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Do The Right Thing
Award-winning comedy panel show hosted by Danielle Ward, with team captains Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Michael Legge and amazing special guests. In it, two teams work out the right thing to do in strange scenarios and scary situations which range from the everyday to the weird and extreme. Don't feel you have to start at the beginning - we'd suggest you start with the most recent series then work backwards!
Slay Girl Slay
For Every Woman on the Verge of Her Come Up, Creating Her Own Vibe, and Transforming Her Life
Welcome to the SERIES PREMIERE of EXTREME DROWESS: An All-Girl All-Drow Adventure Through the Underdark!IN THIS PODCAST we play D&D with writers, cosplayers, actresses, and the occasional guest star.Starring:VictoriBelle as Akroma Oros, Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer Milena Deneno as Liahana Yaeldrin, Nature domain Cleric Rachel Judd as Rauvaena Dyrr, Paladin Roz Hopkins as Roja the Destroyer, RangerSarah Scharnweber as Xilmys Netyoive, WarlockDungeon Master: Travis Legge Support this podcast: http ...
King's Church
Welcome to the King’s Church podcast. We hope these messages inspire, encourage, and fill you with hope. King’s Church is located on the west side of Cleveland Ohio and is lead by Pastors Noah and Stephanie Nickel. You can check out our website for more information at KingsChurchOH.com
Bakrommet er eit politisk radioprogram med fokus på norsk politikk. Programmet har samla saman paneldeltakarar og programleiarar med politiske syn som går over heile det politiske spekteret. Bakrommet legg opp til debattar mellom programmet sine faste medarbeidarar, politikarar, forskarar og samfunnsdebatantar. Det er eit dagsaktuelt program som lyftar politiske spørsmål og problemstillingar fram i dagen. I vår faste spalte "Spørjetimen", er det kvar veke er ein ny stortingsrepresentant som ...
Steve Legg and friends and a heady mix of banter, bromance and all things blokey
Tyler Legg's Podcast
Revelation Cast
Revelation Podcast is a weekly podcast about the Book of Revelation. It will feature interviews and guests, discussion about the Book and detailed teaching.
Katherine Legge
Kingdom Conversation is a weekly podcast about all things pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Roger Legg sits down with a cup of coffee and a few friends to discuss the Christian Life.
Michael Legge
Hello. My name is Michael and this is my podcast thing. It features Blogging For The Blind, Precious Littler, Cvntscast and various other pointless shittery. Enjoy.
Champ Car WS
Speed is Life
Providing sound Bible teaching through the ministry of David Legge, an evangelist, preacher and Bible teacher from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Listen to David's sermons on the subjects of revival, evangelism and more!
That Mood Podcast
"That Mood" is a collaborative collection of worldly music meant to give your feet wings and your pulse rhythm.
The real-life Michael & Kam talk about the fictional British soap "Eastenders" in a non-linear, confused fashion. Theories, ideas, memories and analyses about the vacuum-of-hope show across the last 25 years. Remember Asif? Remember Sanjay? Remember Mark pushing Nasty Nick off that bridge (or something)? We remember . . . oh, yes . . . we remember all too clearly . . .
Calculated Risks: An Eberron Adventure is an actual play podcast set in the world of Eberron using D&D 5th Edition. Starring R P Davis, Alina Popescu, Mike Suteu, and featuring Dungeon Master Travis Legge. Watch LIVE on Twitch Fridays 10 am CST. Twitch.tv/plasticageplays Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/calculated-risks-an-eberron-adventure/support
Eleonora Legge
Eleonora è una bambina di quasi dieci anni con la passione per le storie
PKV Racing
PKV Racing [ 2006 ]
Lead With Moxie
My content is for all of you women business owners and other leaders, who have created some success but want more. You want to get out of your own way, help the people around you do great things, and leave a kick-ass positive legacy. Sometimes I hop on the mic solo to share some specific leadership or business savvy. Other episodes are real conversations with my esteemed guests who share their experiences of creating success. As a fellow woman in business, you can hear echos of your own hope ...
Comedian, Las Vegas resident and recovering degenerate gambler Benny Legg, host an anything goes format filled with stories, jokes, and bits about gambling and life.
