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The mission of Re-Cycle Garage in Santa Cruz is to get old motorcycles back on the road and to teach people how to wrench on them. Over the years we have built up an amazing community through our free-to-all motorcycle garage. Our podcast consists of a rotating cast of characters sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences.
Artie Lange’s Uncensored ‘Artie Quitter Podcast’
Author, spaceflight historian, and online television host Amy Shira Teitel brings an expanded edition of her Vintage Space YouTube series to podcast listeners everywhere
MisFIT REPublic
Cinema Misfits
From cult to classic and everything in between. Movie reviews, interviews, opinions, and more. A brisk, tightly edited podcast with the emphasis on entertainment.
Misfit Podcast
Misfit Athletics provides information and programming to competitive Crossfit athletes of all levels.
This is the podcast where I speak to the trouble makers, rebels and mavericks. These people are the folks who see things differently, who have gone off the beaten path and found their pursuit. All living under one roof, Singapore.
Each week, Hot Doug and The Hitmaker, explore the arcane, the serious, and the absurd on “The Untitled Hour”
Comedian Chloé Hilliard sits down with folks from all walks of life to get the backstory on some of their crazy, powerful and bizarre social media posts.The former journalist has written for The Village Voice, Huffington Post, Essence, The Source, VIBE Magazine and more. When she's not taping this podcast at her kitchen table, the comedian and TV writer, travels the country entertaining a wide range of audiences.
An original cast member of WSCR “The Score” and ESPN1000, Sports Radio bad-boy Dan McNeil brings his often-edgy take on Chicago sports to a twice weekly podcast.
The weekly podcast with serial entrepreneur, Dave M. Lukas, devoted to giving you incredibly useful and unique insight from the world's top entrepreneurs with a focus on their non-traditional methods for achieving success, their Misfit side. Misfit was created to give YOU the breakthrough entrepreneurship strategies and actionable advice to accelerate your success! The show's open format and Misfit 3 concept, combined with Dave's intuitive and engaging interview style quickly uncover each gu ...
It’s what ‘The View’ wishes it could be! – News, Pop Culture, Sex, Fashion and a lot more from women who love to serve it up.
Strange Stories is a series of tales-- all written by Mike Murphy-- that focus on the strange and the fantastic. In this series, you will experience tales of mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror that will exercise your imagination. MisfitsAudio hopes that our productions of these unusual tales entertain and thrill you.
Follow me into the inspirational lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers. You'll hear about their backgrounds, how they started, what they started and what they do to keep it going.
Misfit Faith
Where anything worth doing is worth doing badly.
It’s what ‘The View’ wishes it could be! – News, Pop Culture, Sex, Fashion and a lot more from women who love to serve it up.
Comedian Jason Watson and James O'Dell are The 8-Bit Misfits!! A videogame podcast dedicated to all those little things...that SUCK about gaming!!
All aboard the podcast train, sit back and enjoy as we steer you right off the tracks of society and normality
Set during the Marauders Era of Hogwarts, it is from Snape's point of view, as it is about time he had a proper series to himself. This is a seven episode season, for obvious reasons. Harry Potter Copyright J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, WB, etc, used for non-commercial entertainment purposes only.
Yogi Misfit Sessions
Everyday conversations with yogis. Listen in on me and my guests about topics you pick. Let's demystify this yoga thing.
Misfits & Miscrits
A cruddy Dungeons and Dragons podcast.
Gaia's mission is simple: to voyage through the galaxy, to fight environmental disasters wherever they occur, to save endangered species, and to promote conservation and good will throughout the Confederation.
Artist ϟ Producer ϟ Engineer ϟ Full Sail University Contact & Submisisons: misfitsubmit@gmail.comFollow me @danielthemisfit everywhere
Misfits poems
A selection of poems written and read by attendees of the Misfits Theatre poetry workshop.
