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Wheat Pete's Word
Every Wednesday, Peter Johnson gives you the agronomic word on all the crops growing in Canada.
Last Word On Spurs
Bringing you debate on all Spurs games each and every week. Featuring a range of guests as we have the 'Last Word On Spurs'. #COYS #THFC
Reframing you’re experience with poetry and prose. We could all use an escape from time to time. “Sip N prose” is an upbeat, youthful take on poetry. Hosted by Writer & Poet S.K. Marle and features spoken word, readings and poetry discussions. Support this podcast:
Word Salad Radio
We're not a podcast. We're several. Shows include QUG (about guilty pleasures), Flux Capacitors (about time travel), High Five (where we count down stuff), Loose Canons (where we review movies that don't actually exist), Blockbuster Autopsy (where we diagnose the cause of death of some of the biggest movies ever made), and many more!Celebrity Testimonials:"Cool Podcast Guys." - Tom Green (Freddy Got Fingered)"You guys are cool dudes." - Brian Bonsall (Mikey, Blank Check)"Guys guys guys. A. I ...
This 12 hour program 7 days a week, Monday thu Sunday 8:00am til 8:00pm our all time high listeners number is 62,300 fill with Gospel Best Quartet and Contemporary Christian music music with your Host the Anointed 1 tune in every Mon - Sun from 8:00am til 5:00pm for the very best in Gospel Music, Preaching, Spoken Word, and interviews, and more. also It's 30 Minute POWER of PRAYER request hotline 4 days a week Monday through Thursday LIVE from 12:30pm til 1:00pm 347 215-8049 call in number a ...
What's the Word?
Two Southern queens - one a comic, one a writer - dissect the cultural and societal "isms" that are dangerously pervasive to the American experience. Each episode, Amber and Stephanie breakdown those ails - from cultural appropriation to identity politics.
Love,Honor,Respect, and Truth, are the things we stand on as a Network we Love cause God first loved us we Honor cause we understand that we are no better than anyone else we are still growing in his word and working to help others grow as well. We Respect cause we are not going to go out and make ourself nor are father in heaven look bad so we will Respect our Father Our self and others, and last but not least, We are here seeking and on Gods word going to share and embrace the Truth cause ...
RESPECTABILITY, n. The offspring of a liaison between a bald head and a bank account. BEAUTY, n. The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband. LITIGANT, n. A person about to give up his skin for the hope of retaining his bones. If these caustic definitions catch your fancy, you'd enjoy The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce. He was a columnist with the San Francisco News Letter, a weekly paper which was a business publication aimed at the corporate sector. However, it ...
RSG Geldsake is die grootste sakeprogram in Suid Afrika. Dit fokus op belangrike sakenuus, menings en beleggingsinsigte.RSG Geldsake word elke weeksdag tussen 18:10 en 19:00 op RSG (101 – 104 FM) uitgesaai. Moneyweb redakteur Ryk van Niekerk bied die program Maandag tot Donderdag aan, terwyl Moneyweb joernalis Ingè Lamprecht op Vrydae agter die mikrofoon in skuif.
English Synonyms and Antonyms is basically a vocabulary builder that students might use as they prepare for entrance or exit exams. Each entry gives a list of synonyms, followed by a paragraph that briefly explains or exemplifies the subtle distinctions between the listed words. The entries sometimes close with a few words on the prepositions that follow selected synonyms, but more often with a list of antonyms.By "synonyms" we usually understand words that coincide or nearly coincide in som ...
N i f a r
🇸🇷Welcome to the N i f a r podcast🌏 Your life is important, so work on it every single day. ☎️#Call or #E-Mail 📨
A Shoot 'em Up (Shmup) Gaming Podcast. We cover everything from Danmaku, Bullet Hell, Arcade, New, Retro, Top Down, Twin-Stick, Run n Gun, Fixed, Gallery, Rail, Arena... Rogue-lite Hybrids (cause that's a thing)... maybe a light gun game or two... basically anything that's shmup or shmup related.We do the news, reviews, retrospectives, deep dives, and any other hot item clickbait words that raises the SEO!Hosted by Sensei Pong.Thread the needle...Lick and Scrubside!
Music Is Remedy
A podcast showcasing the best live Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, R'n'B and Spoken Word.
Faith 'n' Living is a teaching podcast focused on teaching God's truth from His word and how these influence the believer's everyday life. Ridhwan will be teaching from the bible on various topics that will influence spiritual growth in the lives of believers.
