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The Meme Team
Meme curator Tony Zaret and Social Media Authority Kay Hsu count down the top 5 memes of the week and rates them as share, like, scroll or report with a "team" of special guest meme experts. Follow along on Instagram at @tonyzaret.
Go Spurs Go Memes
Live but recorded with the Go Spurs Go Memes Podcast crew. Hosted by Go Spurs Go Memes founder Ray. Hear our thoughts as we discuss The San Antonio Spurs and other NBA topics. We've got Spurs, football and other random segments. Give us a listen!
Funny Pictures, Photos, Memes & Videos –
Know Your Meme
Know Your Meme is a monthly podcast series dedicated to in-depth discussions of the latest trends in the world of internet memes, featuring the research team behind the world's largest internet meme database.Meme Team: Brad Kim | Don Caldwell | Adam Downer | Matt Schimkowitz | Briana Milman
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Take On Meme
Weekly Podcast about all things meme
Meme and Meaning
Meme: The evolution of ideas across culture and time. Meaning: the sense of a higher calling; a reason to bear life’s suffering. The Meme and Meaning podcast is about cultivating your most authentic life. What do you value and are you intentional in your approach to being? Join me, Steven Horkey, in this ever-changing discussion about life, meaning, and growth to inspire real, lasting change. Website and Blog: Youtube Channel: ...
Studying memes, doing CrossFit, talking about CrossFit, talking about kids, talking about golf, asking questions about soccer.
Themes and Memes
Themes and Memes is a different kind of movie review. It is a podcast that delves deep into the dark side of Hollywood films including subjects such as culture creation, state sponsorship, propaganda, predictive programming, occult symbolism and deep subtext. Be sure to listen and subscribe to the feed.
Instant Regret Playlist - Memes Compilation
MēMē Call
The podcast where a couple of mimis use memes as a jump-off to dissect our modern life. MēMē Call ( - Produced by LingoRex Media, an arm of LingoBeast LLC (
Here are a few videos you might enjoy, or regret. It's up to you.I once started collecting videos for me and my friends, that got out of hand really quick.
Meme Stream
random crap
Memeing Jesus
A Discussion on Christian Behavior
Comedian Chris D'Elia (Incorrigible, Man on Fire) goes on tangent after tangent every week about what's going on, alone in his house.
This Human Meme podcast is the inflection point for what it means to live a life of knowing. We are in the critical moment of human induction. David Boles is a writer, publisher, teacher, lyricist and author living and working in New York City. He has dedicated his life to founding the irrevocable aesthetic. Be a Human Meme!
It's a podcast about memes! Memes and culture.
Replicating a visual medium through story telling and other fun stuff.
Meme In The Middle
Lifestyle Curator & Fashion-Preneur Meme Gee mettles in businesses, relationships, and lifestyles.
Another Cleveland sports podcast featuring @BrownsMemes and @TheKevinBeardThe first ever podcast totally in Comic Sans
Not everything is a meme but anything can be a meme. Everyday talks from a guy figuring himself out.
Meme Dreams Podcast, where we wake Mami up and find out what she has been dreaming about.
Aunt MeMe Q & A
Welcome to the Aunt MeMe Q & A podcast, where questions get answered and revised accordingly
To better increase their Digital Media Literacy, students in Mr. Les Simpson's "Digital Dojo" class created this podcast explaining what they feel should be "The Next Big Meme".
Shut Up And Tweet The Memes is an entertainment/comedy podcast about the week's news or current events. Host Z.W. Martin and guests touch the fire topic of the day, while dropping takes even fiery.
The Extensions of Memes is a metastable project combining McLuhan's work on media with the conception of memes by Dawkins. Who is in charge here, humans or technology? How well does a memetic mediation theory hold up in the world of cultural studies?
Meet Dan and Vel, hosts of the Borderline Entertainment podcast. This duo of Twitch streamers are known for their comedy, energy, and general memes. New episodes every Thursday, or live on Twitch Wednesday nights at 11PM EST!
A series of short podcasts featuring stories told by people who have shaped my childhood and my world into a magical, funny place
Film, Literature and the New World Order is a monthly podcast series from In this series, James Corbett of The Corbett Report and a rotating series of guests dissect a different book or movie each month, examining its messages, exposing propaganda, understanding connections and finding the real agenda (and sometimes the real solutions) offered to us in the media we consume.
The Trending Show
The show that runs down the biggest Internet trending topics of the week.
