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Probably Offensive
Comedians/total legends Nick Dixon and Francis Foster tackle the big topical issues in hilarious fashion. Anything goes as Nick and Francis, along with some awesome celebrity guests, express opinions that are inflammatory, absurd, or just plain wrong. But don't worry, they will probably change their minds by the next episode.If you are sick of political correctness, public shaming, and the rapid erosion of free speech, or if you just like to laugh, then this is the podcast for you.
Each episode we take the listener behind the scenes and give them an insight into the world of Esports. We talk to superstars of the Esports community, Professional players, Coaches, Casters, Fans and many more.
Offensive Lines
Small Stakes Gambling for the Average Fan. Boyd and Marlon make weekly wagers on NFL games and discuss NFL news.
Barely Offensive
A podcast about Conversations, Comedy and a little Conspiracy.
The Offensive
Geek Offensive
Host, Justin Mallari AKA Producer Justin, bridges the gap between Geek and Jock. This NSFW podcast features everything from nerdy guests to fight card breakdowns. Subscribe to join the offensive!
Mildly Offensive
Comedian Mary Beth Barone welcomes guests (mostly Kyra Whiteside) to Mildly Offensive where they discuss movies and tv shows that make women look B A D (always getting into some other fun topics along the way). Theme song performed live by Mo and Betsy. Cover art by Camilly Pereira. A Buttered Pop Podcast.
Dan Richter, Let's Get Offensive
A group of four friends decided to make a podcast, knowing full well nothing good ever comes out of them being near each other. Join us for comedy, life experiences, and much more as our attempts to not get arrested become more difficult with each episode!
Mildly Offensive
A bunch of high school kids talking about stuff
Offensive Zone
The Official Soundcloud for the Offensive Zone Podcast, where we Eat, Breathe, and Talk Hockey.
My friends and I come together to discuss the latest in music, movies, and television. No commercials.....NO MERCY!
Offensive Kwanele
Welcome The truth about meWhere I talk about things I go through and the life of a dreamer
Offensive Content
This is not your grandmother's podcast..
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Episode 20 of the Offensive Content podcast! Today, Drex has a massive episode of spergerism and completely sh-bliterates the entire podcast. Enjoy?
Boyd and Marlon escaped Week Two with a small loss, and aim to improve with their picks and wagers for Week Three of the NFL.By (Boyd/Marlon).
Dear Freak Bitches, We're baaaack!! What do words really mean anymore? Kiki and MB don't discuss this on the podcast episode. But what they do discuss is Mac Miller's untimely passing, suicide, Steve Carrell, TIFF (general) and more! Also did you know we're living in a post-comedy world? That's what I heard. We also touch on some Emmy's stuff a ...…
Jake is back!! MB's ex stops by again and... we love!!! In this ep we get into some serious issues like drinking alcohol, having opinions, and how MB really needed to paint her nails that night (but she didn't actually end up painting them until days later). The general public is ready for A Star is Born, which received a 7 minute standing ovat ...…
Greetings fellow Awoken. Once again today Chandler is missing, lost in the great wilderness of what we know as Germany. I have finally made contact with him, and he is getting smuggled back to the states soon. In the meantime, Mike did not seem to suck anymore that Chandler or myself so I decided to ask him back on! We would like Mike to come b ...…
Today, we discuss the results of our short-lived /r/roastme campaign. Some dodged the bullets better than others.