Long Beach Grand Prix
Long Beach Grand Prix [ 2006 ]
The Hong Kong Football Podcast comes to you from Kowloon, Hong Kong. Every fortnight. Hosted by James Legge and Tobias Zuser. Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Podcast Addict, Acast, Soundcloud, Offside.hk and many more. Please support our crowdfunding for the annual Season Review print magazine here: https://www.fringebacker.com/en/projects/the-hong-kong-football-podcast-season-review-2018-19/Contact us at podcast@offside.hk
Indycar 2.0
Cooperative/Collaborative project [ origins with Katherine Legge/K. Kalkhoven from Champcar 2005/2006 ]
Charis Ministry is the podcast for all of the news, notes, happenings, musings and home church meetings of Charis Ministry.
Written in classical Chinese some time during the sixth century BC, The Tao Teh King or The Tao and its Characteristics is a classical Chinese text that is one of the important keystones in understanding the thought systems of Asia. Though no clear records exist, it is traditionally thought to have been the work of the sage Lao Tzu, the founder of classical Taoism. He is reputed to have been a contemporary of Confucius, though this is also shrouded in mystery. However, many succeeding empero ...
Rob Kerr and Mount Royal Prof. David Legg debate and discuss the business of professional and amateur sport. Highlighting trends, technologies, and opportunities that impact the future of sport and how we consume it.
Gesù stesso ha detto "Non pensate che io sia venuto per abolire la legge di Mosè e gli scritti dei profeti. No, non sono venuto per fare questo, ma per adempirli." (Matteo 5:17) La legge di Dio per noi è ancora rilevante, fresca, viva!
In their weekly podcast, Vitriola Music, comedians and angry old men Robin Ince and Michael Legge, yell at each other about music in an echoey room. Now, once a month, they’ll be getting together to yell at each other about music in a professional recording studio. It’s bigger, bolder and angrier. Part of the Cosmic Shambles Network.
Warrior Class Podcast
We are sitting down with men & women who have served in either our military or as a first responder & hearing their stories.
ASCA Podcast
ASCA | Ensuring excellence in strength and conditioning.
Welcome to Getting Real with Josh Boyer The show that embraces radical vulnerability and authenticity. Josh creates a judgment free zone for his guests to share openly and candidly. Listen in as they discuss life, philosophy, passion, drive, empowerment, and purpose. Join us as we seek to leave our world better than we found it, and send ripples of positive, lasting change out into the world.
This is the course listening for Aquinas 101 - Course 2: Introduction to Thomistic Philosophy--the second of six courses that together make up the Aquinas 101 Course. Each podcast episode accompanies a course video and course reading. If you haven't enrolled already to receive semiweekly emails with all the materials, be sure to do so at http://www.aquinas101.com. Because it matters what you think!
Dawg Post
Dean Legge, publisher of Dawg Post, talks about the Georgia Bulldogs.
This is the course listening for Aquinas 101 - Course 1: Why Aquinas?--the first of six courses that together make up the Aquinas 101 Course. Each podcast episode accompanies a course video and course reading. If you haven't enrolled already to receive semiweekly emails with all the materials, be sure to do so at http://www.aquinas101.com. Because it matters what you think!
Onyx Pathcast
Chat, interviews, and banter by Onyx Path Publishing's in-house developers. Join Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy on the Onyx Pathcast!
New podcast about music and shouting with Robin Ince and Michael Legge and some others. Two old men talking about music and trying to convince you to start buying records again.
A podcast which Matt Hoss interviews comedians/people he admires. Hosted by @MattHossComedy Used to be called The Drunken Comedian Podcast, but evolved into this!
Connect Skien
Connect Skien er ungdomsarbeidet i Skien Misjonskirke. Connect er hver fredag fra 20-23 i Liegata 21, og her legges talene fra uke til uke.
Pronto Estate 2011
Pronto Estate 2011 is a trilingual guide, freely downloadable in pdf format at www.prontoestate.it. Pronto Estate 2011 is actually a cultural-touristic guide for the following municipalities in Southern Italy: Briatico, Zambrone, Parghelia, Tropea, Drapia, Ricadi, Spilinga, Joppolo. Here you will find the Italian audio of the guide, so that you can listen to it and improve your Italian as well if you are interested in the language. Reads Antonio Libertino, music by Kevin Macleod. Pronto Esta ...
The authorized translation of L’âme et le corps, F. Legge, editor“This book is a prolonged effort to establish a distinction between what is called mind and what is called matter. Nothing is more simple than to realise this distinction when you do not go deeply into it; nothing is more difficult when you analyse it a little. At first sight, it seems impossible to confuse things so far apart as a thought and a block of stone; but on reflection this great contrast vanishes, and other differenc ...
