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You can listen to HCM's sermons (Madison, Wisconsin). Every Sunday services and other special occasions are recorded and uploaded on our website http:// and on itunes.
Caldwell Madison Review is a discussion and analysis of news media, politics and current events
The Vine Madison Podcasts
Ever wonder why so many people love Madison, Wisconsin? Are you curious why they fell in love with this capital city, sitting on an isthmus? Then you've come to the right place, this show is just for you. It doesn't matter if you're brand new to town or a long time resident looking for new adventures, the I Love Madison Show will help you get connected to the people, places, and events in this town, that speak to your lifestyle.
Tone Madison
Madison-focused arts and music conversations you won’t hear anywhere else, from
Madison Church
Madison Church started in September, 2014 with the mission of connecting people with God and each other. This happens when people grow spiritually, gather together, and give back. We are a community-centric church located on Madison's west side. Our weekend service is a casual and relaxed event. The teaching team is relentless in making sure that you're not just getting information, but experiencing transformation.
Speeches, Ceremonies, and Panel Discussions of Civic Interest.
Madison Johnston
Struggles of a young family in college.
The latest feed from Madison Baptist Church on
The Corner Table
A podcast about food and drink in Madison, Wis., produced by The Capital Times and hosted by food writer Lindsay Christians.
Our focus is a verse-by-verse study of the Holy Bible as we teach through God's Word one verse at a time. Join us now and listen as Pastor Don Hawkins teaches from the Word of God in the heart of America's Bible Belt, sweet home Alabama.
Produced in partnership with James Madison's Montpelier, Your Weekly Constitutional is a public radio show featuring lively discussion of controversial constitutional topics, from Gay Rights to Gun Rights. Find us on Facebook and iTunes!
Cap Times Talks
Conversations about Madison issues, from city politics to culture to the economy, moderated by Cap Times reporters.
Reaching People for Christ...and Helping Believers Grow to be Like Him
The Madison Police Department is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the leaders in community-based policing where officers are all recognized as leaders and encouraged to be problem-solving guardians. Leading the MPD is Chief Mike Koval, a former Bucky Badger and FBI agent who likes to post signs around MPD districts. They read: “POLICE LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY!” Koval, who joined the MPD in 1983, was – for decades - the MPD recruiting sergeant. In that role, he sought out a ve ...
EMBC Sermons
Sermons from East Madison Baptist Church
Produced in partnership with James Madison's Montpelier, Your Weekly Constitutional is a public radio show featuring lively discussion of controversial constitutional topics, from Gay Rights to Gun Rights. Find us on Facebook and iTunes!
You will find the blogs to be from relationships to food, travel, decoration, self help, intimacy, inspiration, DYI and more. Just bare with me and you won’t regret. Lend me your ears and you will learn more what women are talking about.
High Point Church | Madison sermons
Lucas in the Morning, weekdays after 6am on The Big 1070 in Madison and The Big 920 in Milwaukee.
Political talk from the sensible center of Wisconsin politics, hosted by Scott Milfred, editorial page editor for the Wisconsin State Journal, and Phil Hands, the newspaper's political cartoonist.
Listen to The Billy Madison Show, weekdays from 5am to 10am on San Antonio's Rock Station...99.5 KISS.
Ghosts in Madison
“Ghosts in Madison” is a podcast that focuses on exploring the existence of paranormal activity in the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The podcast was produced by Elizabeth, Stacy, Jocelyne and May, a group of high school students taking part in CAP, a three-week pre-college summer program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This podcast is the end product of their work as part of a “College Podcasting 101” evening workshop taught by Antia G. Ben.
Emmanuel the Connection is a Christian church in Madison, AL. The Connection is Pastored by Doctor Karockas Watkins.
Malicious Life
Malicious Life by Cybereason tells the unknown stories of the history of cybersecurity, with comments and reflections by real hackers, security experts, journalists, and politicians.
Ana Marie Cox, political columnist and culture critic, sits down with liberals and conservatives, pastors, writers, activists, and other people you should know for an open, funny, in-depth conversation about what divides us - a show about listening instead of arguing.
Welcome to Research at the National Archives and Beyond! This show will provide individuals interested in genealogy and history an opportunity to listen, learn and take action.You can join me every Thursday at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7pm Mountain and 6 pm Pacific where I will have a wonderful line up of experts who will share resources, stories and answer your burning genealogy questions. All of my guests share a deep passion and knowledge of genealogy and history.My goal is to reach ind ...
