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Nutrition | Lifestyle | Inspiration
We hope to get inspired together; creating solutions and ideas that will improve our relationships, home, and community. We've found the very best experts to make up our team of Studio 5 Contributors, sharing their advice and solutions for improving our lives, our families and even our dinner menu! It's a show about everything we're interested in and it's all right here at home! Studio 5 is hosted by KSL's Brooke Walker. Please subscribe:
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You love your single friends. But sometimes chatting can be tricky, knowing whether or not to bring up the relationship topic. Kristin Sokol shares what married folks should should and shouldn't say to singles about dating.
It's a quick meal you can make from scratch on a busy night. This chicken parm pasta dish will please even the pickiest eaters. Becky Low shares her 'quick scratch' recipe for this dinner-time pasta.
In the midst of all the negative chatter, there are some great stories worth hearing. A furry friend in Ogden and a shout out to our policewomen are in the line up. Shara Park and Andrew Wittenberg share these positive, uplifting stories to hopefully brighten your day.
Spring is a time to refresh and renew. And you can't get through it without giving your wardrobe a little TLC too. Emily McCormick shares ways to step up your fashion game, without blowing the budget on a whole new closet.
A good mantle vignette adds a lot to a space. But sometimes you step back and think, "this could really use one more thing..." Put a frame around a tile and that could be your missing piece. Kaycie Chiampi shares how to add this pop of pattern to your home. Plus, you can make it yourself!
A cute spring wreath is a standard decor piece. Add to that spring decor staple with a unique door banner. Georgana Hall shares shares how to make this cheery wrap that will make you stand out from the neighbors.
Spring brings with it a breath of fresh air. Pull that feeling of freshness into every aspect of your life by stepping up your game. Jennifer Stagg shares how to make some simple changes to your home with a budget of $25.
You may have seen or bought kefir at the grocery store. But did you know you can actually make it yourself? Suzy Robertson shares how to make this probiotic drink in your own kitchen.
We're all here for a reason. The trick is finding out what your purpose is in life. Some people have found something unique, and we're highlighting them this month. Liz Thayer is an accomplished artist who is taking her passion and using it to help others. She shares her experience telling the stories of refugees through her art.…
Relationships have their ups and downs, but little compares to the pain that comes with betrayal. Even though it may seem impossible, healing and recovery can happen after infidelity. Dr. Liz Hale shares the important stages of recovery that will help rebuild your relationship.
We're willing to bet you have a felt letterboard in your home. Or you've at least used one for an event. Well, the folks who made this popular decor piece have done it again, so of course we've added their newest addition to our Love List. It's the Letterfolk Terrain Map of the United States. It has a cool 3D effect, and has metal clips to hang ...…
We are constantly connected, whether it's Facebook or Instagram, Alexa or Google Home. But are these smart devices spying on us? Amy Iverson shares how we can make sure we keep our privacy in this digital age.
Freshen up the kitchen with a spring veggie dish. This weekend risotto is perfect to kick of the new season. Marguerite Henderson shares how to whip up this spring veggie risotto.
Kids grow up so fast. Keep the nostalgia alive with a fun birthday tradition. Brooke Romney shares how she uses birthday questionnaires to keep memories about her kids.
Bring spring inside with a fresh flower basket! Blend potted plants and fresh flowers for this pretty centerpiece. Lauren Oviatt shares how to put it all together for a super springy feel.
In this day and age, it feels like etiquette is dead. But manners are more important than ever. Candilyn Newell shares the basics that all women should stick to.
Freshen up for spring! These beauty tips will have you mastering your routine like the pros. Megan Moore shares some of her best beauty tips for a fresh start.
Stop spending hours trying to find the perfect photo backdrop. Park the car and look around your own house! Cara Mathis shares some great spots that are just steps away from your own yard.
The TV is often the focal point of the family room, and it can be hard to decorate around. This project corner aims to solve that problem. Natalie Dalpias shares how she put together this creative display around the TV in her home.
If your kitchen feels a little drab, it's time to step up your game. Luckily we have some experts to help us freshen up this spring. Wendy Paul shares five ways you can take it from amateur to pro in the kitchen.
Many of us don't like change. But like it or not, transitions are a part of life, so why not learn to enjoy them? Reva Cook shares how to change your outlook and start to love the big life changes we all face.
Spring break is right around the corner. So take your family on a trip away from the crowds to see some cool sights! Bob Grove shares the best road trips that you can't go wrong with.
Thrifting and fixing up old items can be a fun hobby. And the art of the upcyle works best with certain items. Noelle Olpin shares some of the best things to upcycle, and how to make a cute denim apron.