HUNKS Podcast
Matt Nightingale, Rory Fallis, Quinn Greene, Dana Smith and Tim Gray perform live sketch comedy regularly as H.U.N.K.S. They've teamed up with UMFM to produce this weekly radio show/podcast. Each week they discover a new word, tackle a big issue, and one member reveals two truths and a lie.
The Bubble Hour
The Bubble Hour is hosted by Jean M., a sober woman dedicated to breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding the disease of alcoholism.Alcoholism effects more than 50% of American adults, either directly or indirectly, and yet it still remains a "taboo" topic and is still mostly misunderstood by the majority of people (even those effected by alcoholism and their loved ones).The Bubble Hour seeks to inform, educate and help people identify with the stories they hear, the conversa ...
This Week in America is about issues that matter to you. This Week in America is informative, educational and entertaining. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Ric Bratton.
The Write Podcast
Julia McCoy started a six-figure content writing agency with a pocket investment of $75 after she left nursing school and quit McDonald's at 20 years old. Why? It's what she loves doing. In The Write Podcast, Julia brings her passion to the microphone, sharing inspiring stories from entrepreneurs and interviewing guest experts, with episodes packed with real-world strategies for creating great content on the web, from content marketing as a whole to best SEO keyword research practices, story ...
Sharing the word of God
More Life Podcast
A podcast about how to get more out of life.
Mouth-To-Mind Resuscitation... Ask Alexa! Syndicated podcast bringing you a power-packed collection of Art, Business, Tech, Youth and Wellness Talk infused with conscious Hip Hop, Soul Music, and Spoken Word. Founded 2006. Master Griot / NBBTA Radio missions to foster strategic collaboration among small businesses and independent artists.Featured podcasts include: Soul Purpose Tuesday: Your Mid-morning Lunchtime Wellness Groove • Beyond The Word w Suite Franchon • #BeyondTalk with Faith Moor ...
Barely Qualified
A conversational podcast where hosts and guests alike attempt to use their limited scope of knowledge and life experience to unravel the mysteries of the universe. Or forever attempting to answer the worlds most unasked questions like, "Is Wendy's 4-4-4 really that great of a deal?
SigTalks: Sigafoose THE chiropractic philosophy podcast was created to explore the works of Dr. James M. Sigafoose. Throughout all of his works; Audio, Video and Written, Dr. Sigafoose's primary objective was to maintain THE chiropractic philosophy in the profession. On this podcast we will listen and try to understand and explain his works.
To support this ministry financially, visit: Leaf believes that science is not antagonistic to spirituality. Science is a way of understanding existence and the eternal nature of love. Since she believes God is love, her spirituality is the guiding principle of her life, just as Gods love is the guiding principle that upholds the universe.Dr. Leaf strives to maintain a lifestyle focusing on loving God, herself, her neighbors and the world she is in. Sh ...
Jesus Is LORD
Fr. Ezekiel Farouk Suley shares his weekly homilies and other inspirational messages on this Podcast. LET'S SEEK UNDERSTANDING 🙏Listen n Be Blessed 🙏
Welcome to Big Kountry daily word where we keep it real n honest let's get it
Come Hell Come Fire
Come Hell Come Fire is a podcast about Heavy Metal and Rock n Roll!!. Occasionally discussing topics of fatherhood and sports. I’ll be having guests from bands to gear heads!! If your looking to get your bands album reviewed or want to promote your bands up and coming shows or tours hit me up. I’d love to help you spread your word to the masses. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Glenn Beck and all your favorite personalities from TheBlaze get together for a roundtable rundown of today’s top stories.
Diving deep down into the bloody beating heart of the UK punk rock scene, Bane of My Life is the podcast that puts you squarely squashed in the van, pummelled in the pit, or lugging a tonne of beaten up gear up 3 flights of stairs. Hosted by Max J of demented veterans The Kirkz, and joined by soon-to-be or undeniable legends of underground rock n roll. This is a wry look at the triumphant and often hilarious tales that come from a, frequently illogical, love of all things responsible for kee ...
A delicious adventure into the world of retrocomputing news and information, featuring the Tandy Color Computer!