Refinery 29's award-winning podcast is back for a five-part capsule collection on feminist memes. This season we find out what happened to Peaches Monroee after she coined On Fleek, dive into the reaction GIFs selection on Giphy and talk to meme maker Quinta Brunson. Hosted by Executive Producer Elisa Kreisinger and sponsored by Spotify. All episodes drop 3/30!
FOTI breaks down memes, identifies the best new websites, and explains the mysteries of the Internets to our listeners.
Eating For Free
Hosted by Bay Area native Joan Summers (@joaniesucks) and transplant Matthew Lawson (@_matthewlawson), Eating For Free is a weekly podcast that discusses emerging social movements and the celebrity figures around them. Each week we investigate the use of social justice in and around the pop culture sphere, whether it's strategic branding of “feminist” messages to sell merchandise or pandering to gay audiences for likes and comments, Eating For Free aims to ask our stars, have you really earn ...
Your number one source for hot takes on Australian Idol.
A podcast about reading, erm, internet "literature"...
Unfilter is a weekly independent news show, media watchdog, meme spotter, and topic deep diver. Unplug from the distractions, and unfilter your life.
MTR The Network
Raw, Unfiltered Podcasts for the Geeky & Weird
Above All Else
True Stories from a Post-Truth Society
Mega Memecast
the dankest memes for your asshole
Each week, BuzzFeed News’ Ahmed Ali Akbar covers everything that American Muslims are talking about right now — misrepresentation in the media, equality in the mosque, DJ Khaled memes, and much more.
Comedy! Intrigue! Drama! One or fewer of these things will be found on this podcast! We are geeks talking about geek things. Anime, Video Games, Tech, Memes, what-have-you.
This pop culture podcast skips the small talk. Featuring interviews, storytelling, conversation and commentary with the NATWP team and our special guests from all walks of life about whatever's got us fired up this week, be it movies, music, memes, TV, theater, books, baked goods or bad days at the office.
Pizza Stew
Pizza Stew is a weekly radio show and podcast hosted by Tommy Skaggs containing interviews, current events, internet culture, movie reviews, and friendly conversation.
Poorly Summarized
Mike and Justin discuss the Donald Trump dumpster fire, trending social media clickbait, stupid memes and weird art.
Pinche Podcast
Dosis semanal de humor y actualidad
Terrible Awful Show, updated every other Wednesday, will crush humor into a powdery and more potent form before distributing it to your ear-holes. Join us as we play a new game or participate in a new segment every episode before seeing which pop-culture titans would win in an all out battle to the death. This is geeky satisfaction at its best!(Theme Music: Show Your Moves - Kevin MacLeod)
First podcast!
We're a team of tech-junkie, geek culture loving nerd, foodies. We write and talk about this with passion. Plug-in for the latest news, reviews, and trends!
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The guys take a trip down meme-ry lane to celebrate the end of the podcast's second season, but they're all ready for the Sexy Season to segue into the Sushi Season, as long as The Bye-Bye Man doesn't have to say goodbye. Also, David thinks a recent comedy remake went Overboard in showing its star's skin, Jacob is the first to see the light of ...…
What prayer was said in public schools? Which do I hear: Yanny or Laurel? The meme producing incident of a white woman reporting to police about black folks having a picnic. Pedantic Moment: RoundUp ad cartoon is just a demo. Movie recommendation: Mother! (2017). And Three Cool Things. The show notes are at ...…
Mike Bundy and Shill, back at it again with the old memes. Join the guys as they discuss the newly announced Nintendo Online service, the future of Virtual Console, and some Dirty Gamer Secrets. What iconic game has Shill never completed? Also, Pokemon leaks flooded the internet this week! Guess who "Geeked" out! Tune in for the full discussion ...…