A Star Wars podcast hosted by Madison Thames. Join her every Saturday as she breaks down the latest news and content.
The Queens Supreme Court podcast is the hilarious spinoff of the hit online series “The Queens Supreme Court” with Ts Madison. The premise of the weekly satirical show is to discuss pop culture and all the hot social media trends, topics and gossip THEN try them as cases, render judgements and sentence the crimes accordingly to determine the ultimate fate of each celebrity!
Risktory is a first of its kind podcast, dedicated to telling the story of risk through the lens of history.From Napoleon in his first Italian campaign, to the ancient city of Pompeii, to Jack the Ripper, risk management has always had a place in helping humans to both guard against existential threat, but to also grasp and exploit exquisite opportunity.Think risk is boring? Let Risktory blow your mind. New episodes are released every Monday.
Broad Appeal
Broad Appeal is Seán McGovern and Brian Mullin, two obsessive gay boys with an all-encompassing love of actresses. Listen every 2 weeks for some irreverent, incisive and engaged entertainment. Our current season: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE CRAZY looks at career spanning moments of some of our favourite actresses.
www.pastorwithnoanswers.comYou'll get heartfelt, personal, transparent stories of life; the good and the bad. Other times, you'll get a dissection of controversial and debatable topics from a wide variety of perspectives. Join Joey Svendsen, his brother Jared, and “expert” guests as they chill, talk, argue, act a fool, and give potentially helpful insight in front of the mic.
Join husband Travis McElroy and wife Teresa McElroy every Friday and they'll improve your etiquette week by week! Perplexed by thank you notes? Baffled by black tie? Dismayed by dinner parties? Worry no more, Shmanners has your answers! Tune in every Friday on!
A closer look at the notable stories inside Information Security and why they matter. Brought to you by Cisco.
The official podcast of the Women's Tennis Association. Bringing fans more in-depth WTA news & analysis. Podcast hosted by Courtney Nguyen, Senior Writer, WTA Insider.
(Formerly known as City Bible Church) We are so excited you joined us today for another powerful message! It is our prayer that this message will encourage you in the journey.
Comedian Jessica Michelle Singleton brings on guests of varying demographics and asks them extremely ignorant questions as a way to educate people who have questions but are too afraid of looking stupid to ask them.
An introspective and confused look at the movies and life choices of Adam Sandler. Discover where his career fits into the evolving landscape of the last few decades and learn how he has affected change himself.
All the Presidents' Inaugural Addresses, from Washington to Trump.
On The Same Page
Produced by Orange Media Network
A music producer and a graphic designer create and consume art, experience culture, and live life on the Internet together as a married couple in Los Angeles.
Bicoastal buds T and B discuss hard hitting topics ranging from 90s television to treadmills, American History to heirloom tomatoes and everything in between. Nothing is off limits. Proceed with caution.
Unfiltered is a podcast series that sheds light on those working in the adult industry, and explores all topics of sex with authors, educators, and advocates. Hosted by world renowned erotic photographer and director Holly Randall, she interviews some of the biggest names in the adult industry, and various non-porn guests who touch on the subject of sex in one way or another. With an honest and humorous outlook on life, Holly strips away the misconceptions on people who work in the sex indus ...
Grierson & Leitch
Film critics Tim Grierson and Will Leitch discuss the week’s latest movies, as well as classic films and directors that deserve a second look.
From the day-to-day of battling an illness to parenting a child with severe medical complications. We’re committed to bringing you inspiring stories of everyday fighters. Created & hosted by Jamie Grace, singer-songwriter living with Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD & Anxiety.
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Although scary, the Jerusalem virus, discovered in Israel in 1987, was in fact a rather simple virus. How, then, did the virus trigger the birth of an entire national industry? The post The Jerusalem Virus, Part 1 appeared first on Malicious Life.
Not your average turkey by The Capital Times
Mike Lucas, Robb Vogel and Dr. J (Joel Finkelman) break down a big Badger road win over Xavier, Draymond being suspended, the Bucks being sustainable, and much more. Mike Heller, Andy Baggot and Jesse Temple join the show.
Siouxie Q is a pornstar, author, podcaster, and political activist. Passionate about the politics that affect the adult-industry, Siouxie is the Secretary at APAC (Adult Performers Advocacy Committee), and works tirelessly to secure the rights of sex workers everywhere. In this episode she and Holly explore the rarely discussed politics of the ...…
R.I.P Stan Lee - Two moms get into a fight at their kids bus stop - Are you single? - Have you ever broke anything of your partners - Parents are now contacting their kids bosses - Ex Wife blows up wedding dress - Benjamin hates our show and more!
