Best Mallrats podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Podcast by Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier
Fat Man Beyond
Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin discuss all things in the geek entertainment spectrum.
In an effort to get smarter, Kevin Smith recruits Andy McElfresh for a weekly erudite inquisition into the unknown! Presented in 4 easy to digest chapters! 1) The SCI. 2) The FI: . 3) The WHY and 4) The BYE.
FEaB is a podcast with Matt Mira and Scott Mosier getting to know each other and deciding if they actually want to be friends. Brought to you by SModcast and Nerdist Industries
THT Movie Review
Anthony & David aka Boxman of THT Podcast talk movies and offer a unique insight into what made them great or why they suck.Check us out on:Email: thtmoviereview@gmail.comFacebook: @thtmoviereviewYouTube: live on:
You know you love…probably two Weezer records, but did you know that they recorded like a billion songs? Friends and comedians Jen Kleinrock and Patrick Ehlers learn about themselves and each other through Weezer’s vast catalogue.
Graphic Novelty
Four nerds talk about comics and comic-related things. We look at what's going on in the world of comics. Whether it's the comics themselves, movies/TV based on comics, creators, and the industry.
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show series
Marc Bernardin answers all your questions and more on the latest movie and tv show news while Kevin Smith is gone in Louisiana filming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot!By (SModcast Network).
What does this dystopian art-house comedy from France have to do with food in comics? Not much, but Ora picked it anyway. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
Notorious squares Jen and Patrick stay out past their bedtimes to see Weezer tribute band Weezerton rock out the famous Viper Room. Luckily, Rachel is there to lend a little old school rock scene cred.
While Kevin is busy Rebooting, Marc gives his review of the Marvel's latest cinematic endeavor, Captain Marvel.By (SModcast Network).
Boxman and Anthony pay our respects to Luke Perry by reviewing 8 Seconds. This film chronicles the life of Lane Frost, 1987 PRCA Bull Riding World Champion, his marriage and his friendships with Tuff Hedeman, and Cody Lambert.By @THTMovieReview.
Is this a sequel to the White Album? A familiar downturn for a sometimes prolific band? A reaction to a previous failure? Jen and Patrick try to place a sorta boring record into the pantheon of Weezer records.
Fat people talking about food. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.
Kevin and Marc sit down to talk about tv writing, stories from Sundance, and news including The Trench, The Batman, Legion, an Escape from New York reboot, and more.By (SModcast Network).
Jen and Patrick are cursed to discuss Weezer's cover of Africa by Toto YET AGAIN, as there's now a whole half-assed album supporting it! Which of these covers qualify as hate crimes and which are just pointless?
In which our heroes lose their religion, find their Boy Song, and celebrate 12 years of SModcast. With Kevin and Scott.By (Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier).
Anthony and Boxman breakdown the 1987 stand-up comedy hit: Eddie Murphy RAW. Listen as Eddie spits facts, and gets RAW. We even gave you the gift that is Eddie Murphy’s music. ENJOY!!By @THTMovieReview.
This week, the team preps for Dark Phoenix by watching Fox’s first attempt to bring one of comics’ most complex sagas to the screen. Did it work? Sure, in that it almost sank the franchise. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
LATE EPISODE – The second part of our “Josh is late again” twofer sees the boys examining Avenger 200 and the Greg Pak-penned Phoenix Endsong. Both are horrible, but for different reasons. If you like time-traveling incest, rape gaslighting, and pissing on the legacy of Grant Morrison, then this is the podcast you’ve been waiting for. Theme: Ch ...…
LATE PODCAST NUMBER ONE – Sorry, my work schedule and an injury kept me from posting these in a timely manner. But hey, that just means you get to enjoy two podcasts on the same day! This one is about Soloman Kane, the James Purefoy film that attempted – and failed – to launch a franchise. Why? No idea, because it is actually quite good. Join u ...…
Bobby Anthem, Boxman, and Anthony review and discuss a cult classic from 1990, House Party!By @THTMovieReview.
Kevin and Marc return to the Scum & Villainy Cantina to provide their insight on the latest in geek news and culture. Kevin also shares some behind-the-scenes information regarding DC’s Justice League movie(s).By (SModcast Network).
It’s LICH KING, you sickos. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.
In which our heroes read Reddit and go into the woods and wilds. With Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith.By (Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier).
The bad thing about prophecies is that sometimes they come true. What does this have to do with the 90s indie mockumentary Bob Roberts, directed by and starring notorious lefty Tim Robbins? You’ll have to listen to find out. Or, like, Google it. That would work too. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.…
Boxman and Anthony review Blade, the first of the trilogy. Listen as we breakdown this great 90’s movieBy @THTMovieReview.
Kevin and Marc return to the Scum & Villainy Cantina for their first Fatman Beyond of 2019!By (SModcast Network).
In which our heroes podcast at each other like a couple of dueling wizards. With Special Guest Anna Faris.By (Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier).
