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Creature Comforts
Check out Creature Comforts on MPB Think Radio! Each week, Libby Hartfield, Retired Director of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, brings a specialist into the studio to answer your questions about various animals we see in Mississippi. And of course, Dr. Troy Majure, a veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Jackson answers your pet questions. Each week, you’ll learn more about the animals that live in our homes and the animals who live in the world around us. You’ll also find ...
Southern Remedy
Southern Remedy is Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s flagship wellness program dedicated to keeping Mississippians healthy. It consists of a weekday call-in radio show.WEEKDAY LINE-UP 11 A.M. – NOON, MONDAY THRU FRIDAY ON MPB THINK RADIOMondays – Healthy and Fit Tuesday- Behavioral Health with Susan Buttross, M.D.Wednesdays – General Health Questions with Rick deShazo, M.D.Thursday – Kids and Teens with Jimmy Stewart, M.D.Fridays – Women’s Health with Michelle Owens, M.D.
Podcact of the Radio Broadcast, live on Radio Judaica Belgium...Brazilian Popular Music, Inglêes popular music from the 80s untill now, frensh rock, mixing periods, styles and parts of the country. Tradicional and alternative, that make the musical history....
Music From Brasil Podcast e um programa de musica brasileira, a cada mes trazendo um novo artista que vai conversar ao vivo no programa sobre o seu trabalho e mostrar um pouco de sua musica. Aqui voce ouve MPB, JAZZ e MUSICA INSTRUMENTAL, sempre brasileira. Gravado no estudio do selo Buena Onda em Sao Paulo, Brasil, o programa e gerado originalmente em portugues e com versoes dubladas ao ingles e espanhol. Ouca e divirtase aproveitando de entrevistas interesantes e musica da melhor qualidade.
Welcome to My Parents' Basement (MPB) Podcast! MPB is is a reflective life commentary, guest interview, and story sharing show hosted by YouTuber Ralph (and sometimes his lovely wife Lou) from Ralph & Lou ( from their parents' basements, Ralph & Lou tell stories of recent comedic life events that brought them to living with their parents as a married couple, almost 30 years old. Ralph also interviews an array of interesting guests who define succes ...
DJ Vivo and Mr Bongo take you on a monthly journey through all styles of Brazilian music.Samba, Bossa Nova, Black Rio, Carnival styles, MPB, Baile Funk, Samba Funk, Sambareggae, Samba Breaks, Forro, Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop and more.
Great Brazilian Composers & Performers. "Music is part of the Brazilian soul, and rhythm is in the way people speak, in the way they walk, and in the way they play soccer."Este blog tem caráter estritamente cultural.
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Today one of our favorite birdwatchers, Steve Peterson is back on the program to talk about eagles and other birds of the state. Also, Dr. Majure comments about the most popular dog breeds in the country.By (MPB Think Radio).
Getting out and meeting people can be difficult. Remembering those names and faces may be even harder. Dr. Susan Buttross tackles the topic of social memory issues this week on Relatively Speaking - Remembering faces and names.Let's talk about what's going on in your life!By (MPB Think Radio).
Doctor Josie Bidwell shares healthy eating tips with her guest, registered dietician Doctor Fiona LewisBy (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Michelle Owens and Dr. Ali Brown are in stdio this week talking about hysterectomies - indications, terminology, symptoms, medications, many calls and more.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Troy Majure spent the hour answering your pet questions: dogs afraid of thunder dogs who eat bugs dog fights puppies! dogs that scratch asthma? cats with allergies more scratching even more scratching paw licking more dog fights pet food muzzle like a crock ? Harry, Could this be it? ...…
Doctor Jimmy Steward answers listener emails about their health concerns.By (MPB Think Radio).
ADHD, Anxiety and Depression in children and adults. Each can mimic the other. How do you know if it’s anxiety or ADHD causing the attention problems. All can benefit from behavioral help but does that happen? Is it easier to get medication paid for than to get the behavioral help?Let’s talk about what is going on in your life.…
The 16th Annual Fossil Raod show is this Saturday (March 9) and our favorite paleontologist George Philips joins the show to show is latest findings. He also talks about the changes coming to the show and answers questions about how to search for fossils in your area. But first, we talk with Dr. Majure and the grief associated when pets lose a ...…
Doctor Jimmy Stewart talks about the latest medical news and takes listener questions about their health concerns.By (MPB Think Radio).
