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School's IN
Satirical look/critique on a broad array of topics with main focus on nostalgic hip-hop, music in general, film and television.
Zero to a Hundred
Podcast by Zero to a Hundred
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“Today I am announcing that New Zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.By Abel Shifferaw.
Embiid was issued a technical foul for the altercation.By Joshua Espinoza.
Embiid was issued a technical foul for the altercation.By Joshua Espinoza.
'Empire' co-creator Lee Daniels shed some light on how everyone associated with the show has responded to Jussie Smollett’s alleged fake hate crime.By Jose Martinez.
During preparation for a half marathon, Will Smith says he used to be so disciplined that he didn’t drink for over a decade.By Jose Martinez.
Witness claims the MAGA supporter called the vigil "meaningless."By Joshua Espinoza.
Madame Tussauds maintains that their Michael Jackson wax figures will remain on display in the wake of HBO's 'Leaving Neverland' doc.By Jose Martinez.
Adam22 was recording his podcast when a man entered the studio and pointed a gun at his head.By Joshua Espinoza.
Tamara Lanier is suing the Ivy League over photos of slaves who she says are her ancestors.By Joshua Espinoza.
Kobe Bryant shared a rare moment of empathy in regards to LeBron James' first year with his beloved Lakers.By FNR TIGG.
The School's In Bunch discuss and rate the album, Laila's Wisdom by Rapsody. Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch kicks off our album review month with our own personal take on Lupe Fiasco's, DROGAS Wave. We grade it according to our "special" rubric, mostly JACKED from the Kool Moe Dee book, There's a GOD on the Mic and THEN "doctored" by us to taylor it to albums..... This should be ESPECIALLY INTERESTING.... Join US!!!!…
The School's IN Bunch discuss the concepts of Adult Attachment Styles and Love Language with the books: Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it Can Help You Find and Keep Love, by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller and The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, by Gary Chapman. Join US and combat these NARCS!!!!…
The School's IN Bunch discuss the concept of Emotional Intelligence with the book, Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Guide to Improving Your Social Skills, Relationships and Boosting Your EQ (Book 1), by David Clark. We discuss the dangers (that we're NOW seeing) of reduced social/emotional intelligence and how much better our society can b ...…
The School's IN Bunch discuss the NOW popular topic of Narcissism, WHY we think it's become so pervasive in society, the different behaviors surrounding it and how to combat it. This one is going to get THICK..... JOIN US!!!
The School's IN Bunch talk about respect and intimacy in relaitonships in general AND in BLACK relationships SPECIFICALLY. Our jumping off point is the Nikki Giovanni/James Baldwin interview originally from the program, SOUL, taped November 1971. We're going to give this as thorough a critique as we CAN ----- it WILL get THICK!!!! JOIN US!!!…
The School's IN Bunch discuss or favorite 10 rap songs from the East/West Coast period (golden and Platinum eras). See if your favorites make the list!!! Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch continue our discussion of Hip-Hop sub-genres and focus on the genre of "Gangsta Rap" as well as it's roots and origins, reading the book, The History of Gangsta Rap by Soren Baker. Join us!!!!
The School's IN Bunch discuss/define the different styles of "music" that exist in Hip-Hop (sub-genres) from it's inception until NOW, attempting to define generational movements and changes and WHY they exist(ed). Will we SUCCEED---possibly. Will it be hilarous to listen ot us TRY---ABSOLUTELY!!! Join us!!!…
The School's IN Bunch discusses the very DISTINCT DIFFERENCE between the ACTUAL GENRE of Rhythmn and Blues and SINGING rap lyrics (as it pertains to the current climate). Trust us; IT'S A THING.... Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch discusses ALL the things ( that we could think of) that happened in 2018.... Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch discuss our favorite School's IN Shows thus FAR..... Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch do the "Good/Bad/Ugly" thing to the DL Hughley penned, How Not to Get Shot: and Other Advice from White People. Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch discusses Gold Digging (hypergamy) in society and how things how changed-----even since THE LAST GOLD DIGGING SHOW!!! Join us!!!
The School's IN BUNCH discusses season two of the Netflix Series, Hip-Hop Evolution, produced by: Russell Peters, Scot McFadyen, Sam Dunn, and Nelson George. Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch discusses what is becoming THE JILL SCOTT INCIDENT (FELLATIOGATE '18). It's the relationship show PART DEUX!!! Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch discussion of the Afro-Surrealistic show, Random Acts of Flyness, created and presented by Terence Nance. Join us.....