A n explosion of creativity and performance in the form of Poetry, music and spoken words
2 Rational Bastards discuss topics and ideas on life, psychology, business, sports so you can be armed with the knowledge to be your best self primarily for you and therefore positively impacting those around you. After launching a highly successful podcast “Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Everything Else” (which can still be heard by searching iTunes, Google Play and any other podcasting provider by the show name) it was apparent by feedback from it’s large and dedicated following the ti ...
Missing Out
Lex and Tauri share the media they love and explore how it has built them as people. It's the Retrospective that's Introspective!
Talk Toomey
In the world of music podcasting, there are basically two categories - podcasts by fans, and podcasts by famed musicians that have reached the pinnacle of success. Somewhere in the middle of that is the Talk Toomey podcast. Hosted by Joshua Toomey, who previously was a member of national recording artists Primer 55, Talk Toomey avoids the pitfalls of fandom and the backslapping glad handing that comes from successful bands shamelessly talking to each other. Instead, you get focused, powerful ...
In Good Faith
On "In Good Faith" it's our privilege to hear stories and accounts from believers, told in their own words. Our hope is to listen with an open heart, celebrating the power of faith and belief, and what those stories mean to the ones who tell them. Host Steven Perry interviews people of faith - Catholic and Episcopalian, Buddhist and Baptist, Jewish and Hindu, Presbyterian and Seventh Day Adventist, Muslim and Mormon - in other words, human beings and believers, sharing their personal experie ...
Join Kathy Sinnott, broadcasting from Cork in Ireland, every week from Ireland with news, views and features from Great Britain, Ireland and across Europe
Vaudial (VAW-dee-ull) adj. 1) visual imagery using audio 2) painting pictures in the mind using words Kristofer Velasquez is a writer, director, producer, teacher, and father who has chosen this podcast as a verbal quest for immortality through a collection of musings. Sometimes creatively written, other times just curiously spoken - he hopes that his words might reach his children after he’s gone. From published and unpublished fiction to commentary on everything from horror and science fic ...
Second Act Stories
Welcome to Second Act Stories, a podcast focused on life and career change. In each episode, we bring you the story of a courageous individual who has made a decisive career pivot and is pursuing a more rewarding life in a second act. The stories are in their own words and the words of friends and family that helped them find a new path. Each episode examines the “before” and “after” phases of a life or career relaunch and offers lessons learned.
We are a church community in Edina, MN who strive to be alive through the words, actions, and presence of Jesus
The Sapio Files
Sapiophile (n.)- one who is attracted to intelligence.Join us, fellow fun loving lovers of knowledge, as we dig into your favorite topics with our very own nerdy diatribes, words of wisdom, and takes on life as millennials (with the occasional bursting into song)Welcome to the Sapio Files!*Clicking through affiliate links helps support the podcast--We may earn from purchases if you click through an affiliate link*
Seattle-based improv duo, Trust (Jesse Rogers and Josh Lindgren) present the Trust Podcast - a fully improvised show based on a single word from Twitter. In each episode, Jesse and Josh create a brand new podcast and take the audience on a trip through the world that surrounds it.
Stories and voices of the people of northern Minnesota. From Phenology to books - state politics to arts - youth and women. We are community radio in northern Minnesota - an independent NPR affiliate. is the most visited Christian Hip Hop / Christian Rap destination online. Follow our God Flow playlist on Spotify.
Professor Buzzkill is an exciting podcast that explores history myths in an illuminating, entertaining, and humorous way.
All the latest podcasts published across RTÉ Radio's ten radio services
Real Ass Podcast
Stand up comedian and real-ass dude Luis J. Gomez takes on real-ass topics with his co-host Zac Amico and his friends from the NYC comedy scene.
Lexicon Valley
Lexicon Valley is a show about language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages. Hosted by linguist John McWhorter.
In a practical way, Reverend CoJo walks you through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, in the most relatable way possible. The bible is supposed to be daily bread, how can it be daily bread if we don't even know how to digest it.
Beacon Broadcast
The latest feed from Beacon Broadcast on SermonAudio.
This is Christ's church. There is a place for you here. Welcome! We are the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God's grace. Liberated by our faith, we embrace you as a whole person--questions, complexities and all. Join us as we do God's work in Christ's name for the life of Soldotna and the world. Come and worship with us!Christ Lutheran Church,128 N. Soldotna Avenue,Soldotna, AK, 99669,907.262.4757clchurch@alaska.net
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show series
Host Charlie Hawkins is joined by Lee McQueen, Jamie from the Daily Hotspur and Ed Richardson for this week's edition of the #SpursFansShow on Love Sport Radio with the Last Word On Spurs. The lads discussed the draw against Man City, the continuous rise of Lucas Moura, Jan Vertonghen's absence still from the team, along with also bidding farew ...…
Get your Louisiana hot sauce ready for Amber and Stephanie's dishing on transphobia, dating in 2019 and the chicken sammich debate of the century.By itunes:author.