Spring brings a desire for a fresh start. And being productive is an area in which we all have room for improvement. Maria Eckersley shares her best tips for productivity within a $25 budget.
Everyone seems to be chasing the happy life. But that chase might actually be what is driving our lack of joy. Dr. Matt Townsend shares how we can find real fulfillment in our lives.
Wedding season is coming up, and that means bridal showers. So make the bridal shower food something for all the guests to remember. Amy Richardson shares how to make parfait cocktails with all the mix-ins.
Need a little St. Patrick's Day fun before the big day? We've got a few last minute ideas that won't take a long time or a lot of money. The Studio 5 Staff shares their best festive ideas for a fun holiday.
Depression can strike at anytime, to anyone. If it finds its way into your life, will you be ready to beat it? Laura M. Brotherson shares a toolbox of easy and practical tips to help you bounce back.
It's new on the home decor scene, and the food serving scene to boot. And the best part, you can DIY one at home! Ginger Vilchinsky shares how to make your own pedestal tray.
We focus on kid's academics so much, we tend to forget about the importance of discovery. Books are a good way to inspire this creativity. Sarah Jane Wright shares a handful of books that will help your kids stay engaged.
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day right with corned beef and sauerkraut, in one tasty bread Becky Low shares how to make this festive pull-a-part treat.
She's one of our favorite Utah foodie friends. Cooking Channel star and host of BYUtv's "Dinner Takes All," Kelsey Nixon has made her way around the TV circuit. Kelsey Nixon chats about picky eaters, eleven years of marriage, and weeknight cooking.
Fresh spring decorating doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Shop around your own house for things to brighten up your space! Lori Carlen shares five ways to utilize what you already have for easy spring decor.
Sometimes your day goes by in a blur and you don't have time for exercise. With a no drama workout, you can fit in some activity even on the busiest days. Melanie Douglass shares some quick workouts that will still make a dent in your workout goals.
We all know a memorable person. That person who, no matter what, you won't forget any time soon. Connie Sokol shares how we can become that unforgettable person and leave a mark.
Kelsey Nixon is the show host for BYUtv's "Dinner Takes All." So we thought a little game was in order. Brooke steps in as contestant in a game called "Mystery Meals."
If you've got a houseful of kids, they might not all like the same things. Let them do what they like with these fun kid activities. Melisa Osmond shares fun things to do for your toddlers, tweens, and teens.
Does your kitchen only have one cookie scoop? If so, you're just a little bit behind. There are 13 different sizes of cookie scoops! Candace Heward shares why you need more than one cookie scoop in your arsenal.
Kids aren't the only ones who need friends. Make new mom friendships with the help of a few cool apps. Amy Iverson shares three ways for mom to make new friends using technology.
We all know the parent that seems to have it all together. So if your barely keeping it together, what gives? Heather Johnson shares that all kids have unique challenges, and gives some parenting practices we should all use.
If you've ever had the pleasure of attending an English tea party, you'll know it's all about elegance. Spring is the perfect time for this girlfriend gathering. Risa Baker shares some inspiration to help you throw the perfect tea party.
A woman at an Arizona zoo crossed a barrier to take a picture with a jaguar. It attacked her, and while she is okay, there are some things we can learn from this incident. Amanda Dickson shares some lessons we should takeaway and implement in our own lives.
The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square is well-known to Utah's faith community. For the first time in seven years, they are releasing a new album. Mack Wilberg and Ryan Murphy share how it will appeal to people of all faiths and traditions.
We all spend money on makeup and beauty. But you could be spending too much on products that don't work. These money-saving secrets will keep more cash in your wallet. Hailee Day shares some tips that will change the way you shop for beauty products.
Take your cake decorating game to the next level this St. Patrick's Day. These four ideas are the perfect festive touch to your holiday. Courtney Rich shares some cute ideas you can pull off at home.
It's a trend many women are getting in on. Using hand-lettering to add some pretty embellishments to your church notes. Melissa Esplin shares the technique, and how to pull this off in your church meetings.
Don't dust off the old St. Patrick's Day shamrock wreath. Make something fresh and new this year, emphasis on fresh! Lynn Muir shares how to make a shamrock for your door filled with living succulents!
We know that young adults are pushing off adulthood. But our kids are even lacking a life purpose as teenagers. If you're wondering how to help, there are some things you can do. David Kozlowski shares how we can help our teens find their purpose in life.
In the midst of all the negative news out there, there are some great stories that can bring a smile to your face. Deanie Wimmer shares breaking news from the University of Utah that could be a game change for many families.
Be a good sport on Saint Patrick's Day, but without the tacky stickers. These ideas are the classy way to wear green. Brittany Jepsen shares six cute ways to sport green this Saint Patrick's Day.
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