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The richly diverse and fascinating world of culture and politics of the Middle East and North Africa, exploring the complex web of class, gender, ethnic, religious and regional differences which separate and distinguish the ways of life and political and ideological perspectives of people in that part of the world.Co-hosted by Khalil and Malihe.
All Points North
The All Points North podcast has everything you need to know about the news in Finland this week. All Points North is produced by Yle News, a unit of the Finnish Broadcasting Company.
North Star Podcast
A deep dive into the stories, habits, ideas, strategies and methods that drive fulfilled people and create enormous success for them. The guests are diverse, but they share profound similarities. They’re guided by purpose, live with intense joy, learn passionately, and see the world with a unique lens. Each episode lets us soak in their hard-earned wisdom and apply it to our lives. Guests include Seth Godin and Tyler Cowen.
A weekly podcast discussing all things North Korea, produced by NK News
The “North Korea News Podcast” is a weekly program covering all things North Korea: discussion on the latest news, extended interviews with leading specialists, and insight from our very own staff. We welcome both generalist and specialist audiences interested in knowing more about the Korean Peninsula.
Weekly sermons from ministers and guest speakers at North Boulevard Church of Christ.
North Rock Hill Church is located in Rock HIll SC. We exist to see our world changed by the gospel. Visit us at
Film review, analysis, breakdowns. All Chiefs, all the time.
Up North Cold Case
New York Times bestselling author Mardi Link delves into historic unsolved murders from the woods of northern Michigan and beyond. In Season One, The Good Hart Murders, Mardi returns to the case she detailed a decade ago in her book, When Evil Came to Good Hart.
“When I was a kid, my mom told me to ‘Go play outside.’ So I did. And I have been enjoying it ever since!” -- Chuck Lura. A short piece of information about some part of the natural world in North Dakota.
Pastor Troy Beer welcomes you to Axis Church North Lakes, Brisbane. Axis Church is a safe place to discover and experience God's great love. We hope you enjoy listening to our messages spoken recently at Axis Church.
Written by the man who mentored Lewis Carroll and encouraged him to submit Alice for publication, At the Back of the North Wind is today a forgotten classic of Victorian children's literature. The story tells of a young boy named Diamond, the son of a coachman in an English country mansion. Diamond sleeps in the hayloft above the stables and at night he finds he's disturbed by the wind blowing through the holes in the wall. He tries to plug them but one night, he hears an imperious voice sco ...
North V South
A podcast from two English graphic designers. One from up North. The other one from down South.They talk about design, illustration, technology, books and pies. Most of the time. More often than not.Sometimes they might have guests. Sometimes, and more often than not, they won’t. But there will always be pies. Always pies.🥧 🥧 🥧
Kings of the North
A variety show hosted by scheming instigator, Rhob, highlighting the passion and hatred that is the rivalry between Green Bay Packers fan, Beefcake, and Minnesota Vikings fan, Professor Pigskin.
Coming to you live from Vancouver, BC, Canada, this is the podcast all about your Sacramento Kings, for Kings fans by Kings fans. If you don't like this podcast, then you don't like Kings Basketball! Send us emails at Become a supporter of this podcast:
Christ Centered • Biblically Based • Family Oriented • Dynamic Fellowship
This podcast is made available from North Life Baptist Church. Wooster, OH
This podcast is made available from North Lexington Church of Christ. Lexington, KY
The Storyteller
The Storyteller is a 15-minute weekly radio program and internet broadcast featuring true stories from First Nations people across North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation. Don't be fooled, this is not some religious, feel good program. This is real life. It's raw, direct and personal. If you're tired of the way things are, or wonder if there really is hope for something better, you may want to listen to some folks who understand.The Storyteller is heard via radio bro ...
The stories and people of North Carolina. Hosted by Frank Stasio.
The WUNCPolitics Podcast is a free-flowing discussion of what we're hearing in the back hallways of the General Assembly and on the campaign trail across North Carolina.
The latest podcast feed searching 'North Korea audio weblog' on SermonAudio.
A weekly podcast for knowledge about anything and everything. From North Korea to Nicolas Cage, Tim and Tom leave no stone unturned in their humble quest to make the world a more informed place. Put away the encyclopedia four-eyes because this may just be the last resource you'll ever need. Wikipedia, consider yourselves on warning.
A comedic review of current events both worldwide and local, brought to you by your hosts Tim, Julie, and Ben and their producer SHON B. We discuss a world of podunk happenings with US and global events, as if they are all just outside our door.
Various municipal meetings taking place at North Saint Paul city hall.
MP3 audio recordings of classes taught at North Christian
Messages from North River Community Church every week from Senior Pastor Paul Atwater.