This is either an improvised comedy podcast with guest comedians, or something way more serious is going on. Dr Benjamin Jones and Claire Cares (comedians Luke McQueen and Lou Sanders) interrogate their guests’ emotional well-being, the only way they know how… through their butts.
Studies in common questions regarding Bible prophecy.
The Analects, or Lunyu (simplified Chinese: ??; traditional Chinese: ??; pinyin: Lún Y?; literally "Classified/Ordered Sayings"), also known as the Analects of Confucius, are considered a record of the words and acts of the central Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius and his disciples, as well as the discussions they held. Written during the Spring and Autumn Period through the Warring States Period (ca. 475 BC - 221 BC), the Analects is the representative work of Confucianism and cont ...
Portions From John
Verse-by-verse studies through the book of Ephesians.
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show series
ATHENS - Dean Legge wraps up No. 10 Georgia's 21-0 shutout win over Kentucky.By Dawg Post.
This was such a great episode. This was my first episode following an amazing men's retreat, and I was pleasantly surprised by Austin in so many ways. He opens up completely and shares his heart. We talk about our struggles with mental health, our family dysfunction, and how he ended up turning it all around to become the amazing man that he is ...…
Why should Yuen Long not be too worried about their latest 0-8 defeat? Who is REALLY bottom of the league? And how has the current situation affected spectator numbers? James Legge and Tobias Zuser discuss the latest action in Hong Kong football after normal programming has resumed. They also look ahead to the next rounds and the possible chang ...…
Aisling Bea and Miles Jupp are the guests for the final show of this mammoth series - and we go out with a bang in an episode that considers how to commit the perfect murder, how to behave on public transport, what to do if you sext your ex and then they start blackmailing you, how to deal with flatmates whose onanism is too noisy and a few new ...…
For more of today’s episode, sign up for our Girl Gang here boo! Hope to see you all there! If not, not to worry, we’ll chat soon! #peace Click to join our Girl Gang!By Ashley Leggs.
Benny is joined by his sister Ray Legg. They talk food dishes, Rays secret sauce, Eagles/Cowboys, and Benny has a netflix recomendation. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
I was so intrigued by this episode. Larry is a wildly successful entrepreneur, award winning hotelier, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and a former elite Green Beret. Larry and I talk about men's work and how to step into our true power as men. We discuss our awakening and how it has shifted our lives as fathers, men, leaders, and humans. ...…
ATHENS - Dylan Webber and Dean Legge break down the slugfest that was UGA-Kentucky, the horrible weather, Florida, and more.By Dawg Post.
In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew play around on Podbean's new live show feature, and take calls from freelancers and fans! Dixie and Matthew are indignant as Eddy claims to be the sole host We talk about our test run episode Dixie talks a bit about Exalted, and some other projects she's working on Mummy the Curse will be our next Kickstarter! ...…
ATHENS - Dean Legge breaks down No. 10 Georgia's upcoming game with Kentucky, a look at the landscape of college football and the coming rain on Saturday.By Dawg Post.
I denne episoden er Maren Vestad, Ulrik Sydnes og Erlend Moe samlet i studio for å snakke om nyhetene fra uken som gikk. Blant disse sakene er personvernslekkasjene til Bergen kommune, vindkraftdebatten, NRK sin selvpromotering og Fellesforbundet sitt forhold til EU og EØS.
I am elated that Shems and I were able to record this episode while we were in Sierraville for an incredible men's retreat. Shems is my mentor, my teacher, and my brother. In this episode Shems and I talk about how we can resource ourselves and avoid checking out in multiple areas of our lives. Shems shares his journey into Men's work, and some ...…
ATHENS - Dean Legge and Dylan Webber talk about the upcoming slate of games including No. 10 UGA's matchup with Kentucky this weekend. The Gators loom as a huge game, and now Missouri seems to be catching steam.By Dawg Post.
The 2019 Roundtable focuses on strength & conditioning in semi-professional, high school and university settings. The roundtable features three emerging leaders in Australasian strength & conditioning: Nicolai Morris, Kurt Vogel & Sam Joseph. In the third part of the roundtable, we examine prehabilitation and rehabilitation for the semi-profess ...…
ATHENS - Matt DeBary gives the state of recruiting heading into No. 10 Georgia's game with Kentucky.By Dawg Post.
ATHENS - Dean Legge and Dylan Webber talk about the injury situation, more from the Carolina game and more.By Dawg Post.