Jake Morris on the podcast?! Johnny, Johnny, yes, Papa!!! MB's ex is in the building and it's a real gag of an episode. Troye Sivan's album, Peter Kavinsky, AND a Chalamet update?! We talked about too many dudes on this podcast. And one more: Drew Michael's HBO special aptly named...... Drew Michael! Are IMAX screens too big? We unpack. Also a ...…
Following a huge result for Ashwood, Dan Watson's comments in a post-match interview leave reverberations around the club as Patrick, Jess and Woody attempt to curtail the lofty ambitions of their manager. Paul Waggott as Patrick NolanHelena Doughty as Jess TateAdam Jarrell as Chris 'Woody' WoodallJoel Emery as Dan Watson Additional voices:Jo P ...…
Welcome to the Dos Offensive Gentlemen! We are J. Jones and LT, and we enjoy talking about controversial topics. Our opinions may offend the weak, so beware. Sit back and enjoy.Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE to get all of your DOG updates! Weekly -- Knockando 12 year ...…
WOW August is almost over but we still out here (and we watched the VMAs if you can believe). We aren't sure about Asia Argento's denial but like... who could never be sure! Robin William's docu, All the Boys I've Loved Before, and attachment styles are also on the agenda. BUT WAIT! The big topic on this ep is CRAZY, RICH, ASIANS! And yes, we s ...…
Well, Chandler is still in Germany on the run from the cops. I decided to dust this episode off for your listening pleasure. This episode was originally deemed too offensive to share, but what the heck… In this episode, we basically rant and rave for over an hour. We talk about my new idea for a Santa based religion, we discuss if you are able ...…
On the eve of their game at Crystal Palace; Patrick, Woody and Dan have met for dinner in London. As the night progresses Dan becomes increasingly frustrated that his expected dinner guest in Roy Hodgson is yet to show. Paul Waggott as Patrick Nolan Adam Jarrell as Chris 'Woody' Woodall Joel Emery as Dan Watson Additional voices: Omari Douglas ...…
Before the season finale we take a look at the Jameis Winston suspension, Jerry Rice wants to play, James Harden voted the best in the league, and a deserted island pick three for the ages! This and more on this episode of The Triangle Offensive!
On the season finale of The Triangle Offensive we discuss why Lebron regrets naming his son after him, NFL players holding out again, and D Wade gets a offer he shouldn't refuse! All this and more on the season finale of The Triangle Offensive.
Serious discussion about the first time we might have smoked weed. Or drank.
We stan a coming of age film! Kyra and MB are all over the map, what with MB's plan to make a very personal ASMR video, and Kyra's recent trip to Lord & Taylor. Colin Jost's claim about "fun" movies winning awards has everyone up in arms. Also on the agenda: Jumanji, Blue Jasmine, and where IS Timmy Chalamet? The real meat is Blockers, which... ...…
Episode 17 of the Offensive Content podcast! Our resident #cringemaker is MIA today, so enjoy as the boys attempt to make do while missing the cringe-meistro himself.
Episode 16 of the Offensive Content podcast! Enjoy this exhibit of extreme professionalism. (After all, we do come with a warning.)
Episode 15 of the Offensive Content podcast! Enjoy some random debauchery as we talk about things that don't matter.
Episode 18 of the Offensive Content podcast! With the return of the full crew, we go through a preview for an upcoming bit on the roastme subreddit. Enjoy!
In their first home game of the season, Ashwood City play host to Brighton as stadium developments cause havoc. Paul Waggott as Patrick NolanHelena Doughty as Jess TateAdam Jarrell as Chris 'Woody' Woodall Additional voices:Omari DouglasRhys TeesOliver DowlingDean Kilbey WARNING. This podcast contains explicit language and content some listener ...…
Topics about our first friend we can remember. Oh gez I think we drank too much if there's such a thing. Cream pie for all! Pannus...
On this weeks episode, Chandler is running from the cops in Germany so we have a special guest on today! Mike Garrison (no relations to the fictional cartoon charactor, I checked) is a fellow Awoken, and has knowledge and expertice in a wide range of paranormal creatures. He also studies conspiracies and is a bit crazy, so we thought he would f ...…
Ashwood get their season underway at Vicarage Road as some serious foul play from their Croatian midfielder leaves Head of Communications Jess Tate clearing up the mess. Paul Waggott as Patrick NolanHelena Doughty as Jess TateAdam Jarrell as Chris 'Woody' Woodall Additional voices:Jo PriceOmari DouglasRhys TeesOliver Dowling WARNING. This podca ...…
I miss how men would take things out back and settle shit like REAL men.
Join Ashwood City FC on deadline day as the club's lack of spending during the window sparks an internal crisis. After manager Dan Watson appears on national radio to air his frustrations regarding a quiet transfer window, club Chief-Executive Patrick Nolan is left with his Sporting Director Chris 'Woody' Woodall to try and get a handle on thin ...…
Sponsor: https://shotgunblasters.comMusic by Skylife Dank. talk about their trip to 6th street. And a boy that really legs eggs.
Kyra and MB are here to relive their wild Saturday night just for you!!! Get a behind the scenes look at their insane text message conversation #bts and get all the hot takes on Jeremy Piven's budding comedy career. The gals did their homework assignment: read the screenplay for Life Itself and you know they're gonna spill on that, too. This is ...…
Music, sexuality, all you can eat buffets, we need to face the facts. Things change and no one can stop it. But I think we have a point when we say that the current music trend is absolute shit.