Myles and Rob explore the North East Beer scene. Each episode we review a North East beer. We also have other features such as #DrHop, Supermarket Sup, Pint with a Publican amongst others!#capitalofcraft
Old North Church
Connect. Grow. Serve.
FBN is located in North Terre Haute, IN. Our mission is to develop fully devoted followers of Christ who in turn attract others to Him. Subscribe our come back often to check out our weekly Sunday teaching sessions!
The North Bay Report is a daily in-depth look at an issue, event, person or activity in our region, prepared by KRCB News Director Bruce Robinson, a veteran journalist who has been covering Sonoma County since 1985. These reports provide another view of news and events in our area, a way to look beyond the headlines and hear directly from the people who are shaping the present and future of Sonoma County and northern California. Topics recently covered on The North Bay Report include the reg ...
One church for every generation
Weekly sermon video from ministers and guest speakers at North Boulevard Church of Christ.
Weekly sermons from ministers and guest speakers at North Boulevard Church of Christ.
Fresh Weekly Sermons
Living Victoriously Through the Love of Jesus Christ
Forest City North Church meets every Sunday - St. Andre Bessette Secondary School - 2727 Tokala Trail, London, ON.
This podcast is made available from North Life Baptist Church. Wooster, OH
The weekly sermon of Metro North Church, led by Pastor Howard Cole. For more info, visit
The weekly sermon from Kurrajong and North Richmond Anglican Church
The latest feed from North Valley Bible Church on
Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is. PRI's The World, the radio program, is heard every weekday on over 300 public stations across North America.
A weekly discussion on church revitalization and replanting featuring Thom Rainer, Jonathan Howe, and Mark Clifton — Presented by the North American Mission Board.
This podcast is made available from North Conway Baptist Church. Conway, SC
Listen to previous sermons from North Fresno Church
Join us as we take a "Second Look" at the pages of history from New York's North Country region. Our weekly podcast digs deeper into the strange, sad and amusing stories from the pages of our more than 150-year-old newspaper in Watertown, New York. Second Look is produced weekly by the Watertown Daily Times with hosts Kelly and Christina. Contact: or
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Fewer than a quarter of people charged with sexual assault in North Carolina from 2014-2018 were convicted of a sex-related crime. That is according to a new analysis from 11 news organizations in North Carolina, led by Carolina Public Press . The reporting also identifies big disparities in conviction rates from one county to the next.…
Statistics show that one in three women and one in six men in the United States experience some form of sexual violence over their lifetime. The risk of sexual assault is much higher for people who are college-aged . A recent student experience survey from Duke University shows that 48 percent of undergraduate women say they have been sexually ...…
For clarinetist Alexander Fiterstein playing an instrument was like reading, writing, and arithmetic: it was a requirement, not a hobby. His parents insisted he play the piano from a young age, and many of his early memories revolve around music.By (Dana Terry).
SUBSCRIBE TODAY: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play There are some misperceptions and misconceptions about church revitalization that we hear often. Today, we tackle six of them. Some highlights from today’s episode: Revitalization isn’t only about dying churches, it’s about churches who may just need a shift in perspective an ...…
Join the KOTN crew as we start our third season of this podcast by celebrating the beginning of the NFL Year (March 13th) and NFL Free Agency. We give you a round up of all the big free agency happenings, discuss all the disappointing Viking QBs throughout history in a four down territory, and wrap things up by exploring alternative NFL multive ...…
The US Midwest, as well as in parts of southern Africa, have both recently seen entire communities cut off by flood waters, washed out roads, aid that has to be flown in. We'll have the latest from Mozambique and eastern Zimbabwe. Also, an American doctor says the many challenges facing Haiti as a nation are reflected in the health of his Haiti ...…
With sea turtles, fish and birds splashing around in the morning sunlight, marshes that line the American coast might appear peaceful and primordial. But forces both natural and manmade are constantly acting upon them, jeopardizing the survival of these critical ecosystems. New research analyzed the influences that cause marshes to become more ...…
What was once the commercial and social hub of Durham’s African-American community now looks very different. The Hayti neighborhood was initially established in the years following the Civil War around St. Joseph’s Church. Black people from surrounding areas were drawn to Hayti to do their banking and business because of its proximity to Black ...…
It has been more than a decade since Art Chansky released “Blue Blood: Duke-Carolina: Inside the Most Storied Rivalry in College Hoops.” In it he traces the relationship between the two schools from 1954 through 2005, analyzing everything from the contentiousness between the coaches to the role ESPN played in hyping up the storyline.…
The richly diverse and fascinating world of culture and politics of the Middle East and North Africa, co-hosted by Khalil and Malihe.