The School's IN Bunch gives you a "pep talk" AGAIN about giving ALL THE WRONG FUCKS and being taken in by fake "motivational gurus/false prophets"...... Join us!!!!
The School's IN Bunch countdown our favorite rock bands from the 50s to the 90s.... Join us!!!!
The School's In Bunch discusses the origins of both TRAP and Drill music ---- for better OR WORSE….. Join us, if you're game..
The School's IN Bunch dicusses the differences between, Introvert/Extrovet/Ambivert and why you should just get off our INTROVERTED ASSES…. JOIN US!!!!
The School's IN Bunch discusses our Top 5/10 Favorite Conceptual Hip-Hop Albums----ANY PERIOD…..GO!!!!! Please remember that FAVORITE DOES NOT necessarily denote, BEST!!! Join us!!!!
The School's IN Bunch discussion of Janet Mock, her book, Surpassing Certainty, and the LGBTQ community in general. This is going to be a delicate one…..or maybe NOT.... Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch Examining conceptualization in Hip-Hop, including but not limited to: songs, albums, and artists themselves. Sorry for the delay!
The School's IN Bunch discuss the state of relationshps in general, and Black relationships in particular. We are getting DOWN and DIRTY in our discussion of 3rd/4th Wave Feminists/MGTOWS/Red Pillers/TFLers and all the extreme men's and women's "groups" who are flooding the internet with their views on relationships and the state of them. We ta ...…
The School's IN Bunch GO OFF this week about the shit that happened, THIS WEEK (in HIP-HOP of course)!!! Join us!!!!!
The School's IN Bunch discuss the merits of The Book of Rhymes The Poetics of Hip-Hop by Adam Bradley and the breakdowns of lyricism therein. We'll be discussing Rhythm, Rhyme, Wordplay, Style, Storytelling and Signifying. JOIN US!!!!
It's ANOTHER LIST SHOW!!!! The School's IN Bunch lists out our favorite Hip-Hop movies.....for right JOIN US!!!!
The School's IN Bunch discusses censorship and it's history in Hip-Hop (and beyond). Beginning ---as ALWAYS with the origins, we'll discuss Tipper Gore and the PMRC, 2 Live Crew's issues of being, "Banned in the USA" and their distinction of being the 1st EVER group to have their album graced with a Parental Advisory Sticker, the late C. Delore ...…
The School's IN Bunch dicusss Hip-Hop and it's long-running relationship with the movies and vice-versa. Influences and samples from the movies will be discussed as well as how Hip-Hop changed because of the cinema…. Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch Dicussses Sun Tzu's ancient Chinese military strategy and tactics as captured in his legendary text, The Art of War. We will discuss not only the work itself, but the impact it has had on our society at large, past AND present----most notably, Hip-Hop beefs and battles..... Join us!!!!…
The Schools IN Bunch discuss our favorite Hip-Hop Samples on our Favorite Hip-Hop Samples List Show edition!!! Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch discussion of the NOW controversial book, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, by Issa Rae. We'll throw in a little Donald Glover into the mix for contrast and good measure..... Join us!!!!
The School's IN Bunch revists the lives and times of the students @ Winchester College----mainly the "pepper" with a dash of the "salt" thrown in... This time, we will SOLELY discuss Dear White People, the Netflix Series, created by and partially written and directed by, Justin Simien. Join us!!!!
The School's IN Bunch have an indepth discussion of some of the words that are CONTINOUSLY used incorrectly (and some of the ones WE FEEL ARE) in everyday conversations and discussions-----like, "CONVERSATE" (which is NOT "a THING")!!!! it's NOT PETTY SAUCE----it's NOT!!! Join us!!!!
The School's IN Bunch discusses the effects of sampling that hip-hop has had on it's own genre as well as other genres as well. Discussion of the documentary, Copyright Criminals, directed and produced by Benjamin Franzen. Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch goes through our top 5 Favorite Hip-Hop songs about love/relationship or RELATIONS (with lyrical examples)!!!! We've got a feeling THIS one's going to get a bit ROWDY..... JOIN US!!!
In honor of Father's Day, The School's IN Bunch discuss the Father's in Hip-Hop, and DAD RAP---you KNOW how WE DO!!!! Join us!!!
The School's IN Bunch, partially piggypacking off of Charlamagne the God's book we read last year: Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It, and Peggy McIntosh's 1989 essay, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack, we discuss the "dark" side of privlege that everyone has---based on who they are in our society---and th ...…
The School's IN Bunch discuss how Hip-Hop songs about LOVE/relationships have evolved (OR NOT) over the years----EXAMPLES PROVIDED!!!!! Join us....
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