Show Summary: Who is the free man beyond the wall? Well, that’s none other than Mance Rayder. Mance has recently released his newest book “The Kids are Not Alright”, and believe it or not his book was inspired by memes. Johnny Rocket and Larissa Long discuss with Mance that kids are being brainwashed into socialist and communist propaganda, and ...…
Your host, Jimmy Wood is joined by Danny Wolf the founder of and as always members of the exclusive alt-right Austro-Libertarian Book Club. Today’s broadcast will open with a funny song and technical malfunction but it goes without a hitch otherwise. Beginning with a few fresh memes such as the woman calling the cops on a black ...…
Bacon Sports Founder Rob Cressy gives an update on what’s going on in the world of Bacon, plus how you can get involved. Simply put, he is giving the keys to the Bacon Sports social media handles to the community. If you want to take over the Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts, post a podcast episode, or contribute to the newsletter then ...…
The SEC Just Launched a Fake ICO Website to Educate Investors - The American Federal Reserve Bank board of governors member Lael Brainard has said she doesn’t see a compelling reason for a Fed-issued cryptocurrency. She went on to say that she does not see cryptocurrencies as a threat to traditional banking because of their limited connections. ...…
The Brother To Brother Podcast is back with an all new episode where we discuss what it means to speak your truth. Episode Highlights: Tempiwmf and Hiddanas feel the pain of TV Cancellation week with the loss of one of their favorite shows The Expanse. We also touch on the resurrection of Brooklyn 99. Hiddanas introduces Tempiwmf to the phone a ...…
Bonus outtake 'episode'!What happens behind the camera, when the secret mic is rolling and the tea is forgottenFollowing on from the intro of this weeks 'Simons Sports' episode, when the tea was forgotten, this is what happens when Ralph leaves the room to makes tea (and sings football songs in the kitchen) whilst Luke keeps himself occupied an ...…
Two Fab Femmes are putting on a contest! Tune into to our interview with photographer, Laura Bravo Mertz to learn more about the contest, her process, and everything about the boudoir! Ou la la… And oh, it is on! Enter our contest giveaway to win! Here are the dets: Prizes: 1st Prize we are giving away one 1-hour Boudoir photo session with Phot ...…
You know what's funny? Watching somebody try to drink right after a trip to the dentist's office while their mouth is still numb and everything spills down the front of their shirt like a tiny baby. You know what's NOT funny? After the numbing stuff wears off and every single nerve ending is zapping you face with electric hell. I've had some co ...…
In this episode, Bridget and Jason are joined by Rick Solari. Bland branding is bad branding. Allow your personality to shine. Let’s chat about taking a different approach than the norm. Bridget Willard Jason Tucker Rick Solari Bridget: Don’t be so stuck on your business model that you’re not willing to ‘shift’! Rick: Media Producer and consult ...…
The SEC Just Launched a Fake ICO Website to Educate Investors - The American Securities and Exchange Commission launched a fake ICO and website aimed at teaching potential investors how to identify fraudulent ICO’s. The fake ICO is alled HoweyCoin after the famous Howey Test. WTF This is WTF which stands for...well you know. Each episode we'll ...…
Dans ce nouvel épisode, j'accueille Gregory en direct de SOFFFA pour échanger durant 1h sur ses 3 sujets de curiosité : Des biais cognitifs nous évoluons sur l'agilité, l'entreprise et le design thinking. Les mouvements de modes, l'humains ses peurs et l'escalade, les analogies, le jeu et le fun, le collaboratif, le groupe, l'individu et lui-mê ...…
Why do we always know life is good -- when it is too late? In this Human Meme podcast episode, David Boles asks why the Good Old Days are only always discovered as old and aged? Why are we unable to realize the Goodness in ourselves in real time?
On this week's episode, the Heels are uninspired by wrestling, so they are now pivoting their podcast to meme based discussions!
