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Learn Mandarin Chinese - Situational, Easy Audio Lessons for Beginners
Conversations with people who are learning Mandarin Chinese AND also those who grew up with it
Mandarin Blueprint is the most ambitious online Chinese learning curriculum ever attempted. Not only because it integrates pronunciation, characters, vocabulary & grammar acquisition materials, but more importantly because it teaches how to relate everything you need to know about Chinese to your personal lived experience. Everything about your past is a potential connection you can make to Mandarin, and we're experts at helping you find them. Not to mention, Chinese is a super cool language ...
Learn a little Mandarin every day! Visit for more Mandarin lessons or join our group discussion InspirLang on Facebook. You can make a donation at to help us to continue making our podcast ad-free
AWR Mandarin - SBY 心靈麗人
Listen through the Mandarin Chinese New Testament twice in one year. Audio downloaded from from Podcast created by
Learn Mandarin Chinese with Situational, Practical and Easy Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons
Bite-size Chinese lessons (words/phrases) by Amy Lin from
AWR Mandarin - EHS 遇見幸福
Learn Chinese (Mandarin) in a fun and relaxing way ^_^
Learn Mandarin Chinese with Situational, Practical and Easy Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons
Building on the popular 1 Year Daily Audio Bible, the community expands to provide the Daily Audio Bible in Mandarin Chinese. Expose yourself to the Scriptures on a daily basis and you will not see the world the same a year from now. This is a community experience. Join with thousands around the world as we take the adventure of a lifetime through the Bible.
Chinese and English Language podcast.
Learn Mandarin Chinese with Situational, Practical and Easy Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons
Mandarin Chinese radio program (LTG 信徒培訓) provided to you by Adventist World Radio
Learn to say things related to health and medical matters in Cantonese and Mandarin.
Polly Lingual
Polly Lingual is a comprehensive foreign-language education solution combining interactive mastery lessons and live tutors. The languages we currently offer are Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Dutch.
Coffee Break Chinese
Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese with teacher Crystal and learner Mark in regular lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know to and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native Mandarin speakers.
Learn a little Cantonese every day! Visit for more Cantonese lessons or join our group discussion InspirLang on Facebook. You can make a donation at to help us to continue making the Cantonese language alive and relevant.
Learn or Study Chinese Mandarin online for free with podcast, PDF, Line-by-line recordings
Agile Thoughts
In the time it takes to receive a Starbucks coffee, Lancer Kind covers how to consistently release software with zero defects, and how to guide teams and organizations through changes necessary to do Continuous Delivery. The Mandarin edition is at (中文版):敏捷理念
Study and Learn Chinese Mandarin online with podcasts and PDF
Panda Cub Stories
Panda Cub Stories are stories told bilingually in Mandarin Chinese and English. Right now, Panda Cub Stories is adapting Class Chinese folktales into Children's audio-visual stories! * For videos that accompany these audio stories, Subscribe to the Panda Cub Stories YouTube channel: *** Pssst! I'm also working to re-adapt Journey to the West, considered one of the “Four Great Classical Novels” of Chinese Literature, ...
At Mandarin Baptist Church, we are loving people to transformational life in Christ as we go.
Deer Chinese-汉语鹿 helps intermedia and advanced Chinese language learners to improve their listening and speaking skills by learning standard Mandarin Chinese articles with well-edited transcripts. It also shows listeners a new modern China by providing real life stories, fresh national news and social media comments: what Chinese People think about, how they perceive the world, how they live and behave, and how they‘re working and doing business. 汉语鹿 不仅帮你学习和提高中文普通话水平,还通过播讲最新的资 ...
Learn Chinese with ease! Talk Chineasy brings you 7-minute daily Chinese lessons. Each day, ShaoLan and a special guest share interesting cultural insights and stories as they teach you a useful Chinese phrase. Our amazing guests include rock stars, artists, CEOs, professors, adventurists, scientists, and more. You’ll discover the rich culture behind the most widely spoken language, while you learn how to converse in basic Mandarin Chinese. Explore various topics, special guests, and inspira ...
Mandarin Presbyterian Church located in Jacksonville, FL. A church "loving people, to love Jesus Christ".
Language Latte is a conversation about teaching world languages. Becky Morales looks at research and speaks with teachers from around the globe to find out the best and most efficient methods, materials, and tips to help students gain fluency. Topics include educational technology, getting students to speak in the target language, teaching vocabulary, using films and popular games in class, bringing in culture, using IPA’s, TPRS, CI, the role of grammar, and more. More educational resources, ...
Listen to past messages given by the pastoral team and guests of Faith Baptist Church of Mandarin in Jacksonville, Florida. We hope that these messages are an encouragement and challenge to you to live your life for Jesus Christ.
Learn Chinese With Rachel at Ting bu dong Chines.Our videos Teach Chinese that you want to learn, practical and educational.Check out our videos weeklyand remember to like and subscribe so we can make content for you!
Christ Church Mandarin is a Presbyterian church in Jacksonville, FL where Pastor Chuck Colson, the staff and elders serve the church of Christ.
Living Proof is weekly show published by Bishop Joseph R. Castillo D.D. who is a missionary statesman based in mainland China, with an apostolic ministry to East Asia that spans the globe. Having an in depth teaching ministry along with mighty signs, wonders and miracles, is not what makes this show most interesting. Dr. Castillo is a former gang member and drug addict from the murderous streets of America's deadly city, Chicago, Illinois. In addition to that he is a TV celebrity in China wh ...