Political satire is a tough thing to pull off in the best of times, and these are certainly not those times. But smaller comic companies try anyway, and that is where we get Barack the Barbarian and Trump’s Titans. Josh, Ora, and Kyle try to lighten things up by discussing Batman’s many crimes, but really, at least one of these books is existen ...…
We follow up our episode on weird fiction comics with an examination of Hellboy, the 2004 film adaptation of famed comics scribe Mike Mahatmaghandi’s epic. Thrill along with Josh, Ora, and Kyle as Ron Perlman proves himself the most adept of punchmen. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
Boxman and Anthony go over some Sequels that are considered to be better than the original movies. Hear why we agree or disagree. Then we talk The Seinfeld show being criticized now.By @THTMovieReview.
Ring in the new year the traditional way – with tentacles. The team tackles Mike Mignola’s classic Hellboy and Fred Van Lente’s Weird Detective, but mostly as an excuse for Josh to lecture Ora and Kyle about weird fiction. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.
Kevin Smith drops in from the OG Fat Cave to give us his take on DC and James Wan's new movie AQUAMAN.By (SModcast Network).
Do you like Christmas cartoons? Well, prepare to have that beaten out of you by the USA network’s most egergious crime, The Christmas Tree. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin return to the original Fat Cave in Kevin's house to review and discuss Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.By (SModcast Network).
And that’s not even the weirdest thing that happens this episode! Tune in to hear Kyle’s Star Wars based MRA heel turn and Josh’s trademark holiday hate. Oh, and a review of Batman Noel and Gotham Central. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.
Anthony and Boxman kickoff the show discussing Kevin Hart and the impossible standard we are holding ourselves to, then we review a comedy adaptation of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol…Scrooged (1988) starring Bill Murray and Karen Fisher.By @THTMovieReview.
Sorry about the lateness, but this one was TOO AWESOME TO RELEASE ON TIME!!! Well, not really. Josh was just late editing this. Listen to Josh, Ora, and Kyle talk about the weirdly British subway epic Neverwhere. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
In which our heroes find direction. With Special Guest Jason Reitman.By (Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier).
Marc fills the Kevin-less Fatman Beyond void with an online Instagram Q&A.By (SModcast Network).
The Anime Kontesuto Krew sit down to watch the smash hit of. . . 2017? Okay, maybe we got a little bit more behind than we thought! Anyway, join Jessica, Alicia and Spencer as they watch the very good anime film Your Name. Come for the insightful film review and stay for the awkward friendship moment when Jessica dunks on Alicia about teen preg ...…
This week, we tackle another of the sacred cows – seminal 90s mopefest Sandman. We compare Season of Mists to the first arc of the Wicked and the Divine. But since Kyle is gone, Josh and Ora (and contest winner Jessica) mostly just make fun of him. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.…
We’re Back! Join Jessica, Alicia & Spencer as they rank the Top 5 High School Anime! The winner may surprise you! It won’t, but, listen anyway!!
In which our heroes pinch the Grinch.By (Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier).
In the darkness of the future, there is only a soundalike 80s anthem. This week on Further Adieu, we tackle the action throwback Turbo Kid, about a post-apocalyptic biker (as in a peddle bike) and his secret robot girlfriend. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
Scott and Matt return for a FEaB so captivating that they can only manage to muster one a year! Hear what Scott has been up to and what Matt's find out if Matt's bet on the Patriots paid off. (It does but it doesn't)By
Boxman, Bobby Anthem, and Anthony review the 1995 romantic comedy...Mallrats. We compare the extended edition to the original (streamlined) edition and as usual...played some clips. SNOOGINS!By @THTMovieReview.
Well, soda or no, Josh, Ora, and Kyle have some comics to discuss. This week’s subjects are the old Kirby DC project Newsboy Legion and the 80s throwback Paper Girls. It’s synthwave madness versus nonsense gangland schemes, and only the strong will survive. Kumite! Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.…
Kevin and Marc share their stories and thoughts of the sensational Stan Lee with the live audience at Scum & Villainy Cantina, then hand the mic over to the audience of true believers to share their personal stories of Stan.By (SModcast Network).
We continue our journey to the heart of 90s comedy with a look back at Kevin Smith’s second film, Mallrats. Does it stand the test of time? The answer may surprise you… unless you think the answer is yes, in which case it won’t. Plus, Kyle is a sexy cat, apparently. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.…
Kevin and Marc bring the latest pop culture news before special guest, actress, and amazing vocal talent Tara Strong answers their questions and takes part in the Fatman Beyond staple Q&ABy (SModcast Network).
In which all that’s needed are two turntables and a microphone. With Special Guest MC Chris.By (Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier).
Seriously, go vote. And when you are done, I don’t know, listen to this in the car or something. Intros are hard. Josh, Ora, and Kyle talk about Milk and Cheese and Halo and Sprocket. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.
Anthony and Boxman give their thoughts on Bohemian Rhapsody (No Spoilers) and talk Live Aid 1985 and some other movies about musicians. Also, we get into Alec Baldwin assault.By @THTMovieReview.
Kevin and Marc take Fat Man Beyond to the Van in a live show at the Rio Theater in Vancouver, BC. Recorded 9/25/2018By (SModcast Network).
While Psychomania may be less well-known than Hulkamania, it does contain 500% more zombie bikers. And that has to count for something. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
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