Edit: Sorry everyone, the other file cut off before the end. I have remastered it and fixed the issue! On this weeks episode we have our first ever two parter! Now for those of you that have listened to all our episodes, you know we promised a part two of Chemtrails... i guess we should say this is the first two parter that we are actually goin ...…
Kiki and MB welcome their first STRAIGHT WHITE MALE to the pod! What an honor for Henry Van Roden :) The gals + guy talk about mercury, Michael Che's beef with comedy critics, and the masterpiece Eighth Grade by Bo Burnham. Also Mary Beth successfully does mental math and Kiki spreads fake news about Jeremy Renner in Mission Impossible Fall Out ...…
Attempting to streamline the show! 30 minute max topics, if they suck too much we shit can it before the timer is out. This week is about the FBI agent who shot a guy in the knee. Lesson of the day, back flips will get you killed.
Somewhat Offensive - Landon & Jorge by Mike Hernandez
Episode 14 of the Offensive Content podcast! After many recording blunders, we're finally on track. Get ready to learn what PTSB is.
Yaaaa this is pretty much all over the place. Lesson learned, the more we drink the more we have to prep the show so it doesn't derail. Fuck it. It's all in good fun.
Episode 11 of the Offensive Content podcast! Enjoy the episode that was stuck in editing for an eternity! Was it worth the wait?
Can you believe we're back at it again? AND KIKI WOKE UP W THE BIRDS TO BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS ARMIE HAMMER. She did that. Then we get into Jonah Hill sightings, how nothing good ever happens (and why would it), our dream cast for the future film about the Thai soccer players, and Greta Gerwig's Little Women (which is basically Tag but for gir ...…
Somewhat Offensive Dannyj by Mike Hernandez
We went all out this time and spent way too much time taking about farts. It's pure shit entertainment! Fart metal to cakes! Then the drinks kick in and it's all down hill from there. There comes a time when a man has to ask himself. Would you eat that cake after she blew ass all over that poor poor cake? Would you?…
On todays episode, we spend a majority of the show talking about Chandler's performance in a stand up competition. We breakdown each joke and discuss what works and what doesn't. This is some real comedy nerd stuff right here! We also have some audio comments from Comedian Owen Benjamin who reviewed some of Chandlers work on his Vlog.…
KIKI AND MB ARE HERE BABES!!!! Lakeith Stanfield, John Mayer, currency, and national treasure Toni Collette are all up for discussion in our 29th episode. Turns out Muriel's Wedding is a classic. Mary Beth's Instagram Kyra's InstagramBy (Buttered Pop).
Episode 13 of the Offensive Content podcast! Drex is a total slacker and we have a backlog of episodes. Enjoy this two part release, consisting of our regular debauchery.
Episode 12 of the Offensive Content podcast! Drex is a total slacker and we have a backlog of episodes. Enjoy this two part release, consisting of our regular debauchery.
Doing a podcast is difficult when you are drinking. Support the USA and support the troops! They might not be always doing a glamorous job or saving people from burning builds, but they ARE doing the job most won't.
In this episode, Chandler takes the wheel as we dive into the legend of the Red Dwarf from Detroit. Much like the Mothman, the Red Dwarf is often seen as a forshadowing to great tragedy.
This is probably my favorite show we've done so far. Donald and Stephen Glover exceed season one while continuing the story of Earn, Darius, and Al as they try to balance life, love, and fame! We discuss it all plus rank our favorite episodes. Enjoy!
Dave and I along with the host of the "Vibes and Stuff" show, Ian, discuss NBA Eligibility changes, Kawhi wanting out if SA, Will Smith's new legend status, and G.O.O.D. Music can't possibly keep this up, can they? Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!
MB n Kiki coming thru with some real talk about liking people, LaGuardia High School, and how they shouldn't have the bee (as spelling bee winner Rebecca Sealfon once said). In an insane twist, Netflix's "Set it Up" is actually p good? Shoutout to Glen Powell. Mary Beth's Instagram Kyra's InstagramBy (Buttered Pop).
Hereditary spoilers a head (if you've seen the movie you get it)!!!!!!! Kiki and MB finally saw a movie together and it's a wild one. They debrief on the A24 film, MB's ghost from Christmas past, Pete/Ariana, A Start is Born, etc etc just listen ok. Mary Beth's Instagram Kyra's InstagramBy (Buttered Pop).
On this episode of Esports Unearthed, we caught up with ‘HOUNGOUNGAGNE’ to talk about his life as CS:GO YouTuber.
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