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Listen as Pastor Wayne and guest speakers share the Word of God in a real and meaningful way.
The mission of Lakas Filipino Martial Arts is to educate, preserve and honor the martial arts from the Philippines as well as those fighting systems born from the Filipino American experience. This vision of this podcast is to capture and share the stories of teachers, instructors and mentors that have not only contributed their life and spirit to martial art, but have helped paint the portrait of who I am today, and what Lakas Filipino Martial Arts continues to develop to be.
Your guide to accessible style. Finally, style within reach...of everyone.
Fashionability is a channel created for the purpose of making fashion and style accessible and inclusive for all!At Fashionability we believe that style is an inclusive forum, it is a creative outlet and everyone should be made to feel that they have the right to access it.Founded by UK fashion blogger Emily Davison writer of and US Entrepreneur Laura Legendary creator of Elegant Insights Braille Creations.From interviews, to discussion topics we will be covering a whole va ...
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Follow Pastor Wayne as he examines Acts. Though times have changed people gave stayed the same. We need the Holy Spirit in order to be successful as Christians. The body needs to be devoted to one anther. How can we live like the early Church?
It took the Israelites 40 years to go an 11 day journey. It's time to get going in the blessing and provision God has given us so we don't fall in to the same trap.
You have been set free. Set free to serve. Set free to give. Set free to encourage. Set free to build His kingdom.
Join us for our Revival with Jarone Halsted. Give! The kingdom of God gives us the freedom in Christ to give and love on everyone. We need to listen and obey Him and give our hearts to him completely.
Because life keeps moving forward, we only have a limited amount of chances to do what God has called us to do. Don't waste your chances by not walking through the doors God has opened for you.
Laura interviews Dana from Zappos Adaptive who shares details about an exciting live and livestream fashion show that is inclusive of everyone. If you can attend in person, here are the details: WHERE: Symphony Park at the Smith Center Las Vegas 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89106 WHEN: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 | 5:00PM – 7:30PM Door ...…
Today Pastor Joseph guides us through the authenticity of the written word. He shows us why it is so important that we invest time reading our bible. He explains the history of wear much of the formation of the Word comes from.
In regards to the promises of God, the believer has a responsibility. Not to perform, but rather to trust. Today we see that in almost every instance of healing in the New Testament it was their faith that made them well.
Greetings Listeners! Today we have a very special episode for Disabled Access Day. Today Emily and Laura are joined by listeners and contributors to share their views on how more fashion and beauty brands can be more disability inclusive and accessible. Special thanks to bloggers My Blurred World, Gem Turner, Life of a Blind Girl and Luke Sam S ...…
God wants you healed! He loves us and desires us to be whole. The brokenhearted are who he wants to come before him. His healing is for everyone.
God cares about you and His word is full of promises regarding your health and wellness.
You’ll love life in Living Coral, the 2019 Pantone color of the year. Laura shares the details of this color range, and how to wear it. You’ll see it all spring and summer, so get ready! It’s super flattering for most skin tones, and it’s so pretty. Please join us for this colorful episode! ...…
There was no sickness, disease, or death when God created man, and there is none in heaven. He does not use it to discipline nor guide us. It is not His will that anyone of us would be sick. Satan is the author of sickness and he uses it to cause kill, steal, and destroy.
Join Joseph Kobel as he takes us through God's word. We should do our best to set ourselves apart from this world and pursue the things of God. Let's not be selfish but have lives of humility and love towards one another.
There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is the result of your circumstances but joy is the result of the finished work of Christ in you.
Branches that are not attached to the vine fade and die quickly. The same is true for Christians who don't abide in Jesus. As Christians, abiding in Christ should be of the utmost priority.
What is priority in your life? Make time for Christ and His people. We're here to get trained in godliness for life and the life to come. We strengthen each other by meeting together.
Listen along as Joseph teaches this morning. The enemy has been defeated , we can expect that God will bring us victory in life. God blesses us not curses. We are more than conquerors in Christ.
Greetings Listeners! Happy New Year to you all, to today in the spirit of the new year we thought we’d pay tribute to the ever popular month of Veganuary! A month where people sign up to try the Vegan lifestyle, so in the spirit of the month we thought we’d share our top Vegan and Cruelty Free beauty products that we love. Whats your favourite ...…
We are FREE from sin not just forgiven! God hosed us down not to go back in the mud. We will always be salves to something so let's be slaves to righteousness. Let's not act like who we were but be reminded of who we are now. Keep in step with the Spirit.
Even when it's hard will you say, "Yes"? Don't be lukewarm, go all in! Even Jesus had a choice. We need to get back up again.
All too often, Christians find themselves behaving like the slave in Matthew 18, forgetting the grace and forgiveness that has been granted them when dealing with others. Instead, we should always extend grace and forgiveness to those who are struggling. in time for New Year’s Eve, Laura and Emily join forces to share their top picks for a great party look. When it comes to ringing in the new year, what better way to sparkle as the ball drops than to glitter, glitter, gli ...…
All authority has been given to Him. Jesus is Lord of all. Go and make disciples of all the nations. Where does our hope come from? Let it be Jesus so we can share it with others.