Uncle Luke is on the road so Robb and Gentle Ben have fun doing whatever the hell they want!! Also Travis Wilson on joins the show to preview the upcoming State Football Championships, Tom Silverstein from JSOnline to talk Packers Seahawks, Drew Olson to preview the MLB Awards, and Jeff Potrykus talking Badger Football and Basketball.…
Hey Idiots! Amazing episode this week! I'm joined by hilarious comedian Taylor Tomlinson! We talk about life on the road and how we're both attempting to slow down on touring to take care of ourselves and how difficult that actually is. There's so much good stuff in this episode from self-love to relationships to being women in comedy and so so ...…
Girl raised by dogs, Deer watch out, Girl hates guys that use credit Cards, Woman sues Ex Because his penis was too big, Girl upset over Family getting Wendy's without her, Why you should never get freaky with a vacuum cleaner and more!!!
Veteran MPD detective provides an insiders perspectiveWhat we see on TV crime shows is far from reality. On the podcast veteran detective Justine Harris talks about what really takes place when she is communicating with someone in crisis: many times in danger of harming themselves or others. Det. Harris is with the MPD’s Violent Crime Unit, but ...…
The Packers win, Brook Lopez makes a billion 3's, the Badgers scuffle again and is Jordy Nelson retiring? Bill Scott, Andy Baggot and Matt Lepay join the show.
This week, I have a two-part episode looking at the 2008 Global Recession and, specifically, the 2007 collapse of the US subprime mortgage market.The Risktory Podcast is created, written and produced by Jacinthe A Galpin.Soundtrack Credits (sourced from Bear - Elephants on ParadePodington Bear - SorrentoPoding ...…
Are you with someone who is Vanilla in The Bedroom, Breast Feeding a 9 year old, New Vagina Chair, Nard eaten cigs game and more!!!
A new MP3 sermon from Madison Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ Speaker: Mike Allison Broadcaster: Madison Baptist Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 11/11/2018 Bible: 2 Timothy 2:3-4, 4:7 Length: 29 min.
A new MP3 sermon from Madison Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Lessons From a Galilee Storm Speaker: Mike Allison Broadcaster: Madison Baptist Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 11/11/2018 Bible: Matthew 14:22-33 Length: 42 min.
Lots of uninspiring movies this week, we're sad to say. But hopefully you won't find the show itself uninspired. First, Grierson hammers "The Grinch" for a while, and then we both dig into the J.J. Abrams-produced "Overlord," the reboot/sequel "The Girl in the Spider's Web," and Netflix's "Outlaw King." No Reboot this week: Too many mediocre ne ...…
Deuteronomy 6:1-9 Anatoliy Sapsay from Innovista Ukraine helped us remember that God was for us! God wants good for His people. God does not want us to blindly follow Him but to know and love Him. Anatoliy also reminded us that we are responsible for guarding our hearts. We guard our hearts, first of all, by not forgetting all God has done for ...…
Zach Nielsen preaches from Romans 15:13 on The Holy Spirit and Hope. Sun, Nov 11 2018.
The Bible is to our spiritual wellness what food is to our physical wellness.
Follow us on Twitter @BMS_Billy @BMS_Derek @BMS_Nard
This week's show takes a look at the announcement of a Cassian Andor series, plus the latest episode of Star Wars: Resistance.
We talk the Bucks big win last night…..Preview the Packers match-up with the Dolphins Sunday….And Uncle Luke puts Gentle Ben to sleep with a Hockey list!! Oh and Bill Scott Sports Director of the WI Radio Network, Andy Baggot of, Tom Oates of the WI State Journal, and The Voice of the Badgers Matt Lepay all join the show.…
This week Rebecca Traister (@rtraister) joined host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to recap the 2018 midterm elections, and the work that led up to them. They began with a conversation on the demographic of White women and their voting patterns. They went into the history of why White women continually vote conservative, and the changes that were ...…
Dan Shyti is an author, professional speaker, and leadership mentor. He is the founder of 4 Power Leadership, a company dedicated to teaching leadership principles. Dan is the author of two books: • 4 Power Leadership: Your Pathway to Leadership Success • Ten Timeless Rules for Life: Things Every Young Person Should Know for a Perfect Launch Da ...…
Murphie's law takes over on this episode of Lucas In The Morning with Mike Lucas, Robb Vogel, and Dr. J (Joel Finkelman). The guys discuss the Packers, Rodgers share of the blame, Bucks bandwagoners and more. Tom Silverstein, Travis Wilson, and Jeff Potrykus join the show.
