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Becoming People of OneBook
Engaging Leader
Leadership communication principles to engage your team
Leader Of Peace
Welcome to the little piece broadcast where will be talkin about random things such as Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball super movies Sports mainly basketball and football a little baseball a little hockey
I went from hating a job to starting a business and going totally broke. After years in the grind I rebounding into millions in sales with a team of people that love what they do. This podcast is for anyone going through the same journey.
Being Team Leader
How can be a good team leader or good qualities of a team leader.
Learning Leader
Dr. Habecker brings his unique insights into faith, leadership and everyday life.
Its about go shut the fuck up mate. Yeah nah cool beans 1👍
Leadership development for everyone in the blue collar workforce, those who support them, and those who lead them. Leadership is influence. Influence is built daily, not in a day.There are two types of influence: 1) Artificial influence which comes with a title, position, or rank and is reserved for those who have formal authority over others; and 2) Authentic influence which is based on a person's character and the relationships they build, and it's available to anyone with or without a pos ...
Welcome to Become a Local Leader, where I help you become the digital mayor of your neighborhood by increasing sales, improving marketing, and scaling your operations. My name is Grant Finday-Shirras and let’s jump right into the episode!
Quick, applicable podcasts challenge business owners to manage like they mean it.
The Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast is an exploration of common, frustrating themes in spiritual leadership and how to overcome them. Do you feel too overwhelmed to enjoy life, and see your best work not making an impact? If so, this leadership podcast is perfect for you. Bestselling author and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Founder Peter Scazzero helps his listeners develop a deep, inner life with Christ, execute healthy planning and decision making, structure team building, create a h ...
A weekly podcast discussing the biblical, theological, ethical, and teaching content of Current Foundations (sermons series) LIFE Group study.
This is the Audiobook for "Small Group Leader Secrets." Learn to lead a thriving Christian small group WITHOUT doing everything yourself. Harcover and eBook are available at => This podcast is sponsored by The Practical Christian Podcast - Daily tips, tricks, and hacks to help you be a more effective Christian.
Join our Leadership experts for weekly advice on how to develop consistent, capable and confident Supervisors, Managers and Team Leaders who drive safety, productivity, quality and team member engagement. In this series we will highlight some of the key elements of the Front Line Leadership Training System. This comprehensive approach will ensure a lasting change in the leadership approach and culture of your business to support high performance.
Dynamic worship leader training.
Developed and produced by the Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning (CALDOL) and the Center for Company-level Leaders (CCL) at the United States Military Academy, West Point New York. This podcast features engaging discussions and is intended to educate and inspire to current and future generations of junior officers and other company level leaders in the US Army. Published every other week, the content of this podcast will help develop your capacity as ...
Weekly teachings in the Christian Faith from the pastors and staff at Trinity Baptist Church, Fairfield, Connecticut.
Inspiring bolder marketing leadership since 1959
The Keto Leader
The Booster Leader Podcast is a podcast created to help Booster Team Members grow personally and professionally. We feature incredible talks, interviews with Team Members, panel discussions, and more! If you're interested in growing as a leader, elevating your game, and launching your career, this podcast is for you.
Pathways Church exists to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our Sunday morning messages are designed to help you do just that. We explore a variety of topics, uncovering the Biblical teachings that provide inspiration and direction for your daily life.
Business RadioX ® is amplifying the voice of business by sharing unscripted conversations from local business leaders serving their market, their community, and their profession.
The Canadian Church Leader's Podcast is designed to help Canadian church leaders reach people. Hosted by Carey Nieuwhof, the podcast is by Canadians, for Canadians, focused on ministry in the post-modern, post-Christian nation of Canada. (But naturally, because we're Canadians, anyone can listen.)
Walking the Walk
Inspire, Empower and Guide people to their very best… Be THE SENSEI LEADER!Walking the Walk is the official podcast of THE SENSEI LEADER Program. We feature personal conversations with today's most influential leaders, speakers and authors to support you in your personal and professional life as a leader.Learn more about THE SENSEI LEADER at TheSenseiLeader.comFREE ebook on your first visit!