Rufus Hound and Tawny Newsome guest at the London Podcast Festival in a show that considers calming down angry people, surviving a freefall without a parachute, how to cope with a dog who wants to join in when you're having sex, the whys and wherefores of getting a second date (featuring possibly the worst advice ever given in the course of an ...…
GIRLGANG Signup Here!! Don’t forget – members will now get one extra podcast episode a month! Plus! exclusive SGS members only content. #girlgangonly This week is part one to a 3 part series we’re doing, in preparation for this new year that is now upon us. If you know us, you already know we do not take goal planning, & dream chasing lightly. ...…
ATHENS - Dean Legge talks about No. 10 Georgia's loss to South Carolina over the weekend and what's next for the Dawgs.By Dawg Post.
Click here to watch the whole series on Youtube Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | kingschurchoh.com
Tidligere denne uken hadde vi besøk av bergenspolitikkens nye stjerneskudd, Trym Aafløy!
In which Dixie and Eddy interview Maria Cambone, one of our editors, about editing, how she got started, and sticky babies. * Eddy doesn't support my bit* Interview Song!* What Maria has done for work* We're all nerds!* How she got started with us.* We're all support classes.* Eddy is a Methuselah* Maria helped on Pugmire* Maria is working on V ...…
ATHENS - Dean Legge talks about the No. 3 Bulldogs' game against the Cocks, and how the season really picks up soon for UGA.By Dawg Post.
I dagens episode befinner Ulrik Sydnes og Erlend Moe seg i studio med gjesten Erik Aarebrot som er statsviter og samfunnsfaglærer. Episodens hovedfokus er på statsbudsjettet for 2020 som ble lagt frem tidligere denne uken. Forsvarsbudsjettet, regulering for barn og økt studiestøtte er noen av temaene som blir diskutert. Det omstridte Lindmo int ...…
The 2019 Roundtable focuses on strength & conditioning in semi-professional, high school and university settings. The roundtable features three emerging leaders in Australasian strength & conditioning: Nicolai Morris, Kurt Vogel & Sam Joseph. In the second part of the roundtable, we examine energy system training, assessment and development for ...…
How long will Hong Kong be without football? Does the national team stand a chance against Iraq? And what does the current situation mean for the sports industry at large?This time Tobias Zuser talks with guest host Jonathan White about local football - or rather - the absence of it. They also discuss the upcoming World Cup qualifier and offer ...…
ATHENS - Matt DeBary breaks down Georgia's situation with critical five-star prospects around the country, and he talks about where UGA is at completely with its recruiting class.By Dawg Post.
ATHENS - Dean Legge is joined by Josh Kendall of the Athletic to talk about the Dawgs and Carolina, Kirby Smart's path to being the head coach at Georgia, and the strange relationship between Carolina and in-state foes Clemson.By Dawg Post.
Click here to watch the whole series on Youtube Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | kingschurchoh.com
IN THIS EPISODE: In Eberron Akroma, Roja, Aralei, Ember, and Xilmys face off with an old enemy. In the Underdark, Rauvaena and Liahana discover a terrible truth. DRIDER RIDER & EXTREME DROWESS shirts: http://www.society6.com/milenadeneno Starring VictoriBelle as Akroma Oros, Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer Milena Deneno as Liahana Yaeldrin, Nature doma ...…
ATHENS - Dean Legge and Dylan Webber talk about the Carolina game, the Braves, stadiums, the Gators and Dean starts ranting again.By Dawg Post.
Bethany Black and David Reed join the gang in glorious York for the first ever recording outside London or Edinburgh (yes, we know you've already heard the Birmingham recording, but that was recorded three days after this one). Anyway, the subjects covered include jellyfish stings, interrogation techniques, whether honesty is the best policy wh ...…
Issa Girl Gang coming?! Tune into to hear more about it! This week we’re talking about the best way to honor our bodies, and how to get our physical selves prepared for slaying this new decade. Anything from taking care of our skin to breast exams are all on the table this week, and we want you to be ready, prepared, and capable for all that yo ...…
ATHENS - Dean Legge talks about No. 3 Georgia's blowout win over the Vols, and the upcoming game against Carolina.By Dawg Post.
What an incredible episode! Matt is a former United States Air Force Pararescue specialist. He shares some amazing stories in regards to his service, and also opens up about the struggles he faced after serving. Matt found his comfort in the ocean and by doing yoga. He co-founded Beneath the Surface foundation in an effort to assist in the heal ...…
The Dawg Post crew discusses Georgia's beat down of Tennessee,By Dawg Post.
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