Hi Everyone! Tune into Season 5: Episode 37 “Hello Police”. We talk about the Oakland Barbecue and epic memes following the incident, Napping while black on Yale’s campus, Racial bias with Air BNB guests, Bob Marley’s granddaughter lawsuit with the police department, Meek Mill vs. the Justice System, parolees, Junot Díaz, sexual misconduct and ...…
Crypto Market Dip - Markets are significantly down today with some tokens like EOS down close to 10% so far. This downward trend is fairly normal in crypto and bitcoin trading. As of right now Bitcoin is still up almost 370% from this time one year ago. WTF This is WTF which stands for...well you know. Each episode we'll tackle a common crypto ...…
This week Talking and playing music from Neil Murdoch& Luke Weston :: BLUE NATION :: Great Interview with plenty of fun + A Brilliant Playlist Chosen by Neil & Luke .. Includes Tracks from BRAINFOOD ( Liám Mckeown Connor Doyle ) / E.L.O / MEME DETROIT ( Maria Rodriguez Murdoch ) / TRAFFIC / OCEAN COLOUR SCENE ... Musical Inspiration Track is fr ...…
When it comes to marketing, many practices and businesses tend to focus on the wrong things. Naren Arulrajah explains what is going wrong and how to truly focus on the customer, relate to them in a real way and leverage social proof. His advice on handling failure, being an effective leader and gaining the trust of your customers is extremely r ...…
Politics: Israel 🇮🇱 has blood on its hands; Palestinians 🇵🇸 have hard lives in occupied Gaza Strip; Iraq 🇮🇶 has free and fair elections and their future looks promising! Diplomacy: North Korea 🇰🇵 pulls out of talks with South Korea 🇰🇷 over military exercises that they knew were going to take place and threatens to pull out of summit with Americ ...…
From the Korea that changed its view of black people to "cool & hip" thanks mostly to the Black Panther movie, and from the state that would blindly accept Cable as its savior if only his character had been developed by Bronze-Age goat herders, this is MēMē Call. In this episode, Paul, a DC fan, prepares for the upcoming Deadpool 2 release by l ...…
Great, I could use a horse blanket. Season 1, how we missed you so. This week we watch a fan favorite episode from the first season: Double Date. This is the one where Dawson, freshly broken up with Jen, decides to very unawkwardly insert himself into her date with Cliff, by suggesting they make it a double, then finding some emotionally vulner ...…
It’s the Mothaaaaa of all episodes, this week we bring you Danzig! As a tribute to all of the Mom’s out there we discuss the man, the legend and decide if he’s just a myth. Jake auditions for Chippendale’s. Sailor hosts the whiskey segment with a Northern English whiskey? What the hell? With a winding crooked timeline, we try to dig into this d ...…
Grab your leotards and hit center stage, maniacs, because this week we're going back to Italy with 1987's Stagefright! In this episode we'll decipher some metaphors, talk about the origin of Arthur memes, and try to figure out if Gregg is indeed a sociopath.
WATCH THIS EPISODE AT: and Carl are joined this week with Lad Dennis-Lopes aka Badladthecomic, stand-up comedian and co-host of F Your Podcast! Listen as the three go in on all sorts of topics, from white people calling the cops on black folks minding their business, to Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" and Richard P ...…
There is some good news today - the "experts" have decided that they now know what happened to MH-370 which disappeared in 2014. They still don't know where it is, but they announced they know what happened. If you need to post memes that make up stuff about political figures that isn't true to show that you dislike political figures, then you ...…
This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight speaks to Writer and Comedian Andrew Doyle (@AndrewDoyle_com). Andrew is also the co-writer of the satirical character Jonathan Pie. We talk about comedy, Michelle Wolfe, Brexit, feminism, ‘white privilege’ as an argument, Count Dankula, Graham Linehan, meme culture and much, much more! Support the pod ...…
This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight speaks to Writer and Comedian Andrew Doyle (@AndrewDoyle_com). Andrew is also the co-writer of the satirical character Jonathan Pie. We talk about comedy, Michelle Wolfe, Brexit, feminism, ‘white privilege’ as an argument, Count Dankula, Graham Linehan, meme culture and much, much more! Support the pod ...…
An hour of meme music then an hour of gaming talk from Sunday Stephen and the crew.{APP} {YOUTUBE} {TWITCH} {TWITTER} {FACEBOOK} {INS ...…
This is the true story of what happens when two people cut to the chase, and go straight to dessert. What if you decided to be in a "relationship" on day one? No matching on an app, no texting, no first date... you just take a gamble and jump on the next plane to California. This is one story of how it happened... It was St. Patrick's Day and I ...…
US: Seminole County Florida To Accept Crypto For Tax Payment - Seminole County Florida has announced they will accept crypto tax payments starting this summer. The county tax collector Joel M. Greenberg said the move was to eliminate heavy fees and improve payment accuracy and efficiency. Yes. That is how crypto works. WTF This is WTF which sta ...…
Chris, Travis and Gardner are all in-studio. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office dismisses the felony invasion of privacy charge against MO Gov. Eric Greitens. What the f**k is going on with this case? Is Greitens still a hoe? The guys wholly dive into these issues. Travis is upset that he doesn’t understand a popular meme circulating on so ...…
Quand on parle de jeux-vidéo et d'Apple dans la même phrase, on parle plus souvent de titres pour l'iPhone que pour les Macs. Aujourd'hui... The Verge Pour télécharger le jeu, c'est par ici. Source Twitter LinkedInBy
RockstarDev Rockstar got out of twitter jail! Follow him @codeoverwhelmin BTCPay Slack Channel – user RockstarDev It’s an older meme, sir, but it checks out: Stories Coinbase and Wikileaks shop Reddit thread about scam crypto twitter accounts – check the first response Another reddit thread about getting banned for talking about spam accounts O ...…
Feel the New York rhythm and get in sync with heaven’s heart beat. Enjoy the latest episode of Haus of SOL, featuring soulful, funky, deep, soulful and inspirational house music. Also, a special introduction to Trip Leg, publishing on Soundcloud as well. Tracklist: Haus of SOL Intro 5SOL Vi ...…
This week we talk Standard Meta, Meme-ing a deck into reality, the future of Magic Online and the workings of the Secondary Market.