Every week on the Follow My Lead podcast, John Eades interviews exceptional leaders to extract their secrets and best practices to transfer knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. The show focuses on helping modern professionals be better prepared to lead themselves and lead others. Popular topics include: Leadership, Management, and Motivation
The Transformative Leader Podcast is intended to equip you with the right mindset with which to recognize your innate leadership abilities as well as the hidden factors preventing you from fully expressing these abilities in practice. Join Amir Ghannad as he explains what it takes to be and show up as a Transformative Leader, regardless of where you currently find yourself in your leadership journey. Through adopting the highly effective, time-tested leadership approaches discussed, you will ...
This podcast contains video of messages presented by Senior Pastor Mike Glenn and guest speakers during Sunday morning worship services at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN.
Listen to the classes/talks of Steven Hovermale, Teacher - Coach - Leader, as he engages in life lessons for everyone to grow and improve their lives. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Insights from thought leaders about thought leadership
Are you ready to ROCK your Direct Sales business? This podcast is here to help! While the trainings in this program are specializing in Paparazzi Accessories related content, the principles and training can be tweaked to fit any business. Come learn, get inspired and have fun with the Papa Rock Stars Podcast! The only sales training of it's kind!
Wendy Lloyd Curley is a dynamic person who is passionate about everything she does. With creative energy, an engaging presentation style, humour, business savvy, and authenticity, Wendy brings a wealth of experience and sensibility to her audience.
Change Leader Coach
Helping change leaders lead better change with their teams.
VOC is a radio broadcast dedicated to unleashing the transformational leader in you. VOC teaches us to ask the right questions from those who offer themselves to lead us and discern between the legitimate leaders and the impostors who seek to serve none but themselves. We seek to birth a national renaissance through the new breed of Nigerian Leaders.
The Matt Keller Leadership Channel is all about helping you lead more effectively. Matt Keller is a Pastor, Author, Speaker and Leadership Coach. Discover his resources on organizational and personal leadership that you can apply to your professional and personal life, through articles, resources, audio and video.
Podcast by CEA Leads with Amie & Kevin
When you are standing on a cliff and your business is following behind you, it's good to follow a leader and be taking notes. Podcast for managers dealing with change in their industries or work, and how they have navigated the journey to help others on the path behind them. Often with people in Manufacturing and where physical products meet digital technology. Contact Tristan at
Highlights from Talkback. William Crawley and guests discuss the news headlines, chat to the people making them and ask you, the audience, what you think? From BBC Radio Ulster
This podcast contains audio of messages presented by Senior Pastor Mike Glenn and guest speakers during Sunday morning worship services at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN.
What if you were able to sit down with some of the greatest leaders in the world? What would you ask? What would they say? Welcome to the “Linch with a Leader” Podcast with Mike Linch, where you are invited to join us in learning the spiritual principles behind big success.
Sermons from Pastor Chris Thomas and First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, MI
Best of Nolan
Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day: an unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment. From BBC Radio Ulster
Subscribe for weekly sermons from Metairie Church.
NOWLeading: Conversations with Lutheran leaders on the art of following Jesus.
Koren Motekaitis host of How She Really Does It, provides the place where inspiration + possibility meet. Each week Koren interviews a special guest: thought leader, best selling author, researcher, someone with a story to provide the glimmer of possibilities for you. The show is about living more fully in yourself. We talk about health, mindset, money, weight loss, entrepreneurship, family, parenting, compassion, career to help you create the life you want. Join us for the next conversation ...
RUSK Insights on Rehabilitation Medicine is a top podcast featuring interviews with faculty and staff of RUSK Rehabilitation as well as leaders from other rehabilitation programs around the country. These podcasts are being offered by RUSK, one of the top rehabilitation centers in the world. Your host for these interviews is Dr. Tom Elwood. He will take you behind the scenes to look at what is transpiring in the exciting world of rehabilitation research and clinical services through the eyes ...
Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.
Scott has been learning to lead, leading, and developing leaders his entire life. From his time in the military, to his work in corporate America, to his major successes as an entrepreneur, to his lifetime of discipleship, Scott has a passion for leadership. Scott is a founding member of the John Maxwell Leadership coaching and speaking team, and is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in the world. This podcast will cover every aspect of leading and duplicating leadership alon ...