If you've ever been through Watertown, N.Y., you're likely to have noticed the name Henry Keep. How did he make such a mark on the north country? We talk about that and how his story reflects his time in history in this first part of a series on Henry Keep. Links: Contact ...…
The legal and political differences of gun control between the US and New Zealand. Also, one British woman's effort to retain EU access as the UK careens toward an uncertain Brexit. Plus, the Japanese baseball phenom known only by one name — Ichiro — is about to begin his last major league season at age 45.…
Gov. Roy Cooper’s handing of the permit process for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is under scrutiny. New information from public records requests raises questions about the role he played in the dispute between Duke Energy and Strata Solar, a solar energy company that Cooper was once in business with and his brother continues to make money from. ...…
Fifty years ago, food services workers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill went on strike for better wages and working conditions. The Black Student Movement supported the strike, which put a spotlight on labor and racial inequities at the university.By (Amanda Magnus).
Tayari Jone s is committed to writing about the South as she sees it. Her critically-acclaimed novels are all deeply rooted in Atlanta and explore the intersection of black family stories with the structures that define American life.By (Anita Rao).
UniKorea's Holly Kang talks working with defectors — and how civil society can promote awareness
UniKorea's Holly Kang talks working with defectors — and how civil society can promote awareness
The terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, was yet another example of white nationalist terrorism. It's a threat that some say the US needs to take more seriously. Plus, a mission to protest family separation at the Mexican border. And, everyone knows surf music started in the Middle East, right?…
The league is going mad, and so are we. Kings won 1 game this week, and struggled through their east coast road trip. We look ahead to next week's slate of games, including 2 divisional rivals. We continue with What city, what song, and then look at news around the team and the league. Send us emails at Become a sup ...…
My guest today is Nick Kokonas, the Co-founder of The Alinea Group of restaurants. His restaurant Alinea has been named the best restaurant in America and also the best restaurant in the World. Nick is also the Co-founder and CEO of Tock incorporated, a reservations and CRM system for restaurants with clients in more than 20 countries. In this ...…
My guest today is Nick Kokonas, the Co-founder of The Alinea Group of restaurants. His restaurant Alinea has been named the best restaurant in America and also the best restaurant in the World. Nick is also the Co-founder and CEO of Tock incorporated, a reservations and CRM system for restaurants with clients in more than 20 countries. In this ...…
Georgia Beasley was one of the most impressive athletes to come up through the Duke University women’s basketball program. When she graduated in 2001, she was part of the then-winningest senior class in its history, with 111 career victories. Beasley was named ACC Player of the Year in 2000 and 2001, and her performance led her to be drafted in ...…
God is present with us in the midst of difficult circumstances. He is always there guiding us by His spirit, through prayer, and as we depend on Christ. Listen in as we hear the gospel according to Daniel and find that God’s ongoing presence in our life makes the difference through Jesus Christ.
God tells us in His Word that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. That's what happened to Venus. God took her broken life and changed it. He made something beautiful out of the ashes of pain and grief. He gave her purpose, hope, and a future. Ans she wants to share it with you.
Have you heard about the hot new craze? Grown-ups riding scooters! The next billion-dollar tech industry tomfoolery involves motorized city scooters and we had some first-hand experience with them. Also, we talk about dental veneers and solve a problem about water bottles. Thanks to our sponsor, Robinhood. Robinhood is giving our listeners a fr ...…
Dr. Jeff Gaskins Series—Removing Idols of the Heart “The Idol of Covetousness” 1 Kings 21-22; Colossians 3:5-6 Key Truth—Covetousness is the envious desire to have what someone else has and not repented of can have disastrous consequences. Clarifying Covetousness Coveting is _________________________ Coveting is _________________________ Coveti ...…
A new MP3 sermon from North Valley Bible Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Behold Your King II Subtitle: John Speaker: Dan Robinson Broadcaster: North Valley Bible Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 3/17/2019 Bible: Romans 3:23-28, Colossians 1:19-20 Length: 51 min. Overview: Through the cross of Chri ...…
By being the “Light of the World” we reveal the truth of Jesus life within. This light filled lifestyle we live can not be hidden from others because Jesus commands us to be the light of good news and drawing them into a relationship with Him. Being light is not something weird or obnoxious it’s something that needs to be natural. Speaker: Davi ...…
Dr. Jeff Gaskins Series—Removing Idols of the Heart “The Idol of Lust” 2 Samuel 13; Matthew 5:27-30 Key Truth—Lust is the sin of sexual immorality committed in the heart. The Lurid Lure of Lust (2 Samuel 13) Amnon’s Problem (v.1-2) Jonadab’s Proposal (v.3-5) Amnon’s Perversion (v.6-14) Amnon’s Poison (v.15-19) Amnon’s Punishment (v.20-39) The L ...…
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