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Best Leadslingerswhiskey podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Leadslingerswhiskey podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Vinny Roc Podcast
Welcome to The Vinny Roc Podcast! In this weekly podcast we will be discussing anything that comes to mind, with some laughs mixed in. We would also like to hear from our audience, so hit us up on social media.
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I take some time to talk about how I have dealt with survivors guilt and the frustration of watching guys going through the vicious cycle of drinking to the fallen. https://youtu.be/oqSBHh3sbh0 https://vinnyroc.com/promise-to-a-friend/
Mike Barker Co-Founder of Heroes Sports joins me on the podcast to talk about Sports and Veterans! Check them out at Heroessports.org
I believe the concept of "Suicide Awareness" for the Veteran community has past. The world knows... Its now time for Suicide Prevention. But how??? I have some ideas on this.... Check it out!
It been the #1 issue in my many years of experience when dealing with Veterans and Struggle. Here is my opinions on the subject. Check it out!
We talk about all the over seas success Brothers in Arms is having over seas and talk about TWITCH
Mikal Vega spent many years on the SEAL Teams and is now in Hollywood grinding it out this career! Check him out and all the amazing work he is also doing for Veterans after service with Vital Warrior Non Profit. Check out the music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/vital-warrior/1475304582
Nick is an all around incredible guy, check him out on all his platforms!
One of my mentors and friends Nick Palmisciano joins me on the podcast!!! Now a sponsor of the Podcast! Use Promo Code: Rocco for 15% OFF! WWW.RANGERUP.COM
I have a lot of guys hitting me up about Daughters Dating.... Here are my thoughts...
Juston Graber tells us his incredible and painful journey from Military to now the Hollywood scene... Check It Out!
Its the Immigration conversation! Let's break down the actual process of an illegal immigrant coming across the border. My Man Jason explains what I can't.
Just been frustrated with the mindset of blaming others... Look in the mirror. We are the creators of our own calamity.
Michael Broderick tells us about his LIFE! He talks about Acting, Music, Family.... Check it out! Michael Broderick Hitting The Reset Button On Life | Dana Commandatore
One of my mentors in the acting game and one of the funniest dudes I know! If you want to check out more of his stuff check out the DadLands!
You know the man, we get the sit down and chat again!
We talk about our life and going through IVF treatments.
The family is dealing with a hard time in losing our little Xena. but there is a lesson to be learned for sure.
My boy Mat Best on the podcast. Make sure you go check out his new book "Thank You for My Service" Link! https://www.amazon.com/Thank-You-Service-Mat-Best/dp/1524796492
Awesome time spending it with Mike the Cop! Check it out!
Josh Tyler talks about Life, Business and his Fight career.
This is one badass dude! I know this one is going to be received well!
Excited to have Brandon Lilly on the podcast. If you don't know who he is you need to google him!
If you enjoy my podcast please tell your friends!
My man Dave is a badass motivator! Check him out! Dave Daleymm All his social media FB IG Linkdin Twitter Davedaleymm.com https://davedaleymm.com/brandbuilderbootcamp
Jeff Kirkham talks about the Rats Tourniquet! If you don't know who he is you need to google his ass! https://www.readyman.com
There was once a man who wanted to change the world. After much time, when he couldn’t, he decided he wanted to change his nation. After more time passed and nothing changed, he decided to change his village. More time passed and no change was made, so he decided to change his family. When he couldn’t change his family, he decided to change him ...…
We had no plans for what we were going to talk about, but here you are. A dope conversation with Sean that will make you think!
Tim talks about what it was like line producing Throwbacks Comedy! https://www.instagram.com/tim_rowberry/ https://www.beardbrandinc.com/ https://www.axterra.com/ Amazon link - https://amzn.to/2Fs1lun
Adam answers a ton of questions I have about CBD! https://starspangledsupps.com PROMO CODE: VINNYROC
My boy Banks in the house to talk shop about LIFE!
Pastor Rick answers some hard questions for those of us who questions faith. I needed to get some hard answers for the questions my kids ask me! This is a fun one!
Quick updates on some MMA action! CHECK IT OUT!
Check it out! This is my Vetxpo Speech on the importance of balance in my life. Maybe some of you can relate maybe some of you can't. Either was enjoy! Link to book! Light the Fuse
This is seriously heavy topic, the goal for Scott is not to cause mass hysteria but to inform and to hopefully find someone who can prove him wrong. Scott Chapman is an Independent Solar Researcher. Check it out! Below are some of his contacts for further questions. Here are a few links to the things we spoke about. Correction: I said a week's ...…
Just some talks on what's going on in my life, hope you like it!
If you don't know who he is you need to! A well recognized MMA fighter and Radio host!
We talk about his path to the Music industry and LIFE! Check him out here! Paper Elephants
This is a podcast I am super proud of. We talk about the current issues with men begin classified as Toxic!
We talk about Brothers in Arms and vacations! Sorry for the few fucked up tracks I uploaded!
Thank you guys for the support! this is hands down my favorite thing I do! I can't wait to grow this show to get more videos and more for you guys!
I been wanting to interview John for a while now... From College Football player to Enlisting in the Utah National Guard to Professional Rugby! check him out!
Clint Romesha is in the house, talking about life! Go check out his book "RED Platoon" you won't regret it!
We meant to post this earlier but we fucked it up! Enjoy!
Some Behind the scenes of the 2nd Episode of Brothers in Arms.
My boy Eli joins us to talk about the show and give some behind the scenes humor of what we go through while filming this show! Brothers in Arms in History Channel.
My boy Banks joins me to talk family...
Cody talks about his military career and what his plans are now that he is retied. Van Life and Positive mental attitude. Find his Instagram at The.Cody.Alford !
Time to start this bad boy back up!!
Jack is a Veteran Marine and Actor. We talk about life and the struggle of Acting in LA! Check him out!
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