The Beijing International Christian Fellowship podcast featuring the latest messages of BICF Mandarin @ 21st Century International Mandarin Service (IMS) to equip and encourage the Church in China. (also available at or our BICF app.)
laowai < Mandarin: literally, outsider/foreigner > Whether you're just settling into life in China or consider yourself an old 'China Hand', this podcast has something for you! Meet Ally Mona, founder and host of the show. After a decade in China, Ally is no stranger to the cultural and lifestyle adjustments required of a successful ‘laowai’. Her mission: Equip the masses to take the China experience by the horns and enjoy the wild ride! Ally is joined by her co-host Pete Rogers; Pete's jour ...
As a native Chinese speaker, a language lover, a qualified language teacher, I would like to help those people who want to speak Chinese naturally in the most efficient way. The way that will help you to speak Chinese naturally without any fear, any insecurity or any doubt. It will also help you to improve your listening, reading and writing skills as well as your pronunciation. Through this podcast you will learn the REAL Chinese, Chinese that we use in our daily life. You will get to know ...
Gary Williams
Dr. Gary L. Williams, Sr. accepted Christ as his personal Savior at the age of nine. He is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and the younger of two sons born to Alfreda Williams and the late Rev. Roosevelt Williams. Pastor Gary Williams is no stranger to the ministry. In 1990, Dr. Williams accepted the call to become the pastor of First Baptist Church of Mandarin. He has the longest tenure as Pastor of the First Church. He seeks to transform the lives of many through the simplicity of the g ...
Messages from Christ's Church in Jacksonville, FL. Christ's Church is a non-denominational Christian Church with campuses in Mandarin, Fleming Island, St. Augustine and North Jacksonville. www.Christs.Church
MUSIC AND WINE is Manila's premier Saturday social event held weekly at the city's top bar Martinis, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Hosted by DJ Elian Habayeb and wine expert Ines Cabarrus, the party is known for its loungy deep house music and the beautiful wines it features, as well as its quirky signature cocktails that attract the city's trendsetters every weekend.In 2010, the critically acclaimed internet radio show [MUSIC & WINE Radio] evolved into a weekly 3-hour program on Manila's ...
Using more than 99% target language, 听故事学中文Learning Chinese through Stories(LCTS) creates authentic and immersive podcasts to help people around the world develop Chinese language skills and cultural competency. It covers a wide range of topics and proficiency levels. Every story has two parts: story (A) and story explanation (B), accompanied by annotated vocabulary and transcript. is designed to help people to improve their Chinese. We will provide podcasts on daily basis. In each podcast, we will introduce a topic about Chinese culture or what is happening today in China. We are teaching Chinese by introducing Chinese culture in a real circumstance; we are teaching you how to say and how to think in your daily life as a native Chinese does. We also provide private lessons or group lessons. Please visit for more information. We wi ...
"Beats From The East" is a weekly radio broadcast on Concordia's CJLO 1690 am, a Montreal,Canada-based University Radio station.Every Thursday nights at 9pm EST, DJ Mister Vee will be bringing you some of the best urban music (Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop, Funk, Electro, Acid Jazz, Reggae...yes, Asian-Reggae exists!) from Far-East Asian artists. You can expect to hear music sung in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.For those of you who do not live in Montreal, the ...
One Minute Mandarin
Learn the basics of Mandarin in minutes with the Radio Lingua Network
For everyone who is trying to learn Chinese or reaching for the next level, you came to the right place! Hosts Jared Turner and John Pasden bring you this new podcast series to discuss everything learning Chinese. Together they started the Mandarin Companion graded reader series and have spent countless years in Chinese education. You'll find helpful information, inspiring stories, and practical guidance on your journey of learning Chinese. You can do this! Visit us at
'Raising Cultured Kids' is a podcast designed to help parents and preschool teachers to raise culturally aware little kids and empower them to introduce the foundations of a language while they are young - through interviews with experts, families and educators from all over the world
Learn or Study Chinese Mandarin online for free with podcast, PDF, Line-by-line recordings
Dimsum Hanyu Pinyin - Learn Mandarin Chinese
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深层理解成语“揠苗助长”的由来及含义。 shēn céng lǐ jiě chéng yǔ “yà miáo zhù zhǎng ”de yóu lái jí hán yì 。 学会怎么在日常生活中使用这个成语。 xué huì zěn me zài rì cháng shēng huó zhōng shǐ yòng zhè ge chéng yǔ 。 和我一起练习中文发音。 hé wǒ yì qǐ liàn xí zhōng wén fā yīn 。 Download the transcript for free at: or ...…
欢迎光临! Welcome! You can now subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or you can subscribe by copying the following URL into your favorite podcast APP: The Mandarin Blueprint Podcast focuses primarily on The Mandarin Blueprint Method online course and the Pronunciation Mastery online cou ...…
For many of us, the thought of teaching our kids a foreign language can be overwhelming but especially when it comes to a language that includes characters NOT found in the English language. Today's interview with Jace Chong flips the script on what is possible when it comes to teaching kids Mandarin. As an educator and mama currently raising h ...…
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祂聽見了 // 祂听见了By (
In the Chaning Scripts podcast episode, we talk to Taylor, an American Marketing Professional who grew up with a strong language learning curiosity. Mandarin Chinese was one of her first language loves and one that she has kept in contact with. I am using people analogies because Taylor used them in the interview and it is simply a brilliant wa ...…
4-14-19 - "He is a dangerous man!". Rev. Kevin Pound. Sixth message in the series, 'Jesus According To Twitter'. This message captured from the 9:00am Contemporary Service.By (MPC Communications).
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Learn situational dialogues, useful expressions and vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese about spa or hot springs in Taiwan. Find out why they are good for your health and body.
View podcast transcription at
With an intro about vaqueros, learn to say, “Constipation for kids can become a vicious cycle, because the pain stemming from the first time of having constipation can cause kids to resist defecating--the withheld stool will become hard causing the next bowel movement to be even more painful,” in Cantonese and Mandarin.©2019 Leslie D.Y. Frankso ...…
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