, could use its position in Canada as a means for espionage or retaliation against the government.
James Allison is an immunologist who rejected scientific orthodoxy early in his career, but has earned the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his revolutionary work on cancer treatment. Not all scientists who go rogue reap the rewards however, so where's the line between confidence and stubbornness?
In many ways, Lisa Brennan-Jobs' memoir Small Fry tells stories that will ring true to many kids of parents who have split - except that her father was Apple co-founder and tech messiah Steve Jobs.
On Today’s episode…IT’S RUFIO!!! That’s right, the man with the most epic knock-out ever recorded joins us on the show! Friend of the show and friend of Rufio Aaron Williamson comes back on the show and gives us a bit of an update on what is actually happening in the Pacific North-West. Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the show.…
On Today’s episode…IT’S RUFIO!!! That’s right, the man with the most epic knock-out ever recorded joins us on the show! Friend of the show and friend of Rufio Aaron Williamson comes back on the show and gives us a bit of an update on what is actually happening in the Pacific North-West. Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the show.…
The system is failing children in state care who are traumatised by their experiences and with mental health issues, a psychiatrist and social worker say. They tell Indira Stewart a lot of children are not being heard, and things must change.
The man charged with murdering British backpacker Grace Millane has appeared in court for the first time. RNZ reporter Anneke Smith was there and discusses what happened.
The AWB Firm gets more questions on trademarks than anything else. Trademarks are not only a smart investment to make sure everything you’ve worked so hard to create (your brand) is protected, but they can also be used as a tool to create additional revenue streams. Learn what you should trademark and how to plan for it in 2019. In this week’s ...…
Hundreds have turned out for the opening of a community centre in Martinborough today that has bought together the whakapapa and the heritage of the small Wairarapa town.
What has been leaving Waitara resident's cars and buildings covered in spots and splatters of a pale yellow and difficult to remove substance? Reporter Robin Martin headed to the North Taranaki township to investigate.
Shaun Johnson, who's now with the Sydney-based Cronulla Sharks, spoke out at the weekend about his time at The Warriors, saying coach Stephen Kearney simply didn't like him.
Families lined up outside Eden Park from 2am today, as the City Mission started distributing food and Christmas gifts at three Auckland sites.
The 2018 Child Poverty Monitor report has found between 161,000 and 188,000 children are living in households with moderate to severe food insecurity, while 10 percent of low income households go without fresh fruit and vegetables most of the time. Nita Blake-Persen visits Otara to find out about just how hard it is to do the family shop.…
News from the business sector, including a market report.
An animal rights group is calling for a man to be charged after he was filmed seemingly forcibly blowing cannabis smoke into a kitten's face and joking about it. Warning, you may find some of the images in this video disturbing.
Urgent talks between Air New Zealand and unions are underway in a bid to avert a one-day strike that one travel agency says would be almost unprecedented. The strike by the airline's engineers on Friday 21 December would affect nearly 42,000 people, some of whom are now scrambling to make back-up plans.…
Stephen Barclay only took on the job in May, but he hasn't been at work for weeks. Housing Minister Phil Twyford won't comment on his absence, but RNZ understands it relates to an employment dispute.
The man accused of murdering Grace Millane appeared for the first time in court today, and while he lost his bid for interim name suppression, his name will remain a secret while his lawyer appeals the decision.
Struggling to maintain her composure, the Prime Minister has described the overwhelming sense of hurt and shame that the country feels over the killing of British packpacker Grace Millane.
YESTERDAY’S NEWS --Tales of classic scandals, scoundrels and scourges told from historic newspapers in the golden age of yellow journalism...Berthe Claiche’s Revenge Episode 297 relates the sad story of Berthe Claiche, whom we met briefly in last week’s episode when she gave a necklace to her cellmate, Josephine Terranova. I normally like to mi ...…
Quebec has gone through some fairly significant changes to it's immigration programs. If you want to know how these changes may impact on Quebec based work permits and immigration, you've come to the right place. Canadian Immigration Lawyer Genna Evelyn joined me to share some insight on some of the significant changes that have been launched a ...…
Join Constance and her guest Rebecca Whitman – Author/Motivational Speaker ( who will teach you how to create fun and freedom in your life and create a six-figure income part-time. You will learn how to transition out of your 9 to 5 job, why happy is the new rich and the role of spirituality in making money. You ...…
Janelle is a lot more than a pretty face. She spent months exploring Colombia while bringing attention to the problem of illegal trafficking of endangered wildlife. She's a passionate defender of the natural world and an excellent photographer. Plus, she looks real good on two wheels. Janelle on Instagram: @motogypsy Find me on Instagram or Twi ...…
Let’s review.By (KCRW, Josh Barro, Rich Lowry).
When you hear the term “Spirituality” many think of “New Age” or perhaps the opposite of religion. Mainstream religions often have rules and a deity that is worshipped and obeyed whereas in new age spirituality, non-physical consciousness is often considered a loving, positive and non-judgmental entity that is not separate from humanity. Of cou ...…
With over 60 per cent of the population living on the brink of famine and an estimated 85,000 children dead from malnutrition, the war has propelled the country into a devastating humanitarian crisis.
A new government report says hackers are increasingly targeting smart home devices, from thermostats to security cameras.
A 26-year-old Christian missionary was killed last month when he snuck onto a remote island in the Indian Ocean. John Allen Chau hoped to preach to an uncontacted tribe, but he was killed. His death has sparked a debate: was he a martyr, or misguided?
Yet another virtue signaling liberal has found a cause that is worthy of devotion. You guessed it...Candy! Running drinkable water? Meh. Women's rights in the middle east? Meh. The cast system in India? Meh. banning Candy canes? "I'M ALL IN" says this virtuoso of virtue. Merry Christmas everyone!
Grant Philip was just fresh into his military career, when a diving accident left him a tetraplegic. Now a painter, he's returning to his military roots as part of the Art in Recovery programme.
Health Minister David Clark has announced part of the Dunedin Hospital rebuild will be fast-tracked.
Racist enrolment policies and out of hand competition between schools has lead to ethnic and economic segregation in our education system, according to Tomorrow's Schools author Bali Haque, who says it can't be allowed to carry on.
Police say they have questioned a man, seen with missing backpacker Grace Millane at Auckland's Citylife Hotel on Queen Street last Saturday night. Our reporter Katie Scotcher is outside the Citylife Hotel with the latest on the investigation.
A Wellington PAK'nSAVE store is taking drastic measures to get rid of sparrows, by shooting them dead. While it's shocked shoppers, a pest management company says its common practice to poison or shoot sparrows.
Monika Rachael Kelly was a teenager herself when she pimped out a 14-year-old to make some cash. The solo mother was today sentenced to two and a half years.
Air New Zealand is bracing itself for the possibility of further strikes, on top of one planned for the busiest travel day of the year. The holiday plans of tens of thousands of people are up in the air, with airline staff threatening to strike on December 21 over pay and working conditions.
A consultant who's been supervising NZTA inspectors for more than a decade says she completely stands by their work practices - but those further up in the agency haven't been listening to their concerns.
The High Court has ruled that Engineering New Zealand was wrong to drop an investigation into CTV engineer Alan Reay when he resigned from the professional body, and today Engineering New Zealand confirmed it would reopen that complaint.
News from the business sector, including a market report.
Investors who've traded millions of dollars through the online firm Halifax, are frustrated, upset and angry that they may be waiting years to see their money again.
Canterbury DHB CEO David Meates says assaults on Hillmorton nurses and staff have escalated in recent months, and it is increasing its security presence in response. He spoke to Lisa Owen.
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