Doctor Josie Bidwell answers listener questions about their health. Her guest this week is Registered Dietitian Qula Madkin. They offer teams on healthy eating and proper nutrition.By (MPB Think Radio).
Do you know the difference between a bird song and a bird call? Birds have a language all their own and Dr. Sarah Hammond (Clinton Community Nature Center) is here to help decipher their conversation. Also, Dr. Majure wraps up Pet Dental Health Month with some oral tips for your pet.By (MPB Think Radio).
Doctor Jimmy Stewart answers medical questions from listeners and talks about the latest medical news. Topics discussed this week include concussions, male pattern baldness and tick and fire ant bites.By (MPB Think Radio).
Doctor Josie Bidwell talks about the importance of exercise with her guest, dietitian Lydia West. The share tips of ways to exercise and stay active without having to go to a gym. They also talk about Move Your Way, a new program designed to keep Mississippians activeBy (MPB Think Radio).
This week's Southern Remedy for Women has Dr. Ali Brown and Dr. Michelle Owens back in studio talking about diabetes with guest Dr. Lillian Lien, director of the department of endocrinology at UMMC.By (MPB Think Radio).
Today's topic is training toddlers! Dr. Morgan McLeod welcomes pediatrician Dr. Laura Newman into the studio.By (MPB Think Radio).
Entomologist Audrey Harrison is back on the program to talk about the aquatic insects that play a vital role in our ecosystem. She also gives us an update about the recent butterfly population reports. And Dr. Majure gives more tips about keeping the mouth of your pet healthy during this Pet Dental Health Month.…
Doctor Jimmy Stewart answers medical questions from listeners. Among the topics this week are the safety of electric blankets, stroke, blood pressure and gout.By (MPB Think Radio).
Nothing is more heart-breaking than to lose a newborn. Mississippi ranks almost last in U.S. for infant deaths and the US ranks 51st among countries. There are ways to change this. Why haven’t we? Co-sleeping, substance use during pregnancy, low rates of breast feeding are all contributors and there’s more. So what can we do?Let’s talk about wh ...…
Dr. Ali Brown is in studio talking about heart disease awareness, a little bit about Valentine's Day and more on this week's Southern Remedy for Women.By (MPB Think Radio).
The lovebirds are chirping but will you see them during this years backyard bird count? Maybe if you're backyard is in Africa, but biologist Joe Magee is here to talk about the birds that might be found in a Mississippi backyard this time of year. We also play another round of guess the bird call.By (MPB Think Radio).
Doctor Jimmy Stewart answers listener questions about their health. Among the calls this week are questions about vitamin supplements, CBD oils, and diabetes medications.By (MPB Think Radio).
Are smart phones and social media use affecting the way we communicate? Do we have as much ability to feel empathy as we used to? Does our addiction to faceless technology diminish our emotional response? Maybe…Let’s talk about what is going on in your life.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Josie Bidwell answers listern questions about diabetes. Her guests on the show are Irena McClain, Associate Director of the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi and Autumn Myhand, registered dietician with the Diabetes Care Group.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Morgan McLeod welcomes in Drs. Katie Mitchell and John Bridges to talk about acne and skin issues.By (MPB Think Radio).
February is heart health month, so Dr. Josie Bidwell answers listener questions and emails about the heart and has some tips on how to keep your heart healthy.By (MPB Think Radio).
When did you learn about sex? Was it from a parent or a friend? Were you taught how to protect yourself from a possible sexual predator? Incidents of sexual abuse and exploitation are very real and happen every day. Today we’ll talk about a program that can empower children to protect themselves and help prevent sexual exploitation.Let’s talk a ...…
Bob Crosby, owner of Blue Cat Guide Service, is a fisherman by choice and Mississippi River guide by trade. He joins the program to talk about catching the catfish of the Mississippi River and what a proper tackle would have to help reel in the big one. Also, Dr. Majure shares tips for your pets oral health.…
Dr. Jimmy Stewart takes listener phone calls about their medical concerns. Topics this week include, high blood pressure, toenail fungus, diabetes, coughing, bi-polar disorder and flu shotsBy (MPB Think Radio).
