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The Moonshots podcast goes behind the scenes of the world's greatest innovators to discover the secrets to their success. Each episode deconstructs the skills and behaviors that define their breakthrough business ideas. From Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos to emerging talents from across the globe. Join Mike Parsons and Chad Owen as they take you on a deep dive to discover why innovation matters and how you can do it too. The Moonshots Podcast - Adventures in Innovation. @moonshotsio
Two men have tricked two women into marrying them this show documents their struggles and triumphs in an attempt to let you, dear listener, know what not to do to keep your special someone around. There is Mike Brodeur, known as the polarizing personality from the Fear the Boot Podcast, who has been with his high school sweetheart for over 25 years. His vulgarity and virtue makes him the the perfect storm of personality. Then there was Chris Parsons, of Entertain the Geeky, who is known for ...
A carp fishing podcast, recorded by two passionate anglers.
SETR covers the people, races and trails of the Southeast US trail and ultra running scene
SETR covers the people, races and trails of the Southeast US trail and ultra running scene
Each week Boston Comedian Ken Reid and his guests discuss a specific issue of TV Guide. They debate, consider and discuss the difficult viewing choices of our past.
tfw featuring speaker Steve Parsons
MoCast is the official podcast of mo.gov - the State of Missouri’s webpage and your central hub for Missouri state government events, information and services.
What Now Show
Focusing on issues of the day and live music, the "What Now Show" is a Christian talk and rock radio show broadcasting from Central Texas to the world.
Athlete Development
Hosted by James Butterfield, the Athlete Development podcast aims to provide informative entertainment for professionals working in sport. Guests will include a variety of experts from various disciplines.
Irish Tech News are Ireland's number one online tech publication. We are now aiming to become Ireland's number one tech podcast too.
Between the Stripes League of Ireland podcast coming your way each and every Wednesday night with the very best in debate, big name interviews and fixture previews/reviews by our co-hosts, Kieran Burke and Jonathan Brier. Subscribe now on Apple podcasts, Spotify or your favorite podcast app. Alternatively, you can listen to the show via our website, BetweenTheStripes.ie
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In our first business owner interview, Matt Turner from Matt Turner Video Services takes us on a journey of successful experience in corporate America (including the best NBA franchise), an unexpected cancer diagnosis and battle and the path to business ownership via education. Go check out the 7 valuable takeways we uncovered at thechristianbu ...…
Roy Guerrero tells Randy and Janett about the Thanksgiving Feast, Joseph's Pantry and the Christian Motorcycle Association.By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Shannon's Cousin Robb calls in to talk about his first 50: the Hennepin 50 in Illinois, while Clinton relaxes on a beach in Belize.By SETR.
Shannon's Cousin Robb calls in to talk about his first 50: the Hennepin 50 in Illinois, while Clinton relaxes on a beach in Belize.By SETR.
Today we discuss Meat, Spongebob, crimes, Kenya visits, 80's martial arts movies, and more.... so listen in!By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Those who are trying to destroy this nation continually bring a false or twisted narrative of history to the table. Keep your children from being duped by getting them informed with the truth.By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Just listen good and listen hard!By Who Wears the Pants.
November 12-18, 1983 This week Ken welcomes writer/editor Michael Grasso (We Are the Mutants/Hold My Order podcast) to the show. Ken and Michael discuss Mr. Big's Toyland, Waltham, MA, The Outer Limits, large Italian families, Hi/Low Brow, decades starting on the 3s, The Beige Age, Candlepin Bowling, commercial jingles, syndication laws, Reagan ...…
MLB Game 5s, NFL, College, Glitter Unicorns beating last undefeated in Fantasy, Steven Adams makes a 3!!!, and more!By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Chad and Rebekah and Matt are ALL back in the studio at the same time, so we catch up on three weeks worth of discussion... listen in!By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Mitch & Chad discuss how presenting yourself as a Christian-led business will lead to a bigger target...and we should welcome it. They talk articles from the New York Times, research from the Barna Group on how people make their choices in doing business with Christians and the legal guidelines provided by the Federal Trade Commission and its o ...…
Listen to the amazing story of Curtis and Niki Sotkovski receiving their son back from the dead.By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Most of us know that addiction to digital tools is costing us both productivity and peace. But giving them up completely isn't realistic. We're addicted to texting, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter not because we're stupid or shallow, but because they provide real value in the form of connection, community, affirmation, and information.In this ...…
Is it bad to settle into your relationship? Is it okay to get comfortable? We try to wrap our brains around it. Enjoy!By Who Wears the Pants.
June 12-18, 1978 This week Ken welcomes artist, podcaster, and all around cool dude Rich Wentworth to the show. Ken and Rich discuss voice over, Boston family acts, obnoxious brothers, pupcorn, hut dogs, what hugs, UFOs, Project UFO, Malden MA, The Abandoned Ruderman's Furniture Flea Market, Supah Rahre, Lament Configuration, lighters & video g ...…
Jim and Rachelle Boone join us in the studio to give talk us their testimony and to discuss all that God is currently doing in the Bridge House Ministry.By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Ronan talks to Paul Sweeney EVP Product at Webio and one of the speakers at the ConverCon tech conference taking place in Dublin later this month which Webio organise. Paul talks about his background, voice interactive services, moving to digital systems, how people feel about their smartphones, and conversational tech. Paul also talks about we ...…
Randy and Janett's guest is Mr. Jared Dodd, sheperd of jareddodd.com family ministries.By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Shannon flies solo (sorry) with the Georgia Jewel 35-mile winner and course record setter Beth Meadows from Nashville.By SETR.
Shannon flies solo (sorry) with the Georgia Jewel 35-mile winner and course record setter Beth Meadows from Nashville.By SETR.
Jason and Russ talk MLB, NCAA, NFL, MVP and more!By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
This week, Mitch Rivers (aka Bob Mayfield) joins Matt and Rebekah in the studio since Chad is in the Ukraine digging up dirt on politicians. We discuss a lot of today's current topics that make you want to laugh AND punch stuff, and even dive into some cool Biblical principles at the end. Listen in!By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
How do you walk out your faith in corporate America, or even in your own back yard?By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
This month we discuss carp colouration, lead sizes, breeding carp, the realities of being in front of the camera when on a filming project and we even get another take live for the tape..... In addition to our usual ramblings, we had the great pleasure of Mr Steve Neville's company when we interviewed him up at Yateley Angling Centre. A shy man ...…
Ronan talks to Mike Cullen the Co-Founder of SaaStock. Mile talks about how SaaStock has grown since it started in 2016, what makes SaaStock different to other tech conferences, the speakers at SaaStock, and consolidation in the SaaS industry. Mike also talks about why SaaStock chose Dublin to host their conference, why good coffee and Wi-Fi is ...…
April 11-17, 1987 This week Ken welcomes Dr. Janet Painter to the show. Ken and Dr. Janet discuss the North Shore/South Shore rift, bad drivers, Carol Burnett meeting Alton Brown, Mr. Wizard, Science, Sci-Fi, having your brother advocate for you to watch Little House, living in the 18th Century, pre-electricity, ancient recording devices, paten ...…
We touch on not touching... Well, being away; taking time to do something else and how that can add to a relationship.By Who Wears the Pants.
Well, we started this with the intention of talking about someone in our life dying. We ended up with some intense conversation and absolute bombs being dropped. Note From Chris: While editing this episode, I laughed out loud and was almost brought to tears. It's fucking incredible and some of the best conversation I have ever had the pleasure ...…
Colorado-based coach and ultra runner Jason Koop joins us to talk about his huge A race of the year: Tour de Géants in Aosta Valley, Italy, along with coaching and the state of trail running.By SETR.
Colorado-based coach and ultra runner Jason Koop joins us to talk about his huge A race of the year: Tour de Géants in Aosta Valley, Italy, along with coaching and the state of trail running.By SETR.
Local Updates, Fantasy Ball (Go Jason!), College Ball (Sorry Matt), NFL, Parlays, and more!By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Ronan talks to Eoin Hayes the founder of Cantillon Labs. Eoin talks about his background, working for Peter Thiel, why he started Cantillon Labs and what they do. Eoin also talks about what he has noticed over the years, the difference in mindsets in Dublin, London, and Silicon Valley, and gives some great advice for startups.…
Mitch, Chad & special guest Matt Netzer discuss the Biblical standards of savings, giving, business finances and compare and contrast those with the "American Dream". Actionable tips and tools are at thechristianbusinessproject.com.By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Today, Rebekah is out of the studio, so (unsupervised) Chad and Matt call Chuck Norris... kind of. Either way, we discuss a lot, and even dive deep at the end, so listen in!By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Special Guests: Pam Rodgers with Burnet County Hunger Alliance and Lottie McCorkle with LACare Food Bank of Burnet discuss the importance of ending hunger in our communityBy Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Whatever infuences your children the most will determine the direction they go in life. God has provided many resources to empower your children to follow Him forever. In today's episode we discuss how to find such resources.By Chad Nelson & Mike Hickman.
Ronan spoke to Feargal O'Rourke managing partner at PwC Ireland about their recent Gender Pay Gap report. Feargal talks about the data used the prepare the report, the report's findings, if he thinks the Gender Pay Gap still exists, and what we can do to stop the Gender Pay Gap.By Ronan Leonard.
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