dreams n' segments. memes n' magnets
Wow we really are a fan of these unplanned hiatuses huh On this weeks episode we discuss what to do if your little brother is a vampire the academic pressures of being a college student and the life cycle of a meme with a special appearance from our dear friend and resident STEM major Matt
This week on Group Chat we discuss Short Story Long's 100th episode, Supreme Court Sports Gambling, Graduation Day/Is College Important?, Drake/Migos Tour, Andre 3000's new song, This is America Memes, Marriott Competing with Airbnb, Spotify removes R. Kelly/XXXTenancion, FB Censoring Groups, Will Smith Fresh Prince Story, and Meet Lil Miquela: ...…
Lions. Tamed. In a game that had everything, the budding rivalry between Atlanta United and Orlando City has reached critical mass following a 2-1 victory on the road for the 5 Stripes. Without Brad Guzan, ATLUTD was forced to bring in backup Alec Kann to fill in. Despite the shower of yellow cards and flops by the likes of Will Johnson (thanks ...…
12:12 > Letting go of expectation 11:45 > Me, me, me on Mother's Day 11:02 > Giving gifts + perfectionism 9:02 > "I refuse to get the girls dressed-- it's Mother's Day!!" 8:36 > What would the world do without Mother's?!? 7:11 > Unmet Expectations = unnecessary disappointment 4:51 > Filled with gratitude 3:41 > What does letting go of expectati ...…
Well it's been awhile since last time and we're back! ... until we disappear again. Nick yells a lot, Anthony sighs a lot, it's definitely a fun time. Oh and politics. A lot of politics.Bill Clinton - Arsenio Hall Bush Meme ...…
A “linkable asset” is a piece of content purposely crafted with the intention of attracting links—usually from other websites in your niche.Because people rarely link to commercial content, “linkable assets” are almost never product pages or commercial content of any kind.Some people also create “linkable assets” with the intention of ranking f ...…
Eliza describes it as the light at the end of the tunnel, but this is where Season 3 of The Walking Dead really gets going (downhill). We bid farewell to 2 major characters, both dispatched in differing forms of problematic writing... but we also give a big hello to Rick turning his man-pain up to ELEVEN which gives birth to a rock solid meme. ...…
This week’s topics include MoviePass, Mother’s Day, Sick Cats, the Mall of America, and a Quite Place (with spoilers). (Quiet Place spoilers 25:21-34:13) [CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts but is NOT a representation of the stand up act of Tim Babb. Listener discretion is advised. Get official TANcast T-shirts ...…
Horus the Avenger The Right Stuff May 14, 2018 5:00 California is no longer the land of the Beach Boys 8:00 Large German family moves East 17:00 Politicos say one thing and do another 26:00 More Anti-White panic of White Genocide memes 41:00 Race and IQ academic causes a storm 54:00 Paintball wars come to Detroit 61:00 Closing comments and Para ...…
Scandinavian Start-Up To Track World’s Shipping Containers Through Blockchain - A Scandinavian company called Blockshipping is working on a blockchain solution for tracking shipping containers. With a name like Blockshipping the real news would be if they worked on absolutely anything else besides blockchain shipping solutions. WTF This is WTF ...…
Listen now: Shannon DeJong is the CEO of House of Who, an art house and agency based in Oakland, California, whose clients include Google, among others. Outside of her naming expertise, Shannon is an artist, speaker, and podcast host: she hosts ArtistCEO, where she uses her story to talk about how business and art can work together. Shannon's a ...…
Conspiracy News for the week ending May 13, 2018 – Episode #89 Conspiracy theory mayor booted from office by voters | NJ. Ginni Thomas shares a Soros conspiracy meme, creates more of a mess for Clarence. World War 3 WARNING: Claim Reptilian aliens trigger war in Ukraine | Weird | News | 12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People R ...…
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