Today we’re talking about spankings used as punishment. The December 2018 policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics – noted that spankings not only fail to improve negative behavior in young children, but often increases aggression and may affect normal brain development. So why do we keep doing it? Let’s talk about what is going ...…
This week, Dr. Morgan McLeod welcomes pediatric neurologist Dr. Brad Ingram in to the studio to talk about seizures and other children's neurological issues.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Jimmy Stewart is back in studio taking calls on all topics having to do with your health on this week's Southern Remedy.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Doug Clarke joins the program to talk about the beautiful and bizarre world of the dragonfly. With the title of the fastest insect on earth, the dragonfly and damselfly have an important role in nature as predator and prey. Dr. Clarke also shares tips for snapping the perfect dragonfly picture in the wild.…
Dr. Michelle Owens and Dr. Ali Brown welcome back pulmonary specialist Dr. Joe Pressler from Greenwood-Leflore Hospital to talk about issue of the lungs.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Morgan McLeod talks about hypertension or high blood pressure on this week's episode of 'Kids and Teens.' There are plenty of calls from all over the radar. Listen in to see if the useful advise can be applied to your situation.By (MPB Think Radio).
This winter season has been unusually mild and if you listen closely you can already hear the call of certain frogs. Our resident "frog guy", Joe McGee is back on the program to talk about what he has been hearing and answers questions from callers. Also, we put him to the test as he identifies frogs only by their call.…
Today we’ll be talking about snap judgments and how they happen. Despite our best efforts we all make them starting with a first impression based on appearance. But often those snap judgments can be wrong.Let’s talk about what is going on in your life.By (MPB Think Radio).
Today we’ll be talking about siblings. Have you ever wondered why when you were raised in the same household with the same surroundings and the same parents that you and your siblings are so different. Do you really think that it is just birth order? If you do, think again. There is something else.Let’s talk about what is going on in your life.…
Southern Remedy Healthy & Fit for January 14, 2019By (MPB Think Radio).
The white-tailed deer is the official land mammal of the state and it's number one game animal. Kamen Campbell, private land biologist at the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries & Park, joins the show to talk about the white-tail deer. He also gives an update about chronic wasting disease.By (MPB Think Radio).
This week Dr. Morgan McLeod welcomes Dr. Jarrett Morgan into the studio to talk about reflux, both in children and adults.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Michelle Owens and Dr. Ali Brown are in the studio this week talking about cervical cancer and screening for it. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.By (MPB Think Radio).
As the first show of 2019, we shed a spotlight on our four-legged companions. It's a pet day and Dr. Majure is here ready to make sure your pets are healthy for the new year. We also talk about what is needed when you have a new pet at home.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Jimmy Stewart is back for this week's Southern Remedy. This week, among other calls, Dr. Jimmy talks with a husband who is desperately trying to help his wife deal with pain.By (MPB Think Radio).
Do you know why your New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick? Habits…those negative habits that must be gone before a new years resolution will stick. To change our behavior to the behavior we want, we need to change those old bad habits. Today we’ll talk about how you can make that possible. Let’s talk about what is going on in your life.…
Dr. Josie Bidwell welcomes in Dr. Fiona Lewis back to the MPB Studios to talk about the most popular and effective diets and lifestyle eating choices at the beginning of 2019.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Michelle and Dr. Ali Brown Start the SR4W 2019 calendar of with a discussion about new year resolutions.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Morgan McLeod starts Southern Remedy's 2019 off with a look at how to set your new year's resolutions with a more practical and realistic approach. Ideas about how to tackle losing weight, eating better, exercising more, reducing time on electronics, and reducing stress are all discussed.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Morgan McLeod is back for Southern Remedy Kids & Teens, and this week she's discussing how you keep you and your kids safe during the holiday season.By (MPB Think Radio).
This is the last pet day of 2018 and its full of your questions about your furry friends. Dr. Majure is full of advice and talks about flea control during these winter months. He and Kevin also look toward the holiday with some top holiday pet gifts.By (MPB Think Radio).
Dr. Jimmy Stewart is back in studio for another episode of Southern Remedy. Southern Remedy is the weekly doctor-hosted call-in show produced by Mississippi Public Broadcasting in conjunction with the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The show airs Wednesdays at 11am on MPB Think Radio.By (MPB Think Radio).
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