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Overprescribed is the podcast raising America's awareness on pharmaceutical medications. We talk about the issues you may not ever hear about while also bringing on guests with different perspectives on what it means to be medicated in the U.S.
In the next decade, the scale and scope of environmental change will test our ingenuity and strength. The fight for a livable planet is one that we must win. Each week we will meet people who can help us navigate this dynamic world and get us on a path to health. Hosted by Jared Blumenfeld, Podship Earth is a call to action. Jared Blumenfeld was the regional administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency from 2009-2016 (appointed by President Obama). He also served as the Director o ...
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President Trump has made his decision for his SCOTUS nominee, and the left is not happy about it. Zack Smith, Legal Fellow with the Heritage Foundation and former Assistant US Attorney joined the WBAP Morning News to discuss the decision. See for privacy information.By Cumulus Media Dallas
A heated Fort Worth ISD Board Meeting ended around 4.a.m. Wednesday morning, after hours of debate regarding extending virtual learning. The vote was 5-4 approving the extension, and Mayor Betsy Price is disappointed. See for privacy information.By Cumulus Media Dallas
Chris Polone, Owner of the Rail Club Live in Fort Worth, and leading the movement for the reopening the bars in Texas, joined the WBAP Morning News with his reaction to the exclusion of bars in the latest reopening orders. See for privacy information.By Cumulus Media Dallas
Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson does not agree with the recent decision from the city council to remove $7M of overtime pay for the police force. He says that they should have started with their own salaries first, rather than taking the "easy" route. See for privacy information.By Cumulus Media Dallas
We've heard the stories from witnesses, first responders, survivors, and others, but a little known story is that of that Aircraft dispatchers, who played a vital role on 9/11. Hear the stories of three of those dispatchers, as well as the director of the documentary "9/11: The Voices of the Aircraft Dispatchers". See for pr…
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