Misfit Confidential Radio is the podcast for the fearless. Tune in every Friday as Cearra and her special guests discuss everything from Black Girl Magic to discovering your purpose as a millennial.
Artie Lange’s Uncensored ‘Artie Quitter Podcast’
Misfits of Space
Five bad-ass women taking on the Galactic Empire! A live action roleplaying podcast using the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.
Follow me into the inspirational lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers. You'll hear about their backgrounds, how they started, what they started and what they do to keep it going.
Robert Sheehan (Nathan), BAFTA-nominee Lauren Socha (Kelly), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Curtis), Antonia Thomas (Alisha) and Iwan Rheon (Simon) are discussing their hit comedy drama Misfits with Matt Edmondson.
Misfit Love is a radio show about sex, relationship and etc.
An original cast member of WSCR “The Score” and ESPN1000, Sports Radio bad-boy Dan McNeil brings his often-edgy take on Chicago sports to a twice weekly podcast.
Each week Keith Conrad and his menagerie of comedians, voice actors, radio folks and other misanthropes present a hard-hitting and divisive news story in the form of an adorable fairy tale.
The Bob Levy Show on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network
Brilliant Misfits is a podcast about women who didn’t fit in and explores how this has helped them create amazing lives and businesses by courageously following their heart and doing it their own way. Each week host Aesha Kennedy, a creativity coach, interviews women about their personal stories as it relates to their area of expertise on entrepreneurship, mindfulness & spirituality, feminine leadership, art, marketing & branding and more… Be inspired by their wisdom and take-away tips to he ...
A lifelong Cubs fans uphill battle during the season of highest expectations…
Strange Stories is a series of tales-- all written by Mike Murphy-- that focus on the strange and the fantastic. In this series, you will experience tales of mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror that will exercise your imagination. MisfitsAudio hopes that our productions of these unusual tales entertain and thrill you.
By day, Rick Kaempfer and Dave Stern are the publishers of Eckhartz Press and Chicago Author Solutions. By night, they are unappreciated fathers and husbands. And in their spare time they are consumers of worthless information. Each week they share their newest worthless information in the podcast, “Minutia Men”.
Radiant Misfits
Radiant divas Kemi and Nai are here to bring you raw dopeness about all things Black, beautiful, and sometimes flawed. From serious topics such as mental health and relationships, to careless rants about not so reality T.V. and random traveling adventures. Each episode brings an awkward yet pleasant surprise, as these ladies tackle the growing pains of being misfits in millennial-hood.
Movie Misfits
In a dystopian future four outcast try to reteach the old art form of filmmaking to save the world. The only problem: will anyone be around to hear it?Twitter (
Join the Lee Signore and Chance Corley as they discuss their views on cybersecurity, technology advancements, and situational awareness. We are discussing everything related to information security and cyber trends.
Misfit Diaries
Podcast by Rhiannon and Lauren Murray
Critical Misfits
Each week, two friends share their opinions about some of the least pressing topics of the day. Providing a respite from current events, we talk about gaming, books, animals, colors, numbers, pineapple and more.
Misfit NYC
Podcast by Misfit NYC
Welcome to the MISFIT LIVING podcast, where amazing things happen.
Misfit Toys
All the Games, All the Time.
Creative Misfits
Creative Misfits is a podcast that highlights the journey of several members of the creative community. As we take a closer look into their personal lives; we unveil their motivations, influences, and reasons for remaining dedicated to their craft.Hosted by: 1Known and Lyrical ReliefArtwork by: Itz Draco
Mormon Misfit
the view of pop culture, mormonism, religion, music, books, sports and the rest of the world from the average, believing mormon misfit
Misfit Minded
An exploration into everything movie 🎬 and music 🎧related with your host, Rampage the Misfit.
Every Saturday, Tony Lossano, his friends, and some special guests get together and have casual, comedic conversations in the back corner of the National Radio Hall of Fame floor within the Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago.
