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Go Spurs Go Memes
Live but recorded with the Go Spurs Go Memes Podcast crew. Hosted by Go Spurs Go Memes founder Ray. Hear our thoughts as we discuss The San Antonio Spurs and other NBA topics. We've got Spurs, football and other random segments. Give us a listen!
Themes and Memes
Themes and Memes is a different kind of movie review. It is a podcast that delves deep into the dark side of Hollywood films including subjects such as culture creation, state sponsorship, propaganda, predictive programming, occult symbolism and deep subtext. Be sure to listen and subscribe to the feed.
The Extensions of Memes is a metastable project combining McLuhan's work on media with the conception of memes by Dawkins. Who is in charge here, humans or technology? How well does a memetic mediation theory hold up in the world of cultural studies?
Welcome to the Motiv Fitness and Nutrition podcast, otherwise known as 'Dreams, Memes and Veggie Supremes'. We only have two characteristics of this show: (1) We eat and rate pizza (2) We discuss ideas and topics typically relevant to healthWe will be hosting guests on this show and an 'AMA' component will also be included, providing an opportunity for us to interact with YOU - our listeners! We also upload a version with video to YouTube, check it here: ...
Nate’s LDS Memes
This will be me engaging with others through this podcast as I create all the LDS memes I have created over the years and posted on my Facebook pages that I own.
Poppy memes
Yo yo yo poppy memes here!
Shut Up And Tweet The Memes is an entertainment/comedy podcast about the week's news or current events. Host Z.W. Martin and guests touch the fire topic of the day, while dropping takes even fiery.
Studying memes, doing CrossFit, talking about CrossFit, talking about kids, talking about golf, asking questions about soccer.
Replicating a visual medium through story telling and other fun stuff.
Another Cleveland sports podcast featuring @BrownsMemes and @TheKevinBeardThe first ever podcast totally in Comic Sans
Cocktails & Memes
Hosts Shannon Morrison and Taylor Carpenter are joined by producer Alex Southwell as they tackle cocktails, world views, sports, and what beef we have. Cocktails flow and hot takes follow.
It's a podcast about memes! Memes and culture.
Not everything is a meme but anything can be a meme. Everyday talks from a guy figuring himself out.
Memes and Dreams
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In this episode, we talk about the Eminem and MGK beef, the untimely passing of Mac Miller, Spider-Man, and Fantasy Football.
E7: Margaritas and Nurses by Cocktails&Memes
E:6 Vespers & Allegations by Cocktails&Memes
E:5 Mules and Fights by Cocktails&Memes
In this episode, we talk about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the way Grand Theft Auto V has aged, and another night out with a twist.
E4: Cucumber Martini by Cocktails&Memes
The boys are back with a timeless classic and their favorite movies, book clubs, and big news from Shannon
In this episode, we talk about initial Astroworld thoughts, the return of football, and one of the best drunk Jason stories so far.
My most recent memes I made the last few days.
The guys blind taste wine with guest Jason Todd. Many technical issues occur but the wine still flows and good times roll.
Going over a couple new memes I made and some thoughts I had.
Talking about meme I made last night and a few days ago.
In this episode, we talk about NBA player updates, stories from Adham's trip to Lebanon, and the rise and fall of the 'In My Feelings' challenge.
I explain my Facebook pages that I own and run and pages that I have run in the past.
On the second episode of Dreams, Memes and Veggie Supremes, we tackle Pseudoscience in Health, a part of a sub-series we will be doing on these vodcasts called 'Fact vs Fiction'. We cover examples of pseudoscience, including alternative medicine, naturopathy, GMOs, chiropractic, vaccines and autism, and more. We also delve into the implications ...…
Shannon takes a hard stand and Manhattans flow more than the Mississippi
Adam and Aaron review the recent Steven Spielberg film, Ready Player One. The past, present and future of virtual worlds are explored in depth in this book adaptation. What current, real world realities are present in this work of fiction? What occult "Easter eggs" have the filmmakers left for us to uncover? topics include: Steven Spielberg dir ...…
In this episode, we talk about the FIFA World Cup, Drake's new album, and going out to Rock Rose.
In this episode, we talk about NBA draft highlights, E3 game announcements, and a new segment where we cover favorite movie quotes.
The first episode of our new vodcast/podcast "Dreams, Memes & Veggie Supremes'! On this episode, we rate the Domino's Vegan Spicy Veg Trio, introduce ourselves and discuss the origins of Motiv, and get into the juicy topic of veganism - covering everything from the ethical framework, to moral grey areas like lab animals.Vodcast (with video): yo ...…
In this episode, we discuss Would You Rather questions with J-Lo, getting lit on sangria, and we break down the album Kids See Ghosts.
