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Nephilim Push
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The final confrontation.
Jack and Sally rush through the storm to help Christopher, as Stacey fights to protect him.
Sally and Jack read the scripture and realize something terrible.
A visit to the state hospital illuminates Jack's situation.
Jack learns the identity of his adversary.
Sally and Jack's conversation with a monster.
David slays Goliath and the destruction of God becomes possible. Jack asks Sally for help.
Jack watches helplessly as a powerful evil uses his body.
Stacy says goodbye to her mother. Jack tells her about the necklace. Later that night he has a horrifying dream.
The first complete ritual is performed as a dark power surges into Killien. Astral Stacy races to find her dying mother.
Some of the fallen secretly escape the depths of god's wrath. Jack tells Sally about his travel.
Jack travels once again and discovers bliss.
Elizabeth's nightmare continues and Jack remembers why he has no faith.
The Nephilim, the angelic offspring of giants, are born into a world of men. Jack's flight takes an unexpected turn.
The ancient talisman shows Jack it's true power.
An old woman tells Jack a strange story while showing him a necklace with unbelievable qualities.
The introduction of the three main timelines of our story. Betrayal in the heavens. Jack Sawyer. Howard James Killien's first kill.
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