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo gets ugly after a guy calls him the F-word… but not the one you’re thinking of. And the Hong Kong pro-freedom protests are heating up, but China will NOT react well. Also, Teen Vogue wants minors to know how to get abortions behind their parents’ backs.By Blaze Podcast Network.
A selection of stories from the week, as chosen by the Morning Ireland teamBy RTÉ:Ireland.
In this Flashback Friday Episode, journalist Mary Pilon joins the Professor to discuss the history of the game Monopoly and its wonderful twists, turns, complications, and lawsuits! It all starts during The Depression and doesn't stop until the 21st Century! Make sure to listen, and tell a playing partner about the show!!…
Teiripeoir Saothair Pobail caillte in Uíbh Ráthach toisc moilleadóireacht Fheidhmeannacht na Seirbhíse Sláinte.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Dhá bhliain sa la inniu a rinne tuillte na mílte euro de dhamáiste in Inis Eoghain agus tá daoine nach bhfuil bailithe ar ais ina gcuid tithe fós..By RTÉ:Ireland.
Ón eagraíocht ‘Cosain Conamara’ Bhí cruinniú cínn bhliana ag an gcoiste aréir.By RTÉ:Ireland.
In aineoinn athraithe atá fógraithe ar an nGarda Síochána, tá imní fór ar an Udarás Um Shábháilteachta ar Bhóithre an RSA.By RTÉ:Ireland.
A few days after what would have been his 53rd birthday, I took to the Uncontrolled Noize airwaves to pay homage to Dimebag Darrell. Chris Akin, Jason Bakken and Ian Wadley all called in to pay their respects and add stories from over the years. We all discussed the tours we saw, the man that he was and where we were when we got the tragic news ...…
Ní bheidh aon ghá le cártaí glasa do thiománaithe a bheidh ag taisteal san Riocht Aontaithe, Tuaiscert Éireann san áireamh,más breatimeacht chrua a bheidh ann de réir socrú atá déanta idir Biúró Árachais Mótair na hÉireann agus Roinn Iompair na Ríochta Aontaithe.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Príomhscéalta náisiúnta, idirnáisiúnta agus áitiúla.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Tá go dtí Dé Máirt tugtha ag an Uachtarán Sergio Mattarella do na páirtithe polaitíochta san Iodáil comhrialtas a chur le chéile. D’éirigh an príomhaire Giuseppe Conte as Dé Máirt.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Cártaí seirbhíse Poiblí. Duirt an Roinn Coimirce Sóisialaigh, go bhfoilseoidh siad an tuarascáil faoi na cártaí Seirbhíse poiblí ach a mbeidh iniúchadh iomlán déanta acu fhéin air. Ta sé ráite ag John Deasy nach bhfuil sé le seasamh san gcéad olltoghchán eile.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Sabrina Storey may have a single buckshot lodged somewhere in her brain. That’s the only way to explain her memory loss and dangerous sleepwalking episodes after surviving a horrific shooting at her college. She may not know how she ended up in the hospital, but she knows that PTSD doesn’t include her nightmares directly affecting reality. Her ...…
Príomhscéalta náisiúnta, idirnáisiúnta agus áitiúla.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Live news, sports, weather and traffic, presented by Gavin Jennings and Bryan Dobson.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Kieran Kennedy, Managing Director of O Neills Sportswear, discusses the re-opening of the last stitching factory in Derry and the influence of recent phenomenon, Derry Girls, on the industry.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Sam McBride, News Letter Political Editor, discusses new material released in Government files on Northern Ireland from the beginning of the first ceasefire.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Sebastien Roblin, journalist with Forbes Magazine, discusses the impact of the decision of the US to test a nuclear capable Tomahawk cruise missile last weekend.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Presented by Joanna Donnelly of Met Éireann.By RTÉ:Ireland.
A selection of stories from the week, as chosen by the Morning Ireland team.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Elaine Keogh reports from a community archaeology dig in The Naul in North County Dublin where local volunteers have been working alongside professional archaeologists.By RTÉ:Ireland.