In this episode, Dadass, his estranged son Benjamin Feever, and John Fogerty's dog - all embark on an epic American roadtrip with Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, they never anticipated the trouble they would find on that famous corner in Winslow, Arizona. featuring @BenFeever
This is our debut episode of Memes and Dreams!
Join MITM and their #1 FAN @breann_rose as they try to mansplain Cardi B, flex on Lil Tay, and blame the Millenials for the downfall of the napkin industry.featuring : @breann_rose
Elon Musk & Grimes can’t stop us from sandblasting MEME LORD onto @clare_gillen’s digital tombstone & DUMBASS onto Dj Khaled’s in this incredible episode of Memes in the Morning.
We're on about the latest craze Fortnite with the addition of orange justice and Avengers. Hope you guys enjoy
Recorded on 4/20 after Mark Zuckerberg breaks the internet earlier that week after appearing in front of congress. We talk weed memes, Zucc memes, and Dolphin group sex & drug habits.featuring @amateurnightatclubstupid @vandernasty & @wretchedmathilde
These Medical Memes will leave you slack jawed and drooling as Katherine, our lovable ridesharing nurse wheels our asses into the ICU for some mouth to meme resuscitation.
Yes literally two podcasts in one.One half Cleveland sports one half Wrestlemania
Adam and Aaron record their first live show on They take the occasion to review season 3 of the Netflix series Black Mirror. topics include: live radio, Netflix, new distribution for entertainment, short films, media, technology, futurism, happy endings vs dark endings, Nosedive, social media, polite society, repressed emotions, se ...…
A bunch of weirdos without anything better to do called in to describe some memes they loved, & we loved them for it, all while Hank Hill & Kermit the Frog rocked out in San Luis Obispo. SPECIAL GUESTS: @NoahGrossman214 @GingerSchnaps @OnaPinkPlanet @yeaForbes @Lisa_Tv @Kennelady & Hank Hill [played by @pipAlexander]…
Blast off to Venus (or it is Mars?) with Elon Musk (or the Cash Me Outside Girl?) we can't remember. Wait, it was this one time Memes in the Morning took our Favorite Ride Share Service to work. Let's just say we learned a lot about GOTH DRY FISH and leave it at that. SPECIAL GUEST: Eugene the Meme, from Belarus!…
Dan and Velly talk TwitchCon (2017 AND 2018), Sea of Thieves, and more in this week's episode of Borderline Entertainment.
Urethra Catfish. There, we got your attention! We had Turbo Babe & Legendary #WebCrawler @puppycodes over to school us in future meme warfare, mesothelioma & well, everything else. SPECIAL GUEST: Alice Barker aka @puppycodes
Face it. He's been watching you google "Sexy Green M&M" for years. Why not take a few mins to hear his side of the story? The Good Lord blessed this day we had the legendary & enigmatic Mr. FBI Man on the podcast! SPECIAL GUEST: Lincoln Hoppe as Mr. FBI Man
Adam and Aaron weigh in on Jim Carrey's recent interviews which have baffled his fans the world over. Apparently there is no such thing as Jim Carrey at all. What might this mean? Has JC lost his mind, or is he onto something? topics include: identity, psychology, persona, Eastern religion, metaphysics, philosophy, Norm MacDonald, sexual alchem ...…
In which Kieran and Tom explore the strange and terrifying world of YouTube Poops. We're getting too old for this ish. Examples: YouTube Poops Bhuusted by Focus Blast Freddy Ruins Sam’s Life (NSFW/Slurs and Language TW) YouTube Haikus NANI?! アヒル Doriftu! It’s not a boulder, ver. 2
In which Kieran and Tom debate the pros and cons of college meme groups. Follow us on twitter: @kierantnewton and @thomascwelch
In which Kieran, Tom, and Nick lament the doxxing of dril, and consider the nature of weird twitter and internet anonymity.
In which Kieran, Tom, and Sean discuss the major motion picture The Snowman and its ensuing memes. Hello Mr. Police, Hello Mr. Baby:
On this episode we return for a casual discussion on the Hollywood Sex Scandal, looking at the prominent narratives and what they could mean for the future of Hollywood and Pop Culture. We look at the issue from a number of different angles, highlighting the numerous ways in which this scandal is stoking outrage over questions of patriarchy, so ...…
In which Kieran and Tom discuss a meme that may never die.
In which Kieran, Tom, and Austin discuss the hit meme of the summer.
The future is now. There are no limits. What will you learn next?
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