Hello Internet! This week is all about JULIETTE GORDON LOW, creator of the Girl Scouts. Enjoy and be sure to enjoy and tell a friend!
In Oscar history, there have been some inexplicable moments: the Streaker, Christolph Wattz’s second Oscar, CRASH?? But none was more surprising, unprecedented and downright mind-boggling than the lone Best Actress nomination for Sally Kirkland in ANNA, a film that is practically mythical (especially since it is so hard to find). Kirkland herse ...…
Milfred and Hands break down the Democratic governor-elect's big win Tuesday by the smallest of margins. He outperformed Hillary Clinton in Dane County, but he also shows why turnout in Milwaukee County will be key if Democrats want to beat Donald Trump in 2020.
Girls who go out with guys just for the food, Guys are now wearing makeup, Superheroes are actually bad people. Merverts and more!!!
Have you ever been dumped in a horrific way, High while you drive, Rudest thing you've done to your spouse, A Woman's farts ruined her life and more!!!!
Have we got news for you! And we promise it’s 100% guaranteed to please. Here, announced for the first time, is our lineup of all-star guests for Broad Appeal….. LIVE, coming to you on Sat 17th November at Hackney House in Shoreditch as part of Fringe! Queer Film & Art Fest. Tickets are FREE but there aren’t many of them so do be sure to book i ...…
Brett Rossi has won many titles in her over a decade in the adult industry: Playboy Cybergirl, Twistys Treat, Penthouse Pet, and Vixen Angel. An old friend of Holly's, they discuss their mutual love of holidays, how the business has changed, and mental health struggles. A very personal interview that will show you a side of Brett that you never ...…
Diana was kind in trusting me when I first sent her a message about recording a podcast. She is funny and fun to talk to. You will enjoy listening to her insights and opinion. She answer questions that were sent to us. I enjoyed talking to her.Twitter - @jadecapri1 -…
Nard's wife went out of town without him, Teacher smashes phones, Should you keep your fetishes to yourself, Relationship regrets and more!!!
Jim Harbaugh sings, Dan Mullen thumb-wrestles, and Ed Orgeron... speaks? Tom Silverstein, Drew Olson, and Jeff Potrykus join the show.
Hey Idiots! What an incredible interview I have for you this week! My hilarious friend Eric Lampaert joined me and we talked about everything under the sun AND ABOVE IT! (Seriously, we got into the big bang theory and how everything is a reaction of what's already happened and he explains why we don't really have any control) It's an amazing in ...…
Joey looks at wisdom in the context of humility, being slow and reading the bible.Support the podcast here:
Dan Shyti is an author, professional speaker, and leadership mentor. He is the founder of 4 Power Leadership, a company dedicated to teaching leadership principles. Dan is the author of two books: • 4 Power Leadership: Your Pathway to Leadership Success • Ten Timeless Rules for Life: Things Every Young Person Should Know for a Perfect Launch Da ...…
Jerry the King Lawler Live in studio!
Mike Lucas, Robb Vogel and Joel Finkelman (Dr. J) break down another tough Packers loss to a quality opponent on the road. Plus no Brewers won a gold glove, the freak killed a guy on the court and the Badgers had a decisive win over Rutgers. Bill Scott, Andy Baggot and Matt Lepay join the show.
On this week's episode, a light hearted look at ancient Roman and Greek life hacks.The Risktory Podcast is created, written and produced by Jacinthe A Galpin.Soundtrack Credits (sourced from Bear - Elephants on ParadePodington Bear - SorrentoPodington Bear - StepsPodington Bear - Suppose It IsPodington Bear - ...…
For the second consecutive year, Simona Halep was awarded the WTA Year-End World No.1 Singles Award presented by Dubai Duty Free, receiving the Chris Evert World No.1 Trophy at a ceremony at the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global. Her doubles counterparts, the Czech duo of Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova finished ...…
This is real life, and this is just a fantasy. It's the Queen musical biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody," and one of us really likes it, and one of us very much does not. Then it's into the depths of film history with a look at Orson Welles' final "film," "The Other Side of the Wind," salvaged by Netflix. We chat briefly about "Thunder Road" and "Boy E ...…
Daniel 10-12 God’s people in God’s power courageously persevere in the battle against evil until Jesus comes in ultimate triumph.
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