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We play an all-bard Dungeons & Dragons campaign complete with original music! It's an actual-play recording of a homebrewed story created by our DM.
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Join the gang as they search for answers in the Lair of the Spider Queen!
The gang heads to the new town of Franklin. The town is divided, and the gang has to figure out why.
See how the gang wraps it up in this adventure! Final episode with our guest bard, Sean. Check out his work on Bottle Rat and Twitch.
The gang follows up on leads from the house of the Toad. Sean continues his guest appearence. Bottle Rat and twitch stream.
The gang follows up some leads to try to find the missing venue. Sean is still guest barding (get it?) Check his band out and his twitch stream.
First episode in the new city, and we have a guest star this time! Seany Saint from the band Bottle Rat and twitch stream iamataco666! See what kinds of hijnks the band gets into and listen to a new song from our guest!
The gang concludes their investigation into the murders on the streets of Derbyham. Will the town be saved?
Adventure with the gang while they continue their investigation into the second night. Maybe they'll catch the killer!
Join the gang as they continue to "investigate" and "solve" these murders.
The gang gets to derbyham and starts to look around. Find out who won those good dice!
Find out how the gang concludes this exciting story arc! Will they ever get out of that tower?
The gang goes where they clearly aren't supposed to, and they find something that they might not have been expecting.
Join the gang as they venture farther into the city! What will happen with those foul orks that they captured!? Roland's song is in this episode.
Join the gang as they head to a new town for their next show! Dirk probably didn't mess it up this time, but we'll see.
The gang wraps up the mystery of the raised draw bridge of B’Rudé in this episode. See how they solve this one!
The gang heads back to into the town of B'Rudé in further search of clues. Things get dicey. See how they get out of this one!
The gang finally gets into the city proper of B'Rudé and starts to solve some mysteries... even if those mysteries take place in bars.
The gang moves along with their tour at the next stop... the river town of B'rudé. They're opening up for Gigantica, and Dirk did everything right, so it's all smooth sailing.
The Exciting conclusion of the first adventure arc for the gang! See if they ever find Hal and get the Green Lever open in time for a show!
The band is in dire straights! See how things conclude with Satyr, and find out if the gang solves the mystery of the closed Green Lever! Contains the song Lord Falcon.
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