We are constantly bombarded with conflicting reports. But when the report conflicts with God's promises, we have to make a choice in which report to believe.
Festive Greetings Fashionability Followers! Today Laura and Emily have joined forces to bring you their top gift ideas in their holiday gift guide for 2018. What’s on your wish-list this year?
Last week we discovered our new identity in Christ. Today we will look at how to live out of that identify in a victorious manner. In Christ we overcome the world.
Join Pastor Wayne this morning as he discusses our identity. Who we are determines what we do. We are chosen. We are new. We are strengthened. We are conquerors and everlasting. To all who received Him and believed in His name, they are children of God.
Turn on the light so you don't stub your pinky toe and weep like a 13 year old girl. Praise God for the light He puts inside of us. Let people know where you stand. We shouldn't be hidden away, but proudly serve and share the joy of our Lord. Lets live our lives in the name of the King.
Let's follow along as Joseph Kobel closes out our study through Romans. We should receive each other well, not just in within the Church, but out of it as well. Jesus is our perfect theology. The Gospel is ours, let's own it together.
God is on the move! Let's join Joseph Kobel as we continue through Roman's. Now, let's be refreshed in the presence of God. Wherever we go God goes with us.
It's not us who gets to say, "Well Done." Christianity is the complete opposite of selfishness. Let's make our lives a contest to out serve one another. Let's live like Jesus and be a servant to all.
We have the hope of the Gospel! Our job is to single mindedly serve Jesus. Arguing and enjoying our liberty at the expense of others will destroy their faith. Let us walk in love.
We shouldn't be judged by others for how we serve nor should we judge how others server. They, as well as us, live for the Lord.
I knew of Bob Burgee before I knew Bob Burgee. More accurately, I knew about Edges2 and before I met the Guro Bob himself. His were, and still are some of the best training blades ever produced. Alongside the Sayoc Tactical line of trainers, the Official Vital Template series had the signature red cord wrap, the “large” (but ...…
Even though Christians are not subject to the law, when we live with love, by default, we fulfill the law.
Paul shows us the characteristics of a real Christian. How do you receive and live displaying those characteristics? With a renewed mind.
God's promises and calling are irrevocable. Israel may be currently hardened, but God is not done with them.
You want to look professional, yet feel comfortable in a situation that’s a bit…complicated. Laura and Marana had a tight schedule to plan for, as we worked in an exhibit hall booth, did some networking, had a bit of social time, and had to travel…all in one day. We did find time, though, to chat about our style choices, as you will hear in thi ...…
Do you have a changed life? Let's listen in as Joseph Kobel preaches from Romans. We have a wild nature before we are saved, but are grafted in through Jesus. We stand by faith trusting in God.
Pastor Wayne reminds us of the desperate need for salvation. We have to get to know His son and then let the world know He's our Lord.
We continue through Romans. Who are we to argue with God? The Creator get to choose how his creation is used. We have a personal responsibility to respond to the Gospel. Our righteousness is attained through faith, not through the adherence of the Law.
Let's join Pastor Wayne as we navigate through Romans. We are justified by faith, Amen! We are his elect. God is definitely in control, thank goodness. In the end He chooses who is worthy.
As you may already know, ultraviolet is the color of the year, and it also happens to be Laura’s favorite color. In this episode, she combines her love of jewelry and her favorite purple gemstone shades for you to consider when putting your look together. Not a purple person? You can still wear it as an accent, and jewelry allows you to adopt a ...…
Magtutudlo (Cebuano). Teacher. Instructor. Coach. Mentor. When I left the Patalinghug Family in Maryland to move to Los Angeles, the first Doce Pares instructor I got in touch with was Guro (Magtutudlo) Ramon Rubia. He was my first and only Doce Pares Eskrima teacher in California, as well as a major influence in my understanding of Filipino Ma ...…
Here is Part 2 of my interview with Sifu Tim! There was still more I wanted to talk about and ask him, so after training concluded the next day we sat outside and caught up some more. One of the things I admire so much about Sifu is his authentic sense of loyalty and dedication. In addition to his years assisting Sifu Larry Hartsell, traveling ...…
I tried for the longest time to figure out a way to combine this interview, which was recorded in two parts, on different days in different locations into one. But one of the things I’ve always appreciated about this podcast was it’s off the cuff spontaneity, the candid energy of the moments recorded. So I’ve just decided to keep it that way, a ...…
“People generally understand how muscle memory works – we use it to play instruments and write in our learned language. But deep within there is spiritual energy to that muscle memory that is embedded in our DNA and when we recreate those acts of physical artistic expression, we bring our ancestors back.” I stared at the words on my phone, her ...…
Joseph Kobel delivers today's message on the hope of Jesus Christ. If we suffer with him then we shall surely share in His glory. The will of God is that we give thanks in everything for He will never leave or forsake us. Nothing created can separate us from the love of God.
Join Pastor Wayne as we study the book of Romans. We are not under condemnation in Christ! Now there will always be consequences for sin, but thankfully we can have God's forgiveness.
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