David Fitzgerald, chief executive of the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland, discusses some good Brexit news for Irish motorists.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Set in South Galway against the backdrop of one of the bloodiest months of the Irish War of Independence, the dramatic story of the short life and tragic death of 24-year-old Eileen Quinn who was shot by uniformed men outside her home in 1920. Almost 100 years later Eileen’s grand-niece pieces together events from that fateful day (2019)…
Pat Leahy, Political Editor Irish Times, reports that fires in the Amazon have surged 83% so far this year compared with the same period a year earlier.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Tommie Gorman, Northern Editor, assesses the past few days in terms of Brexit and where we are now with the Backstop.By RTÉ:Ireland.
Moya Murdock, chief executive of the Road Safety Authority, discusses her concerns about the garda restructuring plan announced by Commissioner Drew Harris.By RTÉ:Ireland.
To support this ministry financially, visit: Leaf continues with Rusty Labuschagne, who was unjustly imprisoned for ten years, to see how he took control of his thoughts to prevent his mind from being destroyed.By Dr. Caroline Leaf.
The Young Turks' Hasan Piker tries his best to slam Rep. Dan Crenshaw, but fails miserably. And conservative radio talk show host Joe Walsh is "strongly, strongly considering" running against Trump in 2020. Good luck with that!By Blaze Podcast Network.
Thursday August 22, 2019 LIVE 5:00pm til 8:00pm from theSTUDI Oof theNFI Radio & Television Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound with tight acoustic bass. Celebrating 27 years TV and Radio Host theAnointed 1 taking Quartet and Contemporary Christian music to another LEVEL it's A Front Row Seat with various groups in Concert catch the WAVE. ...…
Thursday August 22, 2019 LIVE 2:00pm til 5:00pm from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio & Television Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound with tight acoustic bass Celebrating 27 years TV and Radio Host them Anointed 1 taking Quartet & Contemporary Christian music to another LEVEL it's 3 hour of Contemporary Christian music with various recording ...…
Moneyweb Radio — Henk Meintjes, Liberty se hoof van risiko produkte.By Moneyweb Radio.
Moneyweb Radio — Melt Hamman, uitvoerende hoof van AttacqBy Moneyweb Radio.
Moneyweb Radio — Riaan Koppeschaar is finansiële direkteur van Exxaro.By Moneyweb Radio.
Moneyweb Radio — Johan Gouws, Hoof van batekonsultante by Sasfin Wealth.By Moneyweb Radio.
Thursday August 22, 2019 LIVE 11:00am til 2:00pm from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio & Television Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound with tight acoustic bass. Celebrating 27 years TV and Radio Host the Anointed 1 taking Quartet & Contemporary Christian music to another LEVEL also today from 12:30pm til 1:00pm LIVE it's 30 Minute Power of Pr ...…
Thursday August 22, 2019 LIVE 8:00am til 11:00am from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio & Television GospelNetwork, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound with tight acoustic bass. Celebrating 27 years TV and Radio Host the Anointed 1 taking Quartet and Contemporary Christian music to another LEVEL also today from 12:30pm til 1:00pm LIVE it's 30 Minute Power of P ...…
Today on Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo we learn the Ojibwe word for outside and find out about the significance of offering tobacco. Michael Lyons is the creative mastermind behind the Ojibwe puppet series for YouTube and now for KAXE/KBXE's airwaves Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo. Our thanks to his contributions. Find out more about it and see the live stream fr ...…
Welcome to the Talk Toomey / Peer Pleasure Crossover episode. Dewey and I start our conversation here and end it over on the Peer Pleasure Podcast. We discuss Dewey and his moving from Alaska to the lower 48, his early bands and starting his show. He gives us the backstory on his insane Fat Mike interview. We also discuss podcasting and it fill ...…
Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico are joined by Paul Hooper and Dave Temple and discuss how to make Dave's body hotter (spoiler alert - it involves lube), accidentally leaving a condom in a chick, smelly vaginas, first time giving or getting oral sex, taking someone's virginity, Photoshop contest entries, the bagel guy vs Lenny Dykstra and so much mo ...…
Get ready to turn up and listen to some fire beats from producers around the world, This is the podcast for producers and these beats are showcased for artist looking to work with the top and up coming producers making hits today. Join me live this Wed Aug 21, 2019 and hear my New selection of hits recently sent to the show for airing. Don't mi ...…
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