Conversations with Leaders of Leaders who are Champions in their field and industries. In depth conversations on what Championship Leadership means to them. On the path they took along the way and the Leaders that have shaped and molded them into who they are today. Discussions about the major defining moments in their life where nothing seemed to be going right and how they persevered to be Champions in life.
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Are we heading towards another general election? Is it game-on for another referendum?
Dr. Kimberly Sackheim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at New York University Langone Medical Center. As a post-traumatic headache specialist, she has a focus on interventional pain management of chronic headache. She is board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation ...…
What is best for NI? Is this deal better than no deal?
Scott Darlow's music career started when he was five and his parents were Salvation Army officers and he fell in love with the brass band. Fast forward to current day and he is an accomplished singer, songwriter, guitarist and didgeridoo player. In their coffee chat, Scott shares his emotional relationship with his alcoholic father, the strong ...…
00:43 Apollos' Teachability 04:03 Spiritual Challenge Questions: 05:19 2 Timothy 4.11 as John Mark's restoration 10:51 Is Belief Knowledge? The epistemological state of our pluralistic culture. 12:57 Law of Non-contradiction: ...…
We talk a 69- year- Old Dutch businessman who's wants to change his age legally to 49.
Saying no to leadership opportunities, and the increased impact and influence they can afford, is not a topic talked about very often today. For that we need to look at the work of the Holy Spirit in the history of the church. In Part 2 of this series, Pete looks at two towering figures in particular: Bernard of Clairvaux and Gregory of Nazianzus.…
"You were not meant to observe you were meant to participate" In season 18 episode 3, John Eades starts a new series called Versus which explores various aspects of leadership when you choose one thing versus another. This week he explores observing versus participating and 4 things you can do to be a better leader at work regardless of your ro ...…
In this episode, I take the "Golden Circle" principle that I learned from Simon Sinek and wrap leadership around it. You'll learn "Why" leadership is important, "How" we develop our leadership, and "What" we do with our leadership ability.
In this episode, I talk about why giving everything away for free could be the best marketing move to landing new clients consistently.
Latest episode of Steven Hovermale Podcast Become a supporter of this podcast:
A UK firm offering the implants, says it's already fitted 150 of them.
Sunday, November 11, 2018 SermonGiven by Pastor Mike HoffmanFill it Up!
From the series Just Like Barnabas | Scripture Reference: Acts 15:36-41
Pip Johnston and her husband Paul are your typical hardworking couple. Pip is a vet and Paul works on the land. Their lives were as close to normal as you can get. That was until their third born, Tommy, came into the world. This little bundle of joy looks just like any other cute baby boy, but sadly, little Tommy has been diagnosed with a rare ...…
3 mentoring moments - Numbers 11
"Special Offer" for blue-collar organizations. What I will do for you…If you or your leaders will invest in your team, I will too because I value growing and developing the great people in the blue-collar workforce regardless of their title or position. I’ll pay all of my expenses to travel anywhere in the 50 United States to conduct up to 4 ho ...…
We look back at WW1 to understand how it changed our world and our society.
What type of leader do we need at this time?We need people of proven competence, a governor needs to lead a state; a president needs to be able to lead the country. Who cares about rhetoric? Who cares about anything else but proven competence to handle problems, on the scale of the problems that Nigeria has at this time in its life.What are the ...…
We are entering into an interesting time especially in the nation Nigeria. Now as all the countries are going to be going to the elections soon like the US and the interesting turn of events in the world these days shows that people are beginning to lose confidence in leadership.At the Awesome Treasures Summit in the Queen Elizabeth II Center i ...…
But is the party bluffing? Will they really pull the rug from under Theresa May’s feet?
“Why is Koren talking about FAKE UGGS??” Growing up poor with a lot of shame around money, Mocassin shoes and UGG boots were a big teacher for me. In this podcast I talk about money shame, fitting in and belonging and the lessons you will learn from overcoming the shaming from our cultural beliefs. LISTEN HERE WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER How moccasi ...…
In this Championship Leadership Podcast episode, Omari Broussard and Andrew O'Brien share how they were able to take control of their own lives without losing the relationships that matter most to them.
Are you wondering what you can do to increase your sales in your Paparazzi business? Today, we are gonna chat about how to do just that on Facebook and social media! For all the show notes, call images, resources, challenges, Paparazzi images, graphics, memes and more visit This Paparazzi Accessories Team Training Podcast is ...…
Want to know how to effectively start and be successful on a keto nutrition plan? Ivor Cummins explains in his latest book, Eat Rich Live Long. He co-authored the book with Jeffry Gerber, MD. Ivor was an engineer prior to embarking on his keto journey and now has become an expert in the ketogenic lifestyle. Join us to learn more about Ivor and ...…
Tess Gamble is the owner and founder of Pend Upon, LLC – An Atlanta Concierge Firm that is dedicated to simplifying the lives of others. After working in Corporate Human Resources for 20 years, Tess made the decision to provide busy individuals the personal lifestyle management services she always desired. When the opportunity presented itself, ...…
Vincentas Grinius is a passionate and goal-focused entrepreneur seeking to make things better than they are now. His inspiration comes from over a decade of experience in hosting industry where a lot of things need to be simplified for better results. This dynamic industry drives him to learn, teach and progress in personal and professional way ...…
The number of women here becoming a mother over the age of 45 has doubled. AndNorthern Ireland's latest batch of pregnancy statistics shows the lowest rate of teenage pregnancies on record. Is that a sign of progress for women's rights or a new social problem in the making? We speak to Hannah Saunders, who had two children in her forties, Lynn ...…
01:07 Reminder of why Barnabas 02:19 State of Theology Report: 06:02 The Challenge of the Barnabas-Paul split 06:56 Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias; 08:17 Acts 15.36ff. - Barnabas shows a pattern of defending 1 ...…
In this episode, Mitchell Levy (, TEDx speaker and the AHA Guy at AHAthat (, and his co-host for the month, Lisa McDonald (, author, motivational speaker, and radio and TV show host, share views with Al Cole, a world-class speaker, author, singer, ...…
Research says it could prevent almost 6,000 deaths a year and save the NHS £700 million
The body also says there's evidence patients are being placed in solitary confinement.
Many make the mistake of believing the organizational chart reveals who the leaders in an organization are. The organizational chart reveals who the managers are. Those on the chart may or may not be high impact leaders of people. However, they are definitely managers of things and processes.
As people who lead in the name of Jesus, we are not to enter every open door or seize every new opportunity. Why? Doing so outside of God’s timetable damages both ourselves and his long-term kingdom mission in the world. In this podcast Pete talks about three reasons we ought to consider pausing to pray before saying yes to new leadership oppor ...…
Five men have been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence in connection with a bonfire party which featured the burning of a cardboard model of Grenfell Tower apartment building in west London where 72 people died last year. Those setting fire to the model are heard laughing and sharing jokes about cardboard cut-out figures in the mode ...…
"Doing what is right is always right" In season 18 episode 2, John Eades covers two types of communication and which one is more important as a leader. You can learn more about the Ultimate Leadership Academy by going to In the show John covers: - The difference between verbal and visual communication - The definition of behavior ...…
In this episode I breakdown my strategy for comparing and contrasting marketing options. Get the Free Resource:
In the Front Line Leadership course, we ask participants to think back to the best manager or supervisor they’d ever worked for, and then list some of those traits that made the manager so successful. Let’s cover five of the most common attributes that make their way onto the flip chart in the classroom. First on the list is clear expectations ...…
We ask the question, do you believe Brexit is being used by nationalists as a vehicle for a United Ireland? With discussion from our panel Author, Historian and Irish News Columnist Brian Feeney and Ulster Unionist Councillor Dr Chris McGimpsey along with our callers on the programme.
Also - Mayesha is a 21 year old Muslim from Newtownards. She responds to last week's news
Christy Wright is a Certified Business Coach, author, speaker, podcast host, and business owner. When Christy isn’t speaking to Fortune 500 companies or students at some of our nation’s greatest universities, she is working with many start-up business leaders as a Certified Business Coach. She is also the host of Dave Ramsey’s podcast, and cont ...…
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