St. Merlinda's School for Magical Misfits is an academy designed to help young individuals of magical descent master their powers and become contributing individuals to society. We stand by our students, no matter how many buildings they accidentally burn down or souls they collect. It is our duty to help our students get through such "growing pains" so they can develop properly.
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We are short some misfits but were given an amazing special guest Rudy Jefferson, photographer extraordinaire as we listen to his incredible journey and then he stays around with us to speak on proposal etiquette, a Power recap and who out here used to stalk their exes.
What happens when we get caught in the act? Better yet, what does Jesus do when He catches someone in sin? This past Sunday we explored one of the most well known and somewhat controversial episodes in the life and ministry of Jesus. When a woman is caught in the sin of adultery by the religious leaders, Jesus responds only One who is God would ...…
On this Episode Drew Hollway gives us in-depth knowledge of the gay world. Also discussed: How you can act gay to attract women, why too much self criticism can lead to depression, and discovering the creepy side of the internet
Welcome to part two of two of our interview with Bucky Sinister, author of the recovery book Get Up: A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks & Weirdos. We sat down to talk with Bucky about his experience with PTSD and addiction, his journey to sobriety, and the pitfalls of toxic masculinity within the recovery community.…
We give the new Sam Adams '76 beer a taste test in the Pappy's Products tasting room. In theory, it should be a winner since it's a blend of Boston and Philly history, right? Listen and find out. Also, we ask a few folks to "get their ass back on track" - we're looking at you, "guy with the misfits sticker on the back of his laptop!" In this we ...…
Welcome to Episode 47 of the Bacchanal Podcast with your host KC & Akil and we have a special guest who comic, anime, video game nerd and creator of Will aka Misfit. On this episode, we discuss the death of Steve Ditko, Nicolas Cage as Spiderman Noir, Sony taking playing nice with crossplay, Akil discusses some comics that are ...…
The misfits discuss the season premiere of Power(all those plot twist), the new Drake album, are we giving Joe Jackson his proper respect and levels to the pussy.
The Journey continues!On this weeks episode, helmed by DM extraordinaire Jake Harman, the band of misfit adventurers learn more about their quest to Gnoll'Rok and begin preparations to board the fastest ship in the known world, The Speed Star.Please enjoy and as alwaysMay all your rills be Natural 20's…
We had so much fun in our first chat, we decided to do it again!Listen to more of Ginger's wisdom, and stuff we didn't get to talk about last time... like her life as a military wife, her ministry to military families, and so much more!
Based on the classic 1989 film, Heathers The Musical is the darkly delicious story of Veronica Sawyer, a brainy, beautiful teenage misfit who hustles her way into the most powerful group of shoulder-padded, scrunchie-wearing girls at Westerberg High. The Heathers are the hottest, cruelest, most ruthless clique in all of Ohio, but before Veronic ...…
Molly and Alice talk our favorite super powers and why we feel like we've got it made when we get a minority cast as a superhero. General MCU/DC chat, Spider Man, Super Man, Infinity War, Wonder Woman, Jessica Jones (trigger warning for sexual assault between 36:30 and 44:15), Luke Cage (spoilers for season 1), and Misfits.…
How can I write a quality resume for a cyber security job with no work experience? “I am trying to switch careers and get into the cybersecurity field. My issue is that I do not know how to word my résumé because I have little to no experience. What do I do?” (more…)
Luke 16:1-9By (Wellspring Church, DeLand FL).
The prog rockers of Android expertise: Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Jerry Hildenbrand, discuss app permissions that allow developers to read your emails. More importantly, they provide information on how to prevent it from happening. LG G7 ThinQ is a good phone that will appeal to relatively few people — and a big reason for that is lack ...…
This week the gang gives their take on the culture on another outlandish episode. We discussed Jamie Foxx latest update on recent allegations, 50 Cent insensitive comments on Terry Crews led to petition, being healthy connecting your mind and body, why learning your family tree is important, and more.....Follow Us via IG@onlyjustbeintrill@there ...…
On today’s show hosts Rick Hong, Bill Hanstock, Little Egypt, and guest host Lady Godiva talked episodes 6-10 of Glow season 2. They also gave their predictions for a potential season 3 with Lady Godiva. AFTERBUZZ TV — Glow edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Netflix’s Glow. In this episode hosts Rick Hong, Little Egypt, and Bill Hans ...…
On this episode TayMack discussed Basketball Wives, Trump, Mental Health in the Afro-American Community, plus much more. Check out the Live stream of Misfits Radio powered by live365 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Plus check out live video streams on YouTube via DJLAB1202
This show was all about cycles in our lives and how we handle are respond to them. The Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Basically the Good, The Bad and Th Ugly. Tune in Every Sunday from 11am to 1pm. Also, catch past episodes on Google Play and Stitcher.
This was the pilot episode of this Gossip and Entertainment Show. hosted by Westside Misfit herself TayMack. This show will air every Friday from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. You can Catch it live here on YouTube and on Misfits Radio powered by Live 365. Also, catch episodes on GooglePlay, Stitcher, PocketCast,…
EP168: Lefty, Red & Doug talk about what else but Trump,Tariffs,and ICE. A woman uses a machete to force her ex-boyfriend to have sex. A man gets out of jail but can’t pay cab fare so the taxi driver sends him back to jail. Night Knight investigates The Deadly Doll. A carjacker tries to rob some gun owners. Finally Doug remembers comic book art ...…
EP9: Rick and Adam recap the Round of 16 and preview the Quarterfinals of the World Cup. Adam (the Brit) is just a little giddy. The post Free Kicks 07/07/18 appeared first on Radio Misfits.
Second Door On The Left (SDOTL) is a podcast about everything and nothing at all. Featuring The House Boys & the rest of the misfits.
With the dangers of Tynna Energy and Minister Galeck's goons behind them, it's time for the Misfits to make their way back to Nar Shaddaa and reconnoiter. While on the journey, the Misfits, as well as Captain Glossip, take some time to reflect on what's transpired and what is yet to come. A special thanks to Mansardian for providing the Bonadan ...…
THE SHOW Jennifer Romolini is the former Chief Content Officer for and the author of Weird in a World That's Not which is a fresh, honest take on traditional career advice. In our conversation, Jennifer gives hope and high fives to the misfits and outsiders with her vulnerable and candid straight talk on how she's found success i ...…
A church strives to be many things and as long as humans are in charge, falling short is going to be the norm. The struggle for many is finding where they fit within a church community. We wonder if our gifts and passions are valuable and serve a purpose. Most of the time we are asked to volunteer in areas that don't require much skill or effor ...…
Nearly every week we run out of time for a segment. We're a really chatty bunch - maybe that's why we like podcasting so much. But just because a segment is gone does not mean it's forgotten. This week we dig into the 3-bit Vault and dust off some misfit segments that never made the cut.
Radio Air Dates: 6/8/18 – 6/14/18 Full Station Listing: Podcast Feed: Welcome to the all new Wade-O Radio Show, where each week we give you the latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop Music, news and culture. Lots happening today. J Givens announced this week that he is gay. We discuss what t ...…
This week the gang gives their take on the culture on another outlandish episode. We invited Sparks Baker & D.C. to the podcast to discuss the rap scene in Atlanta, cougar stories, reactions to Drake latest album, best experience at the strip club, and more.Follow us via Instagram@onlyjustbeintrill@therealmrcinn@same_ol_bake@defectiveconscience ...…
Luke 6:39-42By (Wellspring Church, DeLand FL).
During this particular episode we covered episodes 1-5, spanning conversations around not only the show but intertwining the viewpoints of previous GLOW Girl ‘Little Egypt’ with the current show of GLOW and how things happened in the original shows. The topics discussed included individual character arcs, #MeToo movement and inclusion conversat ...…
Who does the world say you are? Smart. Dumb. Skinny. Fat. Loser. Misfit. Outcast. You can be called many things, but the most important question to consider is who does God say I am.
Second Door On The Left (SDOTL) is a podcast about everything and nothing at all. Featuring Josh House & the rest of the misfits.
Tibs, Hal, and Nobb learn a lot about themselves (and a little about eachother) as they await to leave The Village of Misfits.
In our latest episode, Akiva talks about the Rashbam, what makes his commentary so out there, why Artscroll censored a rishon, and why Jack White's solo albums suck. Ancient Crimes are re-examined and new evidence is considered.
Nobody wants to be deceived. Yet we live in an age where opinions are presented as truth and evidence to back up ones claims are rarely called upon. Whatever you want to believe about anything goes. Propaganda has taken over and blurred the line between reality and fiction. However, the bible mentions an ancient community that had the antidote ...…
EP165: Lefty, Red & Doug discuss The Supreme Court upholding Trump’s travel ban,Jake Tapper taking down Rep. Kieth Ellison and Symone Sanders explaining how “civility” is a bad word. Meanwhile Mr. Sex Ed defends Chris Hardwick and Bubba Stargone journeys to an asteroid in quarantine. Finally Doug talks about the death of his cat Stinky. The pos ...…
The misfits talk to some special guests Atlanta's own Lipstick & Cognac as we learn more about them, there journey and what they are doing with their live radio station. Also the misfits talk about The Carters new album and much more new music, spiritual beliefs, and is it possible to sleep with someone you are not supposed to. Safe word Pinapple…
On this show we vibe about several different current topic, from police brutality to celebrity gossip. Life, Love , and Laughter is all we're about! Tune in every Sunday from 3pm until. Also, listen on Google Play Stitcher and Pocket Cast.
This episode of NWGLS, the nerds discuss Jurassic world: fallen Kingdom, The Disney Fox deal, TMNT, Lucas Films anthology films, and the new spider-man title. As always they also tell you about their weeks NerdOns, talk about more news, and answer a few questions from the mailbag. In the News Disney/Fox DealRoseanne spinoff The ConnersPatrick S ...…
Randy Williams, pastor at Faith Church in Valley Center, KS guest preaches on the state of the Church; a misfit bunch of healed beggars, showing the world the power of His Kingdom in word and deed until the day The Kingdom comes in fullness and there will be no doubt. Restored Community Church is a church of people with a passion to bring resto ...…
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With the Internal Defense Forces on high alert and Tynna Energy Security on constant patrol, things look dangerous for our illustrious heroes. Join the Misfits as they continue their search for answers and information while trying to stay one step ahead as they dance with death and destruction in Episode 18 - Last Tango on Tynna!…
In this episode, Lisa Roberts shows us how an ice hockey team has managed to teach us a lot about entrepreneurship. She explains how things like motivation, humility and rallying around a common purpose can help entrepreneurs who are starting and growing a new business. Key Points *Listen to hear the story about the new NHL team the Vegas Golde ...…
This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Brett King. Brett King is a futurist, an award-winning speaker, hosts a globally recognized radio show – Breaking Banks. He is also the CEO of Moven, a $200 million mobile bank startup creating the world’s first “smartâ€� bank account. And if that is not enough, he’s also the author of multiple Amazo ...…
Ryan and Joe are Laker Fans. Instead of saying and praying that LeBron signs with the Lakers, they’re trying the reverse Lavar Ball and speaking something into non-existence. If they predict LeBron is going to the Warriors, then it definitely won’t happen. So that’s the prediction: LeBron is definitely (not) going to the Warriors. Speaking of L ...…
Equinox, a division of the Catalyst Collective, is a contemporary expression of church with membership open to those who desire to invest in their personal, professional and spiritual growth. In this episode, Zac reminds us that our seasons in life all serve a purpose as he lays out a great analogy for us all to reflect